does he even know how unfair he is

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How would the UT and UF skelebros react to a s/o who was very Very short


Short jokes. Just. You get nothing but short jokes thrown at you from every angle. But sometimes it’s just like they fly right over your head. He likes to use you as a lean sometimes, too, just slumping against you, either putting his head on top of yours, or propping his elbow on your shoulder/head.


You’re adorable??? & he adores you a lot. How could a human be so small?? & yet??? So lovable??? He doesn’t know, but somehow, you’ve managed to execute it flawlessly. Thought it is a pain to have to lean so far down to smooch you–couldn’t you have been born just a tad bit taller, date-mate??


Well, let’s just say he never takes you seriously when you get angry. Like ever. Hell, it’s hard for him to stay mad at you too. You’re just so damn cute?? He makes even more short-jokes than UT!Sans does, & constantly uses you as an arm prop, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


He hates how cute you are? It’s unfair?? He’s supposed to be big & terrifying, how can he be so weak for someone who’s so much smaller than him??? He constantly admonishes you for it, demanding you grow taller this instant!! Of course, he knows that won’t happen, & settles for begrudgingly lifting you off your feet when you hug. You don’t get to be on the ground, this is punishment for being born so small.

This needs to stop

I decided to talk about this issue because I’m very pissed right now. Since MBC many people are hating on Jungkook. And after reading @/kookseonyeondan’s tweets I thought that I need to talk about this subject. I will show some of their tweets and respond to them. (This is going to be long so be ready)

// I am not a Jungkook biased. I’m double biased Namjoon Yoongi and my fav vocal in BTS in Jin so you can’t say to me “you only protect him because he is your bias”, he is not. I love Jungkook with all my heart, and all this hate is really unfair//

1. The “Jungkook is always in the center/gets more lines” issue.

So first of all I will talk about the Rainism stage then his lines in BTS songs.

  • Many people complained about the Rainism stage because Jungkook sang all the song and was in the center etc… And I totally get this. But you need to understand that it’s not Jungkook who chose this. It’s MBC who decided of this. Kookseonyeondan said that he has a mouth and he can say that it’s unfair to the other members. But you forgot something: he can’t say that. Jungkook is like an employee, MBC tells him to do that, he does it. And even if he says that he’s not ok with it (first of all it can be rude) MBC won’t listen to him because HES NOT THE BOSS. Jungkook has nothing to say, and even if he wants to say something no one will listen to him so no need to hate him for that. 

  • Then the issue “why Jungkook always gets more lines.” Ok so how a song is made. First there’s have a beat, a melody. After making the beat, they need to attribute which part of the song will be a rap and which part will be sung. And the lyrics are created. Ok so we have the lyrics and the parts who will be sung. The lyrics need to be distribuated to the singers. So who decides of this? Again not Jungkook. It’s more likely to be the producers and all the staff. They decided which part will be the best for each member. So no Jungkook is not going to say “I WANT THE LONGEST PART WHO CARES ABOUT MY HYUNGS” of course he won’t. Also among all the members, Jungkook’s voice is medium. That means that his voice can fit almost anywhere (Jimin: High pitch, Jin: High/Medium pitch, Taehyung: Low pitch). That’s why he’s the main vocal. I also think that Jin or Taehyung should get more lines, but we can’t do shit about this, and hating on Jungkook won’t resolve this. 

  • Why Jungkook is always in the center? I think it’s for two reasons: He’s a good dancer. “But Hoseok is a better dancer, why he’s not more in the center?” Because *sad sigh* Hoseok isn’t that popular. Jungkook is really popular so they put Jungkook in the middle. That’s why. Again we can’t do smt about it and again Jungkook is not going to say “I want to be in the center”. Plus all of the decisions are made by profesionnals.(dance coach, producers etc). So yes sometimes it’s unfair for the other members but  I guess that they may have their reasons.

(I’m not really ok with what @/BTS4ev said. This has nothing to do with confidence. And i’ll talk about the “shy and bad at speaking” later) 

2. “Jungkook is disrespectful and doesn’t like his hyungs”

Tbh this really surprised me. Kookseonyeondan said that Jungkook doesn’t like his hyungs because he gets all the lines. I answered to this in the first part, that Jungkook has nothing to do with this so it’s invalide. 

But what really surprised me is the “Jungkook did nothing for Tae’s birthday”. Its like they were saying that Jungkook simply doesn’t like his hyungs. Tbh I feel like I don’t even need to explain why it’s not true but I guess that some people don’t get it.

  • How do you know that Jungkook doesn’t care about Taehyung. You  didn’t think that he showed him how much he loved him off camera? You don’t have to say publicly to someone that you love them to prove it. It’s not because Jungkook didn’t take a pic with Tae and post it that it means that he doesn’t love him. Like it’s really crazy. Plus we saw at least 54812541681 times that Jungkook loves Taehyung so much so???

  • I saw on their twitter that someone gave them a screenshot of Begin’s lyrics as a proof that Jungkook love them. (which like yall know, is a proof). They answered to them saying that it’s Namjoon who wrote the lyrics and not Jungkook so it’s invalide. Ok. Namjoon wrote the lyrics because Jungkook couldn’t express his feelings. Like yall know, this song is from a moment when Jungkook cried in front of the members because he was feeling so bad. He said that all the members get through so many things and he just can’t stand it. He can’t stand the fact that his hyungs had hard times, he can’t stand the facts that his hyungs felt bad. He said that he doesn’t mind if something bad happens to him but not when it’s his hyungs. Namjoon added that it’s the first time that Jungkook opens up to the members. So how the hell can you say that Jungkook doesn’t like his brothers??

  • Jungkook is a private person. That means that he’s not really comfortable when its comes to express his feelings. So yeah, maybe sometimes  he doesn’t clearly say that he loves the members. But do you know what he says off camera and 2. there’s many way to express your love to someone. I don’t say to my best friend that I love them a lot. Does that mean that I don’t love them? no.

Jungkook did nothing wrong and all this hate is so unfair. Im not the type of person to pretect a member or even a friend when they did something wrong. But like??? Jungkook really did nothing????

So please this really needs to stop.

Parallels, Grey Areas, and Choices

Felicity has been working with Oliver/GA for 4+ years now. She has always and knowingly operated in the grey areas being part of a vigilante team pretty much dictates. This includes hacking into, well, places only she (or Cooper or her father) can really hack into. [See: SCPD, Merlyn Global, Iron Heights, satellite systems, etc.]

Oliver has long lived in the grey. From his days as a playboy with questionable judgment and even more questionable morals, to being forced into life or death situations on the island, to getting off the island only to have to work for A.R.G.U.S. – perhaps the epitome of ‘grey area’. Oliver has had to make decisions for years now that aren’t as simple as a yes or no, instead a chess game trying to determine your opponent’s next three moves not just the next one. He’s made promises to living and (now) dead members of his inner circle with the best of intentions only to be forced to make, again, decisions straddling right and wrong, black and white. To kill or not to kill, that is the question…justification perhaps a bit less simple every next time it’s required.

That being said, Felicity has also attempted to live in the black and white. I don’t think it’s a matter of that being a better way to live for her, but more that because she’s (by way of being part of a vigilante team) forced to live in that grey area, she wants some part of her life to be black and white. [There’s something to be said about black paralleling grey and white paralleling light as themes on Arrow.]

Worth noting here: Not once has Oliver made a promise without keeping it. You remember that one time in 2x09 when he went out to find Cyrus Gold even though he was still suffering from hallucinations? He told Felicity he’d come back to reassure her, but when she asked him to promise her, he didn’t because he knew that he couldn’t make such a promise. He might have kept things from her, but he never broke a promise.

Should Oliver have made those promises? That’s a matter of personal opinion, I think, but to me, I think promises made as a vigilante are optimistic, at best. Does this mean I don’t think he should have made them? No. I think he, again, had the best of intentions when promising Tommy he wouldn’t kill again. I think he’s had the best of intentions not to lie to Felicity, and, well, we see how that’s historically worked out.

Oliver did not want to keep William from her, that’s something we know for sure. He believed he was doing the right thing by Samantha even if he knew in his gut that Felicity deserved to know. Samantha put Oliver in an unenviable and unfair position based on her history with him. I honestly can’t fault her for that because, at the time she made the ultimatum, she did not yet know who Oliver really was now and how much he’d changed and grown. Oliver is so afraid to lose people close to him, especially after losing his father, Tommy, and definitely after losing his mother, that I believe his own fears of loss kept him from thinking clearly enough to share information about William with Felicity. Was it a matter of trust to Oliver, that he didn’t trust Felicity to protect this information? I don’t think so. We certainly know it was to Felicity. Again, I believe the fear of loss contributed to his lie of omission. Let me be clear: his lie of omission is still a lie and he’s not off the hook for it.

Now we come to Felicity’s parallel(s).

We know that Felicity has a dark arc in 5B. We have only scratched the surface with it so far and know that Havenrock will come up again, and that she will be forced to keep something from Oliver.

Felicity received Pandora from Helix at this point. She used the info to find Prometheus’ mother (that Oliver, as Mayor, drove out with Diggle to meet); and we now know that she’s going to work with (for?) Helix. She obviously didn’t get Pandora for free, and I believe that fact will be playing out in the next couple episodes. Now, I continue to believe it will be related to using Pandora to find Prometheus, which involves using methods heretofore not *really* acceptable even in a group of vigilantes. Oliver has repeatedly said they will “avenge” Billy’s death, but I’m not sure Felicity wants to wait for whatever he has planned to do so. In reality, Felicity still doesn’t know a whole lot about Oliver’s time in the Bratva, and if she did, she might be more inclined to believe in his potential methods to bring down Prometheus.

[It’s also worth noting that she COULD have kept the fact that she hacked into SW’s computer a secret, but she didn’t. Might have been easier because Thea asked her to do it, but who knows?]

  • Parallel to Oliver going alone in S3 and working with/trusting the ‘wrong’ people.
  • Parallel to Oliver’s island(s); Felicity going dark and on her own is her island of revenge/her own plan. 

Using methods to get Prometheus that could put people in jeopardy, i.e. sacrificing a few to save many.

  • Parallel to her own Havenrock storyline where she could potentially see this as a redemption. 

Placing lives in jeopardy is something Oliver has had to do many times, making difficult or even seemingly impossible snap decisions.

  • Parallel to Oliver’s difficult decisions re: Ra’s Al Ghul in S3, Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk in S4.

Felicity is keeping something from Oliver and (possibly) going through some level of grief and guilt over it, which I believe is a direct parallel to Oliver’s lie (of omission) re: William. This parallel is important for a couple reasons:

  1. Oliver will get to see what it was like for Felicity to be the one lied to; and 
  2. Felicity will get a better understanding of what Oliver went through when he believed he had no other choice but keeping William a secret.

Oliver asked Felicity point blank if there was a catch to how she got Diggle freed from jail and she lied to him. She lied because, I think, she doesn’t want him to know that she’s working with hacktivists again and she fears his judgment for it (as hypocritical as that judgment might be).

  • Parallel: Oliver got his list when he returned from Lian Yu and Felicity got hers at her darkest hour. 

From 5.14 (The Sin-Eater): Oliver confronted Thea about what she had Felicity do to Susan’s computer and how that had now affected Susan’s life and career. He was clear that Thea made a CHOICE in doing what she did.

THEA: I know I screwed up and…

OLIVER: But you didn’t make a mistake. You made a choice. [Emphasis added.]

  • Parallel: Oliver made a CHOICE when he not only made repeated visits to Central City to see William, but also by not telling Felicity about him (or the visits). He didn’t make a mistake. He made a choice.

Choice actually came up a lot in 5.14, which I think was intentional. With Oliver protecting Anatoly and willingly putting his life on the line for him, this exchange happened:

ANATOLY: There’s no way you’re going to suffer for my sins, Oliver.

OLIVER: That’s why I’m not giving you a choice.

Oliver has become the sin-eater and has been willing to take on anyone else’s sins if it protects those he cares about. He was ok letting Billy’s death be a cover-up but ultimately, he was willing to take responsibility for it, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t his fault.

OLIVER: I’m not risking anyone getting arrested.

QUENTIN: What, you’re just giving up now?

OLIVER: Prometheus hasn’t given me a choice.

QUENTIN: Um, neither did Slade Wilson or Damien Darhk. But with those guys, you didn’t just pick up your football and go home.

OLIVER: This is different.


OLIVER: Because what’s happening now, it’s not something that Prometheus did.
It’s something I did.

QUENTIN: I mean, you’re talking about Malone, right? That was Prometheus.

OLIVER: I fired the arrows.

QUENTIN: Listen, earlier Thea was talking to me about not taking on other people’s sins. What happened with Malone, that’s on Prometheus, not you.

Full disclosure:

I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now. I don’t have time to write it all out when I start or I lose my train of thought and have to keep coming back to it. We know a lot more now than when I started this (Prometheus’ identity and Felicity actually joining Helix now). That being said, I see more parallels, too. And grey areas. And, well, choices that are part of both.

If anything, it’s almost a reversal of Oliver and Felicity. Felicity is now walking in the morally questionable path that Oliver did before promising Tommy he wouldn’t kill again, and the one after he chose the dark side with LoA. Felicity is choosing darkness because it’s a) exciting for her and b) it’s about HER choices and not for anyone else (for a change).

When Oliver told Felicity that he couldn’t be with her, she eventually ended up with Ray. Did it gross us out? Yeah. I think we’d all take Ray over Susan at this point, amirite? I think Felicity was trying to make something work with someone at this point and Ray fit the bill. It wasn’t Oliver, though, and she eventually realized that (even though Ray realized it well before her).

  • Parallel:  Oliver, as much as we are mad at him, is desperately trying to prove to himself that he CAN make a relationship work. Any relationship. Trying to prove that clouds his judgment and most certainly blinds him to Susan’s motives. He wants to see the good in someone. He NEEDS to. It’s not a coincidence that this is all going on while everyone around him (first Diggle, then Felicity, then Thea) seems to choose dark paths vs being his light. Sorry, Oliver. This time THEY need YOUR light, and you best find it soon.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when Oliver called Susan from the hospital and she didn’t pick up even knowing he was in an accident, he had a sad or almost forlorn look on his face. If he’d called Felicity, well, she’d already be there anyway. Point is that he’s maybe starting to realize who the important people are in his life even as they pull away from him.

  • Parallel: Oliver leaving the team to join the LoA - pulling away from people because they are important/to protect them. Felicity always running to be by his side even when he’s pushed her away.

I will very likely revisit this post as the season progresses, but these are definitely some of the big parallels I’ve noticed, the grey areas present throughout the show that sometimes present themselves as parallels, and the choices our beloved characters make.

Remember: the writers love parallels. LOVE them. They throw them at us all the time, even when other exposition is available. I do believe there’s a point to them, though, and I also believe in an Olicity reunion. Perhaps it’s the hopeless romantic in me. Ok, maybe not that since I’m not a hopeless romantic, but I do try to live in a more positive mindset in life and as a fan of the show. Life is hard as it is and the world can be a hard and cold place. It may seem like looking for a positive needle in a shitty haystack, but I’m still seeing that needle, small as it may be. Olicity will reunite this season. That’s what I believe in. I have not always liked the journey and know some of you out there have outright HATED the journey, but I’ll be sticking around to the end.

[Special thanks to @quietolicitydreamsinred and @nodecaff4me for their help with this post.]

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I wanted to write a jealous Pynch fic and then I saw someone talking about how they wanted to read a 5+1 jealous Pynch and I kind of stole that idea, so here you go. It’s all set after TRK, except for the first one (no Kavinsy, though, if you’re worried about that).
This is almost 10k words, which makes this the longest fic I’ve ever written, so enjoy I guess.
Mentions of past abuse and internalized homophobia, but it’s nothing big

Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish are both incredibly complicated beings, not easy to figure out or predict or understand. Really understand. Gansey tried to make sense of who they are as a person, maybe without realizing it. Because he can’t resist a challenge, a puzzle of sorts. It’s the reason he’s so passionate about Glendower. Probably why he surrounds himself with difficult friends, even though he will never truly get them.

Adam and Ronan, though. They’re different together. They do understand each other, because they want to, because they’re more themselves when it’s just the two of them, because you don’t have to hide certain parts of yourself when you know you’ll be accepted anyway.

They don’t take each other’s shit. When Ronan is being an even bigger asshole than he usually is, Adam will call him out on it. When Adam is being unreasonable, Ronan will not hesitate to tell him. And they work.

Anger is something they both struggle with, something that they don’t particularly like about themselves, but which simultaneously means it’s something they share, so they don’t tiptoe around each other, they don’t pretend to be fine, to hide that anger.

They’ve understood each other long before they even realized it.

And they work together.

Anger isn’t the only thing they have in common, though. Jealousy is a feeling that’s so incredibly woven inside them, that it’s now simply a part of them.

Adam Parrish has spent his life dreaming of things he can’t have, carrying water in cupped hands to the shore and ending up with not much at all, but slowly and surely seeing his hole in the sand fill, while surrounding himself with people who have those things without ever having had to work for it. It’s a particular brand of torture, but it’s worth it if it means he’ll be able to call himself one of them some day.

And Ronan Lynch, who’s experienced too many losses a person his age should ever have to go through – his father; his mother’s soul that only existed when his dad was there to breathe the life into it and then it wasn’t just her soul, it was her body too and now he’s officially an orphan at the                    tender age of eighteen and really, he’s just a child, or he feels like one anyway; his glitter loving friend, partner in crime, confident though he never actually told him anything, the creepy fucker who was but a faded image of a person Ronan does not know at all, so did he really? Lose him? Maybe that’s what hurts the most in the end; his best friend and brother whose death were possibly the most antagonizing moments of his existence. No wonder he’s a little territorial. It’s what each of his heartbeats are saying don’t lose anyone else, I wouldn’t be able to take it.

So, really, the jealous feelings that arise when they officially become a thing (and even before that), shouldn’t come as a surprise.



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lol at people who want to see Louis wear things more like Harry because Harry has 'actual style'. Meanwhile I'm over here thinking of that Randy's Donuts hoodie that he literally always wears like yes, what a posh look indeed... (srsly tho can ppl just leave them both alone, I love their expensive ass clothes)

Oh my god, can you imagine if Louis was a repeat offender with a hoodie like that? People would make the rudest comments. Harry does have his Harry Styles™ look, but he definitely dresses down a lot too and loves to wear whatever the fuck he wants in his downtime, whether it’s the donut hoodie or four shirts layered over each other or his winter boots with athletic shorts or whatever. They both have expensive clothes and they both know how to dress well, but they also know their audience. Harry dresses one way when he’s being performer/actor Harry and another when he’s just being a normal dude. And Louis does his thing too, but people always seem to find something to complain about when it comes to his clothing. He wears designer clothes that fit the music scene he’s in and people complain, he color coordinates his casual looks and mixes pieces to make himself look fabulous even in sweatpants and a t-shirt and people complain, and on it goes. It’s so unnecessary and unfair because people don’t rip the other boys’ styles apart the way they do with Louis, and I know part of it is rejection of his unfair and inaccurate chavvy image, but a lot of the time, people seem to just be really classist and rude with their comments no matter what he’s wearing. Nothing is ever good enough for this fandom.


I haven’t written Nursey/Ransom yet! Hope this works.

It’s the eve of graduation and Nursey can’t sleep.

Not because it’s a big day for everyone tomorrow. Not because of regrets, or unfinished poetry, or unwon championships.

Because tomorrow he’ll be helping Rans and the guys load up their stuff, and then moving his own stuff into the attic, along with Dex.

And that attic is gonna feel hella weird without Ransom there.

Nursey hasn’t been able to wrap his brain around that image – an attic that’s home to him and Dex, but one where Ransom doesn’t come up the stairs to convene a D-men meeting. An attic he can’t escape to when he really needs to jam to some tunes, where he can sprawl out on Holster’s bed and spread his arms behind his head and just enjoy being in the company of someone who gets it.

How’s it gonna feel like home without Ransom there? Nursey hasn’t got a fucking clue.

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[ a/n: my contribution to day 1 of @klangst-week is a bit late! but without further ado, here it is! ] 

title: ghosting
words: 3,080
prompt: unrequited pining/unrequited love
rating/genre: T for language, angst

This must be what survival feels like, Keith thinks. Like ragged breathing and thrashing around to no avail, bruises blooming and cuts stinging. It must be what it feels like to tread water for hours or to feel smoke, thick and chalky in your chest, before you suffocate. And somehow it’s satisfying. Somehow the distraction is worth the fire spreading through his lungs and the swollen stiffness setting in his limbs. But then he’s thrown against the floor again, collapsing ungracefully, and it feels like the knobs in his spine are grinding against each other.

His jaw clenches as he loosens his grip on his sword. There’s a soreness coiled tight in his knuckles that he’s just now deciding to acknowledge. Making it to level seven should feel like an accomplishment, but he put his mind on autopilot halfway through level four.

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Hello, folks! Today I want to talk to you about my favorite characters from Hamilton!

Okay, so let’s start with Angelica. I already told you that she’s my favorite female character from this musical. I’ve fallen in love the moment I first saw her. She is incredibly strong-willed and decisive character. That’s the person I’ve always wanted to be. Seems like she knows what she really wants but she’s doing something for the good of others instead. I think you have to be morally really strong person to sacrifice your own happiness for somebody. And I really like that in the musical they showed us Angelica is much more than a sister of main character’s wife. And she deserves a lot better than what she got in the end.

Next! I really like Madison, bc he’s neither good nor bad character. I mean, He’s doing his job and he wants other people to do their job so everything will be okay in his country. That’s all! Also, he looks like that kind of people, who do their best on their job but when they came home they enjoy domestic life. Like delicious dinner, a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Then they just go to bed and put blankets up. So Madison is just like “I’m so happy that Hamilton and Tomas didn’t kill each other today. What a good day”. And that’s all he needs to be happy!

Alexander is the most attractive character in the musical not only bc he’s the main character. But bc he’s so curious and he has more determination than anyone I know! He never does what other people think is right, but he does what HE thinks is right. And that’s amazing! Alex listens to no one and doing what he wants. Of course, he has his own objectives, for example, seek to leave something behind that’s worth something, and it’s okay! Many people are seeking to that! Even if it hurts his friends and family. Maybe it’s not right, maybe it’s unfair, but who are we to judge him? He just does what he thinks is right.

And the last one is… Charles Lee! I know that some people say that he’s a jerk and… He IS a jerk! But he is my favorite jerk! To be honest, I don’t really know why I even like him, haha. Maybe bc Jon Rua starred as Lee /and I love Jon Rua as hell bc he dances well and I like how he looks like and his voice is so cute/… His voice! Yeah, I really like how he sounds like in the musical, I mean, he’s acting so real. And this fear, selfishness, and disgust in his voice are SO REAL. I know that things he was doing wasn’t right and he’s a self-obsessed coward, but who said people should like only good characters or great and cool antagonists? In other words, I like Lee bc he’s so real person even though he’s a jerk.

And well, in summary, I like how every character looks like, and I like their voices, and I have so many headcanons about them that make me love this characters even more!

P.S. So appreciate that somebody read this post to the very end! If so, you should know that you’re cinnamon rolls and not even burnt! I know it was hard to read this post bc of my English, so thank you!

AU where Jack’s mom is a terrible baker and finds Bitty’s blog, who explains things very easily, is incredibly charming and doesn’t make her feel like an idiot when she gets things wrong, so she slowly starts gaining confidence and improving a lot.

She becomes a true, 100% fan, when her simple totally on point brownie recipe, kicks the ass of Sharon’s from down the street at the next neighbor party. That horrid woman who was convinced she married Bob for money and tells everybody about it.

As if there was enough money in the world that could make someone put up with Bob’s snoring, that she hasn’t smothered him with a pillow yet is true love.

She finds his other blog, the one where he talks about himself and Alicia loves hearing about Bitty’s life. He does hockey and while she cannot picture this tiny adorable boy slamming himself against guys like her husband and son do, is just another thing that makes her feel a connection.

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Honestly though I can’t believe Lance invented a rivalry between himself and someone who didn’t even know him. Regardless of how low your self-esteem is, that’s hardly an excuse to start taking out your own insecurities on someone in such a bitter way.

Why does he dislike Keith so much anyway? Surely there were lots of people who were better than him not just Keith. Judging from how Lance idolized Shiro (“that guy’s my hero”) perhaps he was jealous that Keith and Shiro knew each other “very well” at the Garrison. I mean, the best student in the class being good friends with someone like Shiro? It would almost seem unfair, it’s interesting to consider…

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…..Is it bad that I thought this was going to be about Newt as an actual mummy? like wrapped in bandages and living forever

Ok. Stop. Pause your scrolling again. I have another thing for you.

Actual Mummy Newt: The wrapped in bandages and living forever version.

It goes like this:

Graves is not an archaeologist. Graves knows nothing about archaeology, he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t care about it and he hates Egypt. Sand. Sand everywhere. Sand in his hair, sand in his eyes, sand working into his sunburn, sand.

What Graves is is strapped for cash, so when this archaeologist lady starts advertising for some poor sod to handle the digging and the heavy labour and maybe a bit of the security on the side, Graves says screw it all to the empty flat he hasn’t paid rent on for the last two months and goes.

It was potentially not a great decision. Because, you know, sand, but also the fact that the archaeologist lady is fucking insane. The bit she hadn’t advertised in black and white newspaper print? The site they were uncovering was where some complete nutjob of the ancient world had tried to release a demon. The other bit she hadn’t advertised - although, to be fair to her, she may not have known this at the time - was that the nutjob was still there.

Like. It’s been several thousand years. Chill, dude. Take your bandage trailing self back to the creepy sculpture tomb and take the rest of the millenia off. Don’t send tiny minions of darkness out to attack members of the dig team and steal their cufflinks, that’s just rude. Don’t unleash giant serpents on the party when they get a bit close to a private area, just, I don’t know, put up a sign? Keep out, the snakes here grow to the size of the fucking sun and get defensive about their eggs? That’d do it. And for fucks sake, don’t kidnap Graves and squirrel him away to some cavernous underground lair, why would you even do that, why is that even a thing.

“I don’t speak Egyptian,” Graves says for the eighty seventh time.

“I donnnnn’tt sssea-kuh pptiannnnnn,” the mummy repeats, tilting its head and standing way too close. Personal boundaries, dude. Respect them.

“And you shouldn’t be speaking anything at all you pile of rotting corpse flesh. How are you even - do you even have a tongue under all those bandages or has it shrivelled and fallen off?”

Graves, maybe, is not handling his surprise abduction very well. It was fairly unnerving to be singled out as soon as the mummy had found their group, and even more unnerving to be targeted by a flying demon with a literal skull for its head that shot ropes out at unreasonable speed how the fuck does it do that and basically, Graves has had a hard day. He feels he’s allowed to be pissy with the mummy, and the mummy is being entirely unfair when it dips its head and gives him a wounded expression. How does it even manage that when none of its face is visible. How.

“Stop it,” he orders.

The mummy does not. The mummy goes one step further and takes Graves’ hand, leading him through a series of stone benches and messily stacked shelves that seem to form some kind of workshop. Maybe a mad scientist laboratory, but Graves is slightly mixing up his horror stories there, so who knows. Although the mummy isn’t quite acting how an evil mummy ought - he doesn’t shuffle, doesn’t moan, hasn’t actually tried to drain the life out of everyone. He’s just kidnapped Graves, that’s all. And now he’s stopping to talk to a tree full of tiny little - what are those, tree demons? One of the tree demons clambers up his arm and starts fussily tucking loose bandages back into their proper place.

Demons are not quite the horrific things Graves had thought they were. It’s all very confusing and he needs a drink, because now the mummy has led him to a giant stone carving of - a bird? Hawk, maybe, the egyptians liked those. The ominous clouds and thunderbolts the artist has added on are somewhat imposing, but for the most part it looks like a bird. Few too many wings maybe.

The mummy stands next to it and looks hopeful.

“It’s very nice?” Graves tries.

The mummy replies with a string of words he doesn’t understand. It frowns at his blank incomprehension, then slowly, labouriously, sounds out: “Helpp. Grinnnnndlewaldd trrap. Grinnddlewalllld hhelp.”

Which, since when did the mummy speak english. And who the fuck was Grindlewald, and why the fuck did the mummy think Graves was someone called Grindlewald. Graves was not Grindlewald. Graves would remember trapping - oh fuck. 

The demon. The mummy had been trying to release a demon when he’d been cursed into mummy-dom, Graves remembers this. 

“You,” Graves said. The mummy perked up hopefully and dammit, it wasn’t at all cute. “You’ve been guarding your trapped demon for fuck knows how many thousand years. You have, don’t even try to deny it, you’ve dedicated your immortal unlife to a demon.”

“Ffrannnnnk,” the mummy corrects, because of course the mummy has called his stone-entombed demon bird Frank. Because this is Graves’ life.

He squashes the completely illogical urge to feel guilty when he admits that, “I’m not Grindelwald. I don’t know how to help, I’m just - I’m just Graves.”

The mummy points to a painted wall over the other side of the room with a petulant stamp of his foot. It shows a man who looks strikingly like Graves, seriously fucking scarily like Graves, standing about three times as high as everyone else in the mural. 'Everyone else’ being a collection of people with whips corralling hosts of different sized demons ready to be turned into stone. Graves recognises the giant snakes and even the tiny tree demon.

“Oh,” Graves says.

“Frrannnnkk,” the mummy insists again. “Hhelpp.”

And that is how, dear readers, Graves discovered that he was a despotic evil wizard in a past life. It was not the best discovery he could have made.

(Although maybe it kinda was because the mummy, once he realises that Graves is a. not evil and b. incompetent takes it upon himself to teach Graves the magic his past self used to throw around like glitter bombs. Between the two of them they break the enchantments and release Frank, who turns out to be able to summon storms and Graves has never in his life been so happy to stand in the rain and get soaking wet.

Eventually, they even release the bindings that keep Newt trapped in his desert prison.

And, well, Graves could call it a day there but he’s got used to having Newt shuffling around after him with various bandages unravelling in his wake and assorted demons pouncing on the trailing ends like over grown cats. The horrified shrieks the tree demon makes when one of the bandages actually tears will haunt Graves’ dreams, but the way the mummy coos and shushes the little thing as he sews himself back together is adorable enough to make up for it.

No. What. Graves doesn’t think the mummy is adorable. Stop it. Graves will travel the world with his entirely non-adorable mummy and attached host of demons and he absolutely does not stand around sometimes with a silly little smile on his face while the mummy fusses over the latest rescued stray and he one hundred percent is not completely head over heels for an ancient undead pile of cloth and stitches. He’s not.

The mummy deposits a baby hippopotamus demon in his arms - or this one might actually be a baby hippopotamus in the completely non-demonic sense, it’s hard to tell - and happily declares that this one is called Ggeorrrge, and, well. 

Fuckit. The mummy’s adorable.)

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Bruce's fancy Themysciran dre--toga got me thinking: in the DCAU and a lot of the comics, Batman and Supes are drawn with basically the same beefcake build. Do you have that hold true or do they differ in build in more than just badass Kryptonian teeth?

aaaa i could go on about this all day ALL DAY DO U HEAR ME

but BASICALLY clark kent has a much more traditionally superhero build, which is to say, the kind that should be completely impractical. he’s got the broad shoulders, the narrow waist, the vacuum-sealed abs. but he doesn’t have the ridiculously huge bodybuilder muscles. my logic being, his super strength is basically magic, he could look like a little string bean and still be super strong. he doesn’t need to be megabeefy. also, supermanning probably burns a lot of calories. sure, he gets a lot of his power-related energy from the sun, but not all of it! i base a lot of his build on, like, swimmers. because maybe flying is a lot like swimming, in terms of a workout. no one knows how clark kent can eat so much fucking pasta and still have approximately zero percent bodyfat. it’s unfair and unholy.

BUT THEN THERE’S BRUCE WAYNE and bruce is… legit a big dude. he actually needs his muscles for strength. but he is also a human man who is working out for strength, and not for appearances, so he’s significantly thicker around the waist and whatnots. his muscles are not the vacuum-sealed, see-every-detail variety. he’s just… burlier looking. he still does gymnast things, but not even half as much as dick grayson, so while dick’s got the lithe build of a dude who does backflips everywhere bruce is just… him big. i sorta look at mma guys, or lumberjacks? he has the kind of build that makes people surprised when he does graceful things.

also fun fact people consistently underestimate clark’s size and overestimate bruce’s and so clark ends up with a lot of shirts that are way too small and no one ever tries to buy bruce clothes. the fact that bruce is an inch shorter than clark weirds everyone out because it feels wrong.

When He Sees Me

Rating: G

Ship: Lance/Pidge (Plance, Pance, Pidgance) 

Fic Summary: Soulmate AU. Pidge knows that Lance is her soulmate, she’s known since she met him. He doesn’t, and part of her wants to keep it that way. But fate, as always, has other plans.


Lance. Lance. L-a-n-c-e. She runs her hand over and over the word. Tracing each letter, not even bothering to look. She doesn’t need to, time having ingrained the word completely into her brain. Lance.

She sighs, resting her head on her workbench. It’s not that she doesn’t want him to know…not exactly anyway. Because honestly the way he looks at her sometimes, with that deep, focused gaze that is so unlike him, almost convinces her that he does.

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I have a crush on my classmate, we're pretty similar and we've been getting closer these past few weeks, but he never tried anything with me. But there's this other classmate who I really care about; he said he loved me, and idk if I should give him a chance? I don't understand my feelings - if I dated him, would it only be bcs of his attention, bcs he's the only one who likes me? Would that be bad, unfair to him? Or should I try more with the first boy? It's so confusing. How does love work..?!

Being with someone because you can’t have the one you truly want is unfair to the one that loves you. If you don’t have any feelings for him you need to be honest even if it hurts. Being with him an secretly wanting someone else will kill him if he gets to know the truth. If you don’t know what you feel or want then please give yourself more time to find out what you want.

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this ship is like rapidly moving out of ot3 and just being straight up otp like i swear i love them

  • percy and annabeth are just trying to finish out high school and see what’s going on with them for college.
  • and then Jason And Piper Break Up Or Something (i break them up in literally everything dkjfdlfjkd) (but like honestly if piper comes back into the picture Later On in this au uuuum i aint gonna be complaining. just puttin it out there)
  • and hazel and frank also break up and percy and annabeth are just tryna like recover from their trauma and reconnect with old friends so everyone sort of just falls out of touch because it’s Awkward when the seven of them are together
  • i think jason is kind of having a sexuality crisis all throughout hoo, like truly. but he has a really great gf so he feels like it’s not something he’s supposed to explore.
  • ANYWAY jason and piper break up and then piper comes out as bi and i really think jason hears about it (it’s like Big News when popular girls start banging girls lmao like you know this news would spread)
  • and she comes like bursting out of the closet and he’s like kind of annoyed bc like 1. UNFAIR that he should struggle with his sexuality for so long while she’s just having a great time? 2. she’s his ex and everything your ex does is annoying
  • i think he starts hooking up with guys in like retaliation
  • or at least that’s what he tells himself but like even he knows that that kind of excuse is not going to hold up so he just Doesn’t Really Think About It
  • but eventually he’ll come to terms with being bi and stop acting out quite so much
  • which makes jercy really INTERESTING
  • because like Here’s The Thing you know how you like have really gay crushes on people before you have your sexual awakening…that’s jercy towards each other
  • but like once you grow up and sort yourself out and come out and then you run back into those people….it’s SOOOOO much more intense because like you let yourself actually feel the feelings this time and there’s like also an emotional component because you liked them before you understood why and like….it’s intense
  • also like after jason and piper break up it’s gonna be really awkward for them to be like going to the same school and he just wants to like. get away from her, so he moves back to new york
  • he and percy and annabeth spend a lot of time together because like, why not, they all like each other and get along and they’ve been through a lot together, it would be weird if they just like didn’t acknowledge each other’s existence when they’re all in the same camp
  • they get really close in like that like friendship-but-we-actually-like-like each other kind of way, although obviously nobody is going to admit that
  • annabeth goes away to college somewhere and percy takes a gap year
  • which leaves plenty of time for jason and percy to just two alone people, together. alone.
  • and i just like okay pre-relationship jercy is A LOT because like they’re just being bros except that they’re not and like oh my god okay
  • this could get LONG shit.
  • jason finally confesses to percy that the hippie zeus statue seriously freaks him out
  • and percy (after a long fit of hysterical laughter) is like “dude you do realize i have an entire cabin just to myself”
  • and jason’s like “is that even allowed?” and percy’s like “yeah nobody cares, annabeth stays in my cabin all the time.”
  • and then it’s like a second of silence and he’s like “not like—i mean, i didn’t mean it like that” “of course not!” “i mean, i did, but like, not between you and me, because we’re not, you know, Like That–” “of course, of course” and then they’re both like BRIGHT RED oh my god someone help them
  • anyway jercy roommates are fun
  • and like one day jason has a sudden revelation that percy thinks of him as a really good friend and like, he’ll do things like reach out and punch jason in the arm from the bottom bunk because he’s bored and can’t fall asleep, and that’s so completely Different from the Silent and Stoic and Slightly Scary percy that jason first met
  • and percy used to think jason was suuuuper uptight but then figures out that jason can be talked into virtually anything and also is a dork
  • and just i mean like all KINDS of stuff can happen here like “whoops i accidentally got wounded and now you have to carry me to the infirmary but Surprise Surprise i’m cute even while i’m dying” and “i got sick and you’re totally doting on me but then you end up getting sick as well” and “you woke me up screaming and i thought you were dying but actually there’s just a spider on the wall” and “you fell asleep on my shoulder and now i can’t move because i don’t wanna wake you up”
  • and like we could really go round FOREVER with this oh my god oh my god
  • it gets to a point where percy starts to feel Weird about it though, bc there’s only so much he can lie to himself and nothing really feels strictly platonic anymore and he’s kind of just confused and he really loves annabeth so like What Gives
  • he starts pulling away and like jason obviously notices and is like :( but doesn’t wanna push because like “jason you knew he had a girlfriend like how did you actually see this working out. be real, get over it” :(
  • percy ends up driving through the night up to go see annabeth and just like. unloads. like, everything.
  • he doesn’t know what he’s expecting from her but he just wants to be honest, and even if she gets mad or hurt he just doesn’t want to feel like he’s hiding things from her
  • annabeth’s a really jealous person okay like she is but she’s honestly gonna be like “okay like i’m not…shocked. like, i mean, surprised, maybe, that it’s legit enough for you to confess, but like come on didn’t you see this coming a little bit?”
  • and he’s like yeah okay point taken
  • i don’t think annabeth is at the stage in her life yet where she can be like “yeah go get him i’m chill it’s all good” but like she’s also past the stage where she’s like “you can never be in the same room with him if i’m not there ever again”
  • she helps him like, calm down and talk through it (bc like mind u he’s totally having a sexuality crisis on top of all this complicated love triangle stuff) and she also confesses that she’s like Probably Not Straight, it’s been something she’s been thinking about for kind of awhile and like, they’re still young and they can figure it out and it’s cool they’ll get through it together
  • which they do! and percy feels like a million times better
  • she drives back to camp with him because why not like he’s here and it’s the weekend she might as well visit
  • and jason is like Sad and Suffering and totally expecting to be cast aside and barely acknowledged except that they’re both like very chill and friendly and aren’t treating him any differently
  • if anything percy is even more casually affectionate with him and less flustered about the implications of things maybe being Not So Straight
  • and when annabeth sees them together i think she starts to feel better about it too, there’s a little bit of jealousy definitely but they look really sweet and happy together and also like percy clearly hasn’t fallen out of love with her he just..also likes someone else. and she can tell they really like each other.
  • and also like it’s kind of…hot…and she’s definitely…Curious about where it would go
  • and annabeth like goes research happy about polyamory (she probably knows a lot to begin with because like the greeks are not exactly known for monogamy lmao)
  • i kinda feel like she gives percy the green light to just see what happens before she leaves
  • he’s definitely stunned lol but she’s like no i’m serious i’m not tricking you, if it’s something he’s cool with then so am i.
  • it’s not the last time they talk about it but like she eventually manages to convince him like honestly percy i really am okay with this, i actually kind of want to see what happens.
  • i’ll never let go of the headcanon that jason and percy’s first kiss is the opposite of a drunken hookup because they’re the only sober ones at the party.
  • jason gets weird afterwards though because he’s like OH MY GOD I’M AN ACCESSORY TO INFIDELITY I DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE EVER BEEN BORN but it’s cool they talk it out
  • so anyway jercy is really the driving force between the three of them but like i mean now that annabeth’s boyfriend has a boyfriend….well, she can let herself Think About Jason without feeling like she’s doing something wrong
  • and i really like jasabeth okay like i do they’re a good ship
  • so they sort of develop feelings for each other gradually and organically
  • and then lo and behold they’re now a trio instead of percy dating two people

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What you said about caitlin-ronnie-julian is making me sad. It's hard enough to find a great guy in life but caitlin found her soulmate then lost him. How the heck does one move on from something like that! There'll always be a nagging sense of emptiness even when you do but this is kinda unfair to the new man. I hope julian know what he's committing into. 'Cuz from the flashforward, we know julian loves her so much that he dedicated his life to find a cure to bring back caitlin.

It’s not me who said that, i just quoted Danielle. I think we can trust her opinion, as she’s the one who knows Caitlin’s character the most. That’s one of the reasons why i never wanted Julian to serve as her love interest. Because he would never be enough.

I’m not saying that Caitlin won’t get her happy ending with someone though. It’s like in real life. When you lose someone you really loved, it doesn’t mean you will never be happy again. You will. But it will be different. 

mia-oowww  asked:

Romantic headcannons with iwaizumi, kuroo, terushima, and akaashi?

Iwaizumi HCs:

  • When his S.O. is sick, he does his best to take care of them and will go to Great Lengths to get them whatever they need, meaning he’s willing to run to the however far he needs and back. (”You want cake and a book? I’ll run by the bakery and the bookstore to buy you stuff!” “WAIT I WAS JUST KIDDING COME BACK.”)

  • If his S.O. were ever to challenge him to anything, even a friendly little competition, they better be prepared because this kid does not know the meaning mercy. He will thoroughly beat them because he thinks it’s unfair to his opponent to give anything less than his all, even if he’s just competing with his S.O. to see who can eat the most food in one sitting.

Kuroo HCs:

  • Every time he stumbles upon a new joke, he just has to tell his S.O, no matter how out of nowhere it can be. He finds it on the internet? Gotta text his S.O. Thought of a new cat pun? It’s sent straight to his S.O. It’s 12 am and he just came up with a great joke? He sends it and hopes they won’t kill him in the morning.

  • I previously HCed him as someone with naturally high body temperature and from personal experience it gets pretty unbearable in the summer. Even when he’s in the mood for some cuddling it’s just way too hot and if he tries to hold their hand his palms get really sweaty (not that his S.O. minds too much). He finds it super embarrassing but it’s pretty adorable to see him extremely conflicted whenever he wants to hold hands.

Terushima HCs:

  • He’s not the type to stick to schedules so whenever he takes his S.O. out on a date, it’s to places he decided on a whim. He finds the unpredictability much more interesting than being constrained by set plans and it makes each date extremely unique and exciting!

  • He’s most definitely the clingy type and is always touching his S.O. in some sort of way, whether it be hand holding, arm around the shoulder, playing with their hair, anything! However, he doesn’t know how to hold back the PDA so his S.O. would have to smack him a bit to get him to listen to them.

Akaashi HCs:

  • Unlike Kuroo, he’s got a naturally low body temperature. His skin is  always nice and refreshing to touch, especially in the heat. During the winter though, his hands are absolutely freezing so to warm them up, his S.O’s hands would be pretty much attached to his.

  • His favorite place to go on a date would be somewhere quiet where he and his S.O. can have some quality time together without being interrupted. Places like small cafes and bookstores are ideal, but he loves places like aquariums, zoos, and museums where you can hang out and learn at the same time!

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Could you do headcanons for Xander Camilla Subaki and Kaden where Corrin forgets them entirely after receiving a nasty head injury in a battle and they have to rebuild their relationship from the ground up?


  • Xander is at first relieved that Corrin is otherwise going to be alright, minus the memory, and it’s only later when Corrin doesn’t recognize him that he realizes what it means
  • It seems terribly unfair to him and he knows he can’t blame Corrin but it is hard- especially since he has even less time than he did when they were younger
  • He isn’t sure how to make Corrin love him again or how it’s supposed to go but tries to start from the beginning, like would be natural he figures
  • He’s very good at following the doctor’s orders and does everything he can to not stress Corrin out over it because he’s sure it’s worse for them


  • Corrin wakes up being smothered and love by a busty woman they don’t recognize and it’s all very confusing and overwhelming
  • Camilla isn’t threatened by the amnesia, though she doesn’t enjoy it, and continues to treat Corrin like they are the most precious thing to her- though she does respect that they might not be comfortable with too intimate of relations now (this follows Camilla’s intimate instead of Corrin’s sadly)
  • She’s actually fairly sure that continuing like before will only help job Corrin’s memories
  • Camilla does end up feeling very lonely, however, waiting for Corrin to come back to her, and that turns into moments of extreme sadness


  • He blames himself for Corrin’s injury and promises to take care of them perfectly here on out, amnesia or no, and realizes he’s bottling his feelings up again
  • Since Corrin doesn’t remember him his need to be perfect arises once more and he struggles in hopes that they will fall in love with him again (even tho he does realize that their relationship wasn’t built upon his status of being perfect)
  • He tries to ignore all his imperfections, and all the silly things that may have happened in the past that are embarrassing, and belatedly realizes this is pushing Corrin away
  • Starts focusing more on making Corrin feel loved, and being honest, instead of trying to be perfect


  • It’s not like Kaden has known Corrin forever and ever and Kaden is too optimistic to let this demoralize him, so he focuses on the good (like that Corrin is going to be ok) and on what he can do
  • Habits are hard to kill though and he’s still very affectionate towards Corrin, without even planning to flirt and woo (which he is) and doesn’t mind at all telling them about their history if Corrin wants
  • Part of the seducing involves getting Corrin to pet him a lot and the kaleidoscope again- beyond that he’s working on it
  • He wants to give Corrin space but knowing something is wrong with them and missing their usual intimate moments it’s hard for Kaden to leave Corrin alone no matter that he knows he should

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In looking at the various schemes/master plans of Baelish, Varys, (and other "conspiracies " like that of the Faceless Men, Tyrell's, Dorne) it's all incredibly complex and fan theories seem to make lots of assumptions and leaps of logic to tie each respective conspiracy/master plan all up nicely. Is GRRM trying to put a real-world spin on another fantasy trope (ie, master plans don't exist in the real world, just smart, determined people), or just unintentional byproduct of his writing?

I suppose it all depends on what you mean by “master plan.” I don’t know that the Tyrell conspiring is that complex or even hidden; ASOS pretty much lays out the motivations and machinations of the Purple Wedding explicitly from Sansa I forward. Generally, the Tyrells are just operating in what they think is their best interest as an unusually united front on most every level of statecraft (although they’re certainly better at doing good along the way than the Lannisters), and I don’t buy into the more byzantine chessmaster theories regarding them in AFFC. I think they’re just basically trying to govern in a coalition in which they hold significant sway, but they can’t, because a drunk Shakespeare villain named Cersei Lannister keeps making that basic task impossible. 

Doran’s plan is a fairly straightforward revenge-restoration setup, not dissimilar to Wyman Manderly’s, really; the singularity and complexity of it comes in how it keeps going horribly wrong. Oberyn got his head smashed in. Arianne went rogue and got a child’s face slashed open. Quentyn got rejected and burned. If you’re looking for a storyline that upends the “master plan” trope in the manner you’re talking about, Doran’s is the one. 

But then you’ve got Varys, and Varys really is running a long-con master plan to seize the Iron Throne that can only be described as a story within a story. He introduces Aegon like a virus into ASOIAF’s bloodstream, a self-conscious fairy tale hidden-prince mythos designed to hijack the hero role. Aegon’s probably not who he thinks he is, and also isn’t the hero of ASOIAF, but that only underlines the audacity of Varys’ scheme. That he’s doing it (in his mind) for the children, trying to seize control with his “perfect prince” in order to build a world in which what happened to him as a child won’t happen to anyone else is, of course, contradicted by all the child spies whose tongues he’s removed. There’s a certain operatic grandeur to his folly and hypocrisy…

…especially as compared to Littlefinger, because that his schemes are complex doesn’t mean he’s complex. We know the contours of and motivations behind his endgame, even as he keeps some cards hidden. Petyr Baelish is a Nice Guy. He deserved Catelyn and it’s so unfair and he’s smarter than everyone and he’ll show them and ugh. The joke is he’s actually less mature than Sansa even in AGOT. For me, the details of how he did it matter less than the character portrait of utter dysfunction and self-worship weaponized on a continental scale. 

So, there’s variety, is what I’m saying. GRRM sometimes plays chessmaster tropes straight and sometimes critiques them and sometimes does both. 

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AU where Jim is fighting in WW2 and becomes critically injured and Bones is the war doctor who saves him against all odds

Oh my God anon you have no idea how much I have been wanting this after seeing Hacksaw Ridge. 

  • Jim’s enthusiasm about being a soldier falters the first death he sees. It’s right next to him, too. Jim listens to one of Pike’s orders, and then in the blink of an eye the guy next to him tumbles down; his weight falling against Jim and toppling him over. Maybe beneficial, too, because a sea of bullets go over his head. Many other bodies drop down around him, and everything stinks of ash, old blood, and God knows what else. Another guy falls down next to him. Alive, this time, but he doesn’t look too good. “Medic!” Jim calls out loudly, and soon enough, a medic kneels down in front of Jim. Bright white medical sticker on his helmet, and while the medic focuses on saving this guy’s life, Jim reaches out to take that sticker off. “What are you-” “They go after medics first,” Jim says, “carrying a sticker like that is like carrying a bullseye.” Briefly, the doctor glances at him. Face dirty, covered in ash, tired eyes. Still a handsome face underneath all that. “Thank you,” the medic says eventually, and then nods, “I got him. Be careful out there,” he says, and Jim nods.
  • He sees Bones again at the end of the day. Or maybe the next day. Everything is kind of a blur. Jim is exhausted, but he’s okay. He’s alive, which is a big thing considering the fact that the US completely lost the battle and had to retreat. At least for now. He’s back at their camp, taken a quick, cold shower, and falls down on his bunk bed. He’s trying to close his eyes, but it’s all gunfire and screams when he does. So instead, he glances at the man who lies down next to him. The medic. Also showered, but not shaved. There’s a clear stubble on his cheeks. “Hey, doc. You made it,” Jim says, and the other glances at him. “It’s McCoy. Leonard.” He says, turning his face to look at Jim. He briefly narrows his eyes and looks at Jim, like he’s trying to remember him, but those eyes are a dead giveaway. “How are you holding up?” Leonard asks, “I’ve seen a lot of good men go a little crazy out there.” “I’m fine,” Jim says. “You ready to go back out there in the morning?” “Yeah,” Jim replies, “I mean, what choice do we have? Gotta defeat the Japanese somehow.” Leonard huffs a little, smiling lightly. “War’s almost over in Europe, I heard,” Leonard says, “reckon we’re not far off, either. Til that time, try not to get hurt, okay? Not a lot of medics left to save your handsome ass.” He adds, and Jim smiles. “Same to you, doc. Be careful out there.”
  • They just keep running into each other. Jim catches another man who’s lost most of his leg. And he calls out for a medic while tying his leg up to stop him from going into immediate shock. Bones sits down next to him a few seconds later. “I got him.” He sees Leonard a couple more times. Tirelessly saving people’s lives, and every time he finds Leonard alive, it’s a blessing.
  • They hole up together for a night, quietly talking about their lives back in the US. Bones says he has nothing to live for, being divorced from his wife and having no custody over his kid whatsoever. Jim doesn’t have anything in particular either, besides maybe his mom. They bond over missing that real American bourbon, and then Jim keeps watch while Bones sleeps for a few hours. The battle ground is so quiet, it’s incredibly eerie with a layer of smoke and fog covering the grounds, making both allies and enemies completely invisible.
  • The Japanese catch them completely by surprise at the crack of dawn, and the whole battlefield turns red in this unfair fight. Jim doesn’t even know who’s who anymore. He’s lost Leonard somewhere, people are falling back, and he doesn’t even know how he makes his way back to Pike, but he does. “What are we doing?” Jim shouts over the sound of gunfire. “We gotta fall back!” Pike says, nudging Jim backwards. 
  • When he makes his way back to the main camp, Jim drops down on one of the beds and he smiles when Uhura approaches him. “Aren’t you a light in the darkness,” Jim says, and Uhura throws him a smile. “D'you need anything?” She asks, and Jim shakes his head. “Have you seen Leonard?” “No,” Uhura says, “If he’s alive, I’m sure he’ll be back in soon.” “If he’s alive? You know how to be optimistic,” Jim huffs, running a hand through his hair. “I think we’ve both seen enough bodies to stop being optimistic here,” Uhura says, briefly resting her hand on Jim’s leg, and then she walks off to assist other soldiers where she can.
  • Leonard isn’t back come nightfall, and Jim fears for the worst. He’s checked all the dead bodies they’ve brought back, but Leonard isn’t among them. He finds out come morning that Leonard has been up all night rescuing survivors. When he sees Leonard again, he looks exhausted. Like he can barely stand on his legs, and Jim pulls him down on the ground. “Jesus, Leonard, how are you still standing?” Jim asks, and Leonard shrugs. “Gotta bring everyone home,” Leonard says. “You okay?” “Yeah,” Jim says. “Good,” Bones replies, “I’ll see you later.”
  • But then Jim gets hurt. He doesn’t know exactly what happens - he turns around just one second and a grenade explodes behind him. Jim hits the ground, and he’s passed out for a while. When he wakes up, he tastes blood in his own mouth, Pike is kneeling down next to him and Jim vaguely registers him calling out for a medic. Jim looks up at him, watching Pike press down his hands on Jim’s side to stop the bleeding. Leonard kneels down next to him, and he throws Jim a faint smile. “Hang in there, James,” Leonard tells him, “I’m gonna get you home, and you’re gonna show me Riverside. Okay? I’m gonna bring you home.” Jim listens to Leonard speak, and he smiles faintly. “You wanna see Iowa?” He asks, relaxing when Leonard injects morphine into his body. “Yeah,” Leonard says, “You gotta show me all of it, Jim. Just hang in there a little longer.“ 
  • The way back to America is kind of a blur. Jim is constantly in and out of consciousness, and he spends another two months at least just for surgeries and recovery. He doesn’t really see Leonard at all during that time, doesn’t even know if he’s alive at all. But finally, after three months of recovering at home with his mom (– which, bless her heart, is definitely driving Jim nuts), Jim looks up when when a car pulls up on his driveway. He’s sitting on his porch, enjoying that quiet, Iowa summer, though he still hears the bombs and gunfires in his head sometimes. Leonard gets out of the car, and Jim gets up slowly. “Hey, stranger,” Leonard calls out and Jim grins because he looks so absolutely incredible with that five o'clock shadow and a tight shirt that’s not a uniform. “Leonard,” Jim says, calling his name out like a sigh. He steps off his porch, and Leonard approaches him. “Comin’ here to take a look at my battle scars?” Jim asks, lifting up his shirt to show the ugly scars on his side and his stomach. “I don’t mind you shirtless, but I didn’t come looking at those scars,” Leonard says, and Jim can’t help but smile. Then, he pulls Leonard into a hug; tight and like he’s trying to tell himself that this is really happening. This is actually Leonard. He’s okay. “You look a lot better when you’re not covered in ash and blood,” Jim says when he lets go, and Leonard laughs. “You too,” he replies, “I wasn’t sure I’d see you again. You were in a pretty rough shape.” Jim shrugs at that, sliding an arm around Leonard’s shoulder to pull him towards the house. “I had a good medic,” Jim says, and Leonard smiles. But before Jim can drag him up the porch, Leonard pulls him in and kisses him. Just briefly, and Jim wishes it had been longer, because for the first time since his return he just forgets about all the things on his mind and he just pleasantly blanks out with Leonard’s lips against his own. When Leonard pulls away, he gives Jim a small grin. “Are you gonna give me a tour of the house?” He asks, and Jim nods. “How ‘bout we start with the bedroom?”