does he say really when he's ticked off or

Another kinky wager

Summary: As he previously promised, Bucky helps you work out all those irritating little kinks in your pool game.
Characters: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Absolutely NSFW. It’s all sex and pool tables folks, please walk away unless you’re over 18.  

A/N: Decided to write a follow-up to ‘Pool balls and underpants’, because I just couldn’t move on without a smutty sequel. This can read as a stand-alone story, but it will make more sense why Bucky’s wearing Steve’s underwear if you read the first part. And besides, who doesn’t love reading sassy sexual innuendos from Bucky Barnes?

Also, I meant this to be short, and once again my imagination spiralled out of control, and here we are. I regret nothing.

Pool balls and underpants 

He’s startled for a moment, before a sly smile stretches across his face, and he whips around to follow, white socks slipping and sliding on the smooth tiles as he chases after you.

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BTS: dating suga would include

A/N: bc it’s this gummy bear’s birthday 😻😻 

 ▪ having a laid-back, chill, cuddly relationship

 ▪ which you’re totally fine with, bc you know how he feels despite him looking cold and withdrawn in public 

 ▪ both of you being complete sloths sometimes, esp him 

 ▪ absolutely refuses to wake up and get out of bed unless you give him his usual 10 kisses every morning 

▪ will pout and frown when you don’t, claiming that he didn’t want them anyway 

▪ will turn into putty when he sees you in his clothes. Even if it’s just a hat, he’ll probably stare at you nonstop and you’ll be like does he wanna kill me or kiss me idk 

▪ him (trying to) teach you to play the piano 

▪ if you don’t get certain notes, he’ll just smile and say you’ll get it someday and that he won’t stop teaching you

 ▪ actually a pretty cool teacher, never gets frustrated and always rewards you with kisses when you get the melody right

 ▪ won’t show his jealous side often

 ▪ but when he does, hooo boy 

▪ first something would have to really tick him off for him to get aggressive or just overprotective in general 

 ▪ like he’ll see someone eyeing you at a restaurant or a party, and he’ll just grab you and kiss you really hard while grabbing your hair

 ▪ ofc not before looking intensely into the eyes of the person staring at you 

▪ it’s better not to argue with him, trust me 

 ▪ as I’ve said in another post, he probably will say some things that he can’t take back and will always regret it 

 ▪ but ofc he’ll try his best to make it up to you and reassure you it will never happen again 

 ▪ cuddles with him are the best bc you know neither of you are gonna be moving for the next 4 hours, until kookie shoves you both off the couch to watch a drama probably 

 ▪ sometimes he talks in his sleep and it’s the cutest thing ever…like he’s always moaning your name and ughhh you just wanna know what he’s dreaming about 

▪ not to get too nsfw here but like-

 ▪ sex with him is probably out of this world and he’ll make sure you forget your own name by the end of it 


 ▪ will probably shove jin aside whenever he’s trying to feed you something he made 

▪ “Sorry, hyung, it was an accident" 

▪ loves kissing your forehead and both your cheeks before going and placing a kiss on your lips, just to tease you

 ▪ neck kisses are dangerous. It’s almost like he’s daring your to moan his name while others are near 

 ▪ leaves hickies in *ahem* a lot of your private areas and will trace his fingers over them to admire his work

 ▪ you doing the same bc he loves the feeling of your lips all over him

 ▪ ugh just please treasure this boy and never let him go 🎀

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I need to know good things about raúl. Please tell me all the best things

  • He literally helped to create an arts program for his school, and used the profit earned from doing plays to support missions in the Dominican Republic and homeless shelters in Miami. 
  • “I don’t care so much what you have to say. I’ll decide.” 
  • Still has a solid friendship with his ex-wife, and I’ve never heard anyone so much as even vaguely imply that he’s a bad friend or coworker. He just loves and respects everyone so much.
  • Randomly decided that Caractacus Potts needed a flashy entrance and thought that floating in on a swing would be top notch.
  • His face when spoken to about Donald Trump.
  • He avoided going to the bathroom when it meant he’d have to walk through too much scary stuff while filming Hannibal. 
  • He tried to do some impressive footwork in a high school play once and ended up having a really dramatic fall in front of everyone.
  • He’s so outspoken on culture, whitewashing, stereotypes and not being able to play Latino as much as he’d like to. 
  • He had a very publicized diva moment in the early 00′s that he can laugh about now, and even though I don’t even fault him for having had that, it’s nice that it’s never really happened again. How good and pure and strong a person must he be to have avoided that for so long. 
  • He does (or at least used to do) yoga. important.
  • He got really emotional when a large audience sang happy birthday to him.
  • He left Rocky Horror on Broadway to do Tick, Tick, Boom, which was an off-Broadway, lesser publicized show at the time. But he believed in it so much, he took the risk.
  • He used to drive a van delivering gift baskets, but he crashed too much.
  • This:
  • He helped as a volunteer cleaning up debris after the 9/11 attack.
  • He didn’t know for a very long time that his grandmother could understand English, so he’d speak in English to say questionable things around her without her hearing him and eventually found out she understood him the whole time. 
  • He considers himself to be a goof and thinks that if he were an animal, he’d be a penguin sliding around on ice.
  • One time in a rehearsal for Hair, he really obviously mixed up some lyrics, so he hit an incredibly unnecessary high note right after to make up for it.
  • He said he “walked out of the room and burst into tears” after being called terrific by Sondheim.
  • Even though he’s struggled with self confidence and identity, he always encourages people to be themselves and do what they dream of doing.
  • A fan who went to Leap of Faith was disappointed when Raúl didn’t come to the stage door for matinees, and she mentioned that to one of the other cast members (Kecia Lewis-Evans) who did come out, and so when Raúl heard that a fan was outside hoping for him, he went out there specifically just so she could meet him.
  • “I want to be the best that I can be every time I hit the stage. I don’t know how to give less than 200 percent. I want to be exhausted!”

Just a few things I love him for.


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Don’t Give Up (ACOTAR AU): Chapter 1

Acotar AU Fic based in highschool. Probably will be multi-POV to make it more interesting.

SUmmary: With Uni approaching quickly, the final year is upon us. And of course this does not come without drama, romances and lots and lots of alcohol. 

Let me know what you think, this is my first Fanfic :)

* I am from England so this is set in the English schools, during A-levels which is the next step up before we go to university/college, so this is 17-18. If any terms come up that I might need to explain, I doubt this will occur but still, I will explain them.

“Feyre, you don’t look too good, are you ok?” Andromache’s eyes are wide with worry. Her hazel eyes pass over my skin, and I shy against her gaze.

“Yeah I’m ok, just feeling a little queazy” I scrape my hair into a ponytail and scan the cafeteria. The noise is bubbling through me, pounding my eardrums, I turn to my friend.

“Did you hear what I just said?”

“Yeah of course I did, I was just looking for someone.” I push my fork through the now cold beans and soggy chips on my plate.

“Looking for Tamlin you mean?” She snorts and looks to that certain person she always looks for.

“You should just talk to her you know, she won’t bite” I discard my fork and push my plate away in resignation. The food is barely edible hot, let alone when it’s cold.

“But she’s so amazing and I’m me. She wouldn’t want to talk to me and besides that is basically friendship goals look at them. Mor is beautiful and talented and head girl, her cousin, Rhysand, is tall dark and handsome, the definition of a heartthrob. He is also annoyingly smart and accompanies his cousin as head boy. Then you have by far the most muscular human beings I have ever seen, Azriel and Cassian. And finally the cherry on the dream team cake, you have Amren. Who can single handedly scare anyone in this town and send them sprinting in any direction but hers. It’s something about her eyes I think. So in response in to your question Feyre, my dear friend, they are the most intimidating group ever.” Andromache sighs and takes a bite out of her apple, I smile as the juice runs down her chin.

“Come on now Andromache, do you have no manners? Here have napkin” A deep voice rumbles from behind me. My friend goes bright red and quickly wipes the juice off of her chin. I turn round to defend her, the words rising up my throat are caught and pushed right back down. Tamlin is smirking, obviously enjoying my friends discomfort. I elbow him in the stomach.

“Tam was that necessary?” My tone is clipped as I turn back to the table. Andromache’s eyes are fixed on the table, I reach across the table and squeeze her hand. An irritated huff behind me reminds me of the presence of my boyfriend. I continue to ignore.

“Andy, you do have manners, don’t listen to the insufferable arsehole behind me.” Andromache’s eyes sparkle as they find mine but find the table extremely interesting as a large hand grips my shoulder.

“Can we talk in private for a minute babe” His tone is curt. He is mad, I just embarrassed him in front of my friend. I stand and his hand tightens its grip, like he thinks I’ll make a run for it. Cute. I throw a sympathetic glance over my shoulder to Andy who is left at the table on her own.

Tamlin shuts the door to a desolate classroom. He pushes me against the wall. Hard. My head hits the wall with a dull thud.
“Feyre. I don’t like your attitude. I didn’t even say anything mean, have you taken something today to make you act like a complete bitch?” He growls out the words and shoves me against the wall again.

“I..I am sorry Tam, I shouldn’t have said what I said.” I look at my feet as Tamlin’s hands press bruising marks into my forearms.

“That’s what I thought, you’re coming to mine tonight, I’ll pick you up at five" He presses a rough kiss to my lips before storming out the classroom. I grasp the table and hold myself up while my legs are shaking. Blood bangs against my head and it takes everything I have to remain conscious. Breathing in deeply I walk out of the classroom, doing everything I can to convince myself Tamlin loves me and that he acted rationally because I was the one that angered him. But there is always that little nagging voice.

“Feyre! Where have you been! You weren’t in chemistry or German. What happened?” Andromache jogs to catch up to me, her hair is falling out of her go to sleek ponytail and she looks quite frazzled.

“I.. I dont know, I just lost track of time I guess” I pull my jumper sleeves down, hiding the purple marks adorning my arms.

“Oh don’t mess with me, you never miss lessons. I covered for you by the way” Andy looks at me intensely, her soft eyes again hold worry. I look away and stop at the gate to my house.

“We can’t study tonight, I’m seeing Tam” My house looms over me and I can see Nesta’s face look through the curtains before disappearing into the kitchen. I turn to my best friend. Her slender face is painted with disappointment.

“Yeah ok, I was hoping we could go see a movie instead but don’t worry about it, I’ll text you later Fey” She quickly turns and walks across the street to her own house. I wait until she has shut the door before entering my own.

“Hi Nesta, Hi Elain” I shout to the sisters who won’t reply. I get a stiff grunt from Nesta who is shut in Elains room. Typical. The dynamic between the three of us has never been the same since mom died. Our dad works all the time so we rarely see him and he has his own city apartment to avoid the commute to work, just when groceries get delivered every week we know he hasn’t forgotten us, but he doesn’t even do that, all he does is pay for it, I place the order. Thanks Dad.

I flop down onto my bed which is adorned with stars, a deep midnight blue fabric holds the night stars on my bed. The mattress groans with my weight as I flick off my converse. I would like to say today has been different but it really hasn’t. The seconds tick by with a deafening thud as they make their way round my clock hung on my wall. One second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds, five seconds. As I stare at my ceiling, I listen. Just listen to the noises in our house. Nesta grumbling, Elain giggling. And my clock ticking.
The doorbell cuts through the rhythmic silence. The door opens.

“FEYRE. TAMLIN IS HERE!” Nesta shouts to me as she walks up the stairs to her destination of Elains room. So much for sisterly confrontation. I force myself up and out of bed before slipping my feet into my worn converse. Tamlin is waiting. Must not keep him waiting.
He is leaning against the doorframe looking at a childhood picture of myself and my sisters. He looks like the old Tamlin, that I loved. The carefree and beautiful boy, who would shower me with kisses, not bruises. The boy that would tell me I’m beautiful and perfect, not fat and I should go on a diet. The boy that I was in love with, not the boy I was scared of. Memories are painful. And no matter how hard I tell myself he is still in there, I never believe it. That Tamlin is gone. And I mourn him. I stand on the bottom step just watching him, savouring those few precious moments.And watch to boy disappear when he opens his mouth.

“Lets go” His voice is rough, like sandpaper as he turns and walks out of my door and gets in his car. I follow in a wordless walk and let the soft leather engulf me as I sit in his car.

He remains a deathly quiet for the whole ride, no matter the silence breaker question I ask, the response is a grunt. I give up on conversation as we pull up on his drive. No cars. We will be alone. My heart fights against my chest, wanting to break free and relieve me of my misery. I can feel his anger pooling off of him is scalding waves.
He opens his front door for me before slamming it behind himself. I flinch and await the inevitable.

“Feyre, you really are a bitch sometimes. Like what in the world was lunch about. I told you, that you were not allowed to sit in there. Let alone with her.” His back is turned and the muscles taught.

“Andromache is my friend Tam, and I didn’t have lunch today” Words barely escape my lips in a foreign voice. He turns to me. Looks me up and down. And laughs.

“I don’t think you really need lunch, look at you. Come on Fey, the star player on the football team can’t be seen with some fat ugly lump of a girl. You have to be joking me” Laughter leaves his mouth in rich patronising jolts. He stalks towards me and pin me up against the wall, both arms either side of my shoulders. I don’t think I’m breathing as he starts to unbuckle my belt.

“No Tam, I don’t want to” I push his hand away from my belt buckle.

“Do you think I give a shit about what you want? You’re my girlfriend and I will tell you what to do” He grabs hold of my wrist and twists it. Hard. I whimper. Cold and vicious eyes capture mine. His hand connects with my cheekbone with a terrifying force, it throws my head to the side. He resume on my belt and forces rough unkind kisses up my neck. Closing my eyes, I wish I was at the movies with Andy or anywhere but here. Tamlin pushes my jeans down along with my underwear.
Faintly I hear the sound of him unzipping his own jeans, Tears roll down my face scalding my skin, the atmosphere around me becomes thick and choking and the sounds dissipate into nothing. I feel nothing, I am nothing, I feel disgusting. Tamlin pounds inside me with excruciating force before finding his release and resting his forehead on my shoulder. He zips himself up before doing the same for me.

“Say something feyre” Hel ooks at me with uninterested eyes, the statement catches me off guard, so off guard I find words leaving my mouth before I can stop them. I watch his face twist into white hot rage and as his fist connects with my face.

“Fine I was about done with you anyway you little whore. If you don’t want to be with me, find someone better, I dare you” He stalks off upstairs, slamming doors so hard the wood groans and leaving me sobbing in his hallway.

I managed to get a taxi back to my house, something as mundane as getting a taxi felt so bizarre. After what had just happened. I stumbled up the stairs, my whole body aching and protesting at the slightest movement. I fall onto my bed and sobbed until I couldn’t cry anymore.

“Feyre, get up you are late for school”.

“I’m ill, so I’m not going in today” My voice is muffled by the duvet. Footsteps recede and my door slams. And there I am, totally alone, again. The silence is welcomed as I lie in my clothes from yesterday and avoid the population of the world. I don’t think I could manage seeing anyone today, a nauseous feeling in my stomach builds up to my throat. I taste the bile stinging my tongue before I leap out of bed and sprint to my bathroom. Only just making it to the toilet bowl, I deposit the contents of my stomach into the porcelain bowl before flushing, changing into my pyjamas and falling into a restless sleep again.

“Whoever is poking me, please go and fine something else to do with your time” I grumble to the owner of the finger jabbing my side incessantly.

“I will if you tell me what’s going on with you Fey, you’re acting really strange” Andromache has been sat on my bed for the past twenty minutes in silence. Probably thinking through what she was going to say right down to the last word. She was like that, methodical and ordered, whereas I am wild and unruly, or was. I know what her reaction will be when she sees, it was the same as mine when I saw my face. Which is why I am putting it off for as long as possible. But Andromache is a tough one and refuses to leave me alone.

“Fine you want to know what is wrong, this is what is wrong”. I sit up and face her. Scarlet bruises mark my left cheekbone and right eye, so much I look like an overripe avocado. Bruises pepper up my arms and sit on my neck. Ugly and unforgiving. Her eyes widen considerably as she puts the pieces of the puzzle together and figures out what has been going on. Deep down I think she knew what was happening but didn’t want to accept the fact that her best friend was being assaulted by the boy who was supposed to love her. Andromache is precious and needs to be protected, which is why I kept it from her. Or maybe I was ashamed of myself. For being a coward.

“Fey..” Her hand reaches out and then drops in the space between us.

“Don’t, I don’t want to talk about it, we are over anyway. I somehow told him it was over after what happened and he saw red and the rest is history” Looking down at my bloodied and bruised knuckles, I wait for her reply. Her next words were cautious, like she knew the answer but wanted me to deny her beliefs. “What happened?”.

“I think you know what happened” I mumble, I cross my arms over my chest and look out the window. Despite my mood, the sun is out and the birds are singing. How ironic. Andromache launches herself onto me and collects me in a bone crushing hug. I hear her sniffle in my ear and know she is crying, slowly I prise my arms from my stomach and wrap them around my friend. And I too cry. And cry. And cry. Until I have no tears left.

“You can press charges, you should press charges, what he has done is illegal. You said no.”

“I know but I don’t want too” The cotton of her blue shirt is wet from my tears and a fruity aroma comes through my nose. “Are you wearing perfume? You never wear perfume!” I pull back and look at my friend closely. She is the same Andromache, but different. The same shoulder length auburn hair, the same freckles dotted on her nose and cheeks. She’s wearing makeup. Not much but noticeable to me, a lick of mascara and a hint of pink lipstick. “Why are you wearing make up Andy?” My eyes narrow, making her fidget. She hasn’t told me something.

“Ugh well when Tamlin took you off last lunch, funny thing is Mor came and sat down. Like she sat down next to me. I was so dumbstruck the she was speaking to me of all people. But she was so funny and genuinely wanted to talk to me. So we were talking and we talked about you as well. And we ended up exchanging numbers and have been texting since and I wanted to tell you yesterday on the walk home but you didn’t meet me in our usual spot and then you bailed on me and then Mor texted me saying do you want to go for dinner? So we did and had an amazing time. I also sat with her and her friends because you were ill. They all asked about you and they were so funny”. Her cheeks are flushed and her chest movements are rapid. I smile softly.

“Is that all?” I tease. She smiles shyly. “Oh you kissed didn’t you!” I jump up and clap. I pull Andy into a hug as my laughter bubbles out of me. “Did you kiss a girl and like it?” I smirk.

“Alright Katy Perry pipe down. Yeah it was nice, she’s invited me to sit with them again tomorrow, but only if you want to of course” Andy looks at me and her gaze is so pleading and worried i’ll say no, I laugh.

“Of course, I don’t mind silly”.

“By the way I am always here for when you want to talk about what happened” An instance is all that is needed to shatter the light hearted mood and turn it into a serious one. I nod and swallow the unshed tears pushing at the back of my eyes.

“Andromache, it’s nice to see you again, I see you brought a friend” Mor chirps as my friend slides into the chair next to her.  

“This is Feyre, I told you about her yesterday, she was ill” Andy retrieves her apple from bag and bites into it.

“OH you’re Tamlin’s girlfriend right?” Mor smiles at me, a smile that makes your insides go all warm. I understand why Andy is infatuated with her.

“Um ex. But yeah thats me” I sit next to Andy while Mor struggles with words. My face has been covered in so much foundation to cover the intensity of the bruises, you could scrap it off with a spoon it’s so thick. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Scanning Mor’s face quickly she hasn’t noticed the slight blue tinge to my skin despite the mountains of layers of foundation upon my face.

“Sorry about that, I haven’t heard the news yet, I have been quite busy, I’m sure the others won’t be so rude when they get here, I just have a big mouth with no filter, like sometimes I wonder how I still have friends” More laughs and sends her blonde curled hair bouncing. Her eyes meet Andy’s and sparkle. I turn away from their private moment and am greeted with a massive figure.

“Hi I’m Cassian, You must be Feyre. We’ve heard a lot about you” Cassian smirks down at me before sitting in the chair next to me.

“All good I hope” Nervous chuckles escape from me as I stab the lettuce in my plastic lunchbox.

“Oh of course” Cassians eyes crinkle as his smile reaches his eyes. “That’s Azriel by the way” He points behind him to a slightly slimmer built boy but no less muscular. How long has he been there? I didn’t even notice him sit down. Azriel tilts his head towards me with a small smile.
“So Feyre, where were you yesterday? Stealing sweets from babies or kicking puppies?” Cassian’s smile is mischievous. I laugh.

“Well you know I am partial to kicking puppies when I am bunking off school but when I’m ill I do prefer to steal sweets from babies because it has more benefits”

“I like you Feyre, you’re funny” Cassian bellows laughter and even the stoic Azriel cracks a smile.

“Carfeul Cass, you’ll catch flies”

“Oh dear Amren, You always grace my life with your kind words” A sarcastic smile is thrown in the small girls direction. Amren responds by putting her middle finger up at Cassain. He mocks hurt at this gesture.

“Feyre, I’m Amren, sadly you had the misfortune of meeting this Neanderthal and his quiet companion who keeps much better company. And of course our ever talkative Morrigan”. Her silver eyes watch me intensely before turning to greet Mor and Andromache, clearly bored of the conversation. OK…..

“Ah there you are, I’ve been looking forward to meeting the famous Feyre” A rich voice purrs from behind me. 

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You know the one thing that ticks me off in vld fanfics with Lance in them? When Lance takes a joke too far and somebody's feelings (aka, Keith) gets hurt cause. He??? Wouldn't??? Do??? That?? and like hurtful comments?? I mean maybe, when he's like 100% mad/stressed/sad, he would maybe spit a lil acid (tbh everyone does that at one point) but I really can't see him just throwing out hurtful comments like THAT. Like he's just a boy from Cuba who wants to be appreciated, give him a break.


Lance is so nice like, why would he say mean things just to be an ass? he only says what he feels or the truth, he doesn’t just say mean shit just because :/

I love how Jack swears a lot and is energetic but when he’s being serious about something, he’s very calm and drops swearing so much as opposed to Anti; who is also loud and rambunctious when he’s playing around but doesn’t swear. But when he’s ticked off, his movements are more rigid, aside from the glitching, and he swears which tells us that he’s angry. He doesn’t even have to do it much either! He does it once (or twice if you count him saying Glitch Bitch) and we immediately get that he’s not messing around this time.

I don’t know, small details always delight me when it comes to making something fit together and I just really love the effort Jack puts into Anti to make sure he’s really his opposite personality.

Day6: fighting with them

Jae:  I see him needing to walk out before anything gets out of hand. Like he wouldn’t want to cause any sort of harm to you, but you know he’d never cross the line and get physical. The farthest he’d go would be yelling at objects and throwing books and maybe even breaking his guitar. He wouldn’t be very sensible with his words though, and he might say some things that he’ll regret. Would never actually mean any harm, it’s all out of anger and frustration, and always reassures you that he loves you too much to keep arguing.

Sungjin:  it wouldn’t be hard to argue with him, esp over small things. I think he’s the type to bottle up his feelings and would explode if something ticks him off. He would never walk out, even when things get a little heavy- he needs you to know that he isn’t going anywhere. Wouldn’t really be as childish as jae when acting out, he’d just clench his jaw and start breathing heavily to calm himself down before he says or does something stupid. Might cry while apologizing to you, and hold you closely while whispering he never meant it.

Youngk:  he wouldn’t stop arguing and shouting at you until you’ve come to some sort of resolve. Fighting with him is very rare, which is why it’s explosive when it happens. He’d feel the need to end it and not have any sort of hurt feelings between the both of you, so he could go on yelling and arguing back and forth until you’re both tired and crying your lungs out. He wouldn’t want to walk out either, he’d just say that he absolutely hates fighting with you and wishes you could be happy around him all the time.

Wonpil:  he’d break down and cry, no doubt about it. It’s not that it’s out of weakness, his emotions get the best of him and he can’t carry on fighting with you even if it’s something serious. He wishes to make everything right again, so he’d calmly ask you if you could just sit down and talk civilly and not fight. It would break his heart if he ever knew that you were upset toward him, and will do the best he can to never argu with you.

Dowoon:  he completely understands the need to argue sometimes, it’s only to make the relationship work and function better as a couple. But sometimes nasty things will be thrown at each other and he’d be forced to leave the room, and give you space before coming back and confronting you. He loves you too much to put any sort of pressure on you, that’s why sometimes things get out of hand when he’s the one that’s pressured and being confronted. He’d talk things out calmly, and apologizes sweetly afterwards.

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iKON Member Personalities


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Jinhwan is a softie. He just wants to cuddle and hug all the time. He will be one of the nicest people when you first meet him. He has a welcoming aspect about him that will draw you to him. He is willing to get close quickly and be very open about himself. He is the type to always ask how you are, and if you have eaten when he first sees you. He will always protects you with what he can even if he embarrasses himself. He will try to take you in whenever he can.  Jinhwan always tries to out a smile on your face, and attempt to be charming. Something that makes him extremely attractive and charming is that he always gives you his full attention, and makes eye contact. He tries his best to be cute or sexy, which ever you prefer and always tries to accommodate to your needs.


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Yunhyeong is someone like Jinhwan; happy and welcoming. He has a heart full of gold and pure happiness. He is passionate about everything he does; whether its cooking or performing on stage, he puts his heart into it. He is quite family oriented, and will put them first. He tries to always keep a smile and positive outlook on life. His biggest charm is his ability to be a ladies man; always being respectful and loving. He is willing to cook, and keep a girl happy, whichever way that is. iKON’s Prince Charming would be they guy you want to date but also want as an older brother who alway protects you. He is someone who likes to keep long and solid relationships, and keeps those who are close to him well- close.


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Bobby is someone who is loving and caring after he gets to know you. At first he is not very open, but will be kind. It takes him a while to open up fully, and be his true self. He will be kind but you can feel the awkwardness lingering in the air. Since Bobby is someone with a small group of close friends, he is someone that is difficult to be close to. Since he has not opened up to numerous people, he continues to live like that; Bobby will unconsciously keeps his circle of people pretty small. When (or if) he finally opens up, and become closer, he is the happy-go-lucky friend who likes to do things spontaneously. He does things to have fun, and every one of those activities lacks a purpose. But when he is serious about something, you will be able to see it in his face. As you get closer, one of his most charming points is his ability to comfort and be there. Though he is busy, he will find time to visit or talk and help you during difficult times. When he is really open to you, he will care very much about you. He would most likely do anything to make you feel better or happy.


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Hanbin is pretty cold, whether he means to be or not. Work is always first, and meeting new people is not a priority to him. He may or may not acknowledge your presence until after a few meetings. When he finally does acknowledge you, he is pretty awkward. Because he’s kind of an idiot and is a little really awkward, he will continue to say the same things over and over again. When you do get the opportunity to work together or be close, you would be his little therapist outside of his immediate life that can help him release stress [ if you know what I mean ;) ]. his dominant personality makes him want to be the protective one. His biggest charm is his slightly lost personality. Since Hanbin spent most of his pubescent years in a company, he does not really know what he’s doing outside of his professional life. Him being fascinated by everything and always trying to be the ideal man is something that makes him super cute.


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a w k w a r d. that’s it. He is awkward with his own friends and ikon- so for a fact that meeting new people is awkward. He tries his best to hold conversations and outings but he can barely keep himself together. He does things that just make it more awkward or a great laughable moment. When you are close, he is such a butt honestly, always giving you the judgmental look, jokingly criticizing you but in a loving way. If you are hurt (jokingly too), he honestly wouldn’t know what to do. He would just stand behind you and try to give you a hug and apologize but he does not really know how to express himself. If you were joking, he would be slightly ticked off, saying “What the hell. I thought you were actually mad. I  thought you were going to ignore me. How could you!” But if you were actually upset, he would be as genuine as he can be, and really try to fix it. He may not be the best at making friends, but his efforts shine through, making that his charm.


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Donghyuk; the biggest sweetheart in the world ohmygod. Welcoming, kind, helpful. Is this heaven? Is he an angel? Who knows. Who cares. He may be awkward at the beginning but is so kind and helpful. You want some help? Donghyuk at your service. You will resist and tell him you don’t need his help but he’d insist and force you to sit until he is finished.He would always try to boost your self confidence and try to help you do anything. Even though he may not feel confident to do something, he would do it to help you or someone he knows. His most charming point is that he is caring, and loving. He tries to keep in contact with you all the time, and feels bad when he fails to do so. You feel loved and cared for by him even when he is not around since whenever you do meet up or he finally texts back, you know he cares.


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Chanwoo is such a bitch i mean lovely maknae of ikon! (i’m kidding i actually love this boy so much). he is so lost and clueless 99.999% of the time. He doesn’t know how to be helpful or take social cues, but he will get them after they are explained to him. And when you do get close, he will bully you (jokingly) and defy your orders. His charming point is his kindness. When he isn’t joking around or making you upset, he is the kindest human. He gives nice hugs and cuddles, and given his height will crush your entire body with care and love. he will be deep with you and talk about life and deep stuff. He will let you gossip with him, rant with him, and will talk shit with you. He is actually so funny and will always try to make you laugh like its his job (it is).

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Idk if this is too much to ask but could you do a Jackson headcanon from A to Z pretty please? :3

Jackson Wang SMUT A-Z Headcanon

A - Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

  • Jackson is so sweet at taking care of you after sex. He would put your needs before his own. He would draw you a bath and as you take it, he would change the sheets and come back to you and dress you in some comfy pyjamas and tuck you into bed.

B - Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

  • Obviously we all know that Jackson LOVES showing himself off to us! I mean were not complaining at all! We loving it, don’t stop boy!
  • He would definitely love your neck, placing sweet gentle kisses, even in general, just when he gets home and sees you working at your desk, that will be how he says hi to you. But when making love or roughing up the pace, he just loves to kiss you up your neck, marking his territory and loving the way you shiver at the touch of his lips on your skin.

C - Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

  • It depends on his mood, if its in a rough mood, he would probably cum all over your chest or back depending on position your in, but he would always make sure your comfortable with it before he does anything to explicit.

D - Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

  • He loves it when you initiate something. It doesn’t matter when, whether its you straddling on the couch to distract him and make him pay more attention to you to your hand caressing his manhood under the table at a fancy dinner. Lets just say he won’t go easy on you when this occurs.

E - Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

  • Jackson as always said that he has had girlfriends in the past which is perfectly fine. But oh, does he know how to rile you up. He will know exactly where to touch you, what makes you tick and what really pisses you off when your in the bedroom.

F - Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

  • This will depend on the mood, if it is an intimate making love session he would go for positions like …, for these positions are known to help maintain eye contact and intimacy. But if Jackson is in the mood for some rough, dirty sex, then he will definitely go for Faceoff, The Cat, Mountain Climber. But if he is in a rough mood, boy are you in for a long night, he would be into Doggystyle and Spork 

G - Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

  • Again, depends on the mood, in the rough moments he wouldn’t care and just continue, even if you start laughing or even crack a smile. But if its a fun loving moment, like you both trip and fall, you definitely will be hearing that beautiful laugh ring through your ears.

H - Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

  • We all know how this beautiful man likes to keep himself clean, it will definitely reflect in his own house even though the dorms are in such a state, I reckon if he got his own house he would be pretty neat and tidy but at times will be a bit messy.

I - Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

  • Jackson will definitely know what to do in this instance. He will shower you with love in every way he can, from a nice dinner to the best event of all, he will treat you like an absolute Queen and make sure you are satisfied.

J - Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

  • He wouldn’t do it a lot, but due to being an idol, on tour he would definitely have to go for this motive. He would also set up little Skype dates with you so you can be together in a way and enjoy each other’s company at least

K - Kink (One or more of their kinks)

  • YET AGAIN, depends on the very mood. But then again it doesn’t.

L - Location (Favourite places to do the do)

  • Jackson is a gentleman, and he would always want you, his special lady, to feel as comfortable as possible, which would always lead him to taking you to the bedroom, the couch or on a soft, gentle surface. However is its a quickie or a rough time, he would take you ANYWHERE AND I MEAN ANYWHERE.

M - Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Like I said before, whenever you initiate something. Its really just shows off how confident you want to be in front of him and that is a big turn on for him

N - NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

  • Definitely would hate to hurt you in anyway, choking, only would be into light BDSM not like full on. Shame names as well, he would hate to say those names. 

O - Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)


P - Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

  • He knows when to change the pace. He can be a fucking tease or a God, so you might wanna be careful because he can turn to either at the snap of a finger, but he’ll know how to set the mood and keep it at one particular one

Q - Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

  • Jackson doesn’t do this often. But if its one day, during dance practice and he’s thinking of little inappropriate thoughts of getting his hands all over you, he would give you a call, and within five minutes, he would whisk you into the spare bathroom, locking it before getting right down to business  

R - Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

  • Oh Jackson Wang definitely is, but he would make sure you are absolutely comfortable.

S - Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

  • Looking how much he dances and goes to the gym, he can go on for at least a couple of hours at the very least  

T - Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

  • Okay again this depends on the mood.

U - Unfair (how much they like to tease)

  • A FUCKING TEASE! When he wants to be of course. But seriously, he is such a tease, riling you up to the edge of your orgasm before pulling away with a smirk.  

V - Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

  • Mainly would be small grunts, but would change depending on the moment, if it was full of passion, he would be groaning into your ear along with sweet nothings, staring into your eyes as he did. But when just pounding into you, he would be grunting loudly as you also allowed your screams to echo throughout the house. Just get ready for the complaints mind you.

W - Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

X - X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

  • Enough said.

Y - Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

  • Would be pretty high, especially being an idol is really hard not having a relationship, and not having sex would just make it worse. So just be prepared when he comes over and grabs you and pushed you against the wall as he kisses you and … and I should shut up

Z - ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

  • This beautiful man wouldn’t fall asleep until you have, he would just watch as you fall asleep on his chest, smiling gently and running his hand through your hair gently and placing occasional kisses once in a while

Step into Christmas, won’t you? For @niftybottle : because I wasn’t sure what you’d like, I’ve come bearing three gifts. This one takes place in an ideal Warehouse world where the first episode of season 4 happened, and then none of the bad stuff ensued. I bet, based on the title of this first present, you’ll be able to guess what I’m calling the other two.


Pete rarely had expectations. About much of anything, but really not about what he might see on any given day in the Warehouse. And because he rarely had expectations, he was rarely surprised.

But then on Christmas Eve, he walked into the Christmas aisle.

And he was surprised.

In front of him was something kinda like a Nativity scene. That wasn’t the surprising part, because yeah, it was the Christmas aisle.

No, the surprising part was… well, it was actually two surprising parts: one, that the scene was life-size, and two, that parts of it were actually alive. Which made three surprising parts, really, because the parts of it that were alive were being played by Myka and H.G. Although “played” was probably the wrong word. Nobody was doing much moving—they were paused in the scene—but their mouths didn’t seem to be stuck, because they were having a pretty serious argument, something along the lines of “this is your fault” and “no, it’s your fault.”

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Stony Prompt #11

“It’s like you don’t believe me when I say it.”

If Steve has learnt one thing in two years of dating Tony Stark, then that the man has more issues than he lets on. It’s taken him quite a while, but once he’s peeled away all these layers of sarcasm and faked ignorance, all he found was someone too easily hurt and with a heart so fragile, it might shatter at the slightest disturbance. Steve is surprised by himself for all the anger he feels, anger at everyone who hurt Tony and broke his heart a little more each time.

If the terrorists that had the brunet captured weren’t already dead, Steve thinks, then he’d kill them with his own hands.

But ever since Steve found out about the many insecurities and issues Tony has, he’s been working on showing Tony that he loves him nonetheless. That all these things Tony thinks are making him weak will never drive him away.

He remembers all too clearly one of the first nights where they slept in the same bed together, and Steve was startled awake by Tony’s whimpers. The brunet had twitched in his sleep, breath uneven and panicked – Steve recognized the signs too well, given his own load of nightmares. But what he hadn’t expected was Tony’s reaction when he woke him up.

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Chapter 5

The rest of the week went by incredibly normal. After that lunch, Dan started acting more normal—or at least as normal as he can act. The more I talked to him, the more he responded and we actually started building a friendship. I learned that he moved here from a really small town somewhere in the states, but he was born and grew up in southern England which is why his accent sounds different from mine. We talked about music and video games finding out we actually had a lot in common, and the more I spent time with him, the more I considered him a friend. It’s just nice to finally have someone to talk to that’s not mum.

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honestly i hate when the response to things like “give captain america a boyfriend” are “lol, he already has one ;)” like …. it’s not the Worst response obviously but there’s a lot of. Just.

No. He doesn’t already have one. Massive support in a fannish space does not make for canonically queer characters. That’s the entire point. We’re saying hey, look, this is really important to a LOT of people, so you really should consider it

I don’t know. it just ticks me off. Like I live in fannish space 99% of my life but when I’m actually moving into like… the actual, real life representation, and tackling real life issues, I don’t want someone to come in with their Fannish Needle Of Headcanon and jab my balloon with their THAT’S ALREADY TRUE!!!

Wrong conversation space. Wrong time. I”m not trying to have a headcanon conversation and ~~relate to you~~ on a ~~secret inside fandom level~~ I’m trying to like. Do things.

My Top Ten Olicity Scenes...*so far*


Okay, so a lovely nonnie asked me (*about a week ago, sorry for the delay!*) to list my Top Ten Olicity Scenes…so far. So, I decided to make a big deal out of the request and post it as an Olicity meta, because times are so hard with this hiatus. I miss Oliver and Felicity so much and it’s only been a month since the finale. One month, four more to go. It still hurts. So, this is for all my Oliciters out there who enjoy talking about these scenes as much as we love living by them.

With that being said, this was not an easy endeavor. Oliver and Felicity have gone through a lot together during these two seasons, and there are soooooo many scenes that could have easily made my Top Ten, but I had to really sit back and give every moment a rating on some arbitrary scale that I cooked up in my crazy head. Since there are only ten spots on the top, I decided to add 15 “Honorable Mentions” to the mix. Now, these are scenes that are not particularly “heavy” moments, but lighter and I’m having more fun with them, whereas the Top Ten picks are a bit more profound in my opinion, and left me with a graver understanding of this pairing.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy reading this!


My Top Ten Olicity Scenes (in decreasing order):

10.) “You’re Not Gonna Lose Me”:

I absolutely love this scene, because, for once, it’s Oliver comforting Felicity. It’s intimate; it showcases their connection in a way that it hasn’t been showcased before. The last place Felicity wants to be is at a fucking pep rally for Moira Queen. The last place she wants to be is in Moira Queen’s presence, breathing the same air as that woman (whom I love and thought was so damn BOSS is so many ways, but was a habitual liar who was kind of in love with her secrets), and OLIVER NOTICED. He was all over it, watching Felicity even before Moira showed up to give him a hug. He gave her that, “What is wrong with my bb?” look. Now, Oliver has pretty substantial evidence to the fact that there is something going on, from earlier in the episode when his bare naked abs and jack-hammered biceps were not being appreciated, but it still makes me giddy that he didn’t ignore it.

It gets very interesting when Oliver notices that Felicity is being cold to the bone. Cold as ice. Andre 3000 Ice Cold. Oliver knows one thing of many about Felicity Smoak. She’s never rude. She’s never distant and detached, and more specifically, she’s never distant about his family. When Thea went missing (again), she worked her magic to help, and it was emotional, she was invested. When Moira was standing trial, she was worried; she was emotional about the outcome, for Oliver’s sake. But here, Felicity is all up in her feelings for her, and for Oliver, who has no idea what is going on. She can’t stand Moira’s lying, secret-account-having, secrets-period-having ass and it’s my favorite. Oliver takes note and finally goes to her about it. The way he said, “Fe-li-city” IS ALL I NEED IN LIFE. The “Nothing”/”Don’t say nothing…the truth please” exchange thrills me like you would not believe. He was on point on with her disposition, and it was wordlessly beautiful. It was time for Oliver to be a comforting concerned friend and it was very nice to see him take on that role.  

EBR acted the snot out of that moment, with Felicity practically vibrating with fear over losing someone else who is important to her *i.e Papa Smoak*. Oliver assuming that this person was him gave me huge pause (How big can your ego get man? She could be talking about her dying grandfather and you would have completely missed the point), but to his good fortune, Felicity was talking about him, and once again, earned Oliver’s trust in telling him Moira’s secret. The writers could have had her wait, sit on this information, amp up angst for a blow-out later on, but they didn’t. They knew it wouldn’t have been genuine for a woman who said about herself, “I hate mysteries. They bug me. They need to be solved”, to keep the truth a secret from the parties who deserve to know. Her whole mistrust of Moira started as she was helping Walter, her then husband, find out the truth about his wife. She would not have kept it a secret from Oliver, a son who is flipping over with adoration in front of the whole city, while his mother lies to him….again.

So happy to see the levels at which this relationship has evolved. Oliver can read that something is bothering her, Felicity is struggling with whether or not he will forgive her for it, but Moira’s ploy falls so flat. Felicity not only told Oliver, but did so right in Moira’s face. Moira Queeen was definitely the Supreme, but Felicity Smoak just didn’t give a fuck. 


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Unwanted House Guest Bonus 2: Engage In Highly Indulgent Self-Insertion Into Story.

This is always such a terrible idea, but for the purpose of accurate record keeping, I am doing it anyway.

My name is Steve. 

I’m 33 years old, married, and work as Information Technology Administrator for the Turf War League.  That’s really all that people need to know about me.  In fact, I’m actually quite content with people not knowing anything else about me.  This may seem like a peculiar statement to make, but there’s a very good reason for that.  What reason might that be, you ask?

To find out, let me tell you a bit about my work and how I tend to spend the majority of my Thursdays.

Behind Inkopolis Tower, on the opposite end that doesn’t face the main Booyah Base plaza, there’s a small administration office slash counter that is open between the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM on Weekdays.  This is where many Turf War Participants come to join the League, register for tournaments, ask for information and, much to my chagrin, file complaints.  In case it isn’t obvious, I work here on Thursdays.  Usually, I work in the upper floors of Inkopolis Tower, often maintaining the servers and databases for the League.  Thursdays, however, are when I’m delegated to this small little ground floor office that is accessible to the public.

If a picture of me sitting behind a desk listening to some random Inkling off the street rant and rave about anything and everything under the sun is what this situation sounds like, then congratulations, you now know why I don’t care that much for Thursdays.  You also know why I don’t want people knowing much more about me, either.  Last thing I want is someone calling me up at home and raving at me or my wife like a lunatic.  (I already get plenty of that whenever my father-in-law calls asking for tech support.)

Now after working this counter on Thursdays for a number of years, I have become quite adjusted to dealing with malcontent Squids with a non-existent bone to pick.  Some are freshly salted after a bad losing streak.  Others gripe about how the league changes stats on their favorite, or least favorite, weapons.  (It’s Buff or It’s Nothing!)  And every now and then, I get the occasional squid kid who just really needs someone to hear them out and get a little help. I’m always willing to lend an ear to anyone who might need some advice or wants to get something off their chest.  I may not always be the best at giving advice, but I try.

Now these kids come and go quite regularly, but there’s one Inkling in particular who seemed to make it their life mission to test the limits of my patience and tolerance whenever I was down there.  I made it a point to always avoid them whenever possible or push off dealing with them onto some other poor sap that works here.  (I still owe Jerry 20 bucks for dealing with him the last time.)  I can not decide if he is Lawful Evil, or… hmm… Lawful Jerkwad maybe?  One or the other.  Anyway, despite my best efforts, the little snot has practically memorized my schedule so that they always know exactly what time I’m at the desk and exactly when-

A-HA!  THERE YOU ARESTEVE!  I need to have a word with you this instant!”

And there he is now: Arnick Stilton. 

He is the living definition of a “military brat” and has been a thorn in my side for years.  I have had to file more complaints from him and about him more so than any other Inkling that I can remember.  When the Bamboozler Mk. II came out, he insisted on filing a complaint demanding that the Mk. II receive more decorum than just a nifty little sticker.  Another time, he and Mr. Jonquil Requeson practically got into a fist fight in the middle of a match and had to be sent to me so I could listen to each of their sides of the story.  That went about as well as you can imagine.

Knowing this would be a major pain, I sigh and swivel in my chair to face him, “What is it now, Mr. Stilton?”

DON’T you ‘Mr. Stilton’ me, you bulbous bureaucrat!”  Ooh, he’s going for fat jokes right off the bat.  I admit, I’m overweight, but I’m not as obese as some people.  In fact, I was actually quite skinny and lanky just like him when I was his age.  (Then I took a metabolism to the everything.)  He must be really ticked off about something this time.  Usually he doesn’t get quite this snarky until about a minute and a half into our conversations.  “You know exactly why I’m here!” he says while pointing at me with as angry as he can make his index finger look.  Given how much angry pointing he does, it amazes me that his finger hasn’t fallen off of his hand.

And of course, I have no idea what he’s talking about.  The professional response to him would be something along the lines of, “I apologize that you are frustrated, but I am not aware of what issue you are concerned about right now.  Please tell me more and I will do everything in my power to help you.”  But with Arnick Stilton, a professional response just makes him angrier since he knows that it’s nothing more than formal pleasantries that delay anything from actually getting done, which is 100% true.  As tempted as I was to see him turn purple as a plum with rage (again) I actually had other things that needed doing.  So I cut to the chase.

“Mr. Stilton, unless I have suddenly acquired mystical psychic powers that permit me to read minds, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to do the unthinkable and actually tell me what it is that has a stick up your craw this time.”

And there’s that scowl again.  Frankly, I’d probably find more enjoyment out of tormenting the little snot if it weren’t for the fact that handling quote unquote “customers” such as him is something we Turf War League employees are regularly evaluated on.  These evaluations are factored in carefully when it comes to decisions regarding annual pay raises and bonuses (or lack thereof).  An allergic reaction to Irate Inklings is, unfortunately, not a valid excuse for evaluation exemption. 

I should know.  I’ve tried.

“I demand to know why the League has agreed to allowing Octolings, of all people, to join!” he says with as serious a tone as he could muster.

“Oh is that all?” I say back to him, “I thought someone had stepped on your toe again during a match.”

Very funny!” he sneered back at me, “But I am dead serious here!  How could the League possibly allow this?!  There are still many Octarians who are a genuine threat to Inkling society and letting any of them into Turf Wars is endangering each and every single Inkling that comes into contact with them!  Are the people up there really so idiotic that they can’t see what’s wrong with giving Octolings weapons!?  They would be arming the enemy!

“I see,” I say with as little empathy, compassion, or care in my voice as I could muster.  It’s practically an art form trying to convey just how much I do not care about some things.  My wife says I’ve gotten frighteningly good at it.  “Well Mr. Stilton, perhaps you would rather the Octolings be engaging Inklings outside of sanctioned Turf Wars where they might do some actual harm!  You know, without the safety barriers or spawn pads?  In fact, that might even be a good idea.  That way, you could do me a favor and just be dead instead of dead serious.”

“Ha ha,” he mocks, “Don’t get smart with me, Steve.  Or I’ll-“

“Okay,” I interrupt.  I then proceed to fake drool and cross my eyes.

“YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT I- “he stopped as he nearly choked on his own rage, “Either you take this seriously or I WILL contact your superiors and make sure that your head rolls for this.”  Like I haven’t heard him say that hundreds of times before.

“If it’s any consolation, my eyes are rolling plenty as is,” I deadpanned.  I couldn’t quite make out what Arnick said after that since I’m quite convinced he was no longer using actual words.  I figured I had bothered him enough and sighed.  “Alright Mr. Stilton, look, I understand your concern and complaint about the recent admission of Octolings into Turf Wars.  You are right that there is indeed a long history of animosity between Inklings and Octarians.  But it is exactly BECAUSE of that animosity that the League decided to allow Octolings to participate.  By including them in an Inkling national past time, it will help bridge the divide between our two species and bring us closer together towards peace.”

Now for any reasonable Inkling, this would be a satisfactory answer.  Unfortunately, Arnick Stilton’s version of “reason” is beyond me. 

ARE THEY MAD?!  There are plenty of ways to go about a cultural exchange that doesn’t involve giving them SPLAT GUNS!  IT’S A BLOODY RUSE, I TELL YOU!  What better way to pick off our most capable fighters than by doing it from the inside out?!  Can nobody up there see that?!”

His distrust and disdain for Octarians was well known among Turf War players, and by proxy, me.  Others may share the same sentiment as him, but I have never come across anyone as, oh what’s the word, “passionate” about the subject as he was.  His tirades used to be much more vitriolic than this, but he seems to have softened up a bit lately (for reasons unknown) and been able to refrain from using species-based slurs.  And fortunately for me, years of listening to him and other squabbling Squids has given me plenty of ammunition for returning fire in a war of words.

“I assure you, Mr. Stilton, that will never happen.”  He cut me off before I could start my next sentence.  Whenever I try to assure people that they have no reason to worry, they rarely ever believe me.  Just once I’d like someone to trust me on something.

THEY KIDNAPPED THE GREAT ZAPFISH FOR COD’S SAKE!  They caused the single greatest energy crisis in recent history, and we’re just going to FORGIVE THEM FOR THAT?!”

“Well, forgiveness is a virtue, after all.”


“A lot of things are unforgivable to you, Mr. Stilton,” I said as I put my hands together in a praying gesture, “Your path to enlightenment is long.  May you one day find inner peace.”

The ink that made up his tentacles seemed to start boiling as he clenched his beak in rage.  He took in a deep breath straight through his flared nostrils and glared at me like he had an ace up his sleeve.  “Listen,” he said trying to keep his voice down for a change, “You and I both know the Octarians were behind the Great Zapfish’s disappearance.  Down here, you may play the fool, but up there…” he said pointing up at the tower, “…up there you have access to information that no one else has!  Not just home addresses, birthdays, and phone numbers of every Turf War League player, but also classified data and secrets.  You’re the Information Technology Administrator; in charge of just about every technical department in the League, and don’t try and deny it!  I’ve done my research!”

He was right that the Information Technology Administrator position is a bit higher up the food chain when it comes to the Information Technology hierarchy, but it’s nowhere near the level of importance that it used to be.  I too have my own supervisors and managers that I report to, and some days wonder what I did to piss them off so much as to punish me this way.  I could tell Arnick this, but why spoil a perfectly good, and entertaining, delusion?

“Alright,” I said while looking him straight in the eyes, “Let’s say the Octarians did take the Great Zapfish for the sake of argument.  Do you have any proof or evidence that connects them to the crime?”

“Well no, but-“

“Were you personally present to witness them abducting the Great Zapfish?”

“No, I-“

“Well if there’s no evidence and no witnesses, then there’s not really much that can be done about it, now is there?” 

I could practically hear him growl under his breath. 

Truth be told, I was aware that the Octarians captured the Great Zapfish under the leadership of DJ Octavio.  It’s kind of hard to go into work one day and see that the giant electric catfish that encircles your office building has suddenly flown the coop.  Eventually, we received word from the Agents and Cap’n Cuttlefish about what they discovered, but were also instructed to keep it a secret so as not to induce panic.  If word got out that a radical group of Octarians had stolen our primary source of power, it would hurt the efforts of our respective governments to try and negotiate a peace treaty for the betterment of both species.

Not that Arnick Stilton seemed to care about any of that.  I sigh and continue with my, apparently futile, attempt to reassure him.  “If you are really concerned about the Great Zapfish vanishing again, then you should know that we have taken additional measures to monitor the Great Zapfish for its own protection.  On top of that, I have taken additional precautions of my own to build in safety mechanisms in the League’s servers and allocated extra spawn points that operate off backup generator power in the event of a sudden emergency.  If anyone tried to shut down the respawning capabilities of the League with the intent of causing malicious harm, then you can rest assured that we have contingencies in place for just such a situation.”

“RUBBISH!” he hollers back at me.  I could tell he was going to go into another tirade, and I was running out of my allotted time to deal with him today.  So I decided to go on the offensive with a counter-attack.

“Rubbish, you say?” I ask him with a consciously placed raised eyebrow, “That seems awfully funny coming from someone who has an Octoling living with them.”

The color drained from his face like I had just pulled the stopper out of a bathtub.  “Wh-wh-wh-what are you talking about?!”  Ooh!  Stuttering!  It’s not often the tables turn like this.

“Oh I’m sorry.  I just remembered that before you came along to brighten my day with your sparkling presence, I was processing some new League registration forms we received.  In the middle of entering them into the database, I happened to come across the registration form for a one Ms. Tetrox Gorgonzola…” I probably shouldn’t have enjoyed this as much as I did, but given how many times he’s gotten me called back to the manager for situations he blew way out of proportion, revenge is a dish best served cold, “…And I couldn’t help but notice that on her registration form, they put down the same address as you!”

He turned away to avoid eye contact, “You might have misread what they wrote!”

“It was typed.”

That doesn’t mean anything!  I live in an apartment building!  Surely other people…”

“It also listed the same apartment number as yours.”

ALRIGHT FINE!  But they’re just a temporary roommate until they find a place of their own!  Do you understand!?”

I nod with a very smug grin on my face.  “Oh yes, I do believe I understand perfectly!  Despite all that bluster of yours, you actually don’t hate Octarians as much as you say you do.  If you did, there’s no way you would permit an Octoling to start living you, no matter what the circumstances were.”

I must have struck a nerve since Arnick turned away from me and scowled.  “I was coerced…

“I beg your pardon?” I ask while holding my hand up to my ear, “What was that again?”

“I SAID I WAS COERCED, YOU DIMWITTED DESK JOCKEY!” Ooh, nice one, “Bella didn’t give me a say in the matter, and as much as I loathe admitting it in this case, but… orders are orders…”

“Just like how she was living with you for a week during that exchange program, right?”

Arnick turned with a face that looked like his eyes were about to fall off, “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?!”

I just cocked my head to him and gave him a “Really… you’re going to ask me that” look.

It didn’t take him long to figure out what I was implying, “Of course… you would know about it wouldn’t you?!  All that player data you review on a daily basis would surely say something about it.”

I just continued smiling innocently.  I didn’t even have to say a word at this point, which was good because my throat was getting dry.

“I’ll have you know that I was only following orders from Captain Cuttlefish himself!” I knew that because I made sure that when the Cap’n came to us and asked about potential Inklings that could participate in the program, I made very sure that Arnick Stilton was among the candidates to choose from.  The other employees and I had been searching for anything that would keep him busy with something other than bothering the customer service desk.  “It was a mission of great importance, but the mission is now over.  There’s no longer any need for Tetrox to stay with me, but with Octolings being allowed to join Turf Wars, I am now under new orders from Bella to allow her to stay with me for who knows how long!”

“So correct me if I’m wrong, but you are telling me that one of the players of Team Toxink, you, has a complaint about the League allowing one of your own teammates to participate?  AND, you are also going over the head of your Team Captain in an attempt to make her order null and void.  Does that sound about right?”

That shut him up.  I could see he was struggling to find the right words to come back at me with.  I had wasted enough time with him, so I decided to end this.

“Methinks thou doth protest too much, but if you insist then, as usual, I need you to simply fill out this complaint form here,” I said as I handed the usual standard paperwork his way along with a pen, “I will be sure to properly document and note your objection to the change in rules.”  I folded my arms and continued because I wanted to scare him off just enough so that I might finally get some peace and quiet on my Thursdays.  “I should also inform you that this complaint will also be used in the pending dispute between you and Ms. Gorgonzola whose inclusion you object to.  We will need to file a team dispute form and contact the rest of your team so this matter can be resolved.”

“WHAT?!  WHY?!”

“Oh, because should your complaint be heard by the powers that be and they in turn do decide to alter the rules, your team would suddenly be one member short.  Therefore, it would be necessary to either arrange a contingency plan to fill the vacancy in your team so that you don’t forfeit the entire season by default, or everyone sits down to talk this over and work things out.  I just figured that you already knew that coming in here today.”  This will teach him!

I reach down pretending to grab another paper and continue talking, “Your team captain is Ms. BellaDonna Saltbush, yes?  I look forward to seeing how she reacts when I tell her that the next Team Toxink meeting will require one of the administrative staff to oversee it so that a reasonable resolution to the conflict, or shall I say: impending conflict, is reached.  It is in the League’s interest to make sure that everyone in a team gets along.” 

I remembered back to when I took care of the paperwork separating Ms. Saltbush from Team Splat Jam.  Now that was a story to write home about!

Arnick tore the Complaint form in half and threw it on the service counter, “OH FORGET IT!” he bellowed as he stormed off.  Clearly infuriated, he turned around to give me one last parting shot, “JUST YOU WAIT!  IN A FEW YEARS, I’LL BE WELL KNOWN AND RESPECTED WHILE YOU’LL ALWAYS JUST BE SOME SQUID NAMED STEVE!”  He harrumphed before marching off with a dark cloud hanging over his head.  I watched him leave and smiled.  My victories tend to be few and far between, so I always make sure to relish each and every one whenever possible.

Now with Arnick finally gone and out of my tentacles, I could return to what I was doing earlier: trying to get through Chapter 3 in StarTropics.  I had purchased an antique Nintendo Entertainment System through and was currently in the process of trying to further the adventures of Mike Jones on the television screen hidden behind my desk.  (Hey, I need something to do in between customers!)

Or at least that’s what I would have been doing if it wasn’t for someone else ringing the bell at the counter.  I sighed, paused my game, AGAIN, and turned to face my next customer. 

It was a girl around 14-15 years old with pink tentacles and an eyepatch over her left eye.

The End?

Submitted by:  insightsfromagameplayer

Tammy’s comments: AHAHAH! This was wonderful little read. Really liked this while registration, filing and etc idea at the top of the tower. Hehe! And oooh! The ending 8)cc

Thank you so much Steve! <3

anonymous asked:

Do you have any driving headcanons for the pokeani characters? Ash, Misty, Brock, Cilan, Iris, Dawn, May, Max, Drew, Zoey, Gary, Bonnie, Clemont, Serena, Paul and Tracey. If you don't mind.

I never thought too hard about these, but here’s a quick idea:

Ash: God awful at first, but becomes competent at it. Tends to speed a lot though because he’s always getting a late start to get where he’s going. Sometimes he gets into arguments with passengers and they have to remind him to keep his eyes on the road.

Misty: Probably one of the more sensible of the drivers of the group. She is prone to flurries of road rage though when dealing with other drivers she deems incompetent. Isn’t above trying to race Ash somewhere.

Brock: Since he’s usually driving one/or more of his siblings somewhere. He tends to obey the rules of the road pretty rigorously. It’s halfway terrifying when he tries to flirt with girls in the car next to him when on a multi-lane road.

Cilan: Another person who likes to obey the rules of the road pretty strictly. Fancies himself a driving connoisseur. He prefers to take the train, though.


Dawn: A pretty normal driver. She tends not to look up where she’s going prior to driving there, and that tends to lead to problems later on down the road. But no need to worry, right? Usually, she has someone acting as the navigator for her.

May: The driver who had the hardest time learning the ropes. She almost backed the car into drew while he was loading the trunk. Regularly forgets to release the parking break. But with Drew’s guidance, she actually gets the hang of it. She can get easily distracted while on the road still.

Max: He’s notorious for being able to quote the driver’s rulebook for not only Hoenn, but pretty much any region.

Drew: May’s coach, and a sensible driver himself. Always on time, only goes above the limit when he knows it’s safe and there’s authorities around to catch him. Fairly meticulous.

Zoey: Usually, she’s Dawn’s navigator, but otherwise, she’s quite the skilled driver herself. Not above pulling off some quick, badass maneuvers herself that sometimes has Dawn gripping her seat for dear life. Seat belts are a must when Zoey is driving. She’s never actually had an accident despite some of the stunts she’s pulled.

Gary: Always plays his music way too loud so the whole street can hear it. Can go a little fast, but nothing too dangerous. Likes to pull over to talk to pretty ladies in his convertible.

Bonnie: A very over excitable driver. Clemont has to constantly remind her to check the odometer and to check her mirrors. Routinely detours and stops to see cute pokemon.

Clemont: Regularly tries to enhance his car. Even if he doesn’t like to drive too far above the speed limit, he likes the idea that he can break Mach 1 if he really wanted to. He tries to also automate his car for driving, and especially, parallel parking, which he abhors having to do. If you see smoke coming from the car’s hood, don’t stop and get out to look. Just fling open the doors and dive out! An explosion is imminent.

Serena: A very cautious and patient driver. She can get ticked at people who cut her off and act rudely on the road, but rarely does or says anything when it happens.

Paul: Does what’s sensible, drives faster if he needs to, but not outside of reason. Fairly scrutinizing of idiotic drivers and won’t hesitate to let out a sour comment within earshot of them.

Tracey: Probably one of the most cheerful drivers of the group. He actually drives Oak around later in his life when the professor can now longer maintain his license. A pretty tame driver, but he has been known almost go off the road when he gawks at a pretty lady.