does anyone want to take me to this places

Does anyone else ever randomly think about the fact Rent takes place only 27 years after Hairspray? The characters of Hairspray could be the parents of the characters of Rent, that’s how close their timelines are.

serious question

what is it about santa fe that all the musical characters want?? like tom collins and angel dumott-schunard from rent want to go to santa fe and god knows jack kelly from newsies is freaking obsessed with santa fe and then he drags crutchie into it like poor crutchie only wants to ride a palomino like isn’t santa fe just deserts and cactuses?? does anyone wanna go to santa fe with me to take some cute pics, make some musical references, and figure out what the hell is so great about that place so we can pretend to inform these characters about what they are/aren’t missing as if they’re real people please??? let’s be friends.



Summary: You’ve been dating Cas for a year; ever since you met the Winchesters. Now, after Lucifer has taken over Cas’ vessel, Lucifer takes a liking to you. Cas can still see and hear whatever Lucifer does, and he desperately wants to stop him, but how can he?

A New Me

Second Chance

You Don’t Understand

I Don’t Share

Word Count: 600 words

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does anyone else but me feel a bit uncomfortable with vriska just handing john earth all nonchalant like. I mean he grew up there, watched it blow up a couple times, and had unexpected deaths take place there including the extinction of his entire race,and now he’s just holding the remains. I really want to know what john’s thinking.

I cant finish this, so here have my W.I.P JOHN for todays upd8

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can u write a napollya fanfic?!

[ pre-slash, takes place prob after istanbul, but before the tv series, so they’re still ‘ getting to know each other ’. also i’m not a sniper, so if anyone wants to correct me on this please do haha ]

Napoleon knows he’s a wonderful specimen of a human being. He’s handsome, charming. Nice and slick black hair, baby blue eyes, a strong jaw and chin and firm nose. Perfectly good genes to pass down to future generations, if he says so himself ( and he does. )

But then he looks to his right and there’s Peril, who just might have been genetically engineered to be one of the most beautiful creatures possible. Even in the dark, form covered by black fabric ( deliciously tight black fabric ), dirt speckling pale cheeks framed by high, sharp cheekbones, Illya looks very much like what Napoleon had dreamed perfection would look like.

Icy blue hues rest beneath furrowed brows as he gazes out toward the target. It’s hard to tell the truth of his height as he lays down, heels flat on the ground and his body parallel to his weapon. His jaw is pressed against the stock, arms just the correct balance between trigger-ready tense and recoil-ready loose. The muscles in his arm bulge as he adjusts his grip.

He knows that if Illya knew just what he was doing, instead of watching the movements of some South American warlord overseeing the entrance of weapons into his domain, he’d get a slap to the head and a sharp “Focus”. But the Russian is doing all the focusing for him, so he’d rather watch what was infinitely more interesting.

“Cowboy?” Illya whispers under his breath, never once glancing in Napoleon’s direction. “You’ve not said a word in three minutes. New record.”

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Does anyone else with avpd/bpd not work?? Like you feel too scared to work?? Like I’ve applied to places but I always end up having this this massive breakdown when it comes down to the interviews & just in general thinking about the people I’ll be involved with & what if I fail…

Idk, my partner takes really good care of me but I don’t want him to feel like he’ll have to do this forever & next month I’ll be 21 & I haven’t even had a job yet & idk. I want to progress, but I’m so scared.. I’m sorry for being so negative..

Idk, I just want to know if I’m not alone in this..

So guys I need help

So my fam doesn’t have a lot of money, literally no money to spare actually. But my mom has super bad eyes and she’s had her glasses for over 10 years now and they’re broken as hell and she has to super glue the lens on all the time and now there’s super glue all over one of the lenses so you can’t see out of it so she wears VERY UNCOMFORTABLE contacts to work (they’re single use and she’s using them daily…) and buying her new glasses would cost us at least $400 to replace (because she needs a certain type of lens). We don’t have $400.

So my question is, what do? My mom works her ass off all day long and sometimes 7 days a week so I want to buy them for her. Does anyone know of a place where I can buy her glasses that isn’t going to take me 4 months to save for? I’m not 100% sure on the specifics about her lenses but I will definitely get them from her. I just want to know if any of you guys know of a place where I can perhaps order some at a lower price? Any info at all would be super appreciated!!

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