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What Does Crowley Know…About the Angel Spell?

Yesterday I rewatched 9x06: Heaven Can’s Wait. Last time I watched this episode, I was too distracted by my hopes for epic romance

and the new fact that humans blow up hot pink

to note much else of import. 

This time around, however, a certain much more plot-related scene leapt out at me.  At the start of this episode Kevin, in his last act as prophet, is able to translate the angel spell into an unreadable squiggly cartoon language

but is unable to proceed farther.  Sam and Kevin then convince Crowley to translate it in exchange for a phone call to Abaddon.

After the call, Crowley begrudgingly translates the spell from squiggle language.

So, Crowley reads the whole spell and is surprised by something in it. “Hmm,” he says, then he tells Sam and Kevin it’s irreversible. 

I wonder what surprised him.

Sure it could be that it’s irreversible. Except…

Except…the spell does not appear to be irreversible.  Because in 9x09, this conversation between Metatron and Gadreel happens (paraphrased):

Repopulating Heaven with only the cool angels? That’s not my definition of irreversible angel expulsion.

If Crowley was lying to Sam and Kevin, then what was he surprised by? Obviously, I have my own biased, wishful thinking suspicions, based on Crowley’s interests in the next episode he was in:

But really, the question is ripe for more speculation.

An aside: interesting distillation of the angel spell ingredients, right? Heart. Grace. Bow.

Finally, I leave you with the angel spell itself. Perhaps the whole season is spelled out in these squiggles.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Crowley knows about Dean and Cas? The meatsuit he chose for Dean to save in 9x17 (because let's face it, Dean wasn't saving Crowley. Crowley can't be killed by a regular knife, Dean knew that and so do we) did remind me of a certain angel friend of Dean's, is the same true for you? What do you think about that? Do you think Crowley chose that meatsuit because he knows, or was it just a coincidence?

YOU are the best anon ever, because I have SO many thoughts on Crowley that have just been raring to get out.

First off, Crowley abso-fucking-lutely knows about Dean and Cas. Hell, Crowley I’m pretty sure knew about Dean and Cas before anybody else on the entire show. Because there’s nothing Crowley doesn’t know.

But you have his exchanges with Cas in TMWWBK

CASTIEL I am holding up my end.

CROWLEY Ah, yes. But is that all you’re holding? See…the stench of that Impala’s all over your overcoat, Angel.


CASTIEL I spoke with Dean. I needed to know what they know.

CROWLEY About what? About me, maybe?‘Cause I happen to have it on good authority that your two little pets are currently trying to hunt me down! Forgive me, but I think you might have a little conflict of interest here.


CROWLEY The big lie – the Winchesters still buy it. The good Cas, the righteous Cas. And long as they still believe it, you get to believe it. Well, I got news for you, kitten. A whore is a whore is a whore.

(Castiel shoves Crowley against the wall)

CASTIEL I’m only gonna say this once. If you touch a hair on their heads, I will tear it all down. Our arrangement – everything. I’m still an Angel, and I will bury you.

And then on Dean’s end, we have from 8.01

Dean. You’re looking… well, let’s just say Purgatory didn’t do you any favors. Where’s your angel?

Like, right off the fucking bat he was taunting Dean about Cas, and not with “Where’s the angel?” but rather “Where’s your angel?” which I think is a pretty distinct difference.

Then in 9.10 while Dean and Cas are having their talk, and Dean apologizes to Cas, and Cas is all sweet and forgiving, and it would be incredibly heartwarming were it not for the torture going on behind them, that scene, the camera focuses in on Crowley watching Dean and Cas.

So yes, Crowley 100% knows about them, but again, Crowley knows everything. I am completely convinced at this point that he’s being set up to be the big bad, at least representing Hell, for S10.

And a lot of fans I’ve talked to are pissed about it, they prefer Abaddon, and aren’t happy that she’s looking to likely die this season. And I can respect that, Abaddon is a fun villain, she’s all smash and grab bombastic, she’s larger than life, she’s a throwback to the villains of earlier seasons in that she’s so completely evil without ambiguity, and Alaina is a fantastic actress and unreasonably attractive.

Meanwhile, I hear complaints that Crowley isn’t scary, he’s quippy, he works with the Winchesters and plays both sides, but that’s so totally the point. Abaddon is bombastic, but Crowley is insidious. She’s a nuclear warhead, and he’s a virus, she does more damage up front for sure, but in the long term he makes you suffer so far beyond what she can do. Because he knows everything, and he uses that knowledge to manipulate. He makes it look like he’s playing both sides when in reality, he’s only out for Crowley.

He’s done it since he was very first introduced on the show, giving the Winchesters the Colt, on the off chance they could kill Lucifer, but not at all concerned that he was uncertain and they could easily die in the process. He appears to play both sides, and does it well enough that the Winchesters and the audience underestimate him.

Which is absolutely idiotic on all of our parts. He played puppetmaster with Cas in S6, and he’s doing it again with Dean in S9. In 9.17 there’s some really fantastic visual metaphors going on while Crowley and Dean are talking and Dean is playing pool, first, Crowley takes the chalk, which means he controls Dean’s ability to even start the game, then later he steals the cue ball which is the ball that literally dictates what direction the game takes.

And Crowley made it clear he understood the game all the way back in TMWWBK

CROWLEY Don’t worry about – what, like Lucifer didn’t worry? Or Michael? Or Lilith or Alastair or Azazel didn’t worry?! Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn’t underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares?!

I also think his line back in 8.21 was a bit of very subtle foreshadowing

CROWLEY I was born to direct.

As this season progresses, and we find out there’s the backdoor to Heaven, it’s becoming more and more clear that Crowley was lying in 9.06

CROWLEY reads “Obtain the ingredients – heart, bow, Grace.” Blah, blah, blah. “Mix until the smoke shall rise from the ashes casting the angels from heaven.” Blah, blah – Oh. Hm. It’s irreversible.


This spell can’t be undone. The new world order – we’re stuck with it.

And we’ve had ongoing reminders throughout the Carver era of just what Crowley is capable of, 8.22 for example.

So, does Crowley know about Cas and Dean? Again, Crowley knows everything, and it would be in the best interests of the viewers and the Winchesters to stop underestimating him. Because as of right now, he’s the one pulling Dean’s strings. And if anyone is going to emerge from S9 unscathed, my money is on him.

As to the meatsuit, normally I’d say something really obnoxious like “What do you think? Because that’s what matters.” and I’d talk about how it could be coincidence, and all the same things I would say if we were discussing Daphne’s resemblance to Dean in S7. Where it could go either way, and it’s like the 9.06 fanfiction gap where while it’s not necessarily deliberate, added in to all our other understanding of the story, deliberate or not, it matters. And I do think Dean was trying to protect Crowley, as well as protect the kid.

But, 9.17 is a little bit different. Because 9.17 was directed by Misha. And the director very likely gets some say in casting. And, from what I’ve read about TSA America, Misha knows exactly what he’s doing.

Which has me more willing than I normally would be to call that casting intentional, though I still fall back to intent not being all that important, because subtext and unintentional cues are just there to support our interpretation of what the text already tells us.