does anyone understand me

i’ve read 3 pilots from this season and every single one of them has started with voice over plus some that i’ve seen but haven’t read. is voice over back? is it no longer considered “bad writing”? is it a thing?

edit: also the pilot episode written for the web series i wrote for called for voice over. on the bright side, a lot of this season’s pilots were written by women so that’s cool.

About the spoiler that Clarke kisses someone: I don’t want it to be Bellamy bc she literally said like 2 episodes that she wasn’t ready & that would be weird but I think it’s gonna be Clarke kissing her mom on the forehead as a goodbye bc Abby is a good shot to die tonight

i find the whole reblogging text posts so weird

like i could reblog it with text underneath like “this is so funny” and it could add/detract from the joke because you read and automatically go haha

but then when i write in the tag “oh my god this is hilarious” it’s more like looking into my thoughts on the post/how i reacted to it

and then you can reblog with no added text and then the next person who comes along can be like wtf is this or laugh really hard


this is really weird???

when you reblog with no added text it could mean i totally agree with this, or wtf is this or this is hilarious

and then the added part of interpreting the text reblog is deciphering why that person reblogged it? does this make any sense to people?

picking courses must be one of the most stressful things in the world!! not rly but it is extremely stressful and time consuming and you have to make sure u have all the prerequisites and then you have to make sure everything that you need to take fits and it usually doesn’t so u gotta shift shit around and then u have to make sure that ur taking all the courses u need to take so you have your prerequisites for NEXT year and you also have to make sure that your schedule is balanced and actually doable and it’s best to try and get fridays off and avoid night classes so then u have to do even MORE shifting around.


Hey guys. Something pretty amazing happened over spring break and I forgot to make a post about it! So, I was hanging out at my brother’s college campus up in Massachusetts and I was killing time looking at their natural history museum. It was a cold, cloudy day and I was warm in the museum, listening to Bon Iver. I was looking around at all the stuff (minerals, fossils, rocks, etc.) and pondering the meaning of life. And I was reading the label next to one of the fossils that said it was from the Holocene epoch, (I thought, oh cool, like the Bon Iver song!) and then. guys. guys. Holocene started playing (on shuffle) on my ipod. It was magical. And in that moment, everything seemed to make sense. It was like the definition of the song was happening: me standing there looking at dinosaur fossils from the Holocene epoch, listening to Holocene. The way Justin talks about it being like people are times and times are places and places are people. That was happening there in the museum. Me, the song, the time, the place. “And at once I knew, I was not magnificent.” JUST GAH. I MEAN REALLY. I FELT THE MEANING pulsing through my veins. It was just a beautiful moment. Yep, that’s it. 

I don’t like you because I expect anything back.
I’m not expecting you to like me back. Or save me. Or even notice me.
I like you because I love your smile.
I love your voice. I love your hair. The way you say my name. The way you talk to me. I love just seeing you. I love the cute silly faces you give me. I love how you make me feel.

And I know that you have a girlfriend.

And I know that sounds really bad.

But by saying that I’m not going to hurt your relationship with her. I’m not going to push my feelings onto you and I will treat you civilly and act platonic towards you. On the other hand though, I’m not gonna force myself to stop liking you.
I’m gonna let these feelings flow, even if they’re not in front of you, and I’m gonna keep liking you until I can’t anymore. Until it stops on it’s own.

I’m not gonna repress myself. But I’m also not going to even try ruining your relationship. Because I respect you and her and your relationship.

I don’t like you because I want something out of you. I’m don’t like you because I’m solely looking for a relationship out of you.

I like you because you are you.