does anyone know who made this

mnet can literally suck my ass at this point and its only the 2nd ep in.

they really trying to make tension between mark and hongwon. in the waiting room(?) when mark walked in they asked if anyone knows him (why you wanna put him on the spot?) and they made it a point to show that hongwon specifically didn’t raise his hand to show he didn’t know mark. then when they asked if anyone doesn’t know hongwon, they once again made it a point to show that mark raised his hands like ???? why? 
every time hongwon does something they just have to show mark in the audience. and whenever mark does something they just have to show hongwon in the audience. in the preview, when hongwon was going up on stage they kept showing mark glancing at him like ??? why?? lol what’s the point they don’t even know each other give them a break omg 

anyways, dont bash mark and dont bash hongwon they cool kids who don’t even know each other

just realized that up until i was, like, 14/15, the “default” i imagined characters as was white. it really never even crossed my mind that any one of the characters from harry potter or percy jackson or whatever book series could be nonwhite. every one of the original characters i made up was white. you know why? because i grew up on western media and i had accepted that there would never be anyone who wasn’t white, much less looked like me (unless they were basically an amalgamation of random stuff from different asian cultures – yes, cho chang, i’m talking about cho chang). white people were the heroes and poc were the sidekicks, comic relief, villains. that was just how it worked.

so yeah i would say that media does very much affect real life and representation does matter. and i live in literal asia, in a city where about 95% of people are chinese, so white people who whine about how they live in a mostly-white area so they can’t help it if their “default” for characters is white have no excuse. acknowledge your own mentality of “default whiteness” and work against it cause that’s what i’ve been doing for the last few years


Y/n has created a chatroom.

Y/n has added CiviWarVillan28

Y/n: Zemo look, look

Y/n: People made you a meme

Y/n: You should feel honoured. Not everybody can be a meme.



CivilWarVillan28: Excuse me? Who is this Zemo you’re talking about?

Y/n: Don’t be silly now.

Y/n: Even if you weren’t Zemo, but you are, how wouldn’t you know about Zemo if your username is “civilwarvillan28”?

CivilWarVillan28: How did you find me? Does anyone else know about this?

Y/n: I’ve been studying you, can’t you tell?

Y/n: Also you’re suffering from lack of creativity.

Y/n: CivilWarVillan28, seriously? But what’s fascinating me the most it’s that CivilWarVillan was taken, huh?

Y/n: Is 28 the number of your apartment, or your age? Or your cats name?

CivilWarVillan28 changed his name into Zemo

Zemo: No darling, 28 is the number of seconds you will still be alive.

Y/n: Aha, yeah

Y/n: Wait, sorry, we’re you trying to be scary?

Zemo: Don’t underestimate me, Y/n. In my free time, I found many interesting things about your past.

Y/n: Dang, did you find out that I stole that candy back in 09?

Y/n: Or that time I put the spider into Tony’s room and he still, till this day, thinks it was Steve?

Y/n: Hold on, did you find me Tumblr?

Zemo: You can play a though girl, Y/n, but that’s exactly what you are, a girl.

Y/n: A GIRL that can kick your ass in less than 28 seconds.

Zemo: First you have to get me.

Y/n: What makes you think I am not outside of your apartment, which is two block away from Avengers tower, right now?

Y/n: Where did you go?

Y/n: Aha, you went and looked if I am really there.

Zemo: How did you find me?

Y/n: Not only that your hiding is weak, you’re also getting senile.

Y/n: To remind you, you’ve asked me that already.

Y/n: I’ve been studying you.

Y/n: Oh and don’t try to exit this chat, because you can’t. Also I wouldn’t even try if I were you.

Zemo: And why is that?

Y/n: Because I said so.

Zemo: Your word means nothing to me.

Tony has entered the chat.

Tony: Y/n have you seen my

Tony: Da fak?


Tony: I mean, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Tony: But still

Y/n: Okay so, Zemo is here in the chat, you know his address, and you still decide to yell at me for one little spider?

Y/n: unbelievable.

Tony has added Clint, Sam, Nat, Wanda, Bucky and Steve

Tony: Now I finally know who stands behind that awful little prank.

Steve: And what was I telling you all this time?

Bucky: I knew it was Y/n.

Sam: Same.

Clint: I even helped her.

Tony: Thanks buddy.

Nat: What is Zemo doing here?

Bucky: ZEMO?

Bucky: Thanks for the adress, Y/n.

Bucky: You are going to pay for them almost killing me because of things that they thought I did.

Sam: Sad word, almost.

Sam: But who wants to take turns in beating Zemo?

Y/n: Hey, nobody’s touching my friend here.

Zemo: Thank you, Y/n.

Tony: Are you kidding me?

Steve: You call that monster, that almost destroyed us, a friend, and you defend him? In front all of us?

Tony: Technically he didn’t do much

Zemo: Don’t you think, monster is a bit too harsh?

Tony; Your friend BUCKY on the other hand did all the dirty work.

Steve: No.

Nat: Both of you shut up.

Sam: Am I the only one who sensed sarcasm in Y/n sentence?

Y/N: Apparently.

Wanda: Can’t blame Steve and Tony. They’re old.

Nat: What are we going to do with him?

Steve: I am sick of this old jokes

Clint: What about “language” jokes?

Steve: Ugh

Y/n: I suggest we tie him up and insist to know more about his next plan

Y/n: Let’s be honest, he wasn’t crocheting all this time.

Zemo: If you catch me, then ask me and I will tell you nicely, until then.

Clint: You do realise we are outside your apartment, right?

Sam: And inside too?

Zemo: I am not telling you anything.

Y/n: Who’s gonna take first punch?

Steve: Me

Bucky: Me

Bucky has left the chat

Tony: Me

Nat: Me

Clit: Ladies first.

Nat has left the chat.

Zemo has been disconnected.

Tony: Whatever.

Y/n: Now stop typing and get to work.

Y/n has left the chat.

Tony: She can be a real bitch sometimes.

Sam: Tell me about it.

Tony has left the chat,

Sam has left the chat.

Clint: They better hope she doesn’t see this, or they will be the ones tied up, trying the feeling of her punches.

Steve: She really does have a good punch.

Wanda: Girl Power.

Steve has left the chat

Wanda has left the chat

Clint: They won’t notice if I go and search some Pokémon’s.

Clint: YOLO

Clint has left the chat.


This post is gonna be long, so here we go.
1. These characters are fictional.
2. 18 is NOT the legal consent age in a majority of places and its ridiculous to call any ship with an underaged character toxic or pedophilia
3. Y'all are dumb because pedophilia is an adult being attracted to PREPUBESCENT CHILDREN, not almost fully or even fully developed teenagers or young adults. You guys don’t even know what you are arguing about.
4. Lmao, idefc about “cannon ages” at this point since anti’s forced them to be made and released in the first place and because the real and modern military will not allow anyone under 18 (17 with parental consent) to join the military.
5. Shipping fictional characters does not, and never will, condone doing certain things in real life.
6. You say “we want to protect minors!!” As you send actual cp, death threats, abusive comments, and degrading messages to minors who ship Shaladin ships.
7. You are pestering the creators, staff, voice actors, fans, artists, and the overall community with your ignorant and hateful selves.
8. Shaladin fans respect your opinions, but not that you don’t respect ours.
9. You hate Sheith because they are “like brothers” as stated by cannon, but cannon also says “they are ALL like family”.
10. If you don’t like it, then ignore it. Like, fr. Its a harmless ship and y'all are pissing yourselves because you see a fictional character smooching another fictional character in a fan-made drawing. Grow up. Age gaps are going to occur all around you and age difference will never equal instantly abusive.

EDIT: 11. Hating Shaladin is fine while attacking people/ships is not. 12. Having a blog about your dislike for a ship is fine, but forcing your opinion on other people and calling anyone who disagrees a pedophile apologist or toxic is not, because it is simply not true. 13. Its not cannon and never will be so its not effecting anyone. 14. Shaladin shippers need to stop sending death threats too, like, chill. We all got our ships and we like what we like.

New favorite headcanon
You know the way that Hughes brags about Gracia and Elysia to anyone with ears? He does the same thing with Roy. Roy knows that he does it and basically lives in active embarrassment. Thankfully, Hughes stopped bragging about Roy in front of him, because he noticed how uncomfortable it made him, but that certainly doesn’t mean that he has stopped bragging. In fact, most days in the mess, anyone who notices Hughes approaching will ask themselves “is it Elysia, Gracia, or Mustang today?”

Damian as a husband

I hope your day gets better. Until then heres some headcannons of Damian as your husband

- best dates ever. Like its the top restaurants and museums. Lots of occasions to wear gowns to.
- Competitive but fun. Like whoever wins at sparring doesn’t have to do dishes.
- This man can say the sweetest sentence. He usually does it in his native tongue which you love.
- He knows if he ever hurts you his brothers will come after him.
- Super jealous when other guys hit on you. Also extremely protective. Someone save anyone who thinks they can kidnap you.
- Jon being his good friend, also the one you turn to when Damian is acting odd.
- If your cooking isnt the best he wouldnt tell you but he might always have the take ready just in case.
- Totally protects you against Talia. Always will take your side in an family argument.
- The last guy who made a comment about your outfit is still recovering from it.
- This man would do anything for you.

1. You have made it so far. You’re now 19 and you’re so strong babe. You have dealt with so much shit and you will continually have to deal with that kind of stuff but you’ve made it.

2. Your sex life does not reflect who you are as a person, it does not make you unclean or dirty and it should not be anyone’s business except yours.

3. He’s just a boy, I promise you’ll be okay. I know the way he kisses you now makes you feel like you’re in love, hell you may be getting there, but he’s just one boy and you’ll be okay when it ends.

4. You are a whole being. I know some days are really hard, but that doesn’t make you an unhappy person. It doesn’t make you depressed or bipolar, so stop trying to diagnose yourself. It’s just a hard day, week, month. It will be better.

5. Trust yourself. I can’t stress this one enough. You know what you’re doing. Listen to advice from others but it’s your life and you’re the one in charge. They’re not wrong for their opinions but you’re not either.

6. Find friends who make you feel happy. Simple as that. It’s going to be hard, and you’re going to have to put yourself out there but it will be so worth it. Don’t be around people who constantly bring you down. You deserve better than that.

7. College will be some of the best years of your life, so keep having fun. 

8. College is fun but remember why you’re there. You are there to grow and to expand your knowledge, you’re there to do the best you can so you can provide for yourself when the time is right. 

9. Stop procrastinating. Seriously, stop it. 

10. Take care of your body. I know getting up early to work out sucks but won’t it be worth it when you not only look good but feel good too? This is important.

11. You are growing and you’re becoming. Don’t rush it but also don’t fight it.

12. Not everyone is going to love you and not everyone is going to want to be your best friend. That’s okay. I promise you it is. You will find where you fit in. 

13. Call your parents and call your sister. They miss you. I know it’s not always happy times but they love you so much. 

14. Back to this boy. He’s lovely isn’t he? But don’t forget what kind of relationship you deserve. If at the end of January or beginning of February he doesn’t want to commit, you need to get out of it, we don’t need an Anthony 2.0. If he wakes up and tells you he’s not interested anymore you gotta know that it’s not you, you gave him so much love and he just doesn’t think he needs it. I know that it’ll hurt so fucking bad but you will be okay.

15. Don’t start a new relationship this year. It’s nice to feel wanted but you don’t need another person to make you feel that way.

16. Practice self love, this is probably the most important thing on this list. You are worthy of love and happiness but it needs to start inside first. You can’t rely on another person to make you feel that way.

—  16 things I want to remember in 2016
Yusaku is a team player?

I don’t know if anyone has made the connection, (They probably have) but, does anyone see a contrast between Yusaku’s description as a character and his Duelist Persona?

Yusaku is described as someone who doesn’t like standing out and drawing attention to himself. He also thinks quick on his feet and can read situations fairly easily. This is understandable, since we can’t do secretive work when everyone’s eyes are on us and we need to be quick when we do it.

But what about Playmaker? A Playmaker is, by definition :a player in a team game who leads attacks or brings other players on the same side into a position from which they could score. 

Playmaker would literally be someone that everyone on the same team needs to keep their eye on and the name suggests that he would openly expose himself to give his teammates the opportunity to strike.

It makes me wonder, after he first changes into his VRAINS persona, who gave him the name? If he gave it to himself, this means that people and teammates are very important to him. But if someone else gave it to him, it means that he is becoming an increasingly important figure to the other duelists and that he interacts with them in duels frequently.

And whats more, what are some of the important qualities of being a good playmaker? Tactical Skill, quick responses and an ability to read situations.  

I feel like there is more to Yusaku than we realize as of now, because these effects seem to be too in line for coincidences

Stefan never treated Elena like shit after she got with Damon. I’m tired of seeing this false argument around made by delusional DE stans. Yes, he was disappointed and mad but he had every right to be considering that shit was unexpected and out of the blue. Since when does Elena Gilbert fall in love with such a loser? And plus Stefan didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t go on a rampage, he just reacted like anybody who was really in love would. Damon persuaded her to feed on people and turn off her humanity then didn’t know how to deal with it and handed the job to Stefan, expecting him to come through and he always did. What an amazing ship you got there! “Derpina forever! But when the going gets tough (mainly for Elena) who you gonna call? Stefan Salvatore!” That’s essentially lame because Stelena never needed anyone’s intervention. It was them against the world and it will always remain that way. Whatever the outcome is. Elena didn’t have to sit around and expect to see any good in Stefan cause that’s all he was. No girl should be with a guy who’s a ticking time bomb and has to strain herself trying to find anything remotely good about her boyfriend. 50/50 not 90/10

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Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

anonymous asked:

Seeing people excited at the idea of a temporary Sanvers breakup has actually and truly made me feel extremely nauseated. Just the thought has thoroughly ruined my day. Sure, they should encounter struggles like any couple, but people don't have to break up when trouble comes around. I feel so sick.

One thing that has been repeatedly mentioned about Sanvers, by nearly everyone, is how authentically the relationship is being portrayed. Real relationships go through ups and downs. A lot of times, it *does* take a breakup for two people to realize that they can’t live without each other.
Anyone who has ever glanced at my blog knows that I am one of the biggest Sanvers stans out there. I would sell my soul for them. And I, for one, would rather spend 43 minutes watching Alex and Maggie break up, only to realize that they are perfect for each other, regardless of past relationships and struggles…other than watch 43 minutes of yet ANOTHER Mon-el centric bland ass storyline. Because sometimes we forget, that Supergirl IS a TV show, on the CW of all things, and they have to get their drama from somewhere. And I would rather have this for Sanvers, to make them stronger in the long run…to make them endgame, because we all deserve it.


The up-side of taking a child with Spider-Man’s dietary needs is the encouragement to try new recipes. Everything has to be made from scratch more or less, and I don’t want him to miss out on delicious things! Trying fructose-sweetened oatmeal cookies and almond milk popsicles this weekend. I also modified a “ketchup” recipe that he really likes – it’s tangy, sweet and way better than ketchup in my opinion (but I hate ketchup so that’s not saying much). I’m going to try not to turn this into a food blog, but if there’s anyone who does Whole 30/Paleo type diets let me know and we can talk food!

Dating Eleven would include

*I wrote it as the reader being in the same grade as the boys*

-Being Mike’s neighbor

-You could tell he was hiding something after he snuck Eleven to his house

-You joined the group in their adventure which caused you to meet Eleven

-She is so sweet and innocent you couldn’t help but like her

-Your feelings were solidified when she made the school bully pee himself

-”You look pretty with or without the wig”

-Whenever she is upset you hold her shoulder and try calm her down until she feels okay to hug you

-Trying to protect her when she does something that upsets the boys

-You asked her to go to the winter dance with her

-Mike is totally jealous when Eleven agrees to go with you

-Pecking her on the lips before she goes

-Knowing she isn’t gone for good when she disappears

-Hanging out with the boys teaching her about everything

-Heaven help anyone who tries to hurt you

-Hanging out at your house and teach her how to have slumber parties

-Continuing to date into high school and after graduation

-Always being there to comfort her and show her you care

-Going on all of the adventures with her

-She always protects you when she thinks you might get hurt

-It takes her a while to figure out how relationships work but she loves it and you

*Sorry if this wasn’t good, I wasn’t really sure how to write for her since she’s so young but I tried*

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Theory: Band of Brothers

So I saw this unapologetic piece of fluff from the Princess Lessons Lucky Time:

I can’t get enough of that– its so adorable!

But anysomeonepleasedrawthis, it made me think about the brothers we come across in MidCin.

Of course we have the trio above consisting of brothers Byron and Nico and their brother-from-another-mother, Albert.

There’s also the Crawford twins, Alyn and Leo:

Now…does anyone know? Are they fraternal? Identical? They could be identical and one or both of them dyes their hair.

If that’s the case, I wonder if it is Leo who is the peroxide phony and he’s really a brunette, or if it’s Alyn who doesn’t want to show off his albinism and dyes his hair.

Mysteries abound!

But what I really want to talk about is Ray and Lou! I mean, just look at them:

“But Amalthea!” I hear you say because your tinfoil hat fell off, “you can’t even see all of Louis’ face!” Take this:

Louis’ Sugar CG, and his Sweet Birthday CG, are two of the few times where we get to see his whole face. You can see that his delicate features look surprisingly similar to Rayvis’, even down to the shape of their ears, one of the many outward indicators of inherited genetic traits.

They both have a mole right by their eyes, and their deep blue eye color is also very similar.

They even have their bangs in the same length and style, just over opposite eyes. Just imagine Louis with bedhead and Rayvis with pomade. They could easily pass for the other if they switched hair color.

The same delicate mouth, their tendency to narrow their eyes, their affinity for scarves, both their names end in the same two letters…

Wouldn’t it be something if it turned out that they were long lost brothers, or a second set of twins?

Remember, there are a lot of orphanages in Wysteria, a country that is not often at war. MC is primarily concerned with one orphanage, the one where Louis came from, although it does mention that she helps others.

The game doesn’t mention plagues or other outbreaks, so why so many orphanages? Are some of these children refugees from neighboring lands?

What if Rayvis and Louis’ parents, the Harneits, were fleeing the war in Bergenia and were separated from infant Louis. Perhaps that’s how he ended up in the orphanage in Wysteria. 

By the time their parents go through all of the orphanages trying to find him, the Howards already have Louis, but the Harneits don’t know that, so they continued on to Stein.

Maybe Rayvis grows up hating war because it separated him from his brother.

Louis being from Stein is only a rumor, as Louis himself states that he doesn’t know where he is from, and that he considers himself a Wysterian because that is where he grew up.

I’m sure Rayvis explains his hatred of war in his own route, in JP MidCin, but I just thought this was a fun theory. 

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