does anyone see that vein like i mean

once in a lifetime (tom holland imagine)

a/n: so I came up with this idea when I was at the Tove Lo concert day before yesterday (it was amazing. was there ever any doubt?)

anyways, this isn’t based on any songs in particular, just the general ambience of the concert.

hope you all like this. it really does mean a lot to me. :) 

if you guys wanna send in requests or prompts, I would love to write for you!




People milled around as generic music filled the tiny hall. I didn’t recognise anyone and the thought of being alone in such a crowded place was only less terrifying because I was about to see my favourite artist of all time-Tove Lo.

I licked my lips as suddenly the lights dimmed and we were all surrounded by darkness. Blood pumped in my veins, filling my body with adrenaline. I gripped the handrails in front of me harder, afraid that if I didn’t have something solid to hold onto, I might actually float away. 

The drumming started, followed by quick guitar riffs and keyboard melodies. I recognised it immediately. Then there she was-wearing a large Kellogg’s jacket.

Only Tove. 

Laughing I let the first notes of True Disaster envelope me. The song went into full swing and I began to sing along, hips moving to the beat.

Without meaning to, I looked to my left to see a couple being cute. And a pang of jealousy took over. I realised I wanted that too. I wanted to be with someone I loved at a concert of my favourite artist. Sighing, I grit my teeth trying not to get emotional. I was lucky regardless. How many other people could say they watched their favourite singer sing their favourite songs?

The crowd was losing their mind but there as something different about it. Looking up, I saw it-Tove Lo and Tom?!

“What the actual fuck?!“ 

I yelled, earning myself glances from people around me. 

Tom leaned in close to the mic and said, 

“Babe, I know I said I couldn’t be here. But I lied. Hope you can forgive me.”

“You little fucker." 

I said, covering my mouth with my hand. Emotions were swirling inside me, on the edge of going wild. 

"Consider this an early birthday present.”

He said winking. Then he gestured for Tove to continue and she began to sing Moments. That’s when I lost it. I really did. 

With tears streaming down my face, I struggled to believe that I’d been lucky enough to not only know someone who would travel across the world to be with me but date them as well. Things like these don’t happen often. And when they do, you do whatever it takes to hold onto it. Because it’s honest to God, the once-in-a-lifetime fairy-tale shit that you read about.

Through tears, I saw Tom jump down and zig-zag through the crowd. I felt myself moving forward to meet him too. And when his eyes found mine, he smiled so brightly I thought I was going to explode from happiness. 

“Hey, darling.”

He took me into his arms and hugged tight. I mimicked his actions, holding on as hard as I could. When he let go, he frowned at the tears on my cheeks. Wiping them away with his thumb, he cupped my cheek to ask,  

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m…..happy tears, happy tears.”

I said, shaking my head. He let out a tiny little laugh and then wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me into his side.

We watched her perform, controlling the crowd and losing herself in the music. And when I looked up, I found Tom already looking at me. He leaned down to press a kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes instinctively as warmth filled my heart and Tove’s voice floating through the air made the moment absolutely magical.

Going Home - Chapter 12

Hiii, you beautiful, beautiful people! I hope you have (had) a great start in(to?) the weekend. I’m currently eating ice cream with my friends (if our plans worked out… our plans don’t always work out… our plans hardly ever work out) and I hope this chapter is a nice alternative to ice cream for you :)
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Chapter 12: Come Thru

“I’ll be with you in a second Z, I promise, I just have to clear something first,” Val told me, his hand on my back while he gently pushed me to a bunch of couches that I usually only saw groups of rich and old people sit on. “Can you just sit down and wait for me? I’ll be with you as fast as possible. Don’t leave, have a… read.”

His eyes seemed to be seriously afraid I might leave but the sad truth was I really had nowhere else to go. These dance lessons had become the highlight of my days. “Sure, take your time.”

It seemed like this was a busy time for the studio, people were coming and leaving every full hour, and I felt guilty to take Val away from his classes just so he could teach me – a stupid girl that wasn’t even that good and had no prospects anyway. But Val never made me feel like I was ruining him; he never rushed me, was patient and calm, in good temper, and always made sure we had time to meet up every day.

When I sat down I saw the typical clientele – people who looked like they had worked for many years, earned more than I could even dream off, and who really spent that money to take lessons from a few good looking dance teachers – at least until someone threw herself onto the cushion next to me.

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