does he like men or does he

Things Women Shouldn’t Have To Think

1.) Should I go out? It’s dark outside.

2.) Does he really like me or does he have sexual intentions

3.) I shouldn’t drink tonight because someone may take advantage of me

4.) Am I really a slut for having sex just like men do?

5.) Why is it so wrong for me to wear a short skirt?

6.) It’s my fault that men can’t stop looking at me and harassing me because of my clothes.

7.) Rape is my fault. I lead him on.

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Who do you think is portrayed as the most mean spirited character?(As in not caring if others are hurt and which bad things o them) Romano is mean, but all what he really does is insult people. (Why does he hate males so much anyway?)

I did think Romano was kind of an ass at first, but the more he appeared the more he was just that one angry character. There’s no real malice to what he says - it’s just how he communicates with others (men). As for why, Hima hasn’t specified. He’s just like that. It helps that Hima showed his humility in recent strips.

If I HAD to pick, it would be Belarus. She’s shown to be quite the feisty woman, and hardly ever shows up without some form of ‘oh gosh it’s her’ aura coming off another character. At face value, she comes off as pretty mean to everyone but her brother and sister.

AT FACE VALUE. In reality she’s got so much going on. 

Russia was portrayed pretty mean-spirited in the first two volumes, but that has since changed.

When I first watched the Anime I thought Poland was kind of a dick, too lol. 

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There's a difference between hating men as a sex group and what it does to the world (violence and rape, mostly) and hating men as individuals. Most women who "hate men" (myself included) still treat men like they do women, with respect and consideration ; they're just wary of their motives ("does he just want to fuck me ?", "does he think that females are biologically inferior ?"). On the other hand, lots of men who claim to "loooove women" see them as just fuck holes. So... Yeah

May I hate Jews as a group for “what they do to the world”, but not as individuals? Or Muslims? Or Germans? Or any large group of people consisting of individuals?

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Now this has got me thinking...if Patrick was as straight as he says he is, and was confident about his sexuality, then why does he always have to defend himself? Why does he always answer tweets that ask him if he's kissed/slept with men when they obviously can be avoided? I get it's annoying he gets confused with being gay but if he was confident about being straight, he wouldn't have the need to justify his sexuality. And the answering the tweets is beyond me.

thats what im saying man!! straight boys who r confident in their sexuality are fine w goofing off w their guy friends and “acting gay”, and like, joe and andy and pete arent weird abt anything, but patricks so quick to defend anything that sounds remotely gay?? like hell when him and pete did that one vid and pete was like “this is our house. that we live in” and patrick made a face and went “yes, all of us, we live here” like oh no god forbid i sound like me and pete live together like ???


1 and a half men staring Jean and marco

I’m sorry what about marco oh it’s half isn’t it

Marco is just half a joke

One marco plus one marco does not make a pair but it does make a whole

Marco is half the man he used to be

Marco sure needed a split second to think

Half of every day is dedicated to marco

Some people say a glass is half empty but some say he’s half full , I like to say it’s half marco

When marco goes shoe shopping everything is half off

Marco is …. Oh sorry I forgot the last half of the joke

Marco yells his own name for his other half to say polo

Your not half the man you used to be

Hey instead of Marco Polo what about marco yolo XD

I dropped my iPhone the other day I can’t see half the screen so now I call it Marco

What does gohan and marco have in common ?

They are both half human .


Day 2

I was right. There was nothing planned for today. We were told we’d be served breakfast and lunch in our rooms for today, but then that turned into dinner as well. Henri and I opted out of the Men’s Room today, both deciding to focus on Henri’s English lessons rather than the grimness of the entire palace.

You can tell it’s different easily. It’s almost a subconscious thing that the staff does. Instead of their usual smiles, the frown sticks out brilliantly against everything. I can imagine the head maid dare any of the others to smile during a time like this.

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is it bad of me that i'm generally starting to think of women being in relationships with men as genuinely being unsafe? like? is that bad? idk like i already hate men personally (all aside from my twin brother, but even he does Man Things that get on my nerves sometimes, no matter how much he genuinely does try and listen to and understand my feelings) and i just have honestly never encountered a man who hasn't committed some act of uncalled for aggression towards a woman.

like… at this point i’m seriously worried for everyone’s safety around any man.

I mean, I’m not sure if unsafe would be the word I would use as that word kind of implies physical safety to me. But if we recognize the patriarchy as a class of people exploiting another class then yeah, I think genuinely a relationship between a man and a woman is probably going to have some level of imbalance within it. Doesn’t really make sense for one to recognize patriarchy and then believe that these power dynamics suddenly disappears once love and attraction enters the equation. Even if things seem to be going well I’m sure if you take a look into relationships you’ll see little things here and there like the woman performing a lot of emotional labour for the man she’s with (something I’ve noticed a lot from my friends over the years, and especially among my father’s friends).

Seems pretty reasonable to wonder to what extent the man/woman power dynamic is affecting any relationship, platonic or otherwise. In my humble onion. ‘

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I understand Aidan is bisexual but does he lend more towards men than women? He seems to be surrounded by a lot of men ingame rather than women going by your screenshots?

He doesn’t really have a lean. I have to preferences in regards to who he does and how it goes down, but nah. His only real preference is he like people smaller than him I suppose but even then he’s not ridged on it
Oh but back on subject I’m usually just surrounded by men cause Aidan is a phallic beacon that calls to them

but srs I have no fucking idea why xD

and today kids we learned that if you are patient with people they might actually surprise you. take the time to explain things to them,and don’t just get angry and yell at them. and then maybe the guy you sit next to in german class who thinks feminism is thinking women are better than men will get really confused when you tell him he’s wrong. he will ask questions and if you understand that he genuinely thought that was the case you might just correct him. and maybe he will say ‘holy shit i gotta apologize to some people’ and you will feel like captain america himself came down from the heavens to fist bump you both and it’s raining donuts because sometimes all people need is a little bit of patience.

Lenten Resources (50+ for 2016)

1. Lenten Lessons from An Easterner in the West

“We might identify two elements of the inner content of fasting that are relevant today: the desire to become like Christ by literally imitating him, and preparing to meet the Lord in eschatological anticipation. We might allow these principles to shape our fasting by posing the following questions: when we meet Christ, who will he meet? Does Christ want to meet a community that perfects dietary modification for one season? Or does Christ want to meet men and women who have prepared to live in his community for eternity? The Lenten season is all about intense preparation for life with Christ, with the hope that he would come again.”

2.  Last Minute Instructions for Lent

3.  Resources for Celebrating Lent for Kids

4.  Lenten Disciplines for Racial Justice

5.  Dan Sharp: Recommended Choral Anthems for Lent and Easter

6. Templates for Coloring a Lenten Calendar while Praying

7. Daily Lenten Readings from book ‘Seeking God’s Face’

8. Morning & Evening Celtic Prayers for Lent

9.  Stushie art: Lent Changes Everything

10.  Lenten Prayers – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu and More

11. Five Contemplative Liturgies & Accompanying Coloring Page for Lent

12,  Jesus Is Greater: A Lenten Series Based on the Book of Hebrews

13.  Celtic Lent - 40 days with 40 saints. A new book by David Cole

14.  Hungering for Life: Creative Exercises for Lent

15.  Resources for Lent - The Latest for 2016 from Godspace

16.  Lent: journey to the Cross before we stumble upon the Empty Tomb

17.  Bach’s Passion music: a guide

18. The Lent Project (daily devotionals with art/music from Biola)

19.  The Lent Creative Retreat Activity Book offers a combination of meditations, prayers and activities, from Lindisfarne (Holy Island)

20. Excellent Prayer-Poems for Lent from ‘Everyday Liturgy;

21,  The Language of Lent: Repentance

22.  Praying with the World through Banners for Lent

23. Teaching the Holy Week Story to Kids with Resurrection Eggs’

24:  In Defense of Lent (5 Reasons)

25.  Less is More: A Lenten Guide for Personal Renewal
(traditional Lenten disciplines of confession, solitude, fasting, simplicity, frugality and intercession)

26.  Engage: A Lenten Guide for Spiritual Growth
Each week this guide explores a spiritual discipline—submission, study, worship, celebration, service and community—through scripture, reflections, and questions that can be used individually or in a group.

27.  Lent Devotions: A 40 Day Journey of Renewal (a Kindle e-book of devotions and art by my friend Rev. John Stuart (”Stushie”)

28.  LIVING WATER: Reflections and Activities for Lent (from World Vision)

29.  #True40 Compassion Challenge- 40 Days of Embracing Compassion (from Women of Hope International, a ministry in Sierra Leone that I help guide)

30. Devotional Lenten Resources from Amy Welborn

31. The Power of the Cross: Applying the Passion of Christ to Your Life (book)
Free download at

32.  A Different Kind of Fast: A Seven-Part Series for Lent by Christine Valters Paintner

33. Daily Devotions for Lent delivered by email, by my colleague Dan Sharp

34. Lent Reading: Voice From The Darkness [Death] by Dan Wilt

35. Lenten Biblical Reflection, Roll Down, Justice!

36. 40 days, 40 reflections, 40 acts of generosity.

37.  Julie Canlis’s lecture on the meaning of Lent (video)

38a lovely and accessible Lenten devotional,” free PDF from Trinity Grace Church

39. Eastertide: Prayers for Lent Through Easter from The Divine Hours (book by Phyllis Tickle)

40. A New Liturgy has a beautiful and powerful audio walk-through of the Examen for Lent with a musical score.

41. Fran Pratt writes some of the best litanies I’ve ever seen. Follow her Lent series (and much more) at

42.  Lent for Everyone: Luke, Year C: A Daily Devotional by NT Wright
On sale via

43. Fast From, Feast On:

44.  Limiting Lent: Towards Holistic Observance

45. Family Lenten Practices Calendar

46. Lent Prayer Labyrinth from NYC church

47. ‘Trail to the Tree’ free Lenten devotional by Ann Voskamp

48. Lent is an Invitation, by Glenn Packiam

49.  A Great Lent Makes Much of Christ, by Zac Hicks

50. Lift Every Voice: A Lenten Journey Toward Racial Justice

51. Lent in the Shadow of Cancer

52. 40 Things to Give up for Lent

53.  The Little Black Book for Lent 2016: Six-minute reflections [Kindle]

54.  The Little Book of Lent: Daily Reflections from the World’s Greatest Spiritual Writers

I’ve posted 150+ other resources for Lent in previous years, browse these search results to find them:
plus do additional searches for Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter.

I’ll continue to post new resources (especially prayers and songs) in coming weeks, so subscribe to this blog (near top left of page) to get new posts delivered to your email.

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Maybe Niall is asexual. Or maybe he just is bad in relationships. Or maybe he has a secret lover that's just w normal person. Either way I hope he's happy

Yeah. This would be a fun thing to discuss on my podcast. Niall has always really kept us in the dark when it comes to his love life. Does he like women, does he like men, is he asexual, is it any of our business? I’m not sure tbh.

@tofindthesun [ x ]

He hadn’t expected anyone to be listening to the conversation. Frerin looks up, guided by a tone and volume that implies closeness, and finds himself face to face with light

The dwarf he’s with, Torli, goes back to their business inspecting silver trinkets, and he finds himself having to squint to discern whatever shape the figure is probably talking to him has. Their breath is not as rooted to the earth as that of dwarves, nor does it sing of dirt and leather like that of men. This one tastes of summer, shining like the breeze, and of the darkness beneath the trees, and beneath it all (but who is he to know better?) he finds, as faint as memories, the scent of saltwater.

“Wasn’t talking t’you. And besides, the Mountain is as Mountain does. She knows the earth will take her back, one day. Doesn’t make her any less strong.”

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Send a 💔 for me to tell you which partner in the ship…

***Because everybody can do fluff. Give me the angst.***

💕 has to sleep in the bathtub when the other had a dream about them doing something stupid (i.e. cheating on them).

If Zelda had a dream about Eric cheating, she’d panic. She’d sleep in the bathtub. She’d think she’d done something wrong. But in reality, she would probably just hold onto him, wake him up, kiss him and make him make love to her because she’d need to know that he loved her.

💕 is more prone to actually cheating behind the other’s back.

Eric has cheated on his partners before. He does stupid things when he’s drunk. So does she. Zelda is away for months at a time filming movies around men that find her attractive (that damn actor!), but she really only has eyes for Eric. They both like to punish themselves by getting drunk and having meaningless sex. If they had a fight or had serious doubts about their relationship, either one of them might cheat. Zelda would feel terrible about it. She wants to be a better person than she was before and she’d know cheating would hurt Eric horribly. So, they are equally likely. But hopefully, they’ll have such a strong relationship it won’t happen.

💕 is the one to throw things when angry.

Zelda would, but only if she was really drunk and when she’s alone. She doesn’t like people seeing her fall apart. Eric seems to be able to control himself.

💕 is getting the loudest during arguments.

Zelda will yell at Eric if he starts beating himself up or when he starts thinking he isn’t a real man. She loves him and she wants him and she wishes he saw what she sees in him–a good, honest, beautiful man.

💕 loses temper the easiest.

Eric will get angry when Zelda immediately thinks the worst about something and wants to run away or when she doubts what he says or does for her. Especially when she misunderstood everything in the beginning. Maybe not angry, but definitely frustrated.

💕 is more prone to using violence.

Zelda gets the feeling that something happened with Eric and his ex, but she doesn’t know what. She would never physically hurt him and she trusts him that he’ll never hurt her.

💕 uses insults in an argument.

Zelda would, but in a self-deprecating way. She’d insult herself and blame their problems on her personal shortcomings. She’d have to be very angry at Eric to call him any sort of name because she knows the kind of abuse he’s suffered and doesn’t want him to ever associate that with their relationship.

💕 cries first.

Zelda cries at the drop of a hat. She puts up a tough facade, but she’s really insecure. Especially when she’s around Eric because she always tells him the truth and she’s trying to be her real self around him.

💕 will pack their things and leave for a while.

Zelda. When things start to go wrong, she runs. It all started with losing her husband and then every time she got scared of even something as trivial as being happy, she’d run off to some place new. She knows it probably scares Eric. Even the first time she spent the night with him, she was scared and wanted to run away. Not because she was mad, but because she was happy

💕 will run out in the middle of a fight.

Zelda. She doesn’t like to fight. She likes to run away and pretend like her problems will solve themselves. She can fight at work, but not with Eric because she loves him.

💕 will sulk the longest.

Eric. He doesn’t like to talk when he gets angry, especially if it’s about something that bothers him like his parents or his childhood. But Zelda will sulk too. Especially if she wants to talk to Eric about something she wants but he’s afraid of, like going to a fertility clinic.

💕 is the one to suggest going to couple therapy.

They’d both probably be scared out of their minds to go to couples therapy. Zelda doesn’t want to tell a therapist anything. She doesn’t want to hear about her hangups. But if Eric wanted to go, she’d do it for him.

💕 is the first one to apologise after a fight.

Zelda would. She doesn’t like to stay angry at anyone. She doesn’t like conflict. She would leave him a whole plate of heart shaped brownies… and then another plate with the scraps left over from the cookie cutter just to say sorry or please talk to me…

💕 will most likely break up first.

Zelda. If she thinks Eric doesn’t want her, she’ll run. Before she met Eric, she was at the end of her rope, tired of being the other woman or someone’s meaningless lay. If she had any reason to think that Eric didn’t love her anymore, she would leave because if he rejected her it would just be too much. Plus, she’s a bit of a worrier and she misinterprets a lot of things. If she misread something, she’d just run rather than risk the pain of being dumped.

💕 will still cry over pictures of them together even after months have passed.

They both would. Eric and Zelda both had a lot of baggage and they both wanted a fresh start when they first met. Even if they don’t end up with each other, they started their relationship with the hope that their lives would improve. Zelda saw a lot of potential in Eric and he liked how she gave him a chance. They’d each remember that and it would hurt.

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for that character meme: lion rafale

Am I a fan?: Yes, but I just like to hate on him

Favorite move: Not really a move but I like his fighting stance

Favorite quote: “I don’t make allowances for old men” (what did he mean by this)

Favorite storyline/ending: That time he jumped in front of a car to save a dog

Enjoy Playing As?: Ehhhh…

Changes I would make?: Change his damn VA, change his fashion, give him more character development.

Unpopular opinion: His 2p costume in 4 looks like a confederate flag. also why does he wear a life jacket with knee pads. Why is his fashion sense such shit. Why does his fashion never get better. 

  • penelope enjoys belly dancing. it helps her to feel comfortable in her own skin, and not so insecure with her body. she’s using in a carefree mood when she’s dancing, and nothing else matters. 
  • she does wear revealing clothing with she attends dances down near the dock, but she doesn’t expect anyone to care, and it can get pretty hot down when your dancing.
  • penelope using dances with men in their late 20s early 30s. it’s almost like she craves an older male attention, since her father doesn’t pay her much attention. timothy can’t really do anything, since the only thing he has other his sister is that he’s six inches taller than her.
  • and it also helps penelope craze for boy attention/boy crazy. she does act guy-like, but does that mean someone shouldn’t treat her little the little neverland princess she is? or as if she was a queen? most guys see her as a pal anyways, and that’s not always the relationship she wants.

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"I think if Zero was to sleep with anyone else it would hurt Jude - no matter the gender." Do you think Zero does not sleep with women or men right now just like Jude does?

I hope he doesn’t but it’s Zero… I hope it will come up in the next episode perhaps just to get an idea about what has happened with Zero in the 4 months he and Jude hasn’t seen each other. 

I can dream, right?? ^_^

I think I’m more excited about Deadpool than anything else.

I mean yeah, Batman V Superman looks kind of bad ass. But I’m not exactly Zack Snyder’s biggest fan. He’s good at what he does. but what he does isn’t always for me. feels more like a craftsmen than a storyteller. all style, little heart. And DC is just so gritty for no reason.

I don’t care about X-Men Apocalypse at all. The X-Men movies are all kind of a mess except for First Class. And isn’t Brian singer a rapist? it was dismissed from court and felt like it was just quietly swept under the rug without any real resolution or answers. 

I’m pretty excited about Civil War. I mean really excited. But not as excited as i am for Deadpool. Marvel has this formula now that’s kind of familiar. Which is great. I know what I’m getting into. But at the same time it’s not exactly as exciting as something new. Going to be cool to see T'Challa brought to life but other than that…

speaking of familiar formula, i re-watched Ant-Man and both of the Thor movies yesterday. i realized i can keep re-watching any of the marvel movies over and over again. just like i rewatch any episode of the Simpsons or Star Trek TNG. good or bad, it never gets old.