does bad things for you that others enjoy it though

Hello, Killing Stalking fans! Let’s get one thing straight, you are not a bad, homophobic person (honestly, how is Killing Stalking homophobic though?), nor does that make you an abuse supporter for enjoying the comic.
We should respect the comics/mangas/animes etc others enjoy, because at the end of the day, it’s fiction! It’s stupid to put others down for enjoying fiction. If you simply don’t like something other people enjoy, steer clear of it! It’s your own fault for looking through tags, etc to start an argument.
Enjoy the comic in any, way, shape or form. Whether it’s for the plot line or not. As long as you can depict fiction from reality, you’re all good!! This is an amazing comic, and I admire Koogi for having the guts to produce such a controversial, but realistic story about Stockholm and Lima syndrome.

Are Your Friends An Elevator or a Cage?

Excerpt from Steve Pavlina’s Book (available for free from the author)

As a follow-up to the last entry, let’s explore the role of the people in your life. Are they elevating you to be the best person you can be, or are they holding you back?

I mentioned in my last entry that when going through major life shifts, like changing careers, I would shift the people with whom I spent the most time. We’ve all gone through periods where the people in our lives have changed — graduation, moving to a new city, getting a new job, joining a new club, etc. I don’t think I need to convince you just how much influence other people can have over your identity. If you’ve ever experienced a major shift in your people environment, then you know that you change as well.

Most people don’t make these choices consciously though. You might consciously decide to spend more time with a certain friend, or you may ask someone out on a date to begin a new relationship. But few people choose the bulk of their existing friendships deliberately. Chance meetings may be out of your control, but the strength or weakness of your existing connections is largely under your control.

Think for a moment about the 5-10 people with whom you spend the most time. Even include online communities if you spend a lot of time reading them — which individuals are having the most influence over your thinking right now? Actually write out the list — it should only take a minute. And this includes family members.

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an in-depth explanation as to why porn of the childrens show Steven Universe is bad and really doesnt make you better than people who draw nsfw of MLP.

we got quite a few messages yesterday about people who can not get it through their head that the main reason is that they are childrens shows, they are meant to be safe for children (with the exception of a few in-show dirty jokes that shows always have so their parents get their own laugh too).

 lets review.

  • “Let people draw what they want!” okay no. you do not get the freedom to draw whatever you want. that sounds mean but there are boundaries. no one is infringing on your artistic imagination by telling you that if it risks children. this is a poor argument because lest we forget that One Certain MLP NSFW blog…
  • “But I’m an adult and I want to draw NSFW of these adult characters” even though youre an adult, and im telling you this as an adult who is also an artist, you absolutely can not because this is a childrens show. if you want to draw the characters naked for anatomy practice absolutely do not post it. anywhere.
  • “There is porn of everything! You cant seriously think there wont be any of just this one show” just because there is porn of everything doesnt mean there should be. do not give into this. just because you see other people do it does not mean it is okay to do. these characters are meant for children, dont you dare make anything unsuitable for kids of these characters.
  • “But Rebecca Sugar has drawn Ed Edd n Eddy porn once” for many reasons, she shouldnt have, and just because she made that mistake doesnt mean you can. 1) even though almost all EEnE fans are adults now, it was a childrens show, and 2) there are still children who watch and enjoy the reruns they find. When the creator of something good does something bad, you should bring it to their attention. Sugar has done some other problematic things, but we are focusing on the fan base right now
  • “it doesnt show up in google search, so what’s the deal?” the thing is that even though nothing shows up now, does not mean it never will. this has happened to other childrens shows, have you never seen a post like “omg do not google Legend of Korra” because when you do you see an explicit drawing of korra doing something with her waterbending you should not draw childrens show characters doing. or that time if you searched “feraligatr” in google images with safe search on the first picture was pornography of said pokemon. if you post it, there is a risk of this happening.

do you really need anymore reasons or are you that disgusting. please do not make porn of Steven Universe, or any other childrens media. It is not ours to take and make it unsafe for the intended audience. the fan base may not be anywhere as bad as Bronies, but producing porn of childrens shows is still producing porn of childrens shows, and you are not any better than those who draw MLP porn, so do not do it.  -max

I have been seeing a lot of Sonic fans feeling down due to some of the negative talk about the Sonic franchise that has been going around recently.

I just want to say, that there is no need to be ashamed about being a Sonic fan. Sure, many people have it out for the blue blur, but that should not stop us from enjoying a franchise that brings us happiness. Just because a group of other people do not like Sonic does not mean that we should stop liking, feel bad or feel ashamed about liking the franchise.

Being a Sonic fan harms no one, and even though the internet likes to act like it does, and that Sonic is the worse thing to happen to video game history. It is really not. Sonic has had its many downs, but it is always the positive and fun aspects that keep us coming back, and waiting for more. 

Keep enjoying what you love, Sonic fans, and do not let non fans get you down. 

Things I Learned in 2015

- Mental health comes first

- “Friends” = quality/quantity. Keep good people around and hold on tight. It’s not ok to keep nurturing relationships that don’t make you happy/a better person

- It’s ok to stand up for yourself. Even if it makes you uncomfortable 

- True love isn’t within the 25 mile radius of your stupid fucking dating apps

- It’s ok to feel like you’re not where you’d like to be. Does anyone ever fully get to that place anyway?

- Drugs aren’t that fun

- Comparing yourself and your journey to other peoples is extremely toxic and will get you nowhere

- Learning how to enjoy your own company is so powerful

- A little bit of delusion can be good when it comes to creativity 

- Red wine is actually lit

- Sex can very well be a form of self-harm 

- It’s not a bad thing to evolve and change faster or in different ways than people in your circle/tribe 

- Self sabotage, though sometimes therapeutic, is always a dead end road

- Your feelings are valid simply because you felt them

- Meditation is actually lit 

- In a new existence where everything and everyone is so fast, taking your time is actually the key

The Only Exception

Dean x Reader

Author: oheyitscryssi

Warnings: lotta fluff.

Summary: The reader has been with the Winchesters for a long time now, and Sam finally convinces Dean to own up to his feelings. Based off the song The Only Exception by Paramore.

“Damn it, Dean! Just tell her already!”  Sam slammed his beer down on the table.

“Dude, seriously?! Can we lower the volume a little?” Dean whispers, shooting a glance to the hallway. You’re asleep in your room, and he would like to keep it that way. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but anyone we love doesn’t exactly get a happy ending… Mom, Dad, Jess, Kevin, Jo, Ellen…”

“Their deaths weren’t our fault,” Sam says in a lowered voice. Dean raises his eyebrow in speculation.

“Oh yeah? What about Kevin, huh? Gadreel never would have had the opportunity to kill him if I-”

“If you hadn’t saved my life?” Sam interrupts. “I’m not saying I agree with what you did there because I don’t. Like at all. But I’m here. It wasn’t you that killed Kevin. That’s not on you. You can’t let the past dictate your entire future.”

Dean sighs and takes a long swig of his beer. His mind is a swirling mess of sadness, guilt, anxiety, and love. For you. His feelings for you have been growing steadily since he met you those many months ago. You had seen his flaws and mistakes, moods and shortcomings, and still you had never turned your back on him when many others probably would have. The conversation he was having with Sam was one that had been repeated many times. Sam was of the thought that Dean should man up and tell you how he felt; had been for a long time. Dean, on the other hand, didn’t want to risk it.

Then he began to think about what life would be like without you by his side. You laughing and kissing some other guy, possibly leaving the brothers to start a new life with someone else. A family. The mere possibility of that makes his heart clench. Suddenly the air in the bunker is hard to breathe. Dean stands from the table, finishing off his beer before tossing the empty bottle in the trash.

"I need some air,” he says, not making eye contact with Sam.

He walks out of the kitchen and starts down the hall, coming to a halt outside your door. He places his hand flat on the wood, fingers splayed, as of he could feel you on the other side. He leans his head against his hand and takes a deep breath. Turning the knob slowly, he eases the door open and slips inside. It creaks slightly as he closes it, and Dean winces at the sound. For a few beats, he stands there, hand still on the knob as he works up the courage.

Turning around, Dean sees you still in a deep slumber. The sheets are tangled around your legs and your hair covers your face along with one arm. You look so peaceful laying there. He slips off his shoes, leaving them by your own before quietly padding over. Being careful not to jostle you, he sits on the edge of the mattress. He gently sweeps the hair off your face, snatching his hand back and staying still as a stone when you begin to stir.

“Dean,” you mumble, and he opens his mouth to answer. You sigh deeply and pull the pillow closer you. You’re still asleep.

Dean smiles slightly and carefully swings his legs up onto the bed, leaning his back against the headboard. He begins to look around your room, your personal touches here and there. There’s a poster of your favorite band tacked up on the wall, a bulletin board with pictures of your family and friends scattered on it, and right next to your bed is an iron picture frame. The three people in the picture smile widely with their arms draped around each other’s shoulders. Dean picks up it and tilts it toward the dimly glowing bedside lamp. He doesn’t remember when it was taken, but had to have been more than six months ago. In it, Sam smiles like goof and you don’t have the small scar on your chin from when that demon had clipped you with a crowbar. Dean laughs silently at the memory. You were more pissed that you had gotten blood on your favorite Pearl Jam shirt. The demon was dispatched in a blink of an eye. He quietly sets the frame back down and looks back down at you. Your (y/c/e)  eyes look back at him.

“Hi,” he says.

“Hi yourself,” you answer with a smile. “What are you doin’?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. I just want to… uh… talk to you.”

You rub your eyes and sit up. Pulling your hair back, you tie it with a band from around your wrist. Your expression is worried as you look at Dean.

“What’s wrong?”

Dean just shrugs, feigning interest in a nonexistent spot on his shirt - stalling the conversation. He feels your hand rest on his arm which brings his eyes up to meet your own. There are light indents on your cheek from the pillow and your eyes still have that slightly glazed over look you get in the morning. In Dean’s opinion, this is when you’re most beautiful: no make-up, untamed hair, vulnerable from just waking. He holds his arm out to the side and you scoot closer to him, the hint of your vanilla perfume enveloping him.

“When my mom died, my dad… He changed. He became obsessed with tracking down the demon that killed her. He turned me into a soldier instead of a little boy, and into a father to Sam before I was out of elementary school. I always thought that that was what love did to people: twisted them and changed them until the person they were was lost. I swore to myself that I would never let that happen to me. That I never would forget what that did to my father, to my family, to Sammy…” his voice trails off as he tries to reign in his emotions. He cleares his throat and turns his head to face the wall. The words will be easier to get out if he wasn’t looking at you. “I had a pretty tight grip on the reality of it until I met you. I had accepted that the life I had didn’t allow for a relationship, and I had accepted that - other than Sam - I would more than likely die alone. No picket fence, no kids in the yard, no woman to hold my hand through it all.”

“Dean,” you say softly, placing a hand over his own. He sets his jaw and shakes his head.

“I have to get this out.” He takes another deep breath and his gaze shifts to the ceiling. “I’ve seen what love does to people around me. It gets them killed. I never wanted to pull anyone into that. Never. So I found my own way to keep myself apart.”

“Whiskey,” you whisper. Dean gives a laugh that is devoid of any humor.

“Whiskey, beer, random chicks who would offer me a good time. You know what those three have in common? They’re temporary. Those girls were always gone the next day, if not sooner. Then it was back to the next remedy. It let me keep my distance from it. Eventually, I convinced myself I wanted the loneliness. Mostly because the risk of someone I had grown attached to getting hurt wasn’t worth it.” His throat begins to tighten, and he fakes a cough to cover it. “So, yeah, I’ve had a pretty solid understanding of what happens to people I let in, and it’s never anything good. And I know its selfish, but I can’t let go of what I feel for you. _____, I lo- I care about you. A lot. I know the best and the safest thing for you would be for you to leave and find some American dream of a life somewhere far from me. But I can’t bring myself to let you go, not when the best thing that has ever walked into my life is right in front of me here. I’ve tried for so long to keep almost everyone at arms length - you being the only exception.”

A tear slips from his eye, and he feels your hand on his cheek wiping it away. Dean leans his face into your touch, wanting to memorize the warmth there. He closes his eyes.

“This a lot to put on you. If in the morning, you’re gone, I’ll understand,” he says quietly. Your touch on his face grows firmer, your thumb gripping his chin to turn him toward you. Your eyebrows are knitted together, you mouth set in a stern line.

“You think I don’t know the dangers of doing what we do? You may care for me, Dean, but I’ve flat out loved you for a long time now. I’m not worried about what might happen to me days, weeks from now. I know you think your brother and you are cursed or something, but I don’t. Bad things happen all the time. To everyone.”

“You have to admit, though, that a lot of it happens to us,” Dean replies. That draws a short laugh from you.

“Yeah, it does. And the way I see it, that’s all the more reason to enjoy the good when it comes our way. You’re the best good that has come my way in quite some time.”

You lean forward and kiss him, short and sweet. Dean’s heart leaps at the contact and he twines his arms around you, placing a hand at the small of your back as the other traces the planes of your shoulders. Your hands rest on his neck, your thumb running across his stubble. You smile.

“I love you,” he whispers.

“Don’t worry about me, Dean. I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself. I love you, too. And I’m here if you want me.”

Dean leans forward to find your mouth once more, his lips parting yours and his tongue darting inside to taste you. He holds you tight against his body as his whole body shakes slightly from spent anxiety. It was all going to be okay. For once, Dean’s life may actually go the way he wanted it to.

anonymous asked:

so i love getting people's opinion on this. why do u think emily fell for alison when they were 14? like what was it about ali that made her love her? and what do you think is the reason she's in love with ali now?

That is a very good questions and I have several thoughts but I guess that, in my opinion, Emily initially fell for Alison because she made her feel needed and special, you know? Alison chose her, Alison would go to her when things were bad, Alison would often treat her better than she treated other people, and I guess Emily felt like she was special because wow this person who treats everyone like shit seems to enjoy spending time with me. And Alison was captivating, I mean, she was beautiful but she was also mysterious and interesting and someone you can’t quite figure out - even though Emily did know her better than many people and still does. I think that now it’s completely different though, I feel like she never fell out of love with Alison and I think she still loves her because Alison has changed; I highly doubt she would still love Alison if Alison hadn’t changed her ways. This new Alison, she’s mature, she’s there for Emily too so it doesn’t feel one sided, she still makes Emily feel needed because it’s who she goes to whenever things go wrong. And I think Emily has never forgotten that one night they shared all those years ago and that gives her something to hold onto - the Alison she loves now is someone who has shown she can love back and not just this high school crush she had.

Prince of Stride - Game Impressions/Info

Prince of Stride is getting an anime in 2016 by Madhouse! This could not make me any happier since the game was so fun and engaging for me, I’m excited to see how the anime turns out! To clarify, here’s the PoS history as to how the series started:

Light Novels + Mini 4koma webcomic manga (2012-Ongoing) > Drama CD (2013) > O T O M E  Game (2015) > More drama CDs (2015) > Anime (2016)

With that in mind, I’m sure that the fandom will only grow so I decided to finish up my PoS review of the game I promised/finished like… over a month ago. I hope this review/impressions post helps to answer some questions people have about the PoS world. However, please keep in mind that my knowledge of Prince of Stride is solely based on the game and tidbits from the official website. As such, some things that I may have considered to be spoilers are not actually. In that case, please don’t hesitate to hit up my ask box if you want more details about the characters. And with that:

On your mark,

Get set,

Stride GO!

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This kid is going to be alright

My daughter is a graphic design major. She’s very talented and is doing well at her second co-op semester. I know next to nothing about creative professions and that makes me nervous on her behalf. Everyone else in our family is a left-brain accountant, business type. Her brother will likely start his career as an auditor CPA at a Big 4 accounting firm, just as my wife and I did and one of his uncles and one of his grandfathers. I understand the business world and can give my son advice if he wants it and generally have a better understanding of how his career is likely to progress.

I don’t know anything about design though. How does one advance in their career? How much money do they make? What differentiates a good employer from a bad one? Lots of questions and she will have to figure all of them out on her own.

We were talking about this the other day and she said something which I found very reassuring.

“Left brain types like you spend all your time doing left brain things so you can earn enough money to enjoy the things designed and created by right brain types like me.”

I think she’s going to be just fine.

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Can you have a meltdown from good emotions? I had a really bad one at school even though I was feeling really excited and happy. I guess I got an emotional overload, but from good things, which kind of sucks.

Yep and it really does suck. 

Also, this is why I get so pissed off when people suggest that autistic people don’t like socializing because we’re “anti-social” or withdrawn or some other nonsense. There is a very real cost to social interaction, even the kind that you totally enjoy.