does he like men or does he

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Got any headcanons for Santana with a female s/o who's flat-chested and kind of skinny/bony?

- Santana doesn’t mind body type much - what’s important to him is that his s/o is interesting. He finds himself easily bored, and anyone who can engage him in conversation is a rarity that deserves to be treasured. 
- So as long as his s/o can talk to deliver him questions and to reply quickly to his, he’s absolutely satisfied by their presence. He would rather have someone fascinating than someone beautiful - it’s how interested he is in what they have to say that makes them beautiful to him. 
- He does like his s/o being so lithe and light, though - he’s easily able to pick her up, carry her around with him. He does not want other people to touch her; this is his human, and he intends to keep her close and safe. 
- He will do his absolute best to keep her from the other Pillar Men, who find it amusing to tease the youngest and the weakest of them. Whilst he may be young and weak, he’s fiercely protective of what he deems as his - and s/o certainly fits into that category. 

sorry these are so short, friend! <3 


Let’s do it the SOPE way and open the hwagae market

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In one

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Are you ready

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for the ones who made their own ship & ship name in BTS?

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At first glance, they have opposite personalities

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Even they know it

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but they influence each other in many ways

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For instance, people think Suga is naturally a cool and calm person

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That in no way will do anything stupid

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Well … think again

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Because there is someone called JhoOOOOooOpe

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Who piqued all his interest since day one

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And now he is so fond of him

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Everything Jhope does is entertaining for him

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So the man who regrets even using energy for breathing

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is always the loudest to cheer when it’s about Hoseok

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Every Yoongi stan will tell you “I don’t know how Jhope makes yoongi do all these things?" and by "things” we mean: 

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The guy who used to refuse to even take off his stage makeup before sleeping is now trying face masks and beauty routines

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Sharing food

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Or just feeding Hoseok

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The guy who always screams “HIP HOP” and “SWAG” now dances to girl groups’ songs

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The guy who is a rapper challenged singing because Jhope was doing it too

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Wore matching clothes and posed while sticking his Minbooty

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Joined in as fast as possible whenever Jhope needed support

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And stopped caring about cameras or teammates when Hobi is near

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But how did these two turn so close?

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Suga was there supporting Jhope even before they debuted, from driving him to the hospital everytime he had stress-induced enteritis to giving up new years with his family to go back to the dorm because Jhope was left alone all lonely

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He always got his back

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that’s why Jhope describes Yoongi as the strongest

Even if he knows that even the strongest among us have their weak moments too

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Suga is very supportive and proud of Hoseok, be it in the past …

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or today

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Things didn’t really change between these two.

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It just got stronger

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We think they are able to use telepathy by now

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Both are rappers so they know best how to backup one another on stage

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While having fun

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But don’t be fooled, they ALSO diss each other like crazy

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Yet find a way to give great compliments too

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They are in the kind of relationship when both an insult and a compliment makes the other party VERY happy

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Jhope also have a very weak spot in his heart for Yoongi

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Taking care of him whenever he can

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Lately, they even got matching Henna tattoos

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They easily hold hands as if they had magnets in their palms

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And do not mind showing it proudly to the world

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It makes them happy

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As they can’t let go of one another

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Be it while dancing

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Or walking

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Or even posing for a photoshoot

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They don’t mind showing affection

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Also be it summer

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Or winter they will hug

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They like grabbing each others thighs

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And leaving a spacious room full of empty space to sleep glued to one another

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Suga also accepts a lot of Jhope’s random gestures

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The most annoying ones too

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Lately he just joins in

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But let’s be real, Suga laughs the most when he is around Jhope

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No matter the place

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They will find a way to share a joke

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Suga said he thinks anything Jhope does is hilarious

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So he will do anything to stay near him

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Jhope too refuses to let go of Yoongi for this lifetimes

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These two handsome men  

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are so fond of one another

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And it does not seem to stop anytime soon

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And just as Suga supports Jhope, please support him when his mixtape drops. You will … Won’t you ARMY?

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I love how Sope made me learn that you don’t always need to be a perfect match to get along. Even when two are so different, if there is love, respect, and support, It can easily turn into a once in a lifetime relationship ^^. And even if you don’t ship them, I hope you grew to appreciate just a tiiiiiny bit how amazing they are.
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By @mimibtsghost

You know something I really appreciate about Zevran? His repeated asking and checking that the warden consents to everything in their relationship. Even from the earliest stages, where he’s just admitting he finds the warden attractive:

[pictured: a quote from Dragon Age Origins from Zevran: “I fancy many things. I fancy things that are beautiful and things that are strong. I fancy things that are dangerous and exciting. Would you be offended if I said I fancied you?]

In asking if it offends, he gives the warden the opportunity to say “your flirting/advances make me uncomfortable” and willingly accepts it.

[pictured: several quotes from Dragon Age Origins from Zevran -
1. “But a beautiful woman like yourself? Why not? I am sure you draw many stares from men and even other women. Does this bother you?
2. “But you would prefer I desisted perhaps? It would be difficult […] but I am nothing if not a gentleman”
3. “But a handsome man like yourself? Why not? I am sure you are a man who draws many stares from women and other men alike. Does this bother you?”
4. “But if you would rather I desisted, I shall do so. I’ve no wish to make you uncomfortable”]

When you question him on why he stares/gazes at the warden on a frequent basis, he explains and then gives the warden the opportunity to say “yes, this makes me uncomfortable, please stop”

[pictured: a quote from Dragon Age Origins from Zevran - “A willing victim it is. And if I might ask, if the opportunity to proceed past the massage should present itself…?”]

And even when he’s obviously asking the warden to sleep with him, he still checks the warden is certain of what they’re getting into and what they want (and if the case may be they just want a massage, he accepts it).

Everyone dismisses Zevran as a casual romance, whose only in it for the sex and cares for little else, but its obvious that he has a great respect for everyone, and is willing to understand and accept boundaries, regardless of how he may feel about it and I really really appreciate that there is a character who so frequently checks on the warden’s feelings and consent.

i mean like ship what you want, but to regard stevebucky shippers as “only wanting to see two white guys together” whilst totally disregarding the fact that the MCU Cap writers have called them canonical soulmates and have written them an arc that directly mirrors that of your traditional love story, and also disregarding the extent and depth of their bond in the MCU, but grasping at straws for ways your het ship could possibly be made legit in the MCU is one of the most transparent examples of homophobia in this fanbase and it needs to End

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Do you know why they are saying kyungsoo has changed

I didn’t want to have to make this post. but alas, at this point, I see no other choice.

do kyungsoo has been kidnapped and replaced by a lookalike named bob: a conspiracy theory

evidence #1:

look at what his shirt says. BOB. I know what you’re thinking: isn’t this too obvious? but this is exactly what bob wants you to think. he’s hiding in plain sight.

evidence #2:

the disappearance of his undershirts. 

a quick search on google images will show you this:

non-revealing clothing, shirts always buttoned up to the topmost button, turtlenecks. 

at the mere mention of abs, kyungsoo covers up. when he sees there’s a chance his skin could be revealed he does this:

when his shirt was clinging to his body after dancing in water he covered himself with towels:

the man fucking wears tshirts under his tshirts:

but then he literally went from this

to this


evidence #3:

on idol men when the members were asked who has pets, he raised his hand:

the members have mentioned and shown their pets multiple times, even kyungsoo has talked about other members pets, but not once has he stated that he has one on his own, nor has he expressed desire to adopt one. one can only assume what doppelgänger bob is raising on his behalf.

evidence #4:

“kyungsoo” has recently been announced to enroll in university:

it is a well known fact however, that kyungsoo does not like to study, nor does he find it important:

and finally, the most telling, perhaps the most shocking evidence (caution: this is NOT for the faint of heart), I present to you

evidence #5:

in a recent airport photo, he lifted his cap to reveal this:

bob’s real hair growing in after his polyjuice potion wears off. a fatal mistake on bob’s behalf.

do kyungsoo, if you’re out there, we hope you’re well. hold on tight.


I CANNOT be the only one who is truly in love with Andrew Joseph Minyard’s canon height. Like it really does just make everything he does that much more impressive.
Here let me give you some examples:

•During one of the games, 6'5 starting backliner Matt Boyd hid behind 5 foot even Andrew Minyard when being chased by a character only referred to as Gorilla.

•Without even pulling out his knives, all Andrew had to do was stand between Matt and Kevin to get Matt to back off.

• 5ft BABY Andrew nearly kills 4 grown men when they attacked Nicky outside of the club??? Not just A man. FOUR. MEN.

• despite his height he still manages to take his short legs clear across the field at record breaking pace to break Riko’s arm before he can decapitate Neil. A+, Minyard.

•ALSO let’s just take into account that exy racquets are customized to the height and arm length of the holder SO while Andrews net is bigger the length of the stick is short MEANING when Andrew blocked The Impossible Goal™ in the bottom corner he had to be moving quicker than a fucking bat out of hell.

•despite being called a “midget with an attitude problem” no one fucks with Neil or his hubby bc they know better…

“When I leave you wanna keep *hand motions* doin dis. But den when I come around you don’t wanna POST UP.”

•Also Andrew is canonically 3 inches shorter than Neil so Neil actually has to bend down to kiss his boyfriend OR (bear with me) Andrew has to stand on his damn tip toes

I’m done with this

The puzzling thing about Stephen Colbert is that he’s very friendly but distant with his female guests, but a shameless flirt with every attractive man who crosses his path. The first time I noticed that I assumed I was reading the situation wrong, and the second time I thought maybe I was missing an inside joke or something, but now I have to wonder - does he do that because he’s naturally flirty and a) he doesn’t want to make his guests uncomfortable (because, well, being hit on by someone who’s interviewing you is not the best experience for women but, like, Brad Pitt doesn’t mind his married friend horsing around - different context) or disrespect his wife or b) this is actually a subconscious thing and he genuinely finds guys attractive and he just can’t help himself? 

Whatever the reason, he’s absolutely adorable. 10/10 would protect until the end of times.

Steal My Heart

Word Count: 1282

Summary: You’re a metahuman who can influence emotions. Did you influence Peter Parker, a long time crush, to like you or is it on his own accord?

Peter Parker is easily one of the most attractive guys in your school. You’re sure of it. And you’ve been sure of it since you were young.

Sadly, the world generally shames people who have crushes on their best friends. So, you knew that you had to bury your feelings deep within you. Very deep, to where no one would ever find them.

Of course, burying your feelings is usually tougher for you. You’re a metahuman who can influence other’s emotions. This means if you have… stronger feelings for someone, you unconsciously begin to influence their emotions. You can’t completely change someone’s feelings, but if they’re sad, you can gently remind them of good memories. If they’re angry, you can coax them to just being slightly upset. If they like you, you can make the fondness more intense.

Which is why you have to be careful. You have to make sure you live in a state of neutrality. If you get real angry, you could start a riot. If you get real sad… well you know what happens when people get depressed.

You knew from the beginning that Peter Parker was Spider-man. It wasn’t that hard to figure out. His voice is so unique that you’d be an idiot to not know. But you played dumb. Knowing that he was out there, risking his life for strangers and your city, only made your love for him grow.

Tonight is one of many study dates. It’s not weird to find yourself at Peter’s house, just lounging about. Aunt May, who loves you now, took forever to warm up to you. She once told Peter that something was off about you. But quickly realized she was wrong. With some minor help from yours truly. You only sped up the process of her liking you, it would’ve happened at some point in time.

You plop yourself down in his desk chair, biting your lower lip as you put your books on his desk. Time to learn maths, your personal favourite. You are thankful, though; it’s much easier to keep your emotions neutral or under control when you’re bored out of your mind than when you’re staring at a very cute boy… who’s perfect in everyway and you-

You shake your head slightly, clearing your mind of the thoughts. “Ready, Peter?” You ask, turning your head to look at the boy who’s standing next to you.

You find his eyes already on your face, making a rose colour rise to your cheeks. Why would he be staring at you already? Damn, you’re probably influencing him…

He coughs slightly before nodding. “Y-yeah… maths. Your favourite, right?” He jokes before pulling up another chair, this one stolen from the dining table on your way in. He sets his own worksheet on the table, before grabbing a pencil and getting to work. He flies through the equations, stopping every now and then to think through the process before finishing it.

He’s on his 5th question just as you’re finishing your 2nd. “Woah, woah, woah. Slow down, speedster. I need a little help with the formula on this one.” You tell him, pointing to the 3rd question.

Peter nods, leaning in to look at the paper closer. Your breath catches slightly as you realize how close your faces are. You could just lean over to kiss him right then. Your eyes are anchored to his face, watching as his eyes scan the question before looking skyward to think. You love the fact that you can just tell what he’s thinking by looking at his eyes.

His eyes finally make their way to yours, locking onto them. It’s like was casted over him as he stares at you.

Pink converges onto your cheeks as he continues to stare. You both start to lean in at the same time, your lips brushing his before you remember. My power! You quickly get up from the chair, stepping back from him.

Peter stares up at you, his face blood red as he goes to explain. “I-I-I thought you liked me too, I’m sorry if I misread that!”

You shake your head, “No no no no no, it’s not you! I-It’s me! I… I just can’t kiss you…”You mumble, feeling shy as you go to play with your fingers.

You can just feel the confusing pulsing off him as he takes a step forward. “What… what do you mean, you can’t kiss me?” He asks, confusion in every word.

You shrug, biting your lip. “I can’t tell you. Just please believe me.” You take a step to the side, it’s like you and Peter are going around each other. Resembling fighters in the ring.

He quietly shuts his door, so Aunt May can’t hear. “(Y/N), you can tell me anything. Don’t you trust me?” Peter asks, his voice a quiet whisper as he takes another step towards you, holding out his hands.

You look anywhere but at him, contemplating if you can actually tell him. “Okay… I’m only going to tell you, because I know you’re Spider-man.” You tell him, your voice low.

“W-What??? Noooo, I am not… who??” Peter says, trying to play it cool as his voice goes higher. You roll your eyes and give a small, halfhearted, chuckle.

“I wanted you to tell me when the time is right, but that’s not important, okay? You cannot tell anyone. You have to promise me that.” You put stress on ‘any’, making the most serious and straight face you’ve ever made in your life.

He nods, his lips pressing together.

You sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose. “Okay, so I have a power. It’s not cool like Wanda’s or fun like yours…. It’s lame and it really interfers with my life. But I can influence people’s emotions?” You tell him, making the last phrase sound like a question.

He looks shell shocked as his mouth opens. Before he can say anything, you start talking again. “Which is why I can’t kiss you. I have no idea if you actually like me, or if I’m just influencing you to like me because I’ve had the biggest crush on you since we met and I think it’s love. I can make people’s fondness for me more intense, almost? Like turning likeness into love and just a general friendship likeness into something more. I don’t know I’m doing it, I swear!” You rant, trying to tell him everything about your power before he freaks out.

He slowly starts to smile, before laughing. “(Y/N), you really think that you made me feel the way I do? No, there’s no way. There’s no way the way my stomach flips when I see you out of the corner of my eye is your influence. Or the way I can’t see to be able to talk when you’re around. Or how you still look cute in sweatpants and I can’t seem to catch my breath when you look at me. None of that is your doing. I’m in love with you and falling deeper every day. That’s not you.” He whispers, stepping closer and putting his hands on your cheeks. You close your eyes and lean into the warmth, his words settling your fears.

“So, will you please shut up and just kiss me…?” He asks, his voice hoarse and you smile. Opening your eyes to look into his sparkling brown ones. There’s a small smirk on his face, a confidence that you’ve never seen before. You nod before closing your eyes once again. This time, you lean in all the way.

“Peter Park, you steal my heart every day…” You whisper, your lips brushing his with every word.

What makes Falsettos really good as a statement, is its ending. Audiences had been getting emotionally invested in Marvin’s story for about a decade. Audiences want and still want a happy ending for Marvin. We are almost tricked by Finn in the opening sequence because it is so comedic and bouncy. However, our hopes are dashed as the events unfold. Not only does Whizzer contract AIDS, but it is heavily implied that Marvin does as well. So when the characters sing “this story needs an ending” it is a moment that adds to the suprise of the actual events. Marvin’s ending is that he does get the “tight knit family” he wanted only to lose it and his life. It is incredibly tragic, but it’s realistic. In the 80s and early 90s gay men many times didn’t get that happy ending that they deserved. As much as the audience may want a happy ending, the show is not nearly as powerful without showing the realities that someone like Marvin would have faced.

So, I went to see Wonder Woman for a third time and this time what struck me was that the absence of the male gaze wasn’t just kinder to Diana, it was kinder to Steve.

Think about that scene where Steve’s totally naked in the pool and then stands up and Diana comes in and they have their awkward little chat.

Then think about the scene in Thor where he’s changing into his new clothes.

Steve is literally less clothed - he’s not wearing pants, and Thor is.  But the camera treats him much, much better.  Although there ARE some shots where Steve is totally naked and covering his crotch with his hands, the majority of the scene is closer in, focusing just on his face and shoulders.  In contrast, there are almost no shots in the whole scene with Thor where we can’t see at minimum his whole torso, and there are several shots where he’s inspecting or adjusting his pants where it’s pretty clear we’re also meant to be looking at his butt.

The framing is important, too.  Steve stands up before he knows Diana is coming in, and he’s awkward about being naked - but he’s also aware she’s looking and gets to decide what to do about it.  He could dive back under the water, but he doesn’t.  He lets her look, and then covers what he wants to cover as he moves and dresses.  He also looks back.  The whole time we’re looking at naked Steve, he’s looking at us (and at Diana.)  In contrast, the first shots we have of Thor are when he’s not only unaware of being watched, but also actually out of our and the other characters’ line of sight.  We are literally watching him dress in the mirror while we and the other characters are in a separate room.  It’s not just that he doesn’t look back at us, but he can’t. Not until he walks into the other room with the rest of the characters, at which point, he still doesn’t.  He’s looking sideways or down at things, or even in the close-up shot, he’s looking away for at least half the shot.

There are a lot of things I could say about body types and Hollywood standards for muscle and Good Lord Just Let The Marvel Chrises Eat A Sandwich And Take A Day Off From The Gym, but that’s not even my point here.

My point is that Steve Trevor, male lead and love interest in a superhero film directed by a woman and targeting an audience that skews female, is shot like a person.  He has agency and presence and we’re not invited to separate his body from his personality.  Thor Odinson, male lead and love interest in a superhero film directed by a straight man and targeting an audience that skews male, is shot like an object.  He does not have agency to decide when and how he is looked at and who sees him.  He does not have an emotional presence because we’re invited to look at his body while he is silent and/or unaware of our gaze.

I’m not gonna sit here and say that they female gaze could or would never objectify men.  But I am going to say that the assumption that what women want from films is to get to ogle men like men get to ogle women is probably an assumption driven more by men than by women.


…I was enabled by several people. SHUSH.

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Ohhh, how about Tormund talking to Jon about Dany? We sure saw Tormund was impress with our girl.

Headcanons? Let’s go with headcanons. 

  • Jon does everything in his power to keep Tormund and Dany from ever being in the same room together because he doesn’t trust Tormund not to recount every single embarrassing thing Jon has ever done and/or make jokes about his ‘pecker’
  • Tormund has a great deal of respect for Dany, especially after she rescues them. He often asks Jon how the Dragon Queen went for someone like him, when she could have had ‘literally any of the other far more attractive men in the world’
  • Dany is never quite sure what to make of Tormund but he does make her laugh
  • Tormund sometimes asks Jon to get in favors with the Queen, like setting up an unsupervised ‘dinner date’ with Brienne of Tarth (she always says no)
  • Tormund likes to talk about Dany with Jon whenever he can because Jon always gets defensive and he finds it very funny
  • basically ‘the one weird friend that’s really funny but you don’t necessarily want around in public’

Sorry it’s only a few; I know I got these a while ago and I wanted to finish them up but I’m kind of in a rush. 

Bon Voyage S2 Ep 4

So here’s a recap of the whirlwind of events that is episode 4:

- BTS making rock piles for the nth time and laughing about how many wishes they’ve made already
- More mentions of Hobi’s mixtape (which is sure to be lit asf)
- Throwback/homage to Beautiful (and Adult Child) with the grouping
- Members dying of cuteness and gushing all over a cute blue-eyed baby wearing headphones (Tae was probably in baby heaven)
- Getting all hyper again about the helicopter ride (ft. low-key namjin)
- The mixture of awe and fear and amazement and a lot of other emotions in their faces as they ride the helicopters (ft. stealthy namjin)
- Jimin’s next Hawaiian crush (Why does he always blush around skilled muscular men?)
- Interpreter Joonie in action again, this time turned tour guide
- Everyone still being so shook from the experience after they land
- Kookie’s probably so shook he couldn’t even come up with a good gimmick for the BV relay greeting thing they do

- Cooking!!!! Apparently bromance is a requirement for cooking now
- Hobi’s so done with the group, they’re willing to let him leave tho
- Nobody ships Taekook like Kookie does
- Jin picking the toothpaste on purpose knowing it belongs to Namjoon (ft. HIGHKEY NAMJIN)
- So much shipping tbh
- Back to reality: everyone’s scared the moment both Tae and Namjoon get in the kitchen
- Reporter Kookie live on the field to give real-time reports (and at the same time make sure nobody loses a limb or burns the hotel down)
- Kookie seriously getting scared when V decides to grab a knife
- As told by Jin: apparently, Namjoon once tried to fry rice and ended up burning the pan
- Like, NOT the food, JUST THE FRICKIN PAN
- Only a real bro eats potentially poisonous food made by another bro. Suga is a real bro
- Also, “Namjoon, don’t work to hard”
- Awkward Sugamon handshake, which everyone just had to point out
- Add Tae’s cooking to the long list of stuff Hobi’s scared of
- Also, Jin casually sitting on the armrest next to where Namjoon is despite the big space at the other end of the sofa (ft. BLATANT NAMJIN)
- No Namjin moment is complete without a Namjin dance battle
- Scratch that, no OT7 moment is complete without a Namjin dance battle
- Namjoon drinking (?) honey straight from the goddamn bottle (Joonie the Pooh?)
- Hobi is now Jungkook’s new mom (we know everyone’s so soft for Kookie, but Hobi’s whipped)
- Everyone just misses Jin’s cooking
- But only Joonie get the honor

- Clean-up time!!
- They must’ve misplaced Jungkook’s luck before going to Hawaii
- He’s apparently about to sue an app creator for it
- Tae leaves Kookie with all the work (gotta take care of them visuals)
- About visuals: Tae looking like he’s in a goddamn tv ad for facial wash
- How does someone look so ethereal doing something as mundane as washing their face?
- Although the members guilt trip him for it
- Kookie washing his face
- Parallels/throwback to Season 1 (?)

Taehyung’s Ideal Type

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Aegyo VS Charisma

Younger Vs Older Both

Double Eyelids VS Monolids Both

Skirts VS Pants

Straight Hair VS Wavy Hair Both

Tall VS Short



G U Y S  The thing Warren is wearing is called a ‘Bum Flap’!!

It reduces abrasive wear to pants and provides protection, but they’re often worn as a punk fashion statement :D

What makes a good Sugar Baby?

I’m often asked: “What makes a good Sugar Baby?”

Unfortunately there isn’t a magic potion that transforms you into Aphrodite, nor is there a definitive set of qualities you need to succeed in the bowl. However I’ve noticed a few common traits that almost all genuine Sugar Daddies look out for.

1) Confidence

Possibly the most important thing for a Sugar Baby to possess, confidence is essential for every situation you encounter. This means you should feel confident in everything from the way you look, to the way you walk and the way you talk.

You don’t have to love everything about yourself, just be aware of your best qualities and make sure you showcase them to your Daddy. Be warned though, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance!

2) Flexibility

This doesn’t mean you need to be a super supple contortionist! – It does mean that you need to get used to your Sugar Daddy’s schedule. There’s a good chance that you are not the only commitment in this man’s life; he’s likely juggling a high-flying career, friends and potentially has a family to think about too.

With this in mind it’s not unheard of for plans to be made, cancelled and rescheduled last minute; so the ability to be spontaneous whilst maintaining your independence is a great skill to master. A Sugar Daddy doesn’t want to hear you moan or whinge – if he’s genuine he’ll know he’s let you down and will find a way to make it up to you!

Of course, it’s not unreasonable for you to have commitments too; make sure your Sugar Daddy respects these and is aware of any boundaries you may have.

3) Attentiveness

Being attentive doesn’t mean you need to cater to your Sugar Daddy’s every whim –whatever he might like to tell you! However a good Sugar Baby quickly learns to assess what her Daddy needs from her. Some men are lacking intimacy in their lives, others are searching for a companion or confidant, and some just want to relive their youth or unwind after a long day at the office.

Does your Sugar Daddy want a relationship or something more casual? Does he want to be told he’s fantastic in bed or does he just want to feel desired?

The sooner you can work out what your Sugar Daddy wants, and whether that’s something you can realistically give him, the sooner you’ll start seeing some serious sugar coming your way.

4) Ambition

The chances are your Sugar Daddy has had to work hard to get to where he is today; he’s not likely to want to share that success with a girl who behaves like an entitled princess (unless that’s a fetish of his).

A common complaint I see from Sugar Daddies is that aspiring Sugar Babes lack ambition or are only interested in materialistic things. So if you’re looking to fund your education, dazzle him with your smarts; if you have entrepreneurial flair, suggest a business idea, or simply show you’re passionate about something more than Louis Vuitton and Louboutin’s. 

Share these dreams with your Daddy – you never know, he might be able to help them come true.

5) Honesty

Girls, you know how frustrating it is when you’re talking to a promising POT, you meet him, only to discover half of what he told you was false… well, it turns out a lot of Sugar Babies are guilty of the same crime!

If you’ve never been horse riding, don’t say it’s a lifelong interest; if you’ve never been to the ballet or opera, be honest about it; if you’ve never ventured outside of the M25, don’t pretend you’ve been backpacking around the world. You will be found out!

Never feel like you have to lie about yourself in order to attract a ‘certain type’ of Sugar Daddy. Anyone who is genuine wants to hear about you and what you’re interested in, not the ubiquitous activities that pseudo ‘posh’ ‘rich’ people do.

That doesn’t mean you need to be totally honest when he asks the inevitable: “Did I make you cum?” ;)

As you can see from these tips; there aren’t any special or mysterious qualities that Sugar Babies are blessed with but mere mortals can only dream of… almost anyone could become a Sugar Babe if they wanted it badly enough.

~ KittensPeach ~ x 

anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the fic au thing, then 24 (literally bumping into each other), and Andreil please

(isn’t that basically canon anyway)

from this list

When the light bulb in his bathroom went out minutes after he moved into his new apartment, it was just another inconvenience in the long list of problems that had been accumulating since Andrew was born. He had never been given a break before and he didn’t expect to be given one now. If it were anything other than the bathroom, he wouldn’t bother with it, but there was no window or other light source and he’d had enough experience using bathrooms in the dark as a teenager to ever want to do it again.

So he left the boxes, which had been rooted through for essentials like cigarettes and the coffee machine and then left haphazardly across the floor, and stuffed his keys and wallet into his pocket for a trip to the dollar store down the street.

He forwent taking the stairs in favour of the elevator. His apartment was on the fifth floor of a seven-storey complex, chosen for a small balcony with a thick cement railing overlooking a dog park. It was by design, although perhaps not one Bee would approve of; she had expressed concern over the amount of time he had spent on the roof during his last years at Palmetto and suggested that he might be fixating. It didn’t matter that that was his intention, she said, that he was waiting for the harrowing drop to the ground to hold the same trickle of fear it once did; he should be working on healthy behaviours now so that when he did start feeling things again, he would have a routine set up. Bee had always been more optimistic than Andrew.

When the elevator doors slid open into the light of the atrium, he barely had time for his eyes to adjust before a flash of red and the smell of sweat assaulted him. He reacted with the instincts he’d picked up from seven years of Exy and shoved his shoulder into whoever it was, pushing back hard enough to send them crashing to the floor below.

“Fuck you,” a voice spat.

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Highway (Part 1)

Originally posted by yourcoffeeguru

SummaryThere’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you babydoll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: This was originally posted on my AO3, burgersfromspace, but I decided to post it on here as well! I hope you guys like it :)

Wordcount: 2,162

“You’re late.”

“Sorry,” You gasped out in response as you raced behind the vintage diner’s counter to pull on an apron, “I got lost, still not sure what roads lead to which.”

“Hm,” Your coworker hummed with a small giggle, “’s okay. I told the manager your car was havin’ issues. But don’t do it again, ‘kay? Bein’ late on your first day isn’t exactly a good impression.”

You nodded in shameful understanding to the woman. She was a beautiful brunette who went by the name of Wanda. You wondered what someone as beautifully sweet as herself was doing in such a small and dubious town at the edge of the countryside.

Wanda was kind from the second you met her, with a country accent that dripped with honey and skin that glowed like porcelain. You were eternally thankful that this was the woman who would train you and show you the ropes of the town’s most beloved diner. 

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A Sadist’s Paradise - Pt. 3

Genre; hella smut

Length; 2,300+ words

Kink(s); Daddy kink, exhibitionism, sexual torture, sexual sadism, degradation, etc

Originally posted by shittyoongi

As your boyfriend slowly slid off you, he made his way over to his sadistic little toy box. 
“So my sweet little dongsaengs..” He purred to the younger men, only glancing back at them for a second- that dark, intimidating demeanour returning in an instant. “Do you like rope?” He asks, chuckling after as he rummages through the small chest for a moment- pulling out two separate wrapped up bundles of baby blue rope.  

Both men bite their lower lips anxiously as their Hyung walks over to them. “Don’t be nervous my sweet puppies…” Yoongi purrs as he swiftly ends up behind them.
“I promise we’ll all have lots of fun.” Gently runs the backs of his hands along their spines, “Now, put your hands behind your back for me." 

"Yes- Yes, Sir.” Jimin sweetly replies as his still semi-shy Hyung stays silent though they both comply with ease. 

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