does he looks like 30

*squints at the tags* who let bendis touch my daughter sharon carter again

friends we need to talk about something that concerns me, which is ringo in the immediate pre-beatles years

why does?? he look like a swarthy pirate/a 30s film clark gable type while the other three are out here running around looking like actual 5-year-olds??

did they have him conform to their haircut because they knew without it he was way hotter than them? deliberate sabotage? 



100 Days of Teen Wolf
Day 57: Favorite Scott Moment(1) (3)

“Go! Upstairs!”


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Whomst is this dnd son of yours?, i need to know more

oh HELL yes. i am ALWAYS READY to talk about my boy.  

his name is Vannath Kinson and he’s a half-elf wild magic sorcerer, and he is a little bit of a disaster. He’s 19 and wearing a sort of glamour type deal to make him look like he’s 30 and does not quite know how to explain to his friends that he’s actually a Teen. he used to be a police officer/guard boy, and he got the job when he was 14 and his mom died — the glamour was so that they would Assume He Was An Adult. 

he WAS looking for his dad cause his magic was going bonkers and he caused an Unfortunate Explosion At Work (now he’s wanted in his hometown, despite being a cop, WHOOPS) and he thought his dad maybe had something to do with the fact that he is a magic boy. 

and as of recent events, he has discovered that his dad is actually the demon lord of time and king of the seven hells (or something like that) in a completely different plane than the material plane, and Van is heir to a cosmic war between time and space. 

Van wants to deal with none of this now! Van would like to go home! Or not home, but he would like to go back to the material plane! too bad that’s not happening. 

fun facts about Van: 

- he is Extraordinarily Pretty because he has a charisma score of 18, which i am not usually smooth enough to rp, so me and the dm were like “ok, fuckit, he’s super pretty!” and then the dm said “okay taako” and i was like “let me live.” 

- he punches everything because that worked to solve a problem twice and now he’s just hoping it’ll work. 

-  he feels much guilt about dragging his friends into his daddy issues related adventure but honestly this wasnt his fault 

- he accidentally got one of his other friends killed once but she’s okay now? he was real big fucked up about it 

- actually! just a lot of people ended up in worse situations because of him over the last few months, the poor bb. but things are looking like they’re gonna work out so maybe its okay. 

- he also almost dies a lot cause magic boys are squishy 

- almost had a boyfriend for a while. bye aramil. 

- once concealed a wand in a prison cell by smooching his not-boyfriend and making the wand look like a boner. 

- huge fan of the music artist Video James. 

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I'm so livid, do I have a right to be so f*ckin mad?? On Daryl's video about how he's changed, a woman "fan" said that Caryl have a mom/son relationship and I'm just like who at AMC put their stamp of approval on that shit. Can we not get away from that when MMB said herself, that it is NOT a mother/son relationship. If I were her, I'd be mad after watching that video. I'm just 100% done. I don't even care if Caryl goes canon because TPTB will probably mess it up and ahhh I just wanna scream!

I’m so tired of this. No, it doesn’t affect me Caryl wise, no I still don’t think it means anything in terms of “Will caryl happen or not this season” (it will imo), and I don’t care on a shipper sense.

What pisses me off is the disrespect towards Melissa. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST AMC. Look at Norman Reedu’s face yo, does he look like 17 to you? 20? 30? Cause this would be the only acceptable ages for Daryl to be Carol’s son. Fuck off with that shit. Fuck off with the non sense of thinking 17 years older girls are more suitable for a guy who is pushing 50 than the woman who is of his age and LOOKS YOUNGER THAN HIM MIND YOU. Ughhh
Melissa deserves better than this shit. Melissa deserves SO MUCH BETTER.