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Going Home - Chapter 12

Hiii, you beautiful, beautiful people! I hope you have (had) a great start in(to?) the weekend. I’m currently eating ice cream with my friends (if our plans worked out… our plans don’t always work out… our plans hardly ever work out) and I hope this chapter is a nice alternative to ice cream for you :)
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Chapter 12: Come Thru

“I’ll be with you in a second Z, I promise, I just have to clear something first,” Val told me, his hand on my back while he gently pushed me to a bunch of couches that I usually only saw groups of rich and old people sit on. “Can you just sit down and wait for me? I’ll be with you as fast as possible. Don’t leave, have a… read.”

His eyes seemed to be seriously afraid I might leave but the sad truth was I really had nowhere else to go. These dance lessons had become the highlight of my days. “Sure, take your time.”

It seemed like this was a busy time for the studio, people were coming and leaving every full hour, and I felt guilty to take Val away from his classes just so he could teach me – a stupid girl that wasn’t even that good and had no prospects anyway. But Val never made me feel like I was ruining him; he never rushed me, was patient and calm, in good temper, and always made sure we had time to meet up every day.

When I sat down I saw the typical clientele – people who looked like they had worked for many years, earned more than I could even dream off, and who really spent that money to take lessons from a few good looking dance teachers – at least until someone threw herself onto the cushion next to me.

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