does anyone understand me


tedromeda ; for my purest and softest bud @delacouvr

you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you

Rocks give 0 shits

Context : we’re playing an easy drop-in, drop-out canpaign and it’s my first game ever. The party is a dwarven barbarian (me), two human fighters, an elven ranger and a fire genasi wizard.
Towards the end of the game the wizard is trying to discover how the stones at a druid’s circle work in order to get us back to the village.

DM: Does anyone what to try to help the wizard try to understand this?

Me (ic): Oi! Magic Man! Let me take a look. *I walk over to the stones* RIGHT LISTEN HERE YA STUPID ROCK. TAKE US HOME NOW

DM: roll intimidation against the magic rocks

Me: *rolls 6*

DM: The Rocks don’t give a shit. Unsurprisingly

But does anyone really know and understand how much Sleeping with sirens helped me and many others? It’s like, more than just a band. It’s what saved our lives. They mean more to us than anything else. They help us through everything. They helped so many people out if depression, and in glad to say they are helping me too. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. I cant thank them enough for what they have done to help.

why are people giving a cup hair? why are they drawing a cup with blonde hair? he’s a cup. he is an object head. he has a rubber hose body and a cup with some sort of liquid inside it as a head. why are people drawing him with hair? why are people shipping him with an inky devil? i don’t…. i don’t understand

what is this fresh hell

ive had like one crush my entire life and even then i was like??? do i just really want to be your friend???? and i kind of hate that

friendly reminder that Chaol initially point blank refused to go to the Torre Cesme even though it was his only chance at ever walking again because he didn’t want to leave Dorian again.

it amazes me at how happy fifth harmony makes me. like i’ll be watching a video of them and find myself smiling, i’ll smile whenever i watch their snapchats or read their tweets or even seeing their selfies. i’m so thankful that i have them, they make me extremely happy.

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Greetings, oh Great One. Have you decided on who's going to be the second moderator of this blog?

I was going to make a post about this topic , but I guess now is as good as a time as ever ? The amount of applications sent was incredible and nearly every one was breathtakingly well written . I now have on file dozens of my favorite applications and contact information for each one .

However , several people have sent messages showing their concern with bringing in mods , and when a test run was done of this blog with additional mods , some things were lost . One major one is the messaging system , which for whatever reason can not be kept with more than one being connected to this blog . The message box is always open and there are many regular followers and now friends that come to chat about their feelings , relationships , and when they need support I am there for them . It is a really difficult thing to decide but as of now I am and will stay the only moderator for this blog .

Your applications were stunning and some so emotional and all so beautiful and unique , and they did not go to waste ! I have plans of bringing in guest moderators for short periods of time to showcase their writing , personality , and to host AMAs and share their stories .

I deeply apologize for anyone who may be disappointed or upset because of this , it does pain me to disappoint anyone . I hope that you understand and do not think any less of me or this blog . If you have any questions , concerns , or suggestions please feel free to send a message .

Thank you and I love you .

The more I go closer to islam, the less I want to live in a western country (especially usa). 

I want to live in a place where I can really connect to people because we have the same beliefs and morals, I want to live in a place where I won’t have to explain why I don’t eat out even though I’m not vegetarian/vegan, I want to live in a place where I don’t have to keep making excuses for not attending “BYOB” and swim parties, I want to live in a place where we can all walk to the masjid, I want to live in a place where the city will be filled with salam, I want to live in a place where I won’t be judged for practicing my faith (which happens in many muslim countries too but at least I won’t be in fear of violence), I want to live in a place where I can pray where I am without fear, I want to live in a place where I can eat out without worrying if it’s halal, I want to live in a place where the adhaan calms the city, I want to live in a place where there are more resources to learn islam, I want to live in a place where elders will tell me stories of prophets, I want to live in a place where I can tell stories to young ones and enlighten them with the knowledge I have, I want to live in a place where I can wear my hijab without fear, I want to live in a place where we can celebrate Eid without holding back. My heart yearns for this. It really does.

i hate when cis people say “why do you care what others think?” when u try to explain social dysphoria to them because 1. humans are social animals & it’s in our nature to care about our image. everyone does it. and 2. you know what it is about caring about how others see me because i want to represent myself authentically! and when i do that & people recognise and accept it, i have more genuine connections with them because it means they know and understand me better. anyway does anyone want to come over and help me clean my room

Richard Ramirez was such a rotten piece of shit. Like true evil incarnate. I would have legit wanted to throw a bible at him or fight him if he was still alive. Like he pisses me off still this day.

However he and his mind, his life, his case, his whole story in general fascinates me. Like really fascinates me and i dont even fucking know why. Do yall understand how much this bothers me? Does anyone feel the same about him or another killer????

I guess it’s finished. I’m sorry. I’m so frustrated with this. I was planning on including it in some showcase thing the summer art program I’m going to is having and maybe even putting it up for sale there…? Mostly out of curiosity more than anything, but it’s just not looking good and I can’t save it. Just looking at the mess ups on the face make me want to burn it.
I’ll just go and delete the previous post of this.

Stood Up

Summary: Dan comes to Phil’s rescue and pretends to be his boyfriend after he is stood up for a blind date.

Word Count: 1608

Warnings: None I can think of

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Just a little something from Phil’s POV. Thanks for reading <3!

“Sir, are you ready to order yet?” The tall, male waiter spoke with a thick Italian accent. I had been sitting at the table alone for over half an hour. I was slowly starting to think it may have been a bad idea to let PJ set me up for a blind date.

“No, thank you, not quite. I’m still waiting on my date.” I replied before taking the last sip of my water.

“No offense, sir, but I don’t think he’s going to show up.” The waiter commented. He sat a fresh cup of water in front of me and removed my old glass.

“Maybe she is just running late, and it is a she, by the way.” I said, slightly offended that the waiter automatically assumed I was gay. I never understood how people could be so quick to assume things like that about others.

“Sure, sure” He said with a smirk before leaving to greet an incoming group of guests. Well this one certainly won’t be getting a great tip, I thought to myself. I looked at my phone and saw that it had been nearly forty five minutes past the time I had agreed to meet Mia. I had never been a fan of blind dates. Sure, I loved the surprise, you never know who you are going to meet. However, it’s times like these that you really have to trust the person that set you up, and my faith in PJ was starting to dwindle. I texted him twenty minutes ago and still had no reply. I needed to talk to someone to calm my nerves, so I decided to text the only person who could ever calm me down.


I’m beginning to think I have been stood up…




It’s been almost an hour and Mia isn’t here


Are you kidding? Well, she’s obviously an idiot then


And my waiter thinks I’m gay


Well, is he nice looking?




What? I’m just saying lol


What do I do?


You could tell him you aren’t into guys


Not about the waiter! About Mia!


Good. I would be intensely jealous if you hit on the waiter.


You could wait a bit longer or you could just leave


Should I try to get PJ to call her?


NO. Bad idea.


Well I don’t want to just leave. I’m going to look like a total loser.


Alright. Give me fifteen minutes.


Why? What are you doing?


Making you not look like a loser while simultaneously confirming your waiter’s suspicions.


No, Dan. You don’t have to do that.


Already getting dressed


Really, you don’t have to


You’re at that place by the coffee shop, right?



I sat my phone down and couldn’t help but feel a smile curving across my lips. The waiter was  avoiding my table, which I was thankful for. I wasn’t in the mood for anymore awkward conversation about my sexuality. I had given up on Mia. It had been nearly an hour. I knew she wasn’t going to show up. I should have felt disappointed. I should have felt rejected and alone, but I didn’t. Somehow it didn’t matter anymore. Dan was on his way, and in that moment, it was all that I needed. Dan was my best friend since before we even actually met. No one gets me like he does, he just understands me. If anyone can make a bad situation like this better, it’s Dan.

Fifteen minutes later Dan was walking through the door. My jaw practically dropped when I saw him. He was truly a breath taking sight. He wore black skinny jeans and a simple white button up shirt. Not a hair was out of place, he looked stunning. Before taking his seat at the table he handed me a bouquet of red roses.

“Sorry I’m late, darling. You know traffic was just awful” He said loudly as he took his seat. He wanted everyone to hear, including the waiter who was attending to the table next to us.

“Dan, you’re here.” I smiled and took the roses. They were very pretty. No one had ever given me flowers before.

“Our special night? Wouldn’t miss it for the world, baby.” Dan faked. He wasn’t the best liar when thrown on the spot, but with a little bit of preparation he was quite the little actor.

“And you brought me flowers?” I said with a smile, one that was most definitely not fake.

“Only the best for you, love” Dan said loudly. He wanted the attention of the entire restaurant, and he was making me blush in the process.

“Thank you, babe.” I said awkwardly, trying to help Dan along with the front.

“Don’t be so happy, I bought them from a street vendor who was also selling coconut flavored condoms, which I’m ninety-nine percent sure would automatically give you aids.” Dan leaned forward and mumbled, which elicited a loud laugh from my lips.

Dan called the waiter over and we placed our orders. He was so good at this. He played the boyfriend act so well. I wanted to tell him right then and there how thankful I was,  but I knew it would ruin the charade. He was truly the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Who else going to come help you not look like a loser in front of a whole room of fancy pants people? Dan was always there for me, I didn’t even have to ask. The waiter started to walk away and Dan flagged him back over for one more pompous display,

“Oh, waiter, a glass of red wine for me and my boyfriend please.” He said with a cocky little smirk, one which I must admit looked very nice on him. He played this part very well, indeed.

We made small talk until our food arrived. Dan didn’t mention the situation or how I had just been stood up by a girl that PJ assured me was very, very pretty. It was awkward at first, but somehow with Dan it all felt natural. Surprisingly enough, I was really enjoying myself. In a crowded, stuffy room with classical music playing, it was like we were alone. Everyone else had disappeared. He reached forward and played his hand flat on mine, on top of the table, and I didn’t quite know if he was putting on a front anymore. No one was paying attention to us, and his smile was so genuine that I was starting to think that maybe this could be real.

Our food arrived and I smiled as I watched Dan attempt to eat his spaghetti in a civilized manner. His cheeks were flustered with frustration as he tried to twirl the spaghetti around his fork, which wasn’t working out so well for him. He finally gave up and stuffed the pasta carelessly into his mouth. “You’re boyfriend apparently has no manners” He laughed, using a napkin to wipe the sauce from his mouth.

“It’s okay. Yours doesn’t either.” I laughed before doing the same with my own pasta. Dan smiled and let out a breathy chuckle.

“We much such a classy couple” Dan laughed, his eyes lifted to meet mine.

“Maybe not so much classy, but we are the cutest couple here.” I smiled and saw an unmistakable blush forming on Dan’s cheeks. “Thanks for coming to my rescue today you big dork.”

“Anytime, Phil” Dan replied. We finished our dinner and the waiter brought over the bill, which Dan promptly snatched up.

“Let me pay” He insisted. He reached into his pocked and pulled out his old, black leather wallet.

“No, Dan. You don’t have to do that.” I protested. “I’m the one who made you go on this date”

“I want to, Phil. You deserve it.” Dan insisted. “And you didn’t make me go on this date, it was my idea to come in the first place.”

Dan paid for dinner and soon we were on our way home. Thankfully it wasn’t a very long walk, I was so full that I could barely move.

“Thank you for dinner, Dan” I said, noticing how the moonlight was reflecting off his eyes, bringing out the little flecks of caramel and gold.

“No problem. We should do it again sometime” Dan suggested as he chewed at his bottom lip, a nervous habit of his.

“I would like that. Would it be weird to say that it was probably one of the best dates I’ve ever had?” I asked with a nervous giggle. My hands were shaking. It was all starting to feel too real.

“No” Dan answered as we kept a steady pace down the sidewalk. “Would it be weird to say I like you?”

I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t believe the words I had just heard. Dan stopped and turned to face me. He looked virtually perfect in any lighting, but I have to admit that the way he looked in the moonlight was my favorite. “I like you, Phil. I like you a lot. I can’t ignore it anymore. It feels so real.” Dan confessed.

I pulled him into a kiss and wrapped my arms around him. I laid my head on his shoulder and buried my face in the crook of his neck. “I never thought I would hear you say that.”

I was going to make a post saying ‘does anyone else understand how much Finn Balor inspires me’ but looking through his tag it seems (thankfully) so many of you do, so I won’t make the long ass post about how I felt so useless and a bit of a failure and after watching his 24 I feel a lot better about life…. so thats all bye.