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I have a question for Jellal. Why do you wear so many layers?

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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Yoongi has big hands nand noew i want a taegi breathplay fic rec gdi.

your wish is my command <3 as always if anyone knows any i missed please add them!!

Taegi breathplay fics:

(I Probably Still Adore You) With Your Hands Around My Neck by mucha (explicit, complete, 3.9k, idol verse, this one is probably my fave bts are practising the blood sweat and tears choreo and tae gets horny and flustered when yoongi does the choking part asdfgh amazing) 

His/Theirs/Our Thing by PancakeTaetae (explicit, incomplete, 48k, 3 chapters so far, hybrid au, puppy hybrid tae, owner yoongi, bottom tae, fluff, smut, angst, read all the tags!! there are a ton of other kinks besides breathplay so make sure you read before you start!! but this one is super cute so far i love hybrid tae <3)

Guns, Knives and Lace by visbaeallday (mature, incomplete, 17k, 3 chaps so far, gang au, smut, tae in panties!! this one is actually yoontaekook which makes it a hundred times better imo and it’s soooo good i’m dying for an update, yoongi and jungkook are gangsters and tae is their suga baby but he’s also super smart and it’s amazing)

Pillow Talk by hologramwithyou (Explicit, side namjin, complete, 2k, smut, pwp, a/b/o, alpha yoongi, omega tae, daddy kink, mpreg, taegi have heat sex and there’s choking involved, surprisingly cute)

he hit me (and it felt like a kiss) by ashyung (mature, complete, 6k, smut, pwp, okay this one is flithy, please read the tags there’s so much going on, basically tae gets off on yoongi treating him badly)

Casting a Line by indifferentyoongi (Teen, complete, 13k, idolverse, fluff, slow burn, basically they learn the choreo for blood sweat and tears and fall in love)

No Ordinary Love by LoveIsGone (Explicit, side vhope and jihope, incomplete, 4k, 2 chaps so far, gang au, smut, elements of rape/non-con, read the tags!!, tae is a model and yoongi is his mob boss bf hell yeah)




Erik and I were looking around petsmart and in one of the fish tanks there was this weird ass thing
It looked like it was just floating but it only went up and down
Like all the way up to the surface and then halfway back down to the bottom
It was in the tank for this one really cool fish that was black with a white tipped tail and the fish looked sort of like an eel in that it didn’t have any obvious fins but it had a long strip of rippling skin. Erik read the name but I can’t remember what it was called. Black Something
Anyway does anyone know what this weird dandelion looking thing is? scalestails askscalestails (tagging them because they know loads on fish)