does he know phil is not dead

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I feel as if phils become more laid back recently like the jokes he makes and being more sexual you know?

I think in part it’s humor and general relaxation and in part he’s testing a lot of boundaries with Dan on camera, which is interesting because I don’t think Dan actually knows how to respond to Phil being sweet or cute with him in a way that there’s no immediate punchline back for. Like the card game part of the liveshow; Phil volunteering that he’d pick Dan as his sidekick, Phil volunteering what Dan does first thing in the morning (which is pick out clothes, which presumes that Phil is in there before Dan is wearing clothes in order to know that it’s what Dan does first). Plus: Phil shaking Dan and leaving his hands on Dan while he’s talking, Phil petting Dan’s shoulder saying his sweater feels like a teddy bear, Phil telling Dan to get cozy with the inflatable costume while Phil is basically snuggling it. 

(Honorable mention examples: Phil talking about how much he paid for snacks at the movie and including that he paid for Dan’s, Phil talking about how they always get burgers for the Walking Dead premiere. Both of those seem like things he might have shared, but it would have been the isolated moment, the one bit of domestic cuteness we got the entire liveshow, with all other detail on lockdown. In this show, in this exchange between them, it felt like just things being shared with no consideration for how obvious it makes it that they do literally everything in their life together. Hence: not groundbreaking, but comfort.) 

And in addition, things that don’t relate specifically to Dan but still seems like Dan floundered with and wasn’t sure how to react to: Phil denying that Sarah Michelle Gellar made teen!Phil quiver (Phil’s response to Dan saying that was: “Buffy. Just the show, in general.”) and Phil saying that Blade Runner was gonna give him more Ryan Gosling dreams. 

None of these things are, imo, things that two years ago or even a year ago (as we come upon the cusp of the anniversary of our holy day, Halloween baking) Phil would have actually felt remotely comfortable doing or expressing on camera. So yeah, his humor itself is definitely ramping up to a new level of comfort but I think it’s far more interested all the other ways in which he’s become more laid back. 

24 Floors

A/N: For someone who never writes angst, this is heavy. Inspired by this song by The Maine (recommend you listen as you read.) Creds to cafephan, fizzyphanta and phanskys for each listening to me ramble. Give this a chance, trust me. I worked fucking hard on this and it might be my best writing yet.

Title: 24 Floors

Rating: NC-17. Mentions of: sex, suicide, depression, swearing and death.

Word Count: 2100

Description: 24 floors, up in some hotel room, feeling solo, thinking of jumping soon. All he knows is that Phil doesn’t want him anymore and his heart is so painful that he’s wondering why he isn’t dead already. One more step, and it’ll all be over. The blur of cars zooming twenty four floors below him won’t know what’s about to hit them - until he does. One more step.

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3 weeks is way too long

Summary: Dan and Phil are bestfriends and they can’t spend three weeks apart from each other so they decide to go up north together. When they get there, Phil’s grandma insinuates something, and Dan has something to confess.

Word count: 3.3k

Genre: fluff

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Oh! So because Nick is "Dead" to the world, he can focus on taking care of his kids! Hey guys does Nick have anything like a #1 Dad mug?

Phil: We take every holiday as an excuse to fill his office with 1# Dad things.

Maria: Do you know how funny it was to watch world leaders try to keep a straight face during meetings while Fury used his 1# Dad, mugs,pens and folders mid-breifing?

Natasha: He’s completely aware and unironic about how he uses them. It’s true dedication.

Who Will Fix Me Now?

After their break up, Phil does everything he can to get Dan’s attention.

(Or five times Dan doesn’t save Phil, and the one time that he does)

Word Count: 9.1k

Warnings: Angst (check tags for ending), swearing, self destructive behaviour

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but how does phil the narrator deal with palpatine in the jedi docuseries?? is he Terribly passive aggressive, or v willing to give evil sith lord a Drama Boost™

OK, so, I’m almost wondering if Phil just starts like, getting REALLY exhausted by the Jedi’s inability to see Obvious Things because they’re so worn out from the war, and they don’t have the insight into everything happening that Phil does, and so he just starts like…not being subtle about the whole thing at all, because he’s reached a point where he’s like OH COME ON GUYS, THIS DUDE IS SO OBVIOUSLY EVIL. He could have saved the day! 

Like, there’s Mace and Yoda and Obi-Wan walking down a hallway with Palpatine and Phil’s trailing behind them, yelling stuff like “INTRIGUE! CHANCELLOR PALPATINE has accidentally revealed information about the MYSTERIOUS CLONE ARMY that he PROBABLY HAS NO GOOD REASON TO KNOW! The exhausted JEDI ORDER is going to once again be called upon to wade into DANGEROUS AND DARK MISSIONS as a result! Meanwhile, JEDI KNIGHT ANAKIN SKYWALKER is over at 500 REPUBLICA with SENATOR PADME AMIDALA! AGAIN! AND SHE LOOKS REALLY PREGNANT LATELY YOU GUYS COME ON. Also why does the CHANCELLOR have SITH ART in his office? Will ANYBODY, especially JEDI MASTER OBI-WAN KENOBI WHO TOTALLY HAS NEVER LIKED THE CHANCELLOR, acknowledge the NUMEROUS RED FLAGS that PHIL THE NARRATOR is revealing before EVERYONE ENDS UP DEAD OR ON FIRE?”

Obi-Wan, Mace, and Yoda stop walking, and share a look. (Phil better hope this ends with them kicking Palpatine’s ass promptly, otherwise Phil’s gonna wind up dead in a river soon.) 

if ever phil changes his hair style i will attack because heck i know he’ll be catching me off guard once more like he always does bc i know for sure he’ll be  twice drop dead gorgeous as he is rn im not even kidding anymore im mad
Agents of SHIELD Coming Home: Chapter 8 Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

On Earth, Melinda thought about her relationship with Phil. At first, she had welcomed his suggestion of taking things slowly. But now, missing him dearly, all she could think was that she didn’t want to wait anymore. If–when she found him, she would take the next step and make sure they didn’t add more regrets to their ever-growing list.

In space, Phil’s mind kept going back to Melinda and the fact that he never got a chance to say goodbye. “Is she looking for me? Does she think I’m dead?” He wondered. No, he knew that she would never give up on him. He had to find a way to reach out to her and tell her he was alive. Tell her how he felt.

Chapter 8: Melinda starts the road to recovery and Phil finds out something that changes everything. 

Soft spot

Summary: [ So as per say, Phil may be the toughest cactus on this planet but Dan still had him wrapped around his finger. ]
Genre: floof
Warning: swearing, a lil violence since phol is a dickhead
Words: 978 words
A/N: im waiting for sofie to finish her part on ch15 of fos so im writing this drabble quick. Dw im writing a longer fic than this I just decided to write a drabble bc it’s been days since ive updated. Nice. Phil wheres ur chill also ignore the sightly different format. im trying smth new 8)

Phil Lester isn’t exactly the person who looked like he could scare a chicken away just by his appearance. Rather, he can make them swoon probably. But then again, he’s a tough man. Or at least to him he is.

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You had been part of Coulson’s team from the beginning, a newer graduate of SHIELD’s field agent program. This is why you thought that they found it a breach of trust when they caught you and Loki kissing in your room on the base.

“(Y/N) care to explain,” Coulson asked, calm as ever, but you could see the barely controlled rage in his eyes. Loki had killed him after all.

“Umm…” you trailed off and looked at Loki. He only shrugged a small smirk on his face.

“We’re dating?” you said after a moment.

“You say that like it’s a question, but I get the sense it’s not,” Coulson spoke in a less than impressed tone.

“It’s not a question, we are dating and have been for some months,” Loki said joining the conversation.

“And why should I believe you. You could be using (Y/N) to get secrets or just manipulating them for the fun of it.”

You frowned and sent Coulson a harsh look. You knew Loki wouldn’t do that to you.

Loki clenched his fist and tightened his jaw.

“I would never do that to (Y/N).”

“Oh and why should I believe that. If I remember correctly last time I saw you, you stabbed me through the chest while grinning,” Coulson snapped, starting to become less and less calm.

“Because (Y/N) is everything to me, I love them,” Loki said fiercely, drawing himself up to his full height. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me, but I know it is the truth and (Y/N) knows it too.”

You were shocked. You weren’t sure why you were, the two of you had been dating for a few months and you got the feeling that Loki generally tired of partners easily, but you didn’t think he cared that deeply for you.

“Loki,” you murmured, pulling him around to face you and ignoring Coulson’s look, “I love you too, you know?”

“You do?” Loki looked skeptically and you were shocked further. The man that was usually so full of himself was suddenly insecure in front of you, of all people.

“Of course I do,” you replied with a smile.

Coulson cleared his throat which was for the best because Loki was looking like he wanted to finish what you had started a few minutes before Coulson walked in.

“Hurt (Y/N) and you’re dead,” Coulson threatened and then turned on his heel, leaving the room.

“He knows I’m a god, right?” Loki asked you.

“Oh believe me, he knows.”

The next day you got a variety of sentiments ranging from, “I’ll kill him if he does anything.” to, in Skye’s case, “Nice one (Y/N).”

You snorted, but you were glad that the team was more accepting that you had predicted them to be.


Jemma Simmons & mum and dad

Plans (That Maybe Aren't That Bad)

Ethereal Chapter five: Plans (That Maybe Aren’t That Bad)

Pairing: Dan Howell/ Phil Lester and PJ Liguori/ Chris Kendall

Rating: M

Warnings: Swearing and eventual fluff/smutt

Summary:  AU- Super powers. Dan’s not normal. In fact, he’s never met a single person exactly like him. No one else can move objects with their mind, just by a simple thought. He lives life carefully, limited interactions and semi-non-existent social life. That is, until a pair of sapphire blue eyes change everything. Dan Howell/Phil Lester, PJ Liguori/ Chris Kendall.

Notes:  Enjoy!

Link to prologue and previous chapter

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A Day in the... Life?

Pairing: Ghost!Phil/Psychic!Dan

Summary: A day in the… er, life of Dan and his ghost boyfriend, Phil.

Notes: Happy Halloween! I can’t say this turned out exactly how I wanted it to, because I put off writing it until literally last night (apparently I procrastinate even when it comes to things I want to do), but I finished it on time and that’s the important thing!
This oneshot is based on a dream I had a month ago. Also, this is rather lighthearted despite Phil being dead.

Warnings: cursing, talk of death and afterlife

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Disasterology - A Phan Story

Hey guise.  So idk if i’m going to make this an ongoing book or just leave it like it is?  If you guys could lemme know what you wanna do I’d be happy to do either ^~^  Thanks <3

Summary: Dan has had a friend on his best friend,Phil for as long as he can remember, but Phil has a boyfriend Ben. Dan is constantly prone to jealousy around them, and Ben never having a liking towards Dan made it twice as. 

One day Phil invites Dan to stay over at his house while his parents are gone for a week, and Dan is super happy at the thought of spending so long with Phil.
But what happens when Phil wants to do things that are totally and completely against Dan’s moral code? Will Dan accept the horrible bribe from Phil or will he continue with his distant love and jealousy?

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Thoughts on "The Urge" (TABINOF SPOILERS)

I was reading Dan’s fanfiction and I couldn’t help but feel absolutely terrified. Just think about it. He wrote in his own words how exactly he would have felt if Phil actually died. If this fanfiction was to be written by a fan, it wouldn’t have been as scary but the fact that this was actually imagined, created, and worded by Dan himself confirms just how much pain and suffering he would go through if it were to ever come true. Dan literally just opened up and gave us a feel of how he would be like if he actually lost Phil. And this breaks my heart immensely. Plus the way he described Phil’s personality and how he wanted the “real” Phil back rather than a “vampire” Phil. I don’t know, it just makes me tear up. Because like he said many times before during his existential crisis, death is unavoidable. This means that once that day comes for Phil (so sorry for making you imagine this horrific scenario), Dan will become the dead, emotionless person that he described in his fanfiction. This does not mean that Dan should die first (sorry again), nobody wants that. I wish Dan and Phil could live on and spread happiness around the world forever just like how Dan wrote in his fanfiction. But everybody knows that everything comes to an end eventually.

I apologize if I wrecked anybody’s mood out there but I just needed to express myself after reading that fanfiction. On a higher note:

I STILL LOVE THE FANFICTION AND THE BOOK IN WHOLE. It was beautifully made and I couldn’t ask for better (maybe popcorn scented pages would have been nice but anyway). I am so proud of you boys and I do look forward to all the other surprises you have in store for your phans in the future. I love you Dan and Phil!

It Only Takes One Time (Part 12)

You guys have been so fantastic when it’s come to this series. Thank you all for the growing support! I love you all.

Warnings: Swearing, bit emotional

Part 11

  It had been a week since Dan and Marie had gotten engaged. It was all very real and it was very much happening. How had this even happened? Why did Dan propose to Marie? Why didn’t he at least tell me he was thinking about it?

In the week we’d been back, he and I hardly spoke. I didn’t want to talk to him even though I did at the same time. I wanted to talk to him so bad. Well, I wanted to scream at him. I was perfectly fine having my own feelings and dealing them alone in private but then he had to go and kiss me. Right after kissing me, he took me to meet his family. You know what he did when we were there? He kissed me again, underneath the stars. Seriously, what the actual fuck? Why the fuck would he do that do me?

It hurt. It really fucking hurt. If I felt anything close to love with anyone, it would be Dan. He was the father of my baby and the man who was letting me live with him and his roommate for nothing at all.

But seriously? A kiss under the stars? It was like he was begging for me to fall in love with him.

 “Hey, Y/N, how’s the baby doing in there?” Phil grinned, walking into the lounge while I read my book. I still had time off from university and I was spending as much of it as I could with my head sucked into a book. If I could imagine a different world, a different situation, it would help me cope. The only problem with that is that when my head came back to reality, it felt like being slapped with a fish.

“Oh, you know,” I chuckled, placing my bookmark in the book and closing it. “He’s all nice and snuggled up. Having a good time while I get to enjoy the discomfort.” Phil chuckled and opened his laptop, beginning to scroll through something. Obviously he was aware of the engagement, but he knew how I felt about Dan so he waited until I came to him to talk about it. I knew for a fact I wouldn’t go to him though, just because I needed advice from one person. Of course, she wasn’t available. That had to change soon. I missed Catherine so much. Without Catherine, it felt like I’d lost my own ability to think.

“Well, that’s good. Have you thought of any names for him yet?” Phil said, still looking at his screen. I laid fully on my back and looked up at the ceiling. I had thought of names, endless names. As a kid, it was so easy to just say, ‘wow I want to name my kid Zachary’. But reality, was that it wasn’t. Especially when you had to think about how that name will follow your child through life, and after life. That name literally describes your child. How did people just pick a name?

“Well, yeah, I have some that I like but I’m not sold on yet,” I shrugged and ran my hands on my baby bump. “Like Connor, Xavier, Nathan… You know the names of those guys at school that everyone knew, just not personally.”  

 “I’m sure whatever name you pick, he’ll fit it just right.” Phil looked at me for a moment before turning his eyes back to his screen. He was right, even if by the time I was nine months I still didn’t have name, when I looked at him I’d probably just know. Maybe Dan would, too. Did he think about things like this? I could just picture him staying up late ad pondering every single name in history until one felt just right to him.

 “I also wanted to tell you that I want his middle name to be Phil. I haven’t talked to Dan about it, but I doubt he’d say no.” I beamed over at Phil who completely diverted his attention to me. He looked so fulfilled and happy and it made me happy, too.

“Y/N, you really don’t have to,” Phil mumbled after awhile. I could tell he felt like I was feeling obligated to do so, but I genuinely wanted this. I’d even make my son’s first name Phil, if I didn’t have to put up with two Phil’s constantly all over the place.

 “I want to, Phil. You’ve been really wonderful throughout everything so far, so it’s nice to honour you this way.” I simply stated. I didn’t care if he tried to tell me it was unnecessary, I knew it meant a lot to him. I wanted this. If it wasn’t for Phil, Dan and I would’ve probably gone crazy with the constant tension in the house.

“Thank you.” Phil patted my knee just as the door to the lounge opened.

“Phil, have you seen my-“ Dan stopped talking as he looked at me on the couch with Phil. Phil and I had both been grinning at each other and his hand was on my knee. It was almost awkward how good we looked together, but being so close with Phil overcame that. He was family. I was comfortable with him.

“Yeah, Dan?” Phil shrugged, looking back to his computer screen. I looked at Dan who just shoved his hands into his jean pocket. I could tell he was clenching his teeth by how the muscle in his jaw twitched.

“Never mind. Y/N, I need to talk to you in private.” Dan managed out, his eyebrows furrowing as he looked at me.

“How come?” I sighed dramatically, still tracing shapes on my baby bump.

“Just come to my room, please.” Dan ran his fingers through his hair and walked out. I looked at Phil with a frown and groaned as I hoisted myself up to my feet. Getting up these days was just way too much  effort.

I hobbled into Dan’s bedroom and put my hands on my hips when I walked in.

“What’s up?” I sighed, looking at him. He was just standing in the center of the room, staring back at me. His eyes were different and I didn’t know what to expect for him to say. Dan looked almost angry, but why? What had I done?

“I’m sorry if I sound a little rude, but I really don’t like seeing you so close with Phil.” He admitted, not even hesitating. Why did he always have the dumbest problems with me? I was so done with him doing that. He was so sensitive to the tiniest things that he didn’t take a second to actually take everything. He was jealous of how close I was with Phil when I was completely madly in love with him. Literally. I was drop dead n love with Dan Howell.

But why did he even care? He was the one who just got engaged anyways, after he’d told his mother he really cared about me. He didn’t know I knew about his confession but it still counted.

“Why does it matter? Phil is my friend,” I didn’t know what else to tell him. What did he want from me? To apologize?

“It matters because-because he’s not just any friend. Please. Just, don’t get so touchy. At least when I’m around.” Dan closed his eyes and tilted his head downwards, almost as if it pained him to say this to me.

 “Dan? Why the hell does it matter? Phil and I are just friends. Even if we weren’t, why would it even be a problem? You’re engaged, just go wedding plan or something.” I rolled my eyes. “You seem to love always going to Marie when you’re done talking to me. Maybe you’ll get her pregnant, too.” At that moment, I should’ve stopped talking. I changed the subject so drastically and that struck a nerve with Dan.

 “That’s not fucking fair.” He mumbled, hunching up his shoulders. “That’s different.”

“Actually, not by much. You don’t want to see me with Phil because you probably just think it’s weird that he’d be with the mother of your son, right? Well, why am I not allowed to feel weird about Marie marrying the father of my baby?” I loved that this was the point where I was finally getting out my frustrations, and that I wouldn’t stop.

“Y/N, that’s not the reason I don’t want you with Phil at all.” He breathed in, making his collar bones appear more prominent. If it wasn’t for my current rage, I would’ve probably just walked up to him and started making out with him. A mad Dan was a hot Dan.

“Then what is it? Because I know it’s not because you have feelings for me, is it?” I spat back, shaking my head at him. My blood began to boil and I could feel my face getting out. Dan didn’t answer, making me go on and continue. “You clearly don’t. Why would you even do this, Dan?”

“Do what?” He answered, leaning back against his desk. He looked like a God but I couldn’t get sidetracked.

“Make me love you!” I exclaimed. Dan’s face turned soft. I had just taken the fight out of him. His features immediately smoothed over, making him gummy like. His chapped lips were pressed into a thin line and I just didn’t know how I was going to continue without crying. I just wanted to cry over him. Next to him. With him.


“No. Dan, I-I love you.” I instantly regretted saying it, but there was no going back. “I fall in love with you more and more everyday and I don’t even know you as well as I could. I’m closer to Phil than you,” my eyes welled up with tears. “But I’m in love with everything you do. Your laugh, your smile, your stupid unnecessary jokes. And I know that I already love you probably way more than Marie could but you’ll never choose me, would you?” I choked out. Dan didn’t make one movement. He just studied me slowly and steadily, waiting for me to continue. “I thought that both times you kissed me… I-I thought they meant something.”

“They did.” He murmured, nodding his head forward. “They meant so much to me.”

“Not enough,” I shrugged again and looked down at the carpet. I was lost by now. What was I expecting to happen?

 Nevertheless, I came up with a final solution. And I needed to complete it.

“You can be apart of his life,” I pointed to my stomach. “But not mine.” Without another from him or myself, I walked out. I walked out of the apartment and then found myself back at a place I never thought I’d return to.

I knocked at the door and patiently waited for it to open. I hadn’t stopped crying so I didn’t know how to maintain myself any better as I waited for the door to open. Eventually, it started creaking open until I was met with the same eyes I’d seen months before.

“Catherine,” I cried out. All she did, was hug me. And that was enough.