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In working on this comic, I got to thinking about something:  
I’m glad we know more about what fueled this moment now:

All of their past and all anger aside, Journal 3 showed us that Ford was in fight mode.  Moments before this scene, he was battling literal demons in what is basically Hell after 30 years of preparation.  The flight half of fight of flight was long out the interdimensional window (portal?) at this point.  Everything inside of him was directed at “destroy Bill.”  If not for that, I wonder what would have been different.  (AU where the portal opens when Ford is just randomly wandering some other dimension?)

But if we take that a step further into the realm of implications, it gets worse.  It’s pretty heavily implied that this was a suicide mission for Ford.  He 100% did not expect to survive his encounter with Bill.  Stan wasn’t facing his brother here.  He was facing a suicidal man in fight mode who’d been betrayed, who’d lost everything and who’d been denied his revenge and the consequences he believed he deserved for the mistakes he’d made.   

Stan saved him but in that moment, he didn’t want to be saved.

(Of course Stan had no way of knowing that.  He was still working off of the instruction to “do something!”  And I think he would have saved him anyway if he did know, but he might have been more prepared to be punched by knowing he was getting involved in a volatile situation.)

(Oh…  How about an AU where the portal opens right as Ford destroys Bill and Stan saves him at the last moment before the Nightmare realm implodes?  I have a feeling this would have played out a little differently…)

where does the idea that butch lesbians and gender non-comforming women are big bad bullies and the meanie gate keepers of feminism who are just imitating patriarchy keep coming from.

het feminists keep saying ‘dont forget the girly girls! femmephobia!’ (they think femme is just another term for feminine bc they will totes still continue to shit on lesbians everywhere including femme lesbians but especially butch lesbians for some reason) bc as a femme girly gurl i really dont see anyone excluding me from feminism except for these same str8 yts. like im tired of seeing people who arent feminine/str8/yt being told that they have internalized misogyny and are just like men. so tired. like if you want to wear makeup and be girly i don’t care that’s fine i really dont care. but it really has no significance in feminism. it doesnt

and when you give into the whole ‘you can still be feminine and be a feminist!’ 'not all of us are hairy and hate men and we’re not all lesbians!’ it’s actually YOU who is doing the so called imitation of patriarchy by excluding the women it hates most. lol

You Bring me Good in my Lonely Life

Summary: Michael Jones was nothing but trouble. Rumours spread about him like a wildfire, a virus, a plague. They say everything he touches burns.
Gavin Free is the new kid, the perfect student, the golden boy. Pure.
But nothing is pure in Los Santos for long.
And maybe Gavin Free wants to burn.
Pairing: Mavin
Word Count: 8,223 words
Warnings: unhealthy relationships, implied/referenced alcohol abuse (see AO3 for more)
A/N:Lowkey(highkey) inspired by this. (I love this fic so much, I credit most of the philosophical talk to that fic honestly). A lot of talk and lines were heavily inspired and borrowed from that fic (it’s all that lovely author’s) but I tried my best to give it my own flair and fit this idea into pre-fahc.Not my views at all, I just wanted to write something like this. I hope this makes sense~ Feel free to ask me questions about what happened. Also, they’re probably OOC, but I tried to make their prominent personality traits stay the same, as with other fics.

[ Read on AO3 ]

Gavin is the golden boy. The new foreign student slipped into their lives seamlessly; parents fawned over him, students flocked around him. Perfect student, perfect clothes, perfect looks, perfect values, perfect son, perfect charm. Perhaps, the most attractive feature in him, one of the blinding things about him, was that he was pure.

In a city like Los Santos, nothing is pure.

He has no bite to his tongue, no malice behind his actions. Smiles were genuine, laughs weren’t forced. People crave that.

He was pure, until he wasn’t. Tainted in the form of golden curls, freckles, and bursts of oranges reflecting against skin. As the old adage goes: curiosity killed the cat.

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Not all trans people are thin

There used to be a plus size clothing swap blog for trans people. It does not look like it’s still active.

So if anyone wants to start their own swap blog- I’d be happy to boost it. Send me an ask and let me know if you do.

Until someone does that- let’s try this as an alternative.

If you have plus size clothes that you are willing to send to a plus size trans person, make a post and tag this blog in it so I can help you signal boost. 

Say what you have, in what size and describe the clothes a bit. Pictures would be great if you have them. Once you have a taker, delete the post and y’all can do private messages to get addresses to each other. 

It’d be great if you don’t ask for money for the clothes, unless you need shipping help. 

Please do not ask for the clothes if you don’t need them. If you don’t like the clothes you get, please pass them on to someone who can use them.

Plus size clothes are a precious resource, so let’s try to make the best use of what we can spare. 

  • Anti: This ship is abusive/incestuous/pedophilic/just plain wrong.
  • Shipper: Good thing it's fiction, huh?
  • Anti: You need to use proper warnings/tags on these things!
  • Shipper: Yep, sure do! :)
  • Anti: It doesn't matter if it's fictional, it contributes to real life abuse.
  • Shipper: Nope. Media does influence people, but the difference between a mainstream story with no disclaimers and a properly tagged fanwork is miles wide. (the act of tagging a work with all the relevant triggers for abuse, etc. is mutually exclusive with "romanticizing" or validating it.)
  • Anti: Fine, I guess it's ok, but only if you're a survivor using it to cope.
  • Shipper: Nope. I don't need to present my history for you to scrutinize, and neither does anyone else.
  • Anti: What if I just ask whether or not you're a survivor of abuse?
  • Shipper: Nope! Still none of your business! :)
  • Anti: Ok, you can make whatever you want, but you're not allowed to share it. Don't post it. Anywhere. It's not that I think your coping mechanisms are shameful or anything, I just think you should pretend they don't exist!
  • Shipper: Again, NO. We have a right to community, to share our creative output for other people's healing and growth. YOU have a right to blacklist it.
  • Anti: You're gross/disgusting/icky/eeevil!
  • Shipper: :)
  • Anti: I'm gonna spam your ship tags with gore and other content designed to Trigger (or at the very least Upset) you.
  • Shipper: :/ ...I guess this means you're giving up all pretense of "just trying to protect people", huh?

thescottishmcrdragon  asked:

Speaking about Autistic! Nico..... how does he deal with the jerkbutts that are like "lol autism, must mean you're a *insert slur starting with r here*"

it used to really bother him like, “oh cool guess people really do hate me : )  : )  : ) good to know that i can never tell anyone im autistic out of fear of judgement :-)” BUT now that hes a Big Boi™ and has gone through Some Deep Shit (read: tartarus, bianca, Everything Else) he kinda. Doesnt Give A Singular Heck. he is now Always Ready To Stab A Neurotypical with his Angsty Emo Death Sword ™™™™™

History Has Its Eyes On You (Pt. 5)

Summary: Does anyone not know what this is?

TW: Inaccuracies, insults to the British army? me being a huge nerd

A/N: The term “lobsterback” was used by the revolutionaries as a way to refer to the British army (as an insult of course). A “whig” was a radical revolutionary (if my information is correct). They would rarely refer to the British army as the British because many of them still considered themselves British


Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

You wake up the next morning in Aaron’s guest room. You have to admit, the eighteenth century had some of the comfiest pillows. You pry yourself away from the bed and slip on your corset, which is still one of the worst things. After attempting to tie it, you pack your trunk and try to make your way out before he notices. Luckily for you, you are able to sneak out of the door, onto the street, before he even wakes up. You need to get out of this town. You’ve stayed with two men and know other people. There is no way you could make things any worse.

While you’re wandering the streets, you watch the people hurry from shop to shop. You laugh to yourself, thinking about how little things have changed. You slowly walk into a small shop that seems to sell everything. You smile slightly at a man who seems vaguely familiar. He quickly walks over to you and starts talking.

It isn’t long before he agrees to let you stay at his house for the evening. As soon as he falls asleep, you walk around, scanning the papers on the desk for anything that might help you. Suddenly, you come across a note from General Washington that thanks Hercules for his help. This catches your attention, so you continue to read the letter. You realize that you are staying with one of the most important revolutionaries in history. You know that whatever is helping the “lobsterbacks” win has got to be here. You shift through the letters, trying to find out what isn’t going like it should.

You squeal when you come across a letter saying when and where the Redcoats were going to attack. You, realizing that it is completely wrong, try to think of a way to tell him without outing yourself.

The next morning, once Hercules wakes up, you decide to talk to him about it. “When do you think the lobsterbacks will attack again? They seem rather quiet.”

He chuckles. “Soon. Probably near the north side.”

You sigh. “Why north? They may have ships there, but that’s only useless supplies like sugar. That’s everything they’re trying to sell; besides, that’s where all the whig’s troops are. If they were smart, they would attack from the south, catching everyone off guard.”

Hercules stops what he’s doing. “You’re pretty smart.”

You smile.


Joe’s baseball stuff came in the mail tonight.
It honestly might be the cutest stuff I’ve ever seen.
He has his first practice tomorrow morning at 11.
I’m super nervous I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing or what’s going to happen or what he needs.
I was never a sports kid I never showed any interest or played any when I was little.
Joe on the other hand wants to play every single sport imaginable so here I am trying to learn how to be a sports mom lol.
He’s really excited and I can’t wait to see him in action.
I’m just hoping I don’t look too silly lol.

dear eurovision fans: does anyone remember this page where you could rate all the songs just by picking one over another? i remember using it a year ago but i just can’t find it anymore, or an app that’s easy to use?

anonymous asked:

hello yes this really isnt a feel but more or less a question. i'm still relevantly new to being fickin and i'm currently questioning this character from a show i used to watch. thing is, i feel like my canon is drastically different from the one presented, if that makes sense? i feel lowkey like im faking it so i need to know, does this happen to anyone else or...?

nah that happens all the time!! in my dragon age canon there’s an entire species that wasn’t in the game and the way the story unfolds is completely different from any of the canon game routes! my overwatch kin canon is way different too! i’m hanzo and my mccree was never even in overwatch, we just kind of did our own thing. in me and jonas’ lucio/junkrat canon we weren’t in overwatch either, it was more of a modern au where we were just kids hanging out!

it’s very common to have a canon totally divergent from the source. it doesn’t make you any less valid!!


hey does anyone know whats wrong with my switch, i went to play and none of my controls were working (i was using the controller thingie that you add the 2 joycons i think theyre called? to) and so i put them back on the gamepad to see if that would work and it wouldnt at all, so i tried turning it off but then i didnt have the option to do so because i cant scroll down, and i tried just putting it to sleep but it wont let me. however the volume does work on the gamepad, it let me adjust it to higher or lower, and when i remove and put the joycon thingies back on the gamepad, it does the click noises and animation…

im pretty dang upset because it was working yesterday and ive taken really good care of and handled my whole system very carefully, so theres no chance of it having any damage. no button i press on the joycons work, on either side… i cant take screenshots, i cant go to the homescreen, i cant press anything, it has no effect.

i dont wanna have to replace my system especially only like 2 weeks after its release lmao

Original Character ask meme - Psychology edition~

15: Does your OC consider themselves a good person? (Monster-Loving Ghoul-Girl)

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The shadowstepper was skipping through the streets of Silvermoon, taking notice of the Illidari far before she noticed anyone else, waving her hand with so much energy, it was likely seen as some desperate cry for attention by others occupying the space in which they dwelled.  Still, it didn’t deter her from using up a good margin of her energy so that she sprung into a pounce, both arms extending outward so that she could hug the other woman with all her strength, which was still rather dismal at the moment due to recent happenings.  

Korrinth blinked a few times, slowly moving a hand up so that she could loop one arm about the tiny girl while patting the top of her head with the other.
"You seem better today, did you skimp out on that mission like I suggested?" 

Upon watching the shdaowstepper’s ears pin back, and her eyes stare up at her with an accompanying pout, the Illidari sighed.

"It’s alright, I figured you were gonna do it anyway.  You shouldn’t overexert yourself, though.  Especially if you’re still healing.”  

“If I stop, though, people will worry, and I don’t want people to worry about me.  I mean, I’m going to be okay eventually, but it’s just…Not right now." 

Korrinth sighed again, and shook her head, allowing Renaeri’s arm to loop around her own as the two stood on the side of the street, watching others that passed.  Words seemed to escape her for the moment, but Renaeri wouldn’t even allow the passing moment to throw her off track.

"Did you ever recieve those books on the runes?”  She had turned, tugging a slight at her hands, a bright smile about her before she bounced in place, the quirk of Korrinth’s brow enough to let out an exhaggerated sigh. “They were suppoooosed to come with the bracelettes!!” she exclaimed, soon crossing her arms over her chest.  

“Say, Korri…” Her expression dropped slightly, hands now moving to tug about at her slightly longer hair.  "Do you think I’m a good person?“ 

The Illidari seemed taken aback by that question, mouth opening a moment to say something, but then paused, patting Renaeri’s shoulder. 

"Don’t you think so?" 

That gave Renaeri pause.

"I dunno.  Sometimes the things I think are good aren’t by other peoples’ standards.  I mean, I can’t exactly drop a dead body in front of someone’s doorstep and they consider it a flirt, or that I’ve done them a favor, unless it’s someone that’s been giving them a hard time.  Even then, I…Think? Maybe? I mean…Does trying count? I know that I’m a little odd, but that’s okay, right?  The people who know me and like me for me are happy with that, right?  I can be happy with myself for trying to be good while knowing that it’s in my nature to be what I am, right?" 

Korrinth paused, soon allowing a soft chuckle to escape her before patting Renaeri’s head again. "I think so.  I like you as you are." 

Renaeri beamed at the woman, tipping on her toes so she could brush a small kiss to the other woman’s lips.  Hands swinging back and forth, she seemed much more chipper than she had when she arrived.  

"I’m glad that I have people like you around, Korri!”


when you see a really creative rp channel that does their character to perfection and you wanna interact… but you have no idea how to start.

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Rules: Complete the questions & say who tagged you in the beginning. When you’re finished, tag people to do this survey. Have fun and enjoy!

i was tagged again! this time by @nightingaletrash ( i think? it was awhile ago ^ ^;)

1. are you named after someone? yes kind of

2. When was the last time you cried? i don’t remember

3. Do you like your handwriting? nop ^ ^; and neither does anyone at work

4. What is your favorite lunch meal?  eee i don’t know it depends what i’m in the mood for.

5. Do you have kids? no

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? NO

7. Do you use sarcasm? no u u;

8. Do you still have your tonsils? yas (but i don’t have wisdom teeth or gallbladder)

9. Would you bungee jump? no cause i don’t wanna get bounced around on the snap back. i’d rather just go down once with a parachute maybe. but that’s a BIG maybe.

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? no, but sometimes they untie themselves ^ ^;

12. Do you think you’re a strong person? *shrug*

13. What is your favorite ice cream? cotton candy flavor! although i really like this special edition sno ball one that i saw at the store  <3

14. What is the first thing you notice about people? if they stare at me >< (if no, yay!)

15. What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? my face ^ ^;;

16. What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? its the pants are white with rainbow poka dots ._. i promise i’m not a clown. (BUT MY SHIRT IS BLACK AS DETH)

17. What are you listening to right now? um its the tv in the background. and my birbs chirping.

18. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?  silver? i do’nt really want to be a crayon though. you get used until you disapear.

19. Favourite smell? thiefy leather costume

20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? an insurance company rep for verifications. She was a nice lady.

21. Favorite sport to watch? soccer/football

22. Hair color? brown

23. Eye color? blue (maybe?)

24. Do you wear contacts? only for cosplay

25. Favorite food to eat? i have too many favorites! but i love desserts.

26. Scary movies or comedy?  i love horror (but there is a lack of good recent horror)

27. Last movie you watched? star wars force awakening

28. What color of shirt are you wearing? BLAK

29. Summer or winter? winter

30. Hugs or kisses? neither ^ ^; no thanks

31. What book are you currently reading? UM. that’s kind of embarassing to answer cause it’s gonna sound like i’ve been reading the same one for like, a year. but i don’t really get to read much since i have to decide between it and other things i keep wanting to do in what spare time i have and then on top of it, i moved, so i don’t know where the book even IS, right now >< there’s unopened boxes downstairs

32. Who do you miss right now? my uncle. he just passed away last night >< don’t worry about it.

33. What is on your mouse pad?  not using one right now since im borrowing a laptop

34. What is the last TV program you watched? bates motel. good show

35. What is the best sound? ferret’s dooking!

36. Rolling stones or The Beatles? the beatles

37. What is the furthest you have ever travelled? from here to the UK. i wish i travelled more 

38. Do you have a special talent? i don’t think so

39. Where were you born? Arizona. haven’t been back there since i was very small

i don’t remember who i tagged in the previous meme vs who i forgot to tag in that one so i feel awkward trying to tag anyone ^ ^;; i guess i wont this time just to be on the safe side. sorry!

we need a setosorcerer day

i know i made a post about starting one but i feel like everyone saw it, agreed, and than no one thought about it again.

i thought maybe setosorcerer day would be April 11th buuuut that date has already come and gone at the time of this post…

so i thought of a new date: June 1st!

why june 1st? its the upload day of his most recent video.

okay, to refresh, does anyone remember husky mudkipz day? and how the kippers all made art/tweeted their art at husky to help cheer him up?

well, seto may still be gone, but we still care about him, dont we?

so lets show it in a big explosion of love! he may not see it, sure, but the chance that he will is enough for me. what about you?

i know some of us have lost hope that he will return, so this could also help boost those individual’s spirits! so…

June 1st will be SetoSorcerer day! tag any art you do for seto with #SetoSorcererDay.

fanfictions, art, anything! 

lets get the fandom together and muster up all our “magic” and make an explosion of love, laughter, and good times! 

If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me? (insp)

Motion turns out to be very interesting! This was definitely experimental. I’m still new to the program, so I mostly focused on the Catmilla-transformation.