does he have a middle name

Best Out-of-Context Lines From Musicals

- “Sit down John, you fat motherfucker!”

- “Screw the middle classes, I will never accept them!”

- “Consider yourself part of the furniture.”

- “Now shut your face.”

- “Henry can’t really stay; he’s got rabies.”

- “I love you even though it does not matter that I still don’t know your name.”

- “The internet is not for porn!”

- “Miss America should just resign!”

- “No one keeps a cow for a friend!”

- “Lot 666 then.”

- “Nothing can bend the will like half-Castilian men!”

- “Sometimes my father appeared to enjoy having children.”

things i love about taliesin jaffe
  • his full name is taliesin axelrod jaffe
  • the thing where he drags his hands over his face when he’s nervous or thinking esp hard about something
  • when he goes full Nobility Percy and tilts his head up and looks down his nose at Matt
  • the fact that his professional public fucking twitter handle is executivegoth like. first of all who did he kill to get that.
  • he blushes like a motherfucker whenever he’s complimented
  • the ever-changing hair
  • the golden snitch
  • easily the quickest to catch on to matt’s plans and almost always finds a way to work around them
  • *describes a tinkering idea to matt* *sees the look on matt’s face* “just a simple-”
  • clarota costume. tHE FUCKING CLAROTA COSTUME!!!
  • his roleplaying during the entire briarwood arc was so fucking hot leave my goth ass alone i was so into it
  • his music taste is gothic as fuck, he is goth as fuck, i love goth men so much
  • love him
  • support him
  • protect taliesin jaffe at all costs

“Your name isn’t Swoops!?” Kent exclaimed in the middle of the locker room.

Several of the guys stopped what they were doing to stare confusedly at Kent. Swoops (or rather, not-Swoops) froze guiltily in the middle of putting on his shirt. “Uh,” he hesitated. “No, actually. It’s Troy.”

“Yeah, I know that now,” Kent said, waving his phone accusingly at his teammate. “Why didn’t you say anything before?” If Johnson hadn’t texted the news to Kent after practice, he probably would have continued on calling Troy the wrong name.

Troy shrugged. “You never really asked.”

“I just thought you really liked basketball.”

“Yeah, I like that too. But, come on, Parse, my name has been on my jersey for the last three years.”

For the first time, Kent properly looked the jersey that was hanging on Troy’s hook.  “Huh, I don’t know why I never really saw that.”

In his hand, Kent’s phone buzzed again, and he looked down to see Johnson’s message: That’s all we know for now. Will keep you informed about Troy’s background story in later updates.

Kent shook his head in confusion, and put his phone down to finish getting dressed.

Johnson was really weird sometimes.

Mako accidentally catches Asami in a trap
  • Asami: Mako! What the hell? Let me down! It's me!
  • Mako: How do I know you're not a triad in disguise?
  • Asami: You think my girlfriend's insane
  • Mako: So does everyone!
  • Asami: Your middle name is Imawatsu
  • Mako: Not good enough
  • Asami: You have a picture of Prince Wu under your pillow
  • Mako: Fine *lets her down*
Favorite Eric and Dylan Moments


“Baaaad” *slaps gun*

“We got this new guy on our team now…. Name’s uh….. Fuck was your name?”

“Can’t have weapons on school grounds”

Dude: Hey can I this computer? *Eric tackles him*

“Mother want another”

“Wheee!” *spins phone*

“Ooh nevermind”

“You have to yell…. Dylan can yell real good”

“Dylan shut up”

*flips people off*

*licks lips*


*throws computer* AAAHHH….. GAAWWWDDD


*messes up Hitmen for Hire like nine times*

*Eric is slapping gun* “no, no, no!”

“Can I borrow your left glove, please?”

*tries not to laugh while Eric fails at lighting cigarette*

*when mike and eric open the door and you see dyl standing there for like 2 seconds*

*when a kid dusts his trenchcoat on the stage and he does that really bad ass thing*

*spells middle name wrong*

“Brooks you were ugly as shit”

Absolutely! I’ve never written these two together before, but I really enjoyed imagining them meeting, and it did become shippy  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for the prompt!

The first thing Oikawa notices are his lips, the upward slant of them, crooked and teasing. He doesn’t like it. It feels off balance. It suggests that there are things this dark-haired boy knows that Oikawa does not. He hates that feeling.

“Who is that, Iwa-chan?” he asks, tipping his chin just slightly in the direction of the lanky boy who has caught his attention.

“Kuroo-san?” Iwaizumi says, as if that name should mean anything to Oikawa. “He’s their captain. Middle blocker. You didn’t watch their tapes?”

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Hey guys, I decided to make a Click-and-Drag series based on one of the many BTS AUs I have floating around in my head – It’s my first attempt at doing one of these, so I hope you like it~~

There are small descriptions of DEMON Hyung Line below so if you’d like to check that out click the “Keep reading”!

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I know they were joking, but this legitimately sounds like the beginning of an angsty self-insert fanfiction featuring Zen.

Also, it might just be JuMin Han, but that would be weird for initials. Zen apparently knows Jumin’s middle name???

“Seeing the boy’s emotions laid bare, Zen felt a strong connection to the diary’s author. He could certainly relate to having family issues…”

I have this headcanon that Farkle has a very normal middle name, like James or Andrew or Logan or whatever, and Riley and Maya know but no one ever mentions and it is chill.

Until one day they are all at Topanga’s and Riley and Farkle get into this playful fight over something like Farkle eating her bulochki (the reason doesn’t matter, they are just flirting) and Riley goes all “Farkle J Minkus” on him and Zay asks him what the J stands for and Farkle tolds him his middle name is James.

Zay just opens his eyes in disbelief because “You saying we could have called you James, J, Jimmy boy all this time and you still chose to go as Farkle? whats wrong with you?”

So Riley tells Zay they call him Farkle because he really doesn’t look like a James “what ya mean?” “I mean he doesn’t look like a James, just look at him”

And he does as told and stares at Farkle real hard for a moment before shaking his head and looking at the ground completely defeated because Riley is right, he doesn’t look like a James at all.

Asexual!remus headcanons

•Remus is asexual and doesn’t really voice it unless necessary
•for months Sirius says sexual pickup lines to Remus when he first becomes interested in him
•"hey moony that sweater looks nice on you, it would look better on my bedroom floor"
•"hey moony I may not go down in history but I will go down on you"
•(cheesy, but that is Sirius blacks middle name)
•Remus either laughs it off or just ignores it
•one day as Sirius says one of his “brilliant” pickup lines in the almost empty common room
•(“I see you haven’t been studying, you must want the ’D’”)
•when Remus just nonchalantly says
•"Sirius you know I’m asexual"
•and Sirius is just completely ?????what ?????what does that mean??????
•and Remus sighs and explains as simply as he can
•"it means I don’t actually wanna have sex with you…or anyone for that matter"
•and Sirius stares at him in shock
•and Remus sits there waiting for a rejection or a disgusted remark like always
•and Sirius just throws his hands in the air and says
•"moony why didn’t you tell me sooner?! I would have just asked you on a date instead of trying to get in your pants first!“
•and Remus grins cause wow Sirius Black is such a dork
•but also wow he respects his sexuality like no one ever has before
•and he wants to take him out on a date too how special
•"so do you wanna?”
•"wanna what?“
•"go on a date with me silly?”
•"of course I’ll go on a date with you padfoot.“
•and they just continue on with their business grinning like two idiots

Holy shit, I just had a thought. I don’t know if anyone has brought this up before. So we know that during setlock for TFP, there was a scene where Sherlock was filming with a little blonde girl running around him in circles and he reportedly called her Mary.

At the time, we all thought it was mind palace, or having to do with the other one. But what if it’s Rosie? We know they have to do a time jump at some point, and the girl was young, about three or four years old. And Rosie’s middle name is Mary. Holy shit you guys what if it’s her????

Doesn’t eliminate the possibility of it being mind palace, if something does happen to the baby and this is Sherlock imagining what she would be like, or even just mind palace of what she DOES look like at that point if nothing happens to her, but it’s very possible that it really is John’s kid.

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I just realized something: Alan's two middle names were Sidney Patrick. Together his first 3 initials spell ASP, which is a type of snake. He played the Head of Slytherin House. Harry Potter's son's initials also coincidentally spell ASP, and he was Sorted into Slytherin. Am I losing my mind or does JKR have some sort of crazy inside double meaning to literally everything she ever does??

Well, even if it’s coincidental, it’s pretty interesting.

What’s In a Name

So I had MAJOR feels after tonight Lucifer, and then I saw @iseeaskyfullofstars‘s tags on one of my posts saying they wanted to know how Lucifer learned Chloe’s middle name. And this little drabble emerged. 


“Lucifer, do you have a middle name?”

The egg sandwich in Lucifer’s hands never reached his mouth as he turned to look at the precocious child next to him. “Now why in the world would you want to know that?”

“Well, everyone has one! Mine’s Penelope, after my grandma.”

“Would you consider ‘devilishly handsome’ a middle name?”

Trixie just laughed. “No, silly.”

“Well then, I suppose it’s just Lucifer,” he said. “But tell me, child, does your mother have a middle name?”

“Of course she does!”

“Well, then…care to tell me, your old pal Lucifer?” he smiled.

“It’ll cost ya…”

Lucifer had to admit it: he admired her spunk. “Well, what’ll it be? I know you love your chocolate cake. Or money, you do love swindling me out of a few a Jefferson’s every now and again…”

“I want a new doll!”

“Upping the ante, I see? Good on you, love. Never settle. Fine, it’s yours. Now: what’s the name?”

Later that day, after Lucifer called her Detective CJ at the station, they both got an earful that night.

(Trixie still got her new doll).

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Headcanons of Yuri P, Viktor, and Yuuri K when their s/o come to watch and cheer on them in a competition?


-Skates 100% better

-If they have a banner, he’s slain

-Will thank them publicly while receiving his medal

-Also shows off a bit (a lot)

-Does the same for s/o if they skate

-Reserved s/o the best sitting place



-Why is s/o here?

-Is that a banner?

-Is forever thankful

-He’ll hug them so tightly after the competition

-Kinds feels like he disappointed s/o if he doesn’t win

-So he does his best

-Protect him please


-Is embarrassed

-Is very embarrassed

-If they shout his name in the middle of a jump, there’s a possibility he’ll mess it up

-So it’s best to stay silent until he finishes

-Will act angry, but is secretly very, very glad

-Looks directly at them right after he finishes

-If they’re smiling, he’ll feel like he won, even if he doesn’t actually win the competition

“Yeah Ted?”
“How come you didn’t name anyone after my Dad?”
“I would have loved to- you know I cared about Remus very much. But I thought you might like to keep the name to use for your own child one day.”
Teddy seemed to brighten at the concept, but there was still an edge of thoughtful concern in his eyes as the pair sat together at the kitchen table with mugs of hot chocolate.

“She needs a middle name! We all have middle names. It’s a tradition.” Teddy spoke over his hot chocolate as he stirred, directing wide, imploring eyes (amber, like his fathers- one thing he never changed) as his surrogate Aunt across the table. Ginny nodded thoughtfully as she stroked her pregnancy-swollen belly.
“She does indeed, Ted, you’re quite right.”
“How about Molly?” Harry, who was at the head of the table, asked. His wife and godson cast him grimaces.
“We can’t call her Lily Molly- that sounds ridiculous. And Percy already has a Molly, too.” Ginny shook her head, and Teddy nodded his agreement.
“Minerva? After Professor McGonagall?” The young boy suggested.
This time Harry shook his head. “She told us never to name a child after her when we had Al. She said she got the mick taken out of her awfully at school for being called Minerva.”
They lapsed into silence, and the same look came over Teddy’s face as had been there two years earlier as Harry had sat at the table discussing names with his godson. It was getting late in the evening, the moon hanging near full like a pearl outside the window. They could just hear the sounds from the living room, of James and Albus being entertained by a visiting Luna Lovegood- no doubt with grand imitations of various (dubiously existent) magical creatures. Teddy swung back in his chair, craning his neck to see in to his to-all-intents-and-purposes brothers-cum-cousins, and to the wild eyed blonde playing with them. Bringing his chair back down on to four legs, he looked out of the window at the moon, the seeds of an idea growing in the hazel of his eyes and a grin spreading across his face.
“Luna means moon, right? Well, how about that? Lily Luna?”
Ginny and Harry stilled, listening for a moment to the woman’s animated chatter in the other room, then following Teddy’s gaze out of the window.

“Yeah Ted?”
“How come you didn’t name anyone after my Dad?”

Harry took his wife’s hand atop the table and they met each other’s eyes with a knowing smile.
“You know what, Ted? Lily Luna sounds absolutely perfect.”

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Does Damian have a canon middle name? If not, what do you think would be a good one?

As far as I know he doesn’t. The thing is, Arabic people don’t have middle names.  

In the Arabic culture, we do not have middle names, instead children are given their father’s name as well as his surname.

I’ve never seen him referred to as Damian Bruce Wayne, I don’t think that’s canon, but maybe if Damian ever chose to have a middle name it might be Bruce. 

(I am an expert on neither Damian Wayne nor Arabic culture/language, take this with a grain of salt.) 

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Describe a day in a week, as if they were people... Like example, Monday is that lazy, sleepy guy who has no energy at anything and etc 😃


i am ready


Monday is the type of person to be a literal sweetheart. 

Honestly, he is very kind, very resourceful, quite mellow.

He doesn’t appreciate the fact that everyone associates him with awful mornings and intense work.

He is very head strong, and does what he has to do regardless of the resentment because his work ethic is phenomenal. Monday seems tough, but really, he just wants you to have a good week.

His name, would be Oxford.


Tuesday is the type of person to not really put in that effort.

She has someone before her, and five people after her. She isn’t in the middle, not at the beginning or end.

But, because she is so close with Monday, she also has an excellent work ethic. But sometimes, that is futile with her ‘whatever’ type tendencies.

Tuesday is lazy, quiet, and an ‘along with the crowd’ type person.

Her name, would be June.


He is here, he is fucking prepared.

Wednesday is aware that he is hump day, the turning point in most everyone’s week. He is joyous, optimistic, and really talkative.

Often, Wednesday would partake in volunteer work- in general, the helping of others.

His work ethic may not be as prominent as Monday’s, but it is still going strong. He is very diligent, and doesn’t seem like the person to be employee of the month or an honour roll student. But he is.

His name, is Ryan.


Thursday might be one of the biggest pessimists ever, really.

He is so struck by the things that happen on Friday, that he is just done with it all. Thursday is heartfelt, boring, reserved and moody.

He tries his best to hurry along so that people can get to the weekend as quick as they seem to want. Does that hurt him a bit? Yeah, he’d say so.

He work ethic doesn’t seem to be there. I mean, Thursday gets his stuff done, but it’s rushed and half assed.

His name, is William.


Friday is very, very energetic. But at the same time, he is easy going and calm.

He loves the outdoors, and indoors equally. Friday is very forgiving, very passionate, and a good handler.

He has absolutely no work ethic. He tries though, he has amazing effort.

Always a realist, he is willing to talk, and talk for hours. But just as much, he is willing to listen. His attention span, is very short.

His name, is Eliot.


Saturday is the most optimistic, and very relaxed.

She never forgets anything, her mind is well trained. Saturday will stop everything she is doing to talk to some random on the street. Not easily fool, open, and stubborn.

She can be really silly at times, as well. Either way, she can’t take many things seriously.

Her work ethic is just about as good as Mondays, but just like Wednesday, she is never actually seen doing work.

Her name, is Kee-nye.


Sunday is such a little shit.

She is very resourceful, such is Monday, but she also is very vague.

She is kind to strangers, but to those that know her, she is cold and distant. She is affected by the negativity that starts on Sunday, directed toward Monday.

She is know to offer her help, be headstrong, respectful, and level headed.

Her work ethic is that of a secretary. Very diligent, and always on time.

Her name, is Jaehee Dott.

I hope this is what you wanted because it was kinda’ fun to write

IKON REACTION: To them overhearing that you want to have a baby with them

My first IKON reaction :)

B.I.: “what does she want?” He’d peek in the conversation of who ever it was, after hearing your name in the middle.

After knowing that you want to have children with him, Hanbin would talk with you about. “ I’d love to have children with you jagiya … at the right time of course, but it would be wonderful” he’d say while hugged you.

JinHwan: He’d think about it for a few days, after hearing from your friend, until call you for a conversation. He’d look seriously at first sight, scaring you a little, when actually agrees with you.

“If you want, we can start trying”

YunHyeong: “you’re so funny,” he would say after hearing DongHyuk saying that you want to have a baby with him.

But after realizing it was serious, he’d be a little scared, “she wants a baby? like a mini-me? omg”

Bobby: He’d be a little surprised when accidentally hear of Hanbin that you would like to have a baby with him. “she really want to have a baby with me?” Bobby would thought and be very happy that you’re thinking about a future with him.  

DongHyuk: He’d be very, very happy to hear that you wanted to have a baby with him and would start to plan a future with you. “we could buy a house and get married and then have children … a lot of children …”

June: He’d laugh of the situation, “she wouldn’t say something like that, we can’t take care of a baby … we would kill him” June would think after hearing one of your friends talk about this.

But when you talk to June about it, you make him realize that was serious, he’d be scared, since he couldn’t imagine himself being a dad.

ChanWoo (<3): My little baby Chanwoo would have a mental breakdown overhearing that you wanted to have babys with him. “baby? is it serious? how we could have that?”

~ADM Cherry~

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everything about ‘bloodlines’ is so good? we’ve got

  • “when do i get my own reality tv series?”
  • “your name’s tim? and yours is… dick?”
  • “i’ve clearly got the flash’s speed, his dashing good looks”
  • bart showing up at the anniversary party for jay and joan and just hugging everyone
  • “i’m pregnant. i was going to tell you later, in private”
    “hi, dad! hi aunt dawn!”
    “wait, there are two in there?!”
    “we’re having twins?!”
  • “does he say that often?”
    *unanimous sigh* “too often”
  • the giant fuckin statue of barry in the middle of central city
  • “wait a minute, I told you not to come!”
  • the speed talk scene
  • “go ahead, lap me, i’m used to it.”
    *bart passes wally* “oh come on!”
  • “you don’t have the allen family eyes”
    “don’t make me hurt you”
  • the gorgeous animation of speedsters
  • the original roy harper side plot
  • lian laughing and calling all the guards to her
  • “should i be concerned about the obvious delight [lian] takes in the ultra violence?”
    “it runs in the family
  • that last scene where bart makes a pun and barry’s just so fukin proud of him and jay and wally are 101% done

i just love this episode and i love young justice and i love bart and i love speedsters and i love everything.