does anyone understand what i was going for here

I WANT TRANS BUDDIES. People on the internet are always like “oh my trans friends do this” and “oh my trans friends do that”. I want trans buddies to be trans with. Like, not because they are trans but just to be friends and then we can relate to each other really well? I guess? Does anyone understand what I’m trying to say here?? I don’t have anyone to talk to about say… phalloplasty.. without them being like “can you get an erectile device even though you don’t want one so I can play with your dick?” No joke that actually happened. But I also want friends to talk to about dogs and star trek and power rangers and just… life. Does any of this make sense? Just… people I can relate to on more than one level; gender but also interests. I want someone who can go with me to get liposuction on my hips. Is it weird that I want that? I don’t know anyone else, who is apart of my life, that is trans, that I can relate to. This is probably hopeless… but I have kik and skype and viber and line and disney mix and all of that nonsense if anyone’s interested in maybe having a friend. Maybe we can end up creating one big trans buddy chat thing? Ah well whatever

Vagabond | Spencer Reid x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid

Requested: Yep! #98      

             “Don’t shut me out

Warnings: Implied sex, swearing, alcohol

Summary: You were always a vagabond, a writer with no real home, going place to place aimlessly. That is, until you met a one, Spencer Reid.

Word count:

A/N: I have been thinking about this plot for a while now and then someone requested this prompt and it fit really well so I ran with it! Idk if I like this, it feels choppy and forced. Anyways, feedback is always appreciated!!!

Your parents always call you their vagabond. You couldn’t stay in one place for very long, and as a writer, you didn’t have to. Always finding short leases and having few large personal belongings, you moved at least once a year. You grew up in the Midwest but knew you were destined for bigger things so you worked your way through high school and university and left the second that degree was in your hand. First you went to California, writing for a newspaper there and writing your novels when you got home from work. Before you knew it, you were signed to a big publisher and making Best Seller lists, so you took off once again. It didn’t really matter where you went so long as you had your drafts emailed to your editor on time.        

             You first met Spencer Reid in New Orleans when he was visiting Ethan. After seeing Ethan during the Jones’ case, Spencer had made a point to visit his old friend more often. Him and Ethan had been sitting in the bar Ethan was playing at when you had come in. You were friends with the musician, he was one of the first people you met when you first moved to The Big Easy and you were quick friends.

             “Y/N,” Ethan greeted, standing up and wrapping his arm around your shoulders, “This is my old friend Spencer Reid, Spencer Reid, this is Y/F/L Y/L/N, with how much you read I’m sure you recognize the name.”

             “I- yeah, I’m a big fan of your work.” Spencer said with a bashful smile, standing up to shake your hand.

             “Why thank you,” You grinned at the tall FBI agent before excusing yourself to grab a drink.

             “Don’t even think about it, she’ll break you in half.” Ethan said with a smirk, noting the way his friend looked at you as you walked away.

             “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Spencer said quickly, a bit hurt at his friend’s comment.

             “Ethan’s told me a lot about you, Spencer,” You say as you sit down with your drink, “How long are you in town for?”

             “A few days, if I don’t get called in on an emergency case,”

             “Perfect,” You say with a siren’s smile.

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Accidents Cause Accidents

 Word Count: 3043

    A/N: this was requested by Nerdy_Girl1423, and it was real fun and interesting to write. I hope this is what you wanted! Feedback is always welcomed by dudes and it is also appreciated! When i posted this to my Wattpad, i got a ton of requests to do a part 2, but im still debating whether i should or not considering it was supposed to be just a oneshot. I’m sure ill write another one though lmao, i kinda made it a bit of a cliffhanger without realizing i did. Much love ️

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@wolfie-bog requested:

“we got riley and kala talking about their cluster boyfriends but now all i want is will and wolfgang talking about how amazing their girls are and sharing relationship advice ok bye” (originally from this post by @macemchenrys)

Yes good I am so damn ready for this.  Set some time after the clusters rescues Wolfgang and they leave the UK. References back to this ficlet in which Wolfgang gets over himself and realizes Kala doesn’t blame him for anything that happened with Whispers.  But since I just gave you a summary, you don’t have to read it before this one.

After the cluster had saved Wolfgang, he had been reluctant to see Kala at first.  He had been wracked with guilt over Whispers using him to find her name.  But it hadn’t lasted long – even through the blockers, the pull between them was too strong. Before he knew what he was doing, he had let Nomi and Sun convince him to at least speak to her, and then there was no going back.  Once they saw each other in person, Wolfgang knew he was hers as long as she would have him.

From there, things were easier.  Kala (and the rest of the cluster) nursed him back to health.  As soon as he was well enough to travel without drawing attention to himself, they left London for Brussels.  In a new city, no longer surrounded by the memories of what happened to him, Wolfgang and Kala finally start to feel like they’re in a real relationship.

It’s wonderful.  Even with the blockers, it’s the best thing Wolfgang has ever known in his life.  But it also brings up something he had not really had time to consider before – he had no idea how to actually be in a relationship.  Loving Kala?  That was easy.  It was more natural than breathing.  But being her boyfriend?  Even the word felt strange on Wolfgang’s tongue.

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harry potter… draco malfoy says in a casual manner, drawling the words and letting it roll around his tongue melodiously. just perfect. it’s only their first year, but somehow draco is intrigued by the boy who lived, not because of his glorious title, but because of him, his scrawny frame, his startling green eyes, his tousled jet black hair, and who could forget his obnoxiously round glasses? yes, draco decides, he’s going to befriend this beautiful bespectacled boy.

scared, potter? draco malfoy, snarky slytherin, challenges gryffindor boy wonder, harry potter. draco knows how pretentious he sounds, yet he just can’t help it. this stupid boy incites a certain strong feeling in him, makes him feel rather… free. merlin knows he feels a particular something for the boy who lived, of all people.

potter, draco malfoy tells crabbe, goyle, and anyone else that has ears, a hint of annoyance and anger seeping through his voice. underneath all of that is the pain. it’s been years, and draco still doesn’t understand. what does weasley and granger have that i don’t? why the hell did it take plotting a bloody murder for stupid potter to notice him?

potter?! draco malfoy whispers harshly, his grey eyes almost softening. almost. he hasn’t seen this bespectacled boy in almost a year, but here he is right now. draco could kiss him, but he can’t show weakness in front of this boy like this. no, he is going to tell his aunt bella that yes, this hideously swollen-faced boy is very obviously his the recklessly brave gryffindor boy, potter. he won’t save this git’s arse—never in a million years. but draco does anyway.

potter. draco malfoy greets, nodding to the other man. it’s years later, years after their hogwarts days. they haven’t seen each other in ages, and they haven’t talked about the day draco saved him and bloody hell, the wizarding world at large. but the black haired man’s genuine smile, one that will forever be etched in his memory, is enough thanks for draco.

harry, draco malfoy gasps in between tender butterfly kisses, his hands tugging gently at the other boy’s raven black hair. draco has always wanted to do that. they’re perfect. it’s perfect. because his beautiful gryffindor boy is here. oh yes, he’s here for him, and it’s the most spectacular moment of draco’s life. draco can finally, finally, call harry potter his harry.

harry potter’s pov

anonymous asked:

Hi! How do you think the RFA would feel about an asexual MC?

Hi! I know I’m super slow rn!
Just a disclaimer that I’m not Ace and I tried to be as broad as possible but pls do let me know if I said anything problematic etc❤

I’m sorry they’re short- ultimately they’d all accept it, they love their MC ❤


🎼He’d never pressure you anyway!!

🎼he would always be conscientious of
your boundaries and always check things were ok before doing them. He’d ask if you were ok to hold his hand, and if you were BOOM handholding is on the agenda. You’re happy to kiss? Best believe you’ll get plenty of kisses. You’re not ok to get intimate? No problem! You are but only rarely? No problem just let him know!

🎼he’s happy to talk through these things with you, would really want you to know he loved you, you were valid and anything else you were worried about.

🎼Would find out as politely as possible what you were comfy with /him/ doing and whether you wanted to know he was doing it or not, if ya catch my drift. Could he watch porn? Would you rather he never thought about you in that way? Whatever you’re happy with, he’d comply!

🎼Loves you so much, and is always there to listen if you want to talk about this stuff (or anything else ofc)

🎼Would do his best to raise awareness and show consideration for the Ace community once he knew about it, but would also learn quickly how to be not only supportive to you but to show support for others without speaking over people etc.
🎼Is careful to not pressure you into anything, including kids although does let you without seeming pressure-y that if you did want to have kids there are plenty of other options (both because of you being Ace or any other factors ❤)


⭐️Probably doesn’t really get it at first, thinks it’s either nervousness or just him
But he would take on board what you said and pretty quickly understand

⭐️Gets so angry if his gaming friends / anyone at college says, implies, etc anything negative like frigid etc etc

⭐️Starts a group at uni for Ace awareness and stuff, is always super quick to tell his gamer friends to be quiet if they are disrespectful, and is quick to assure you if you hear them that they’re speaking nonsense

⭐️Honestly idk what else to say

⭐️Adores you


☕️As soon as you mention it she’s looking it up

☕️That’s totally fine! She’s used to handling herself and is perfectly efficient at that, happily in love with you as you are

☕️Always asking how to be more supportive!

☕️Gets a mug with the flag that you identify with most on it and uses it at work, and (with your permission) educate anyone who asks

☕️again sorry I didn’t know what to put

☕️Loves you!!!


🚀Already suspects from your online presence

🚀Does loads of research into loads of different ace lifestyles so he understands different people have different boundaries

🚀Puts up a flag in his room and sees if you comment

🚀When you do he suddenly thinks this wasn’t a very tactful way to approach it but HEY HO HERE WE GO

🚀He’s super supportive of course, like everyone else

🚀keeps an eye out for anybody online being unfairly mean to you or other Ace people and if they do he’ll get ‘em, from minor technical annoyances (like their screensaver changing to random angry looking cats) to more severe consequences.
🚀Sets up a bot to send you/ any unfairly treated or bullied Ace people friendly supportive messages anonymously like “hey there! Just a reminder that you and your identity are valid!”
🚀Still wants to marry you at the space station ofc!


💎Takes some time to understand

💎He doesn’t mind, he just doesn’t really understand because it doesn’t fit into the narrative he expects of you falling in love and getting married

💎Asks if you need any medical or psychiatric help, but realises that wasn’t kind of him when you get upset

💎Zen gives him an earful if he ever makes you feel bad at all about it

💎But genuinely doesn’t mind at all, loves you for your emotional closeness and because you understood him etc

💎Slowly learns the nuances to your specific aceness and is happy to accommodate anything you are and are not okay with, never wants to hurt you just is a bit slow with getting it

💎tbh as long as you’ll stick around and be with him and be kind to Elizabeth 3rd he’s more than happy and loves you

Infatuation (pt6)

Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

“As shook as I was, being this close with him was oddly calming. I felt my eyes close, and my body relaxed, just in time to hear someone clearing their throat loudly in the doorway. “What do we have here?””

Anon: Random idea for a later Infatuation part - while the rest of the guys are talking at the lunch table, reader finally gets enough guts to start talking and ask what some odd football term means, and Tae goes “You really don’t know what that means?”
“No… I’m more of a basketball person” Then Tae tries to explain everything about football to prove that it’s better than basketball.

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 3321

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About avilero, the interpretation of the show where it’s canon and the references pointing at it

I put together a train of thought, a little essay, if you will. 

First warning: Please don’t read it if you’re irked by this ship, you’ll just do yourself damage.

Second warning: Long post. Very long post. Extremely long post; as in 5000+ words.

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anonymous asked:

Im a hijabi but I plan on taking it off. I jave personal reasons but its also beacuse I fear for my safety due to the recent terrorist attacks. All it will take is 1 mad racist man to pick up a knife and thag would be the end of me. I only fear that this will cause me to go to hell. I know that Allah the most understanding being know but I dont know if my decision would be justified in his eyes.

Hi! Salam, I hope you are in good health.

To be honest many of my sisters faced the same fear. Allah understands you - this is true. You aren’t doing anything for anyone. Just know that, for your safety, you are taking off your hijab. When Allah almighty has created the one you fear and everything that exists.

At the end of the day, what matters? You dying in the cause of Allah (as noble and blessed this is) or you living while disobeying Allah and fearing someone else and not Him.

With much love and respect I want you to really think about what I have said above. You taking off your hijab will not save you. If you have to die, you will. Death doesn’t wait for anyone. Whether they take their hijabs or not. Its written.

I do completely understand that you are afraid to roam in Hijab. BUT please don’t trust the world, trust Allah and I can promise you that if you put your complete faith and trust in Allah, you will be fine.

Really think about what you are doing. I am not here to tell u “oh its okay, Allah understands” He does. But, as a believer how would u please him even though u are scared? Be Brave. You can go ahead and do what you want at the end of the day. But what matters the most to you? What do you think of Allah.

I Know you’ll do what’s right. I believe in you. Allah believes in you and made you a Muslim. I hope u reached some conclusion through all this.
I wish u all the best in your life and May Allah protect you and all the sisters that are anxious to wear Hijab and still do it. May Allah give you Jannah for even seeking help before actually doing it. May Allah bless your thoughts and help you make the right choice.

Take care :)


After convincing Chloe to let him take her home, Ethan went to speak to Elena before they left.

“I know it’s a lot to ask but give her a day or two to tell Greyson about the baby. Asher can’t find out about it right now and it should be Chloe that tells him anyway.”

“It is a lot to ask, but I’ll keep this to myself for a few days. I was in her same position when I was pregnant with Briella so I know what she’s going through.”

“I knew if anyone would understand it would be you.”

“But I won’t keep this from him for long, Ethan. She needs to tell Greyson the truth and then Asher and Vivienne have to know.”

“I know and I’ll make sure that she does.”

“Okay, then you need to get her home. Asher will be back soon and he’ll wonder why the two of you are here.”

“I’ll take her now,” Ethan replied, somberly. “And thanks for taking care of her, Elena. It means a lot to both of us.”

“Of course, we’re family. Just get her home safe and remind her that everything will work out. She’s not alone in this, we’re all here to support her.”

“I’ll remind her and I’ll text you once she’s home.”

Avenging Angel: Part 5

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1501

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2Part 3 – Part 4

“Good evening. Do you have a reservation?”

“I’m actually here to meet someone,” you replied, glancing around the restaurant. “Charles Haverton?”

“You must be Miss Y/L/N. Right this way.”

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help me win $20 or lunch at the BBQ place

this dude wrote this on the whiteboard at my work. wtf does any of this mean? i wouldn’t even know where to begin. like i feel like the top line is a chemical formula but then the graph is just pure math lmao. are they even related? i know the dude who wrote this, ted, isn’t expecting anyone to figure it out. just… what?

help me cheat, tumblr

Maxson/Sole - Formal affairs Part V

(The next one may take a liiittle more than 24 hrs because I just found out one of my uni deadlines is 3 days earlier than I wrote down in my agenda… aka tomorow at midnight so I’m gonna be quite busy. Will be up after that though.)

 Inspired by t
his post
Part I here,
Part II here
Part III here

Part IV here

The one with the force to be reckoned with.

As they made their way to the meeting room she tried to mimic his way of walking, shoulders back and head held high. She had decided to put on her heels as a way to look taller and therefore more impressive.  Somehow, he always seemed aware of her actions, even if he wasn’t looking. Without turning around he said “Sentinel, what are you doing?”
“ You walk differently around other people. Try to make yourself look bigger and taller. I figured…” Maxson shook his head. “Use your eyes.” She looked over at him.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“ Your gaze is what makes you intimidating not your body. “ Sole smiled.
“ Wait, does that mean that at some point I made you feel intimidated?”
“ Don’t push your luck Sentinel.” Her hand reached for his. She expected him to pull away again but just entangled her fingers with his. He was finally learning how to get this act sold.
“ They will attempt to test you. No outsider ever managed to get such a high rank before. Many of them will question your authority. Try not to respond to their allegations in anger. “
They walked into the room together, the ultimate power couple… Elder Maxson and his Sentinel. They were clearly the last ones to arrive. Sole knew that this was the way Maxson arranged it. Leaders don’t wait around for their subordinates. A king is never late.  

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anonymous asked:

I've recently read on tumblr that Nesta gave someone Tamlin vibes, what do you think about that (I personally don't agree about it). Btw I love reading your metas/opinions, they're always very interesting and well-argued.

I can’t stand those arguments, they’re…completely and utterly baseless. Protectiveness as a simple personality trait is not overtly abusive or unhealthy. Tamlin’s version of it became such because he was protective to the point that it started to limit Feyre’s freedom, destroy her independence and prevent any kind of recovery or healing for her. It very negatively impacted her, he ended up hurting her instead of helping her. I say this because I’m assuming the Nesta/Tamlin comparisons you’ve seen consider Nesta’s treatment of Elain. 

That relationship is nothing like Tamlin/Feyre. Nothing. Nesta loves her younger sister and seeks to take care of her, in part because I think Elain allows it in a way that Feyre never would. I think Nesta actually longs for purpose and relevance. She wants to matter and mean something (which is incredibly similar to Feyre in that regard) she loathes being thought of as a burden and she hates the fact her younger sister can take care of them in a way that she knows she can’t. 

So I think Nesta and Elain’s relationship gives them both something that they need. Elain has someone who loves her so fiercely and who cares for her and allows her to remain as she is, a little naive, a little disconnected from reality, happy and a bit carefree. Nesta gets someone to love the way that she does, with all of that fierce, burning intensity. She has someone that she can take care of and protect, someone that gives her a purpose and accepts her fully as she is. 

But Nesta’s protectiveness over Elain never limits her. She respects her sister’s free will, her independence, her right to make her own mistakes and her own decisions. And that’s why none of the Tamlin/Nesta parallels hold any water at all because Nesta, first and foremost, respects her sister, both of her sisters’ rights to choose. She encourages Feyre to go back to Tamlin, she frees her from the oath their mother unfairly put upon her, she tells them that they don’t need her, that she can be free to do what she wants to. And she responds similarly to Elain. 

Alone with Nesta, I said, “Is he good—the lord’s son she’s to marry?”
“She thinks he is. She loves him like he is.”
“And what do you think?”
Nesta’s eyes—my eyes, our mother’s eyes—met mine. “His father built a wall of stone around their estate so high even the trees can’t reach over it. I think it looks like a prison.”
“Have you said anything to her?”
The son, Graysen, is kind enough. As smitten with Elain as she is with him. It’s the father I don’t like. He sees the money she has to offer their estate—and his crusade against the Fae. But the man is old. He’ll die soon enough.”
“Hopefully.” -  ACOMAF Chapter 23. 

“Elain stays out of this. The less association with your kind, the better.”
Why are you letting her marry that bigoted prick?” The question snapped out of him.
“He has good reason to hate your kind. As do we all.”
“That’s bullshit and you know it.”
“I thought you were leaving.”
“You have a damned opinion on everyone else in the world. Why not tell Elain she’s marrying a monster?”
“Perhaps all you males are monsters.”
If she’d been harmed by one, he didn’t blame her for that feeling at all. But his words were still sharp as he said, “She deserves better than someone like that.”
“Indeed she does.”
Flat and cold. - ACOMAF Extra - Wings and Embers 

Both times when Nesta is challenged by someone about Elain’s decision to marry her fae hating lord she makes her opinions perfectly plain but it’s also clear that she has no intention of stopping Elain doing what she wants to do. Nesta will take pains to keep Elain away from Rhys’s court and the danger that would put her in. But when it comes to her making decisions about herself and her life, when Elain wants to do something Nesta doesn’t stop her. Despite the fact that she thinks it’s a mistake it’s one she respects Elain enough to make. 

Cassian directly challenges her and asks why she would let Elain marry someone like that and Nesta simply shoots him down. She agrees that Elain deserves better but she never attempts to stop her doing what she wants. Elain’s choices are the ultimate thing that’s important to Nesta, which lines her up with Rhys more than anyone else. She encourages Elain and protects her but respects her own free will and right to make her own choices always. 

Elain thumbed the iron ring on her finger.
“It is your choice,” Nesta said with unusual gentleness. For her, Nesta would go to Prythian.
Elain swallowed, a doe caught in a snare. “I—I can’t. I …”
But my mate nodded—kindly. With understanding. “The sentries will be here, and remain unseen and unfelt. They will look after themselves. Should you change your minds, one will be waiting in this room every day at noon and at midnight for you to speak. My home is your home. Its doors are always open to you.”
Nesta looked between Rhys and Cassian, then to me. Despair still paled her face, but … she bowed her head. And said to me, “That was why you painted stars on your drawer.” - ACOMAF Chapter 57. 

For Elain Nesta will go to Prythian…But she will also stay. Nesta has no real ties to either realm, only to Elain, and so the choice rests with her. Whatever Nesta’s own feelings on the matter she lets Elain choose. She will always let Elain choose and she will always respect that right. I think this moment here, this understanding she suddenly has of Feyre and Rhys’s relationship…Feyre told her what Tamlin did to her, that he locked her up in a cage under the guise of keeping her safe, at the cost of her well-being. 

These two sisters understand each other in this moment, I think, because Nesta realises that Feyre has found someone who loves her, respects her, gives her her free will, respects their choices. Nesta knows that in this moment Rhys knows that them going to Prythian is probably the right choice, the safest choice. But he won’t force it upon them, even when Nesta is willing. Elain says no and they both respect that and they understand that. For Feyre this is important because of Tamlin’s abuse but for Nesta…For Nesta who once said no to a man and was nearly raped as a result, this, this choice, this respect of someone’s decisions even when you don’t agree with them is of vital importance to her. 

 TL;DR: Basically, Nesta is nothing like Tamlin and I will fight you over this. Nesta respects her sister’s choices and never restricts their freedoms or independence. Protectiveness and fierce love are not automatically abusive or toxic or unhealthy. Nesta is an example of the way this works, of how you can love someone that much but in a healthy, positive way. 


Fanxing AU where Wu Fan and Yixing are sort-of dating (and by “sort-of” meaning Wu Fan follows him around like a lost puppy and Yixing throws him a bone every now and then) and Yixing finds out about Wu Fan’s secret by accident (and by “accident” meaning some asshole tries to hit on Yixing and alerts Wu Fan’s possessive wolfy instincts).

So Yixing’s life? Yeah, it’s kind of normal. Some would say boring, especially his older brother Lu Han who thinks practicing the guitar and cooping himself inside the house all day equates to no social life whatsoever.

Really, nothing remarkable has ever happened to Yixing ever.

Or at least that was the case until about three seconds when his sort-of (nothing’s official, he’s only 17 okay) boyfriend appears out of fucking nowhere, lifts a six-foot basketball player with one hand and flings him to the other side of the locker room.

He’s barely aware that his mouth has fallen open, brain busy taking in Woo Bin’s unconscious slumped figure against the lockers and Wu Fan’s yellow eyes, claws and seriously scary ass teeth.

Wu Fan suddenly growls, rough and dangerous, using said teeth and Yixing can’t help taking a step back in surprise. Hell, anyone would at this point because Wu Fan - or is it still Wu Fan? what is he? - is vibrating with anger and the need to rip someone apart with those seriously scary teeth that it’s almost physically pushing at him to get the fuck out right now. 

He doesn’t, because Yixing makes stupid life choices and maybe because Wu Fan looks about two seconds away from stalking over to where Woo Bin is curled like a doll in the corner and tearing him limb from limb. Which is totally not cool, even if he had been attempting to divest Yixing of his clothing against his will just a few minutes ago.

“Wh-what the hell?" Ok, so maybe not so unconscious. Woo Bin stares at Wu Fan with wide, terrified eyes and looks like he’s about to faint again.

"Get out of here!” Yixing yells and because he’s stupid (God, his older brother was right all along) he jumps in front of a dangerous-looking Wu Fan with his arms spread like a terribly cliche drama heroine.

He doesn’t turn around to watch the guy run out of the locker room like his life depended on it (it really does) but he does keep his eyes trained on Wu Fan, stopping him on his tracks.

“Wu Fan, don’t. Calm down, okay. Put those fangs away and let’s just all calm down,” he says. His voice is shaking so maybe he’s not all that convincing to both Wu Fan and himself at the moment but it does succeed in drawing Wu Fan’s murderous look from Woo Bin to himself.

Yixing may have flinched, a little bit, but there’s no part of him that’s scared of Wu Fan hurting him. Wu Fan would never hurt him, he knows that on an instinctive level just as he knew the day Wu Fan walked into his homeroom class one year ago that he was going to change Yixing’s life in some way. 

Wu Fan doesn’t put away the fangs though and continues to look like he’s itching to disembowel one of his teammates. “He hurt you,” Wu Fan snarls and okay, he’s seriously considering not poking fun of Wu Fan’s fashion choices for at least three months after this. 

“I’m fine, totally completely fine. I’m better than fine, so please just-”

You’re my mate. He touched my mate. I’m going to kill him," Wu Fan growls, eyes burning gold they almost look like twin flames. Okay, this time Yixing does take a full step back but only because he’s too shocked by this sudden turn of events.  

"Mate? Me? As in you…me? What?” Yixing tries not to gape, he really does, but it happens anyway because nothing goes his away apparently. Oh, oh. That actually explains a lot of things. Wu Fan following him around since day one, constantly showering him with attention, giving the stink eye to anyone who so much as attempts to get near Yixing. However, while the werewolf part didn’t even faze him, this, this is making his hackles rise up a mile a second. 

“And you didn’t even think of telling me before this? Not even a stupid memo telling me ‘hey Xing, you and I are kind of fated to be together and all so don’t be shocked if you find out we’re already wolf-married’? Am I not part of this relationship? Do I not get a say on this? What the hell do you think you’re doing keeping things from your mate, you jerk?” And by time he’s aware that he’s got his arms crossed in front of his chest and he’s yelling at a six-foot, probably indestructible werewolf, he’s heaving and Wu Fan has retracted his fangs and looking incredibly contrite.

Which is…a ridiculous enough sight that Yixing feels his anger dissipate in seconds. Stupid bond thingy.

Wu Fan balls his fists by his side and averts his eyes. “I’m s-sorry. I wanted to tell you, I did but you’re 17 and just–” Wu Fan looks and oh God, his eyes are back to their beautiful brown state and they’re shining. Glistening. Like he’s about to cry. “I’m sorry, I know I don’t have the right, I don’t but can I hold you? Just for a second? I’m going crazy.”

Yixing is about to say, something is literally pulling him to nod his head and give in but he sucks in a deep breath and puts a hand up. “Give me one good reason why I should even let you near me right now.”

Wu Fan whimpers, fucking whimpers, like Yixing is actually causing him physical pain at the moment. “The scent of your blood and fear and that guy on your skin are all driving me crazy. If I don’t hold you and mark you, I’m not sure I can control myself not to kill him. I would be justified in killing someone who tries to hurt my mate but I know you won’t like that,” Wu Fan says, almost begs and Yixing gets it. 

He may not understand this whole werewolf thingy (he might be a genius but he just found out that supernatural creatures exist like ten minutes ago so stop judging him) but all he knows is Wu Fan is literally in pain right now from trying to suppress whatever it is his wolf-y instincts is telling him to do and it’s because of him. He’s hurt because of Yixing.

“You idiot!” He yells before dragging Wu Fan out of the locker room to the empty gym and literally throwing himself at the guy. “You are going to be in so much trouble tomorrow, I swear to God,” he says into Wu Fan’s shoulder because that’s really the only thing he can do when Wu Fan is holding him tight and hard enough to bruise and is pressing his nose into his neck like he means business. Which, he probably does.

Yixing doesn’t know what the hell Wu Fan meant by 'marking’ but he finds out a few seconds later when Wu Fan goes to town on him, nosing and licking every exposed area of skin above his uniform.

“Oh, oh. Th-that’s what you meant, okay,” he babbles, knees going weak and mind entering drugged state because of Wu Fan’s mouth. 

Mine. You’re mine," Wu Fan growls, there’s really no other way of describing it, body thrumming with barely-contained energy. ”Don’t ever let anyone touch you. You’re mine. Mine.“

It’s almost desperate, the way Wu Fan clings and pleads, that Yixing cards fingers through his hair, whispering, "ssh, I’m here. It’s okay, I’m yours. I understand.”

And the thing is, he does understand.

Yixing should really feel more offended by this whole werewolf-claiming business but strangely enough, it’s not as big a deal as it should be. He’s always been known to take things in a stride, whether it was the first he’d accidentally walked in on his older brother and his boyfriend Minseok in their room or that awkward moment he found out his best friend Jongin has a boner for their English teacher Mr. Do, but there’s just something about Wu Fan holding him like he never wants to let go that feels right. 

He doesn’t know how long they stay like that, wrapped in each other against the wall of a dark, empty gym but eventually Wu Fan calms down and stops marking him (and if there’s a very awkward tent in Yixing’s pants that is neither here nor there).

“Wu Fan?” he ventures, almost timidly.


“I can’t feel my arms.” And Wu Fan laughs, a barely-there sound that’s gorgeous and welcome. He loosens his hold on Yixing but doesn’t let go, a move which he sears into memory.


Wu Fan sighs and disentangles himself from Yixing, keeping his head bowed. “I’m sorry, Xing, I wanted to tell you, I did–”

“It’s fine, jeez. This is a pretty huge secret, you can’t just go around telling this to anybody,” he says but if anything, it only serves to make Wu Fan look even more contrite.

“But you’re not just anybody, you–you're Yixing.” Wu Fan runs a hand through his hair like he doesn’t know what to do with himself. “God, you probably don’t want me around you right now but I would never hurt you, I’d never–”

“Okay, okay, calm down. Deep breaths,” he interrupts when Wu Fan looks like he’s about a couple of seconds away from a full-blown panic attack. He puts his hands on either side of Wu Fan’s face when it looks like he’s about to run to the opposite direction, forcing him to look. “I trust you, I know you’re not going to hurt me and I’m not scared of you. But if we’re going to make this work, I’m going to need a more detailed version of your life and whatever secrets you’re keeping from me. Webbed feet, crazy aunts – whatever it is I can handle it so no more secrets, alright?”

He looks Wu Fan in the eye, meaning him to understand that they’re in this together if he just fucking cooperates and tells him stuff and he can tell the exact moment when Wu Fan sort of gets it. He looks conflicted, like he can’t believe Yixing is saying all this and he doesn’t dare hope that he’s catching a break.

“I, uhm, okay.” Yep, that’s his Wu Fan, always the most eloquent guy in the party.

“And no more trying to maim or kill people.”

“Okay.” And because he’s physically unable to lie to Yixing, adds, “I’ll try.”

Yixing rolls his eyes and lets go of him. “Good enough. For now.”

“…that’s it?”

“That’s what?”

“You just found out I’m not human after I tried to kill someone and that’s all you’re going to say?" 

Yixing shrugs his shoulders, smiling. "Not every day I’m mated to a werewolf. Might as well milk it for what it’s worth,” which is Yixing speak for 'I love you enough to accept whatever you dish out’ and of course, Wu Fan being Wu Fan gets it. 

“So first of all, is it true you like to eat human livers? Because I like mine where it is, thank you very much.”

Wu Fan raises an eyebrow, clearly judging Yixing’s sanity. “I think you’re confusing me with a gumiho.

“Fox, wolf, same difference. Oh oh hey what’s your real age? You’re not like 150 years old are you? Do you know any vampires? Or mermaids? Oh my god, does this mean Supernatural was based on real life events? Oh my God.

Yixing is holding on to Wu Fan’s arm at this point, attacking him with a barrage of questions so he misses the fond smile on Wu Fan’s face as he shakes his head.

"Just had to get the nerd, did I?”


“Nothing. Just…I love you.”

“I love you too. Oh my God, what about witches? If you tell me Hogwarts is real, so help me–”

And there’s no helping it really, Wu Fan just laughs and laughs.

Elise and Hayato C-S Supports

Here it is! I hope that you enjoy it :) I tried my best to stay in-character,to write small-ish phrases and keep it short (which I failed horribly), but if there’s something that needs to be changed please tell me :D

C Rank:

Elise:Hi, Hayato!

Hayato: Hello Princess Elise, do you need something from me?

Elise: Nothing special! I just wanted to invite you to play with me!

Hayato: What!? Play with you!?

Elise: Yeah! You know, games like tag, hide-and-seek or making flower crowns! Come on, I promise that it’ll be fun!

Hayato: I know what playing is! But why did you invite ME?

Elise: Because you and Sakura are the only people in this army that are almost the same as me.

Hayato: Well, despite my age I’m already a grown-man! And grown-man don’t play so go choose somebody else. 

(Hayato leaves)

Elise: That was weird! What’s wrong with him? … Oh well, I’m going to invite Sakura instead!

B Rank:

Elise:Hayato??? Hellooooooooo? I know that your tent is in here somewhere! HAYATOOOOOOO!

Hayato: I’m here! You can enter if you stop shouting!

Elise: So THIS is your tent! Hello, Hayato!

Hayato: (Ugh. Not her again.) Lady Elise what brings you here?

Elise: At first I was going to ask you to play with me again but then I remembered how angry you were last time I asked sooooo I just came to see what you are doing!

Hayato: I’m sorry to have shouted at you like I did last time we met. That shouldn’t be done to anyone, especially to a princess.

Elise: No problem! It was my fault since I said something you didn’t like. Anyway, what’s that thing that you’re holding?

Hayato: Thank you for understanding, milady. This here is a charm.

Elise: A charm? What does it do?

Hayato: This one is for a nearby village. The village elder asked to make one to aid this year’s harvest.

Elise: Wow! That’s so cool! And does it actually work?

Hayato: If you truly believe in them they do.

Elise: That’s amazing! So this is what you do in your free time?

Hayato: Pretty much. If you’re that interested I can teach you how to make one.

Elise: Really!? Then I accept your offer! You’re a pretty cool grown-up, Hayato!

Hayato: W-wait, you think of me as a man?

Elise: That’s what you want, right? At least that was what I understood from our last conversation.

Hayato: Yes! Yes it is! Thank you so much, Princess Elise!

Elise: You’re welcome! By the way, just Elise is fine!

A Rank:

Hayato: Now you write the prayer here.

Elise: Oooh! Okay! Making charms isn’t as hard as it looks!

Hayato: It gets easier with each one that you make!

Elise: Cool! Thank you for teaching me, Hayato!

Hayato: You’re welcome!

Elise: You’re actually cool when you aren’t angry.

Hayato: You thought that I was boring?

Elise: Well, when you got angry and said that you were a grown-up I assumed that you were boring.

Hayato: Hey! Being a grown-up isn’t as bad as it looks!

Elise: It isn’t? I mean, adults like you don’t have time to do things that you like or being with the people that you love.

Hayato: What makes you say that?

Elise: To be honest, my siblings don’t have the time to be with me anymore. They always say that they’re busy. I know that they are trying to end this war as quickly as possible but I miss being with them!

Hayato: I understand where you’re coming from. Why don’t you ask them to let you help? That way you can spend more time with them AND help the army.

Elise: I already asked that like a million times! But they always say that I’m just a kid and that I shouldn’t worry about this.

Hayato: I know what you mean. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to act like a man. Now people respect me and let me contribute for this cause.

Elise: Doess that mean that you were like me?

Hayato: Yeah! That’s why I got angry when you called me kid.

Elise: Oh! Now that makes sense! But don’t you sometimes feel that you just want to stop having so many worries and just relax?

Hayato: Yeah, a lot of times actually. But that’s part of being an adult.

Elise: Hmmmmmmmm.

Hayato: …

Elise: You’re lucky to have me as a friend!

Hayato: Huh?

Elise: Keep your schedule open, Hayato! And be prepared to be a kid again for just a day!

(Elise leaves)

Hayato: What was that all about? … I’m actually surprised to know that she feels the same way as me. I guess that she isn’t as childish and I thought!

S Rank:

Elise: And now you put this one here. Ta-daaaaaaa! A beautiful flower crown!

Hayato: This is actually pretty easy! Thank you for teaching me, Elise!

Elise: You’re welcome! I’ve been wanting to teach you this since the first day “Kid-day”! But then I started to remember other fun activities that we could do.

Hayato: The ther activities were so much fun too! I especially loved that tag game that we played on the second “Kid-day”.

Elise: I’m so glad that you’re having fun! That was the point of this anyways.

Hayato: At first I wasn’t so sure about these days, but now I look forward to them. They help me get my mind out of the war and my worries.

Elise: Yay! I know that this war and being a grown-up is tiring but if you take some time to yourself you can feel better in no time!

Hayato: You’re right. I now realize that wanting to grow up quickly took a toll on me. I mean, I like being treated like an adult but playing like this feels good! Thank you for showing me that, Elise.

Elise: Heehee! No problem! I’m always here if you need a break from being an adult!

Hayato: …

Elise: … Hayato?

Hayato: Y-yes?

Elise: Why did you start blushing when I said that?

Hayato: I’m not b-blushing!

Elise: Yes you are! You’re as red as a tomato!

Hayato: Okay. Prepare yourself because I’m going to say it!

Elise: Say what?

Hayato: Elise, I l-love you.

Elise: W-what!?

Hayato: I fell for you when I realized you felt the same way as me about people calling us kids. These “Kid-days” made me love you even more.

Elise: … Hahahaha!

Hayato: Hey! Why are you laughing at me!?

Elise: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make fun of you! I’m just so happy! I love you too, Hayato!

Hayato: Y-you do?

Elise: Yeah! I think I started to feel this way on that say too! I started to take you to these activities just to help you relax but in my heart I knew that there was another reason.

Hayato: I can’t believe it! You actually love me back! Then please accept this.

Elise: A ring?

Hayato: Yes. I tried to choose an ellegant one since you’re a princess and -

Elise: It’s so pretty! Thank you! I love you sooooo much! And I always will!

Hayato: I love you too, now and forever.

I’m angry that it got like this. The whole world. It feels like it’s on my shoulders tonight. I want people to understand what I do and know Jesus’s love like I do and to be saved, but they don’t. There will be people who I know and love who will go to hell. That makes me want to shoot myself (among many things). Why does anyone go to hell? Why does hell exist? Do you think that after a certain amount of time in hell God will give people another chance to accept him or something like that? I just don’t understand… Why do people have to burn in misery for the rest of eternity? Why? Why did we get here? Why did God allow this? Why can’t everyone go to heaven, whether they say a special prayer or not? Why is it like this? I hate this. I want go just go to heaven now and be done. I feel crushed.

Avatar the Last Airbender Book2Eo8 - Sentence Meme

“Hey, you guys picked a great campsite.”

“That’s not gross, it’s just a part of spring.”

“Ahh, the beauty of spring.”

“Excuse me, does anyone have a razor? Because I’ve got some hairy pits.”

“Usually when setting up came, we try and divide up the work.”

“Hey, don’t worry about me. I’m good to go.”

“I’m fine, I can carry my own wait.”

“I don’t understand, what’s the problem here?”

“I wanted to apologise for earlier. We’re all just a little tired and getting on each other’s nerves.”

“Yeah, you do seem pretty tired.”

“There’s something coming towards us.”

“You powers of perception are frightening.”

“Should we leave?”

“Better safe than sorry.”

“Look. I didn’t ask you to help unload my stuff. I’m carrying my own weight.”  

“That’s not the point.”

“Ever since you joined us, you;ve been nothing but selfish and unhelpful.”

“Look here sugar queen.”

“Di-did you just slam the door in my face?!”

“How can you be so infuriating.”

“Should we do something?”

“Hey, I’m just enjoying the show.”


“The stars sure are beautiful tonight.”

“Seriously, what is that thing?”

“This time I’m going to make sure we lose ‘em.”

“Okay, forget about setting up camp. I’m finding the softest pile of dirt and going to sleep.”

“What’s wrong with ponytails, Ponytail?”

“This is a warrior’s wolf tail.”

“Well, it certainly tells the other warriors that you’re fun and perky.”

“That’s impossible, there is no way they could have tracked us,”

“Let’s get out of here.”

“Maybe we should face them. Find out who they are. Who knows, maybe they’re friendly.”

“Always the optimist.”


“Well we wanted to find out who they were and we found out, now let’s get out of here.”

“I still think we could’ve taken ‘em.”

“Oh no the sun is rising. We’ve been up all night with no sleep.”

“Are you sure? I’ve never not slept before. What if I fall asleep now and something happens?”

“Don’t know, too tired to think.”

“I’m sure we’ll come up with something after a short nap.”

“Okay, we’ve put a lot of distance between us and them.”

“You think I have issues?”

“You’re blaming me for this!?”

“Hey, I never asked you for diddly-do-da.”

“I’m outta here.”

“What did I just do!”

“Oh, that really hurt my tailbone.”

“Wads of wet fur… How delightful.”

“They’re not really wads there more like bundles, or bunches? It’s got a uh sound…”


“CLUMPS! They’re clumps!”

“The trail goes this way.”

“How did they find us?”

“Good try, but no.”

“Was it just me, or was that guy kinda cute?”

“Alright, you caught up with me. Now who are you and want do you want?”

“It’s okay, you can laugh, It’s funny.”

“You seem a little too young to be traveling alone.”

“I know what you’re thinking. I look like I can’t handle being by myself.”

“People see me and they think I’m weak. They want to take care of me, but I can take care of myself. By myself.”

“There is nothing wrong with letting people who love you help you.”

“My pleasure. Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life’s true delights.”

I guess it’s finished. I’m sorry. I’m so frustrated with this. I was planning on including it in some showcase thing the summer art program I’m going to is having and maybe even putting it up for sale there…? Mostly out of curiosity more than anything, but it’s just not looking good and I can’t save it. Just looking at the mess ups on the face make me want to burn it.
I’ll just go and delete the previous post of this.

Heavydirtysoul analysis

Nah, I didn’t understand a thing you said,
If I didn’t know better I’d guess you’re all already dead,
Mindless zombies walking around with a limp and a hunch,
Saying stuff like, “You only live once.”
You’ve got one time to figure it out,
One time to twist and one time to shout,
One time to think and I say we start now,
Sing it with me if you know what I’m talking about.

Is it just me or does this verse have some very deep meaning…

  • “Nah, I didn’t understand a thing you said” may refer to slang speech that many people use. Whether it is text talk (‘lol, brb’ etc.) or speech.  It implies that Tyler Joseph doesn’t understand what these people are saying because he isn’t like them.
  • “I’d guess you’re all already dead” means that society controls what these people do in their lives, from what they wear, listen to and how they feel about various subjects.  They do not have any imagination or creativity because everything they like is already decided purely because it is popular. They did not choose their interests so they don’t have any personal views.
  •  “Mindless zombies walking around with a limp and a hunch” these people act like zombies since they do not have their own original thoughts.  It is as though they are walking around without thinking which links to zombies who cannot think.
  • “Saying stuff like “you only live once’” This is a popular saying in teenage society especially when they are doing something bad or dangerous. The line connects to the first line of the verse when Tyler is stating that he doesn’t understand what they are saying.  Everyone seems to say this one line so it has lost its own meaning and has just become a kind of chant.
  • “One time to twist and one time to shout” Tyler is trying to say that there is only one life (directs back to the previous line).  There is only one time to make a shout about anything you feel strongly about.  Only one chance to change the world with your thoughts.  Only one life to do this with so you shouldn’t stick in the mold but break out of it and change something (twist as though you twist out of the mold)
  • “One time to think and I say we start now” Meaning that we should start to think for ourselves as soon as possible because only then we can change ourselves and hold a new outlook on life.  Beginning now means we will be free from negative beliefs and the belittling that society presses upon people today sooner.
  • “Sing it with me if you know what I’m talking about” Here Tyler is asking anyone else whom understands what he is going through to show themselves.  It unites everyone who does not care for societies conventions.  He is also uniting all of those who are struggling.  He knows what it is like to struggle and doesn’t want this for anyone else.  The music is for those people to help them get through it.  Only some people will know what this song really means and it will mean different things for each person.  So by Tyler saying this at the end of the verse means that he is aware that this song will have meaning for different people and he wants to join them all together.