does he have a motorcycle

sdv fans: sam is innocent n sweet n hasnt done anything wrong!!! uwu
me: actually in the luau its mentioned by sebastian that sam has the most hours of community service on his record, and if you talk to sam you find out that he dislikes the govenor, calling him “some old guy” this states that sam has beef with authority in the past. its highly possible, because he lived in zuzu city for a period of his life. so, if we go by thise facts, and add the fact that his father is in the military, and add that he’s friends with sebastian who is a laid-back guy who is also a bit rebellious himself he does have a motorcycle, and not to mention seb is hinted to he a stoner with the smoking and BONG incidient, we come to a conclusion that, sam isnt innocent as we all assume he is. because he lives in stardew valley, hes away from the city, therefor away from the bad influnces in the city. who knows maybe jodi moved to the country to help sam and protect him.

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sorry to be so self-indulgent, but could i please request some modern niles headcanons? i just love this man so much aaaaa ;; what kind of music would he like? what subjects is he best/worst at? (personally i think he'd good at remembering stuff in history) what would he wear? a lot of flannel? would he have a motorcycle? does he drink a lot of coffee? AA SORRY TO RAMBLE YOU CAN COME UP WITH WHATEVER YOU LIKE I LOVE YOUR BLOG THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK MODS YOU'RE THE BEST <3

(of course!! you’re so sweet oh my gosh, we’re glad to help you out!!)

- Niles is probably… the nicest dresser you will ever find, ever. No matter how gussied up someone is in a 3 piece suit or whatever, Niles can take a scarf and ripped jeans and look better than them. He’s better than you and he knows it.

- Probably a university student working on a graduate degree. He usually wouldn’t be going through university, but since Leo’s there, then of course Niles has to follow. He’s doing a degree on forensic or criminal psychology, and Leo’s probably gonna make him go into the police department to work with Xander and Camilla.

-He’s blind in one eye, but he doesn’t bother wearing an eyepatch just to freak people out

-Definitely definitely makes dick jokes

-Up to date on memes but would never ever say one out loud

-He grew up as a street kid, until the Nohrian family (a bunch of wealthy socialites with a taste for politics) found him and took him in. His, um, interesting personality initially pushed them away, but Leo was intrigued and stuck with him until Niles finally figured out how to be a normal human being

-Unironically watches Death Note

-He’s clever in his classes and he has a good memory, but he also doesn’t have the patience to pay attention for more than a few minutes, so his homework marks are just okay. He always rocks the tests, though.

- Niles is definitely a morning person and one of those terrifying people who functions fine without caffeine. He wakes the Nohr family up at 8am on the weekends just to be an ass.

-His room’s pretty bare- there’s a bed, desk, bookshelf, and not much else. Niles likes to claim that he’s hiding the dirty things in his closet (there’s nothing there, but if you look in his desk you will find a single framed picture of him with Odin and Leo)

-He loves the aesthetic of motorcycles, but also couldn’t be bothered to get a permit for them, so instead he has a little moped that he painted black.

-Raging bisexual

-Doesn’t bleach his hair enough so he gets roots

-Still very excellent

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In GMNT Lucas asks if she has a bike to go with that jacket. It is shown that he does not have a motorcycle, he has a sheep. Just because he is connected with Harley doesn't mean that he has a motorcycle! Give me a specific example or line that connects him to a motorcycle.

He’s an eighth/ninth grader. He doesn’t have a motorcycle. That’s not what we’re discussing here.

Motorcycle IMAGERY AND SYMBOLISM has been linked to Lucas via his clear interest in Harper and her bike (he straight up tries to flirt with the cool new biker teacher y'all 😂), not to mention the way they’ve connected him to HARLEY. And in Legacy, they easily could’ve kept Harley in his custodial uniform for the bench reveal scene, but instead they had him kitted out in biker gear right down to the boots—and this came on the heels of Harley and Lucas’s one-on-one goodbye scene. Harley is a BMW Legacy character and he is FAR MORE than “just a janitor.” (Also janitors are important anyway.)

They’ve linked Harley to Lucas in a lot of ways and motorcycle/biker gear imagery is UNQUESTIONABLY tied to Harley. 👍

(Maya’s also gotten motorcycle imagery with her shirts in the Forgotten and Gravity.)