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Hold me tight (don’t hold me back)

Summary: when a door closes, another one opens, but what happens when the door isn’t fully closed?

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

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It’s half an hour later, they are all settled around the kitchen table, eating some Chinese food takeaway because why not, when Taehyung mentions the word “date”. Y/n goes stiff, carefully glancing up from her food to look at Jungkook, who keeps eating but has a different aura around him. Taehyung is oblivious to all the tension that creates around him, he raises his chopsticks, eats a piece of chicken and points them to Jungkook “Did you know that this guy right here got himself a date with the girl he has been crushing on for more than three weeks?” Taehyung smiles proudly, probably happy about his best friend getting a date with his crush.

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Iron Man & Mrs. King (1/?)

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Word Count: 1128
Warnings: Domestic Abuse (more explicit in later chapters), fluff, some swearing. JARVIS is still an AI, Bucky is part of the team. 

Chapters post on Mondays and Thursdays.

7:00am, Monday morning

Y/N stepped out of the elevator into one of the biggest messes she had ever seen. She sighed as she took in the hundreds of empty cups littering the floor alongside streamers and who knows what else.

“Greetings, Mrs. King.” A soft, British male voice said. Y/N looked around but didn’t see anyone.

“Hello?” She called out tentatively.

“Good morning,” the voice said. “My name is JARVIS.”

“Good morning, Jarvis,” Y/N replied politely. “Um, w-where are you?”

“I am Mr. Stark’s personal assistant, of sorts. I’m an artificial intelligence system and I run this building.”

“Oh,” Y/N said rather dumbly. “Cool. Should I look in any particular direction to address you or are you just kind of… everywhere? And, um, does JARVIS stand for something?”

“I am, as you say, everywhere. And JARVIS stands for Just Another Rather Very Intelligent System.”

Y/N giggled, “That seems to fit your very well JARVIS.”

“Thank you, Mrs. King.” JARVIS replied. “Mr. Stark is unfortunately indisposed this morning and will not be able to attend your interview, but I have reviewed your files and am authorized to hire you. And I regret to inform you that you have your work cut out for you.”

“Indeed I do, JARVIS.” Y/N sighed. “Well, how about we take it one room at a time and you can direct me as needed. Alright?”

“Very well, Mrs. King.”

Y/N set down her purse and rolled up the sleeves of her button up work shirt, being careful not to push them too high, just in case someone came in while she was working. JARVIS directed her around the residence floor of the tower, showing her where all the cleaning supplies were stored and how to activate the automatic cleaners already installed in the building. Small robots that acted as vacuum cleaners, dusters, even a robot that went around making sure everything hung on the walls was straight.

“JARVIS,” Y/N paused while walking down a hallway, “why does Mr. Stark even need a housekeeper when he has you and all this technology?”

“I am capable of many things, Mrs. King, and Mr. Stark has created many other machines to take care of the house, but there are some things that require, shall we say, a woman’s touch and thoughtfulness that my systems are not capable of.”

“I see.” Y/N nodded and continued walking down the hallway. “I guess that makes sense.”  

The rest of the morning was spent learning how to direct the many machines to clean the ballroom and other unoccupied rooms of the main resident floor of the tower. JARVIS directed her from room to room, avoiding the bedrooms until tomorrow. The last thing she needed on her first day of work is to deal with a hungover Tony Stark.

Once all the rooms where clean, except for the bedrooms, she made a pot of coffee and a plate full of bacon for when everyone woke. She also put together a quick chicken casserole and gave JARVIS instructions on baking it whenever anyone was ready to eat. Based on the mess from the party, she guessed they would have some impressive hangovers.  It was nearly 4:30pm by the time she left the tower.

5:00pm, Monday afternoon

Tony stumbled into the kitchen, following his nose to the coffee pot and finding a plate full of crispy bacon next to it. He poured coffee into his Iron Man mug and grabbed a handful of bacon. It was the perfect remedy for his hangover. Last night’s party had been impressive, even for the great Tony Stark. He didn’t remember all of it, but based on his headache, it must have been spectacular.

Settling on a stool at the counter, he leaned his forehead on his palm. Taking a deep breath, he asked Jarvis for a rundown of the damage done at the party and the state of the ballroom. The damage was minimal but the ballroom had already been cleaned. Tony didn’t remember asking Jarvis to take care of that and simply assumed that he did it when he was drunk. Thanking the AI, he refilled his coffee, grabbed another handful of bacon.

Steve and Bucky walked in, one right behind the other, looking way too fresh given how much they drank last night.

“How’s the head, Tony?” Steve asked, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Delightful.” Tony replied. “Thanks for cooking bacon though.”

“We didn’t cook it.” Bucky replied, leaning against the counter and crossing his arms over his large chest.

“Who did then?” Tony asked. “Who else is awake?”

“I don’t know who cooked it.” Steve said. “Clint and Nat left already, Sam is still sleeping and Buck and I have been downstairs in the gym all afternoon.”

“JARVIS,” Tony called. “Who cooked bacon this morning?”

“Mrs. King, Sir.”

The three men paused, each wracking their brains trying to figure out if they should know who Mrs. King was. Three shrugs later, Tony raised his voice again.

“Who is Mrs. King, JARVIS?”

“Your new housekeeper.” JARVIS replied.

“What happened to Mrs. Tumbleweed?” Tony asked.

“Treaklehorn.” Bucky corrected.

“Trimblefoot?” Steve questioned.

“Mrs. Trickelbank resigned, Sir.” JARVIS answered.

“Oh, and you hired a new housekeeper? When did that happen?”

“This morning, Sir.”

“Oh,” Tony took a bite of bacon. “Well done, JARVIS.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You two didn’t see anyone when you went downstairs?” He asked Bucky and Steve.

“Nope, but we heard the vacuums going in the ballroom, she must have been in there.” Bucky replied.

The three men dispersed to their own corners of the tower. Tony went in search of those little red pills Bruce had given him for hangovers and then went back to bed.

8:00pm, Still Monday

Tony woke slowly, testing the pain level of his head. Finding it tolerable, he got out of bed and stumbled into a hot shower. Dry and dressed, he made his way to the kitchen, his stomach rumbling.

“JARVIS,” he mumbled. “Where is everyone? Do we have any food?”

“Everyone has gone out for the evening. I took the liberty of baking your dinner when you woke up. It’s ready to come out of the oven now.”

“Oh, thanks.” Tony opened the oven and the heavenly scent of chicken and stuffing wafted out. “Wait. JARVIS, who put this together? Last time I checked, I hadn’t given you hands yet.”

“Mrs. King, Sir.”

“Right. Remind me to meet her, JARVIS.” Tony plated the hot food and carefully took a bite. It was heaven in his mouth. The perfect meal post hangover. He grabbed his plate and headed toward his lab to get ready to leave for a mission at 6am the next morning.

Part 2 coming on Thursday 8/3/17.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (7)

Part 7 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 6  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20

Word Count: 2,170 (ish)

This is up really early since I need to do last minute packing and things like that, so I’ll probably reblog it later for those who missed the post. Sorry guys and have a lovely week :)

Your hands were shaking as you were scrolling through your phone’s contacts. Minseok’s phone was on the sofa so you were not even able to call and see where he was.

Hello? Jongdae? It’s Minseok. He’s vanished.”
At this point you burst out crying, unable to hold the sobs that were shaking your body. You were racked with grief, only imagining the worst. You had gone missing only yesterday and now it was Minseok’s turn. Who was next?

“What do you mean he’s vanished?” Jongdae asked, keeping his voice calm.

“I mean he’s vanished Jongdae! Just gone!” You yelled at him, slowly beginning to hyperventilate.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’m coming.”

“Don’t tell Junmyeon please, he’ll be angry.” You pleaded, sobbing as you spoke, it was becoming increasingly harder to form sentences.

How can I not tell him? I need to. I’m coming now, bye.” He hung up the phone, leaving you shivering in your spot. Where did your husband go?

Moments later and Jongdae was at your house along with Junmyeon and Sehun.

“What the fuck happened?” Sehun asked, panic evident in his voice. You tried to calm yourself down by telling them what had happened but only ended up crying again by the time you were done. You rushed over to the kitchen sink where you began to vomit. Junmyeon walked up to you rubbing your back.

“It’s okay Y/N we’ll find him.”

But how could you? You had no idea where to look. Minseok could be anywhere. Minseok could be dead.

Minseok’s P.O.V

He woke up on a cold wet floor, the water soaking through his clothes. Blinking, he looked around in confusion, he didn’t know where he was. The last thing he remembered was struggling against a man, he was able to identify as tall and bald before the lights went out. The man pressed something against his mouth, he struggled against him, glass knocking over in the process. Then he woke up here. He looked up to see an industrial light hanging from the low ceiling. He still felt a little bit dizzy, although he was well enough to stand but he decided against it. Sitting upright he looked in the opposite direction that he was facing and his eyes widened.


His breath increased rapidly, he was absolutely seething. Some many emotions were running through him. On the one hand he wanted to run up to Luhan and hug him, to tell him how much he had missed him, but on the other hand he wanted to kill him. Tears began streaming down Minseok’s face he was handling the situation the best way he knew and tried dealing with his overwhelming emotion. His initial thought was to scream, so he did. He screamed into the cold room as loud as he could, breathing heavily when he’d finished. Luhan’s face grew soft as he looked at the state which Minseok was in.

“Min…long time no see. I’ve missed you.” He sounded so genuine.

“You lying bastard…YOU LYING BASTARD! You’re a fucking traitor. Red took so many people away and destroyed so many families. He killed my parents Luhan! WHY?!” His face was Red and his body was shaking violently and involuntarily from where he sat on the floor. “I thought I could trust you Lu…I thought we were brothers. How the fuck could you do this to me? How the fuck could you do this to Sehun!?

“Minseok.” Luhan sighed; taking a step closer to him, the bald man who had kidnapped him was standing near the door. “The profit…the pride…it’s euphoric Min. It’s stimulating! I didn’t bring you here to fight. I want you to join me Minseok. You, me and Sehun. We can make it big together and take down Genesis, hmm? We can be great together. You’ll always be my brothers and I want you to live lavish with me.”

Minseok shook his head in confusion.

“What? Red corp is still running? You’re lying. Who are you working for!?”

“Does that really matter; I’m giving you a chance to be great again. Take it. I’ll forgive your asshole wife if you do.” Luhan sneered, pulling a face of disgust.

“Don’t you talk about her like that.” Minseok spat standing to his feet, his blood was boiling. “I’d rather die than join you!”

“Don’t say that because that can be arranged, trust me.” Luhan smirked smugly; he was beginning to grow impatient now. “This is your last chance to join me Minseok.”

“No!” Minseok screamed, getting dangerously close to Luhan.

Luhan scoffed, looking at Minseok square in the face.
“Well then…I guess I can use you for things I need to take care of. I need you to kill Junmyeon him and his brother are getting in the way of things. And if you fail or tell anyone about this interaction, I’ll kill your wife. And you know I’ll do it. Even if I die before she does, you know I’ll still get it done. See you on the battlefield Minseok. You’re a fool.”
Luhan nodded towards the bald man who walked into Minseok’s direction smothering him with the damp cloth once again.
His vision went blank.

Y/N’s P.O.V
You had been back at the ‘mad’ house for an hour now, simply crying your eyes out into Chanyeol’s chest when all of a sudden Minseok walked silently into the living room. You ran up to him throwing your arms around his neck and crying into his chest.

“Minseok!” You sobbed uncontrollably. “Where did you go? What happened?”
He looked around the living room slowly; looking at everyone’s distraught but relieved faces. He looked dishevelled and almost dazed.

“Oh…uh… I’m sorry. I thought that the electric had run out. I went to top up the metre key. I should’ve said something. I’m sorry babe.” He looked down at you, kissing the top of your forehead.
Everyone let out a breath relaxing in their spaces again.

“For fuck sake Minseok, don’t make that mistake again. You had me terrified.” Sehun sighed, he had his eyebrow raised at Minseok, still unsure of what had happened, but had let the issue rest. You on the other hand knew there was something more to this. He was lying but you didn’t know what about.

“I’m tired…I’m going to go up and sleep. Night guys.” Minseok gave a weak smile and turned on his heel making his way out of the room. He was unusually quiet and it was beginning to bother you more and more. Yuna was frowning in your direction and walked silently over to you, her strong perfume filling your senses.

“There’s something wrong with him. When Junmyeon acts like that I know there’s something wrong, maybe you should go and see how he is.” She whispered into your ear, looking at you slightly concerned. You nodded making your way out of the room and up the stairs. 
Minseok was lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling. You shuffled over to sit down beside him.

“Minseok, what happened?” You turned your head to look at his blinking eyes.

“I told you Y/N.” He brought his attention to your face.

“You’re lying to me Minseok, I know you are. The electric didn’t run out, the circuit board was switched off. You left your phone behind Minseok. Something happened and you’re not telling me the truth.” You whined, silent tears streaming down your cheeks.  He sat up, cupping your face in his hands and wiping your tears away.

“Please don’t do that sweetheart. It’s okay. I just had a moment, okay? It happens sometimes, I kind of just went blank and I needed some air to breathe.”

“How come you’ve never told me about this before? Why have I never noticed this before?”  Your sight wavered as you waited for him to answer.

“Please Y/N, can we talk about this tomorrow. I’m tired and I’ve got a banging headache I need so sleep okay.”
You watched as he crawled under the covers, not even bothering to change out of his clothes. You knew there was something wrong something had happened but you decided not to pry. Sighing and wiping your face dry you stood up to change into your pyjamas and slipped into bed next to your husband.

You were woken up by a chilling scream.

Your eyes shot open, heart pounding against your chest. Turning to your right you realised that Minseok wasn’t lying beside you. You frowned, turning to your left to look at the alarm clock. 4am? It was still dark outside. Not even bothering to put on your slippers and robe you exited the room and ran down the stairs to the living room. Your eyes opened wide fear and panic consuming you whole.

“MINSEOK WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” You screamed, running further into the room. He was holding a gun in his left hand and had it pointed at Junmyeon. Yuna was crying hysterically beside her husband, who was staring at Minseok.

“Pull it then Min. Go ahead and do it.” Junmyeon said in a calm tone. You heard some footsteps behind you. Baekhyun and Tao entering the room.

“Minseok what the fuck are you doing, put it down!” Tao rushed over beside Minseok and grabbed his arm that was holding the gun. Minseok’s body began to shake violently as he started sobbing. Allowing Tao to slowly ease the gun out of his hand. He slid it across the floor towards Baekhyun. You exhaled a breath. What was going on?

“Get your crazy husband away from mine!” Yuna shouted her crying only increasing. Almost distracting you from her overbearing perfume. A wave of dizziness hit you and you felt sick. “Are you okay Myeony?” She buried her face into his chest and hung onto his body as though her life depended on it. But you couldn’t blame her, her husband nearly died and your husband was the perpetrator. Junmyeon began to rub her back in comfort.

“It’s okay sweetie. I’m fine, there’s no need to cry alright.”

“Minseok…” You breathed, finding yourself hesitating to take a step closer to him. He dropped his head into the crook of your neck and cried harder than he already had been.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t want to. It wasn’t my fault! But I couldn’t let him take you babe; I couldn’t let him take my wife!”

“Let who take me?” You looked down at him confused, guiding him over to the sofa. At this point everyone began slowly filing into the room. You allowed Minseok and Yuna the chance to calm down for a moment before he proceeded to tell you what really happened.

“It was Luhan, he had me kidnapped. I was knocked out with chloroform and brought to this random place; he wanted me and Sehun to join him. I think he’s working for someone under the Red Corp, but I can’t be too sure. I refused to join him, so he told me to get rid of Junmyeon. He threatened to kill Y/N if I didn’t. I couldn’t let him do that. I…” He hung his head trying to hold back the tears threatening to escape. You let out a heavy breath; along with everyone else in the room, you were somewhat relieved that Minseok had a valid reason for acting radically.

“I’m so so sorry.” Yuna cried. “I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have shouted otherwise… I Oh God.” She ran a hand through her hair and then snuggled into Junmyeon as she began to cry hysterically again, this time out of guilt. This must’ve been too hard for her; you smiled at her softly letting her know it was okay. Junmyeon stood up taking her out of the room to calm her down, Jongin and Baekhyun following to bring glasses of water to help calm everyone’s emotions.

“Y/N I’m so sorry, but I couldn’t let him take you away from me. I couldn’t lose you.” Minseok whined, squeezing your hand tighter the more he spoke.

“It’s okay Minseok I understand why you did it, but you have to tell us these things because we’re the only ones who can help the situation.” You looked around the room at everyone, who were nodding in agreement. Junmyeon returned to the living room with a now calm Yuna and took their positions on the sofa. When suddenly the TV went static, causing you all to face the screen.

Luhan appeared.

Your mouth dropped open, it appeared to be some sort of live stream, apparently he was the master of hacking into electronics. His face was stern and sent chills down your spine.

“I told you not to say anything Minseok but you couldn’t keep your blasted mouth shut. If you think your wife is safe now you had better think again.” He smiled sadistically; you felt bile rising to your throat. You were going to be sick. “How do I know you said something? I have eyes and ears all over the place Kim Minseok, you should know by now that I’m a fly on the wall. Tell your bitch to live her life to the fullest, because she won’t be alive much longer.”

The screen went blank and everyone’s face was vacant. You were trembling slightly. Luhan didn’t seem like a man full of empty threats.

“What the fuck…” Jongin whispered, frowning turning around to face everyone else. “Who the fuck…”

You turned your head to look around the room too, everybody was now. And then your eyes locked with Kyungsoo, he frowned at you momentarily and then whipped his head back towards the TV screen. You gasped.


Love you but I’m leaving

Part 1

Michael Gray x reader

Request: A micheal gray x reader where he absolutely adores her (his wife) but polly doesn’t like her and tries to break them up until she realises how happy the reader makes michael?xx

Note: I got so carried away it will be in two parts now!! 

You are woken up by the sun burning through your window creating a frame of light over your fiance. His strong jaw line clenched and unclenched as he dreamed. You traced his chest with your fingers, his soft skin comforting to touch. You watched him as his eyes flickered open adjusting to his settings, smiling when he saw you staring at him.

“What are you looking at?” he smirked, pulling you closer and turning around to face you. You leaned forward pushing your lips against his as he ran his hands down your back and through your hair. You pulled away slightly as your face rested into a more serious expression.

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It’s Hard Enough - Cooper!Reader X Jughead Jones - Part 3

I’m obsessed with It’s Hard Enough! I was think you should do a part 3 where like in the episode Jughead gets in a fight with Reggie and reader somehow gets involved…And Alice Cooper is not a fan of their relationship?

I love it’s hard enough, could you possibly make a part 3? :3

If you’re new to the series : Part One , Part Two . I kinda took this part in my own way, I hope you like it!

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It had been around a week since you shared your first kiss with Jughead Jones and things were going quite well. Betty convinced Jughead to join the school newspaper team, which gave you time to hang out together. Luckily for you, Betty was far too immersed in the Jason Blossom case to notice the stolen glances between you and Jughead. You found yourself spending your time after school in the newsroom, helping Betty sort out papers while simultaneously spending time with your boyfriend. Just thinking of the word, and Jughead, made you feel giddy.

“I don’t think I’ve seen Y/N smile like that in a long time,” Betty teased as you were busy sorting through pictures for the Blue & Gold. You glanced up at your sister, then at Jughead who was staring at you softly. Your felt a blush warm on your cheeks under his gaze and he smiled.

“Don’t you have a murder board to build?” You asked in order to change the subject, get the attention off of yourself. Betty smiled playfully and turned back to Jughead. They started talking quietly about the case, never loud enough for you to hear. You didn’t understand why exactly they tried to hide it from you. You were only a year younger than the two of them. Jughead explained himself one night at the diner. He had said he likes to “keep his work away from his personal life. It makes things less messy.” It was a very cold, business man-like answer that had caught you off guard. The conversation had grown quiet after that, until Jughead spoke up once more.

“It’s a way of keeping you safe,” he had murmured, looking around the diner to see if anyone from school was there. When he realized no one was, he had reached his hand across the table, grabbing yours and gave it a squeeze. You smiled at the memory, the feeling of the skin of his hand against yours.

“I just don’t know Juggie,” Betty said, breaking you from your thoughts. “I think the mystery behind my little sister’s smile is slightly more intriguing to me.” You looked up from the images and saw Betty looking at you again. You could feel Jughead’s eyes on you as you straightened your back to face your sister.

“I’m just happy to be helping you two out. It gets me out of the house, and you’re more than willing to share your friends with me.” You gestured to Jughead who smiled proudly at you. Betty nodded and walked over to you, hugging you tightly.

“I’m glad you’re happy Y/N,” Betty whispered, “with everything going on, Polly, you deserve to be happy.” You wrapped your arms tightly around your sister, returning her hug. From over her shoulder, you noticed Jughead smiling softly at the two of you. You offered a smile to him, hoping that your eyes could convey your thankful message.

“Alright,” Betty said as she pulled away from your embrace. “I gave cheer practice, so you two can either head home or keep working.” Betty walked to her bags and you looked up at Jughead once more. His light eyes were bright and he nodded quickly. You returned his gesture.

“I think I’ll stay and help out Jughead,” you said and Betty smiled as she picked up her bags from cheerleading practice.

“Okay, good luck you two.” With that, your sister walked out the door to the newsroom and left you and Jughead in a brief silence. When the sound of Betty’s footsteps faded down the hall, Jughead darted towards you. His hands grabbed yours, squeezing them gently. You looked down at your joined hands, wondering how on Earth it was humanly possible for someone’s ands to be as cold as his. You looked back up at him, meeting his gaze. You smiled when you noticed how his gaze flickered from your eyes, to your lips and then back again. You leaned up on your tippy toes, pressing a small peck to his lips. You smiled into the soft kiss, and giggled slightly when his chilled hand tickled the sensitive skin of your neck.

“Sorry,” you murmured, “your hands are freezing.” He let out a breathy chuckle, causing you to grin. Your faces remained a mere inches apart as you smiled sickeningly sweet smiles at each other.

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unpopular opinion: i live for ariana grande being “bitchy” in interviews to men who ask about her love life/personal things/etc. all these “diva” moments i’ve watched of her are honestly just her not taking shit from anyone and getting annoyed that the topic in interviews shifts from her actual work to her love life or family problems or personal issues/fueds. let a woman who knows what she wants be direct and upfront about not answering questions she does not want to. idk man i respect ariana grande, she knows what she wants and gets it. fuck a diva standard if a diva is a just woman who doesn’t take shit

i wanna be yours (daddy issues ch. 5)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

the pack goes clubbing. erica finds naomi in bed with isaac. someone sees something they’re not supposed to see. 

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But I’m an Aries! Why am I not Assertive?

Ah, the Sun in Aries. Bold. Fiery. Leaping to the rescue with brazen courage. Well, at least that’s the stereotype going around the internet. While it is true that Sun in Aries people often exhibit leadership qualities because of Aries natural ability to blaze a new path, assertiveness and aggression are traits that have more to do with Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, and the first house, the ruling house of Aries.

The Sun is one of two astrological “lights” and unlike the other inner bodies (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Ceres*) the Sun is something we do passively, not actively. In fact, many people don’t identify with their Sun sign because the Sun has become a stereotype machine so mutated from its original form that nobody would recognize it. The Sun in Aries is about taking a direction as far as you want it to go. As a Sun in Aries, you are going to feel the most energized when you’re doing your own thing. This can translate to being assertive, but the Aries Sun energy will only come out when the house it’s in is activated or a planet it’s aspected by is activated.

For example, somebody’s fiery Aries Sun energy may not manifest with their friends (like an 11th house Sun) because it manifests when they’re at home (4th House Sun). As a Sun in Aries, you WILL be able to feel it’s energy in one of the twelve houses below, but it may not be like the stereotype. It is also very possible, and this is covered below the house list, that your sun has a harsh aspect to it.

1st House Aries Sun: The Sun in Aries in the first house answers to nobody. It leads itself and is perfectly ok, sometimes to both the delight and chagrin of others, with how it is. It does not need anyone to tell it who it is because it already knows and is on its way in that direction. The solar energy is felt in when Aries is just being itself.

2nd House Aries Sun: You know what to do with the stuff you’ve got. Or maybe you don’t. But you don’t care because you’re going to do it anyways, right? Aries second housers tend to feel that Aries Sun tend to use their forward energy to get what it is that they want, in their own way of course, whether that be money or something else they physically need. Sometimes they may knock others out of the way, but hey, that’s what a prize is for, isn’t it? Being won?

3rd House Aries Sun: Almost impossible to ignore, Aries Sun is often oblivious to how easily it is seen. Unafraid to approach somebody without anything in mind to say, Aries Sun in the third is always the first to let you know if they do or don’t want to talk to you. They also tend to express quite obviously how something makes them feel even if they don’t say anything.

4th House Aries Sun: Happy to be from wherever they’re from, Aries Sun is not shy about its pride its home. In the fourth house, Aries Sun is happiest being an example of its upbringing but isn’t afraid to add its own flavor to what it means to be from your home town/culture/city/family.

5th House Aries Sun: Life is a party, or at least when it is, that’s when it’s worth living, right? So maybe it’s not a party all the time, but the good times just goofing off with the squad is what really brings out the liveliness in Sun in Aries when it’s in the fifth house.

6th House Aries Sun: Taking life as it comes is the name of the game. If it has an issue, it can handle it. If it can’t, whatever, it’ll try later if it’s a problem later too. Aries Sun is happiest when everything can be handled quickly and it doesn’t have to wait because it already knows what has to be done and how to do it.

7th House Aries Sun: Sometimes, this placement may feel like the only time it’s ever itself is when somebody else is around showing it who it isn’t. As a result, seventh house Aries sun tends to be happiest when it has something to proclaim that it is very against or very for.

8th House Aries Sun: Fearless, but also often unnoticed unlike many other Aries placement, this Sun tends to come out in the dark. When others are scared, eighth house Aries Sun lights up and dispels the darkness. Sometimes this can also translate as not feeling the subtleties of fear, but hey, at least there’s no monster in the closet with Aries Sun in the eighth around, right?

9th House Aries Sun: On a journey with no destination, that’s the way this placement feels freest. Likely to be constantly on the move (or at least wishing it was) it’s very hard to pin down what this Sun placement wants because it’s always looking forward to something new. They may feel lost, but that feeling doesn’t last long because they’re off on their next journey so quickly.

10th House Aries Sun: This placement wants to be a leader by doing something really difficult that often requires a lot of sheer will to accomplish. It makes its mark by doing something nobody else has done so, therefore, there is nothing to compare it to because it’s the only one of its kind. Sometimes they may not understand why what they’ve done is either big or not big because they have no point of reference.

11th House Aries Sun: This person will tend to be the pack leader by default. People often find this placement charming but they can’t quite figure out why and eleventh house Aries Sun often develops a following simply for doing whatever it does.

12th House Aries Sun: This placement tends to feel most at home being lost. It feels like it’s going somewhere when it’s going nowhere and needs very little to be happy. Often times, it doesn’t even recognize that it’s happy or sad because it can’t describe or see a reason why it would be.

Ok, so maybe that nailed your Sun and maybe it didn’t, the House a Sun is in isn’t the only factor to how it manifests. Those interpretations are true for people who have an easy time manifesting their Sun with easy blue (trines, sextiles, conjunctions) or a neutral time with neutral green aspects (semi-sextiles, quincuxes) but people who have harder time with hard red aspects (squares, semi-squares, oppositions) might feel a little left out.  If you have a hard aspect to your Sun, it might feel a little more like these descriptions below:

Cancer Planet Square Sun in Aries: With Cancer’s equally ferocious but much more emotional energy, a planet in Cancer can stifle Aries’ “I’m gonna go my own way” vibe with a bit of *gasp* feeling. Caring is not something that helps light up Aries Sun’s solar energy, so it may feel like it has to compete between what it wants for itself and caring about (or needing to care about) its tribe.

Libra Planet Oppose Sun in Aries: With Libra’s equally insistent but other oriented energy, a planet in Libra can really put a damper on Aries “me, myself, and I” attitude towards its house. Selfishness may have a negative connotation, but Aries Sun does its best when it ignores what other people think or do. Libra planets, however, rely on what other people say and do and *groan* want to please and partake in that.

Capricorn Planet Square Sun in Aries: With Capricorn’s tediously patient energy, Aries’ immediacy can feel very frustrated by an equally strong desire (or circumstance) that necessitates *shudder* patience.  Aries’ traditionally bold energy will likely be far less explosive until the coast is clear from the perspective of a Capricorn planet.

So far we’ve been focusing on the Sun in Aries how it really is, but why did the stereotypes develop the way they did? That has mostly to do with borrowing characteristics from Mars, the ruling planet of Aries. The placement of our Mars shows us how we get angry and what is likely to make us angry. While the Sun does have to do to a degree with self-assertion, the stereotype of the aggressive “Aries” is more fitting for people who have very fiery Mars placements (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), very active Mars placements (1st house, easy aspect to the Sun and or Jupiter), very engaging Mars placements (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) or very loud Mars aspects (3rd house, easy aspect to Mercury and or Uranus).

If you have any questions about your Aries Sun or a friend’s, feel free to leave a comment below or inbox me.


The signs as out-of-context quotes from school: high school edition
  • Aries: "does anyone know when the first piano was invented?" "shakespeare!"
  • Taurus: "okay, explain to me: what is anime?"
  • Gemini: "...then add pot in there. just a whole bunch of pot everywhere"
  • Cancer: "but i wanna be possesssssssed!" "i wanna be a deeeeeemonnnn!"
  • Leo: "some weird shit's been going on"
  • Virgo: "amadeus? more like amaDEADus!"
  • Libra: "well that's an opinion no one cares about! let's sail it down the river!"
  • Scorpio: "'i can't do this'? that sounds like a direct challenge"
  • Sagittarius: "the 6s is for dads" "i AM a dad"
  • Capricorn: "bless you" "DONT TELL ME WHO TO BLESS"
  • Aquarius: "im feeling book. are you guys book?" "yeah, we're book"
  • Pisces: *singing* "someday you'll fly little chicken, watch out for the shadow, it'll kill yaaaa"

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Regarding your posts about tumblr fandom history. I somehow got to the point where I physically can't read anything sj related. Even when I see fic where someone is headcanoning character as nb or smth like that. Fun part is that I'm nb myself. I've read so so so much posts on this site about "you can't do this or you're that" "remember that you must to this" and all kinds of reminders of sj things to do. And I did agree with them! 1/2

But I don’t understand people’s need to scream via text on their ally all the time. And I’m just tired of people reminding me what I must do or say. Honestly never in my life did I read more texts telling me what to do. So in the end I’m kind of sick of it to the point where I can’t read any text on sj/fem theme bc I get physical pain or get sick. I mean, I DO understand why people want to headcanon character certain way but my brain just decided to put all that stuff together so when I see people doing that I’m just sick thinking “oh no not again please don’t through police me anymore no no” and I just skip it. Even tho it’s kinda supposed to be my representation I guess. Ironical.  

I’m sorry that this has happened to you. :(

I do believe that a lot of the social justice stuff we see on tumblr comes from a good place, but it comes paired with a gullibility and terror of doing wrong that makes tumblr culture as a whole easy to manipulate.  We don’t want to say the wrong thing and get torn to pieces; on the other hand, admitting that we’re only changing what we say and do out of fear getting it wrong and getting torn to pieces is a big social no-no.  We all parrot one another, not daring to question why, or we parrot louder than the rest to make sure everybody knows we’re toeing the party line!

The only people who benefit from this situation are abusers, manipulators, and sociopaths* who can shamelessly lie, stab people in the back, and use everyone’s terror of being singled out to direct mob attacks against perceived enemies.  When we base trust on who can parrot the party line the hardest and the best, anyone who doesn’t care about sincerity can fake their way into our confidence.

But here’s the joke: why are we policing each other? Why does every slip-up get treated as if it’s a malicious attack? We act like everyone else on this hellsite is completely ignorant of oppression. And it’s great to educate one another and learn more, but the concept of mercy or allowance for mistake is completely foreign to tumblr culture today. in the nitty-gritty we might disagree: I feel fiction with abuse in it isn’t that harmful. You think it is very harmful. But we both agree that abuse is wrong and should be stopped. Why are we fighting each other instead of ganging up on real life abusers?

And here’s the punchline: we don’t have any mercy on each other partially because we’ve been hurt in the past and we don’t deserve to hurt more. We’re afraid of giving leeway to someone who will take advantage of us if we let them have a second chance: people who are abusers, manipulators, and sociopaths.

It’s like guarding the window for intruders while leaving the front door wide open.

So shocking headline: abusers are insidious, fearful climates are abuser hotbeds, we’re all tired, and it would be great if the progressive movement would let fanworks be a fun space and focus our activist energy on stopping abuse of real people instead of fictional abuse.

EDIT: *sociopathy is a personality disorder that is recognized by the DSM-V.  It specifically involves a lack of emotion and empathy: it’s difficult to connect to others at an emotional level because the emotions sociopaths feel are very shallow.  Sociopathic people that don’t seek treatment and don’t want to treat people right can be very harmful without remorse and without feeling a need to justify their actions, but it’s unfair of me to include them here in a negative way.

Good Enough

Originally posted by gwiyongie

“Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.”

Summary: You and him were two complete opposites from each other… You were just the maid’s daughter, but him on the other hand was a celebrity… Girls practically threw themselves at him just to gain his attention… He could choose any girl… but he chose you..

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // 

Part 11 is here~

More Parts:

Part 12 // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15 //



I arrived at the front desk and stood right in front of the guy hoping to get the persons behind the desks attention but he seemed to be very occupied with what he were doing. Should I clear my throat? I looked around and then looked at the person and politely yet awkward cleared my throat and the person raised up their head and stared at me.

“Hi… sorry to interrupt but..  I’m actually looking for someone and I need their room number.” The person stared at me and nodded.

“Sure what’s the name?”


The man quickly slipped in his computer that was inches away from him and typed up the name and smiled.

“Ah found her.”

Before letting him continue off of course I had to speak.

“Fifth floor right?”

“Um no.. She’s actually on the first floor.” As soon as the man said she was on the first floor I looked at him completely confused. I couldn’t help but to look to my left and then to my right. There’s rooms in the first floor?

“First floor?” I blurted out in shock and the man nodded.

“Actually, her mother works here as a maid so we give maids room in the first floor. “

My eyes widen… Her mother’s a maid?

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A Word on Corruption

What is one thing everyone is freaking out about in the Jacksepticeye fandom right now? Anti.
And what are people scared he’s doing? Corrupting the other egos.

We have already seen examples of this in jacks Bio Inc let’s play- specifically the episode with Schneeplestine. Because his character has done a compleat 180 since the Power Hour.
So, I want to talk about how Anti might corrupt the different egos.

(This is gonna be a long post, btw I’m on mobile and can’t add a cut)

Well, each ego has a central part of their character, the thing that makes them who they are. What happens if we take that away?

Well, let’s start with Jack the Magnificent (I think some are calling him Marvin? I’m not sure. I’ll refere to him as JM) so, what is central to him? It could be wanting to explain things as magic, or it could be wanting attention, because he is trying to put on a magic show. But Anti also wants attention so he can’t have that. And what did he write in that creepy post? Ignored. I wouldn’t say Anti is at all ignored. Could he be taunting JM? Chipping away at him? He’s had since august to do so. He’s probably well and truly under Anti’s control by now.

Now for the Good Doctor. Dr Schneeplestine. He was probably rather easy to corrupt, party because he did most of it himself. When we first see him, while he does seem to have a murderous streak (“how about i kill you peter? What if you never wake up?”) he is genuinely upset when peter dies. He also gives us what he thinks are genuine health tips, and is devistated when he looses his licence the only thing stopping his wife and his children from leaving him. So, with no license, no family and no friends, Anti takes him in and gives him a job. Killing people. He manipulates his mind until that murderous streak is central. However, people have theorised that Schneeplestine has been trying to warn us, so maybe it’s not too late.

It’s time for Chase, the man himself. Father, nerf enthusiast, and heartbroken. Central to him is appearing cool, and being a good father. Take away his kids, show him crying on camera? What does he have left? Enter anti, stage left, in the moment he kills himself. Promises him a chance to see his family again. Revives him. But at what cost? But we know one thing for sure- Chase, our sweet little chase has out lived his usefulness to anti- and has possibly been killed.

And what of JackaboyMan? What if he is the direct opposition to anti? The one who can save them? Now, if anyone
Remembers, JackaboyMan came into existence to stop Jack from being scared. This makes him the most easiest to corrupt. Because what is he without his courage? Just a man in a dumb costume.

And Jack? As he is, to some extent an ego too. Well.
To corrupt jack, we think, what’s most important to him?
Simple. the fandom. As a final blow, Anti will harm us.


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omg can we talk about getting a matching tattoo with Harry and how cute and comforting he would be during the whole thing

I love this idea. Thank you for bringing it out for tonight.

What if.. you both gave each other tattoos? Like your initials? You’d get it on your hip, and Harry would get your’s right next to his heart.

At a friend’s house you’d both do it. Harry would have to hold your hip down and you’d curse when the needle hits your skin. You’d bite your lip and hold onto a pillow or something. “You son of a-”

“Cut it, love. It’s not even that bad” he’d say and smirk up to you. The buzzing of the gun would start to ring in your ears and the pain would add up when Harry goes over the same lines. It honestly feels like he’s tracing a hot knife over your skin.

“Your skin is covered in them of course they don’t hu-” you’d start off but Harry cuts you off and wipes away the extra ink. “Done”

BTW someone has written about Harry giving Y/N a tattoo and it leads up to some sexy times, AND IT’S BEYOND GOLD. Does anyone know who is it by and what is it called?? HELP A GIRL OUT.

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Also from the dialogue list: #3. “I’m flirting with you.” for Ryder/Jaal

This one is super silly. Once Ryder and Jaal have been together long enough, Ryder becomes comfortable enough to start using bad pick up lines with him as a joke. Jaal is generally confused.

Also on AO3

I’m Flirting With You

One of Ryder’s favorite things about Aya was the view, the lush green around the city that turned into molten rock beyond. It was something Jaal also enjoyed and he could also almost always be found, which is where Ryder found him. She leaned against the railing. “You know of all the things I brought with me to Andromeda, I’m really glad I brought my library card.”

Jaal moved a little closer, “Why is that?”

“Because I’m checking you out.”

He didn’t quite understand but when Ryder looked up at him with her devious grin, his heart started to flutter.

“To the tavetaan?” she asked.

This he understood, “After you, darling one.”

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i’m just ranting rn but also, does anyone else ever just get so ANGRY? like it’s so out of character and everything bc you’re normally sweet and loving but then things just pile up and you’re just like one big FUCK! you’re like a volcano and you know you’re about to erupt and you can’t stop it and you try to warn people but they’re like no lemme help!! and it’s like NO HOMIE IM ABOUT TO B L O W!! BACK UP but no one ever gets it, even when you explain it and it’s like ??? jesus life is so confusing who is directing and controlling this shit wHERE IS MY CONTROL HOW DO I CONTROL THIS

Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends!

So, this July 4 themed, modern royalty drabble is very loosely based on Prince Harry’s infamous trip to Las Vegas but different because it’s with Klaroline : )

This is dedicated to my favourite angry baker @megansarah11. Happy belated birthday, luv!

Justice and Independence

Lobby - MGM Grand Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada - July 3

“Why did you decide to get married on the Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas again?” Caroline insisted, pushing her way through the throng gathered outside the MGM Grand, bags in hand.

“Because we met at this hotel three years ago on Independence Day. I thought it was romantic returning here to exchange vows,” Lexi replied. “Don’t tell me you don’t remember, Care? You were there when we met, although the margaritas might have affected your memory.”

“Very funny,” she scowled.

Of course she remembered that weekend. Bonnie had been dumped by her worthless, cheating boyfriend and Katherine had convinced the four girls to take a road trip. One that, unbeknownst to Caroline, would end in Nevada. Las Vegas to be exact. Katherine argued that had she told her their destination Caroline wouldn’t have come and she was right. Vegas just wasn’t her style she’d insisted, to which Katherine replied with an exaggerated eye roll.

Caroline wasn’t boring, well that’s what she told herself anyway. She’d always been too busy during college striving for the best grades for her future career and it had paid off. She was the newly-appointed director of a not-for-profit organisation and couldn’t think of a better or more fulfilling way to spend her time. In fact, she was due in Malawi next month to tour the much needed sanitation infrastructure they’d built in one of the poorest villages.

If she was being honest, the overt opulence of Vegas didn’t quite sit well with Caroline. But Lexi was one of her closest friends, so she’d never begrudge her a dream wedding. She’d always liked Matt and had to admit they made the perfect couple.

He was the star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and had been on a team trip when they’d met poolside. Their chemistry had been instantaneous and Caroline had never seen Lexi so happy and that look on Matt’s face when they were together was enough to convince Caroline he was equally as besotted.

Feelings aside, Caroline was determined to survive the weekend. She was one of four bridesmaids and knew she had to make this occasion perfect for Lexi.

“Seriously?” Katherine groaned. “What’s with the hold-up? I need to get to the spa pronto and combat this dry skin thanks to this stifling desert air.”

“It shouldn’t be a moment Miss,” the receptionist assured. “We just had an unexpected VIP guest check-in.”

“What are we, chopped liver?” She muttered under her breath.

“Who are you exactly?” Caroline teased, knowing the celebrity was Matt and his teammates, not them. He had a last minute practice session and so was arriving later that day.

“Well, that would explain the traffic madness outside,” Bonnie huffed, placing her bags on the ground with a bang. “Last time I checked I wasn’t your personal porter, Katherine. We’re only here for the weekend, what the hell do you have in here?”

“I need to be prepared for any occasion, Bon. So anyway, who’s this mystery VIP?” Katherine purred, leaning across the desk and exposing some extra cleavage on purpose. “Anyone we’d know?”

“My lips are sealed,” he uttered, his eyes reluctantly diverting from her cleavage. “Looks like your rooms are ready and our wedding planner has said she’ll come up shortly to finalise the details for tomorrow.”

“Hallelujah,” Anna sighed, joining them at the front desk. “I hope there’s going to be a nice goodies basket included too?”

“You practically ate like a three course meal on the drive over, Anna. Do you ever think about anything else?”

“Ah, no,” she grinned. “Come on ladies, let’s get this party started.”

Skyloft Suite - Two hours later

“These lights are bloody impressive,” Enzo whistled, taking in the view of the famous Las Vegas strip from the suite window as the sun slipped lazily over the horizon in streaks of bright oranges and pinks.

“Says the Vegas virgin,” Klaus smirked from his place in the hotel spa.

“We can’t all be Princes and travel the world,” he scoffed. “I’m just a lowly protective services agent who’s lucky to even get a vacation given your gruelling schedule of social events Romeo.”

“You’re welcome to take my place, Enzo.”

Although people liked to think he had the perfect life, Klaus hated all of the unwanted scrutiny and attention his position attracted. His siblings seemed to accept the responsibility far better than he ever had and Klaus was more than happy to let them do that while he enjoyed himself to the fullest, starting with July Fourth weekend in Vegas.

“I’m not sure you mind too much when it comes to protecting Rebekah,” Klaus responded, sending his body guard a knowing smile. Although not public knowledge, the attraction between Enzo and his younger sister and princess was well known amongst their entourage. It had been simmering for some time but the Queen didn’t look too kindly upon such an uneven match for obvious reasons.

“You know more than anyone else about my professionalism,” he responded tartly. It was true and Klaus wished his grandmother could see just what an honourable match he would be for the Princess, if she bothered to get to know him. “Which is why I’m going to tell you…”

“Please, enough with the lectures,” Klaus groaned.

“Well, I wouldn’t be doing my job if…”

“Last time I checked you’re my bodyguard, not my mother, mate.”

“Well, someone has to be, Klaus.”

“You’ve been around Rebekah too long,” Klaus shot back, sending his brother a dirty look. “Now, how about a whiskey? I’m absolutely parched.”

Morimoto Restaurant - Four hours later

“To the Bride and Groom,” Anna toasted, raising her champagne flute in the air.

Matt, Katherine’s brother and Anna’s boyfriend Jeremy and his NFL teammates Jesse and Tyler had arrived a few hours earlier and the bridal party was enjoying the rehearsal dinner at the famed Japanese restaurant at the MGM Grand.

The rest of the table repeated her sentiments, clinking their glasses together in celebration. Caroline felt the tension in her body slowing start to ebb away, finally beginning to relax. That massage at the spa earlier was just what she needed. Maybe a wedding in Vegas wasn’t going to be so bad.

It certainly wasn’t going to be your typical wedding, with only the bridal party attending and the small reception taking place at one of the private cabanas with July 4 themed fare. They wanted their wedding to resemble how they met after all.

“Does anyone know who this mysterious VIP is staying at the hotel?” Katherine asked the table, looking specifically in Matt’s direction. She’d been stalking the hallways hoping to find out who was staying at the MGM Grand but no luck so far. Caroline had to give her friend points for dogged determination and persistence.

“Why are you looking at me?” He baulked. “You know just because I’m a football player doesn’t mean I know every celebrity out there, Katherine.”

“You really need to get over this weird scavenger hunt, Kat,” Caroline implored. “I mean who really cares about celebrities; you know present company excluded and all that.”

“I care,” she pouted. “What if it’s Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt?”

“Well, last time I checked Kitty Kat, Chris Hemsworth is happily married,” Bonnie observed. “And Brad Pitt is just all sorts of complicated right now and I never took you for the child friendly type and he’s got like a lot.”

“Plus, aren’t we good enough company for you?” Lexi asked, feigning annoyance.

They’d all laughed off her curiosity as dinner arrived. The girls were staying together overnight even though they had their own rooms. So, Caroline had ventured back to her suite to grab her pyjamas and some overnight supplies.

Given their room was only directly down the hall, Caroline decided to change there, putting on her pyjamas which consisted of a blue, fitted singlet and tiny, white shorts and tying back her blonde waves into a high ponytail. Grabbing her toiletries bag, she opened her room door not expecting the sight that met her in the corridor.

He was stark naked, well except for a cowboy hat placed strategically over his nether regions. Caroline wasn’t sure where to look. His toned physique was nothing short of impressive and those dark, blonde curls, crimson lips and stubble weren’t so bad either.

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DOUBLE DATE (Day 2 Double Date AU)

The doors to their private room opens and she’s a little taken aback to find that her companion is not alone. There’s a man seated across from her bedmate for the evening, a woman on his right, and Lena racks her mind because she can’t remember signing up for extra company. She’s too tired to put on a façade.

Her gaze is locked onto the only person she knows in the room, the one who relishes in playing games.

She gathers her composure and steps further inside. Her Luthor upbringing won’t allow her to be bested by anyone. Not even to the daughter of real estate tycoon, her current fling; Veronica Sinclair.

“Sweetheart,” Veronica greets and Lena manages a sliver of a smile that she knows is insincere. “Glad you could finally join me.”

“I was held up at work.” she doesn’t bother apologizing. A Luthor never admits their wrongdoing. “But I see you’ve found company in my absence.” her gaze drifts to the two strangers before her, giving them that trained Luthor smile, before taking her seat. “Like always.”

“This is Mike Ellison.” Veronica introduces, looking at the man like he’s the appetizer she’s going to consume. “He started working at the firm, I believe three months ago.”

“It was actually four months ago.” the man intercedes.

“My apologies.” Veronica’s smirk widens. “I suppose I can’t help but think of that first time I saw that roguish grin that went with that strapping chest of yours.”

“Please, you’re embarrassing me Ms. Sinclair.” he smirks proudly.

“And how many times do I have to remind you to call me Veronica, Michael.” both the raven haired woman and the blonde roll their eyes.

“Apparently not enough.” Lena murmurs. Kara looks at the raven haired woman, knowing she recognizes her from somewhere but can’t quite place the face with a name. “But I believe there are further introductions to be made.” she continues before anyone can remark.  “And you are?” Lena waits for the blonde to introduce herself.

“Where are my manners?” the Sinclair heiress cuts in, a twinkle of mischief in her deep dark brown, almost black, eyes and Lena readies herself because she knows her bedmate never does anything if she won’t benefit from this somehow. “Allow me to introduce you to Michael’s girlfriend.” sounding absolutely gleeful as she regards the blonde she’d been disparaging not too long ago and the youngest Luthor knows the other woman is a key player in tonight’s game.

“I’m not his girlfriend.” Ms. Danvers is quick to correct, head wagging fiercely with her nose wrinkled in distaste at the very idea.

“Ms. Danvers here is a reporter.” Veronica grins wide.

Lena’s eyes narrow toward Veronica, knowing the game had begun. Her smile tightens as she regards the reporter sitting before her.

“I see.” Lena replies after sipping her glass.

“But Ms. Danvers doesn’t just work for some small time newspaper, despite her appearance.” Kara and Lena both bristle at the obvious insult while Mike just sits and smiles. “She a junior reporter at Catco.” she grins predatorily like she’d just caught Lena in her trap from which there would be no escape.

“Well, I started recently actually.” her hand reaches up, fingers at the rim of her glasses as she pushes them back. “I used to be Cat Grant’s assistant but…”

“Ms. Danvers,” the Sinclair heiress cuts her off. “I insist on proceeding with the proper introductions.” there’s a twinkle of mischief in Veronica’s eyes and Lena readies herself because she knows CatCo is one of the biggest critics of her brother. “This is the head of Luthor Corp’s Research and Development branch, the youngest C.O.O. ever to grace the business community, Lex Luthor’s younger sister.” recognition flashes in Kara’s eyes.

“That was a mouthful.” Lena retorts unkindly. “Though I think Veronica could have spared the lengthy introduction by just saying that I am Lena Luthor.”

“Well, I know you love to make yourself known.” Veronica ripostes.

“There isn’t a room I walk into that does not know who I am.” she doesn’t really have to do anything for eyes to flock her way since she’s because the Luthor’s have their hands in practically everything. “Unlike you, dear.” because Lena’s surname holds more weight in the world.

Lena can practically feel the CatCo reporter’s eyes drifting between her and Veronica. She turns to face those baby blues.

She’s expecting to see judgment but instead the blonde is frowning with concern that seems to be directed toward her alone. The tension between her and Veronica can be cut with a knife and it’s clear to anyone with any intelligence that the Sinclair heiress is purposely baiting the youngest Luthor, no doubt wanting to instigate a negative reaction that can be published of the news outlets tomorrow.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys but I could scarf down an entire cow right about now.” Mike remarks as he finally looks up from his menu, completely oblivious to the barbs states shared between his boss and her counterpart.

“I recommend the Wagyu.” Veronica suggests, when a member of the wait staff comes to take their orders, her tone heavy and sultry. “It’s very tender, soft, melts right in your mouth.” the waitress commits all their orders to memory before scampering back off to the kitchen to place their designated meals.

Veronica and Mike are leaning forward, talking, seemingly enraptured in each other’s company.

Lena’s gaze travels upward toward the blonde who’s staring intently at her plate. She leans toward the reporter. She might as well make use of the blonde seated in front of her looking as bored as she is. Ms. Danvers catches the movement from her peripherals. Bright baby blue eyes are now gazing in her direction.

“How long have you been at CatCo?” Lena finds herself asking because the blonde can’t be more than in her early twenties.

“Ummm.” her brows furrow, knotting the middle of her forehead. “I was Ms. Grants assistant for two years before she promoted me as a junior reporter two weeks ago.” her hand reaches up, fingers pushing back the black frames upon her nose bridge.

“That’s quite a feat.” Cat Grant has a reputation for being a perfectionist. “You must have been very competent.”

“Or perhaps there’s more to little Ms. Danvers than meets the eye.” Veronica intercedes, eyes narrow as her smirk widens, looking as though she’s about to pounce on her prey. “I suppose I understand the attraction seeing as Cat Grant seems like the type to get off on telling others what to do.” the insinuation isn’t lost on Lena or the CatCo employee. “And you look like you’d be crawling on your knees, so very eager to please.”

“Come now, Veronica, not everyone sleeps with their assistant.” Lena can attest to this fact since she certainly has not. “Cat Grant is a professional and I’m sure Ms. Danvers is the same.” why else would notable Cat Grant keep her around.

“Ms. Grant is very professional.” bright blues focus on the way Lena’s smirking derisively at Veronica Sinclair. She blushes and it’s obvious to Lena that the blonde isn’t used to hearing compliments. “I try to be.” she’s fidgeting now, undoubtedly unaccustomed to being the topic of the room.

“She must see your potential.” there’s a glimmer, a fire behind those glasses that Lena is absolutely certain could set her own icy exterior aflame.

“Ms. Grant’s just kind.” and Lena’s certain she’s never heard that word associated with the renowned Pulitzer writer, head of her own media conglomerate, Catherine Grant. “She’s very helpful, always giving me advice.” she bows her head. “She’s very patient with me.”

“Great patience is called for on the hard path that you have entered on.” Lena finds herself paraphrasing.

“I absolutely love Degas.” baby blues brighten and Lena can swear she’s almost blinded by the dreamy look on the reporter’s face. “The movement between his strokes, how the dancers seem like they’ve been captured in mid movement yet they still seem to flow.” Ms. Danvers prattles on and Lena’s all too content to listen. “It’s all very graceful, unlike myself.”

“You mean you’re not a dancer, Ms. Danvers?” Lena questions, genuinely curious.

“I’m afraid I haven’t really had much experience dancing.” the blonde blushes in slight embarrassment as Lena nods, knowing there probably hasn’t been much opportunity for the reporter to partake. “I’m not coordinated enough for it, really.” and Lena knows she’s saying it because she believes her words to be true and not because she’s fishing for compliments.

The blonde seems far from the type to frequent the club scene and perhaps she stood like the perfect wallflower during school dances. She seems timid, uncertain, fidgety, and so pure. Quite unlike anyone Lena’s ever met.

“I’m sure you’d be marvelous,” the youngest Luthor assures, genuinely believing her words. “With the right partner.” she knows how it must sound, how she’s smirking, leaning a little forward toward the reporter, must seem like she’s propositioning herself, offering herself up on a platinum platter.

The thing is she is.

And she isn’t even doing this, acting sultry and seductive, to spite Victoria or to beat the Sinclair at her own game.

“I haven’t done a lot of dancing with partners.” Kara divulges with her baby blues eyes pouring into Lena’s emerald greens, sparkling with fondness and a hint of heartache. “The last time I danced was when I was five.” she confesses. “My mother signed me up for beginner’s ballet.” her eyes glimmer briefly with sadness. “I was in there for like, five minutes and then I sprained my ankle doing a simple lift to on the bar.” Lena looks at her in disbelief and the reporter just blushes. “So I think I’d be too worried on stepping on my partner’s toes.”

“I stand by my earlier statement.” she affirms.

“Somehow I think dancing the waltz isn’t as simple as you make it out to be.” she’s certain it isn’t just a well-timed count of a step. “It’s kind of like painting, isn’t it?” Lena cocks her head to the side, intrigued by the blonde’s words. “You can’t just give someone paint and a brush and expect them to create something remotely good.”

“You’re speaking from experience.” Lena deduces.

“I dabble a little.” she admits. “I’m nowhere near the league of a master like Picasso or anything like that, but I think it’s safe to say I’m a better painter than a dancer.” the youngest Luthor’s eyes don’t leave hers and she’s trapped. Like quicksand, she’s sinking further and further. But strangely, she doesn’t want to escape. “I guess I find it easier to get lost between the strokes rather than the steps.”

“You need the right partner to inspire those feelings.”

“I suppose you could be right.” Kara concedes with a gentle smile. “After all, dancing is another art form, kind of like writing.” she supposes it’s all about flowing, except she’s supposed to do it with her feet instead of her head.

“Babe, come on. Let’s not bore everyone at the table.” Mike interjects.

“I hardly find the subject matter tedious but I suppose it is a bit hard to follow for someone who cannot appreciate the finer things in life.” Lena rebuts, earning a grateful smile from the blonde who looks like she’s trying very hard to maintain her composure.

“Don’t mind her, Michael.” Veronica dismisses Lena’s words. “She’s always a bit cranky after staying so late in the office.” she gestures at the server and Lena rolls her eyes because really, the bottle was positioned a mere foot away from the real estate heiress. “I think you may need to refill your glass.” Veronica advises. “It’ll definitely help loosen you up.”

“I think you’re loose enough for the both of us.” Veronica frowns but all Lena cares about is how Kara’s hiding her smile behind her water glass.

The wait staff seems to have some sort of sixth sense because they manage to diffuse the tension once more as they begin to bring the entrée’s to the table. The servers place each of the beautifully crafted food that almost looks too pretty to eat in front of their designated destinations.

“What did I tell you?” Veronica asks as Mike takes a healthy bite of his steak.

“It’s so good.” he’s practically moaning and both Lena and Kara find themselves losing their appetites.

“It goes even better with this cabernet.” she tilts her glass toward Mike who takes it without question, smirking boyishly before taking a sip. “Well?”

“You have really good taste.” her employee compliments.

“Unlike some.” Veronica looks pointedly at the blonde who, instead of looking jealous, just seems tired.

“I don’t think you should be questioning Ms. Danvers tastes.” Lena remarks as she looks at the woman beside her in disgust. “It would be criminal to say that to someone who loves Degas works.”

“I forget how passionate you get with your artworks, dear.” Veronica remarks patronizingly. “I’ve always been more of a food connoisseur myself.” she boasts. “And I do say, what you have is certainly appetizing Michael.” her tone indicates she certainly isn’t talking about the food on his plate. “And I could certainly do with more… meat.”

“I’m sure Mike here will be more than happy to help you.” Kara rolls her eyes, smiling a smile that doesn’t brighten her eyes as she locks gazes with the rude socialite, no longer able to stomach their disgusting display of disregard toward their intended company. “And from what I’ve heard,” because the man had quite a reputation at their university. “You probably won’t have to worry about choking on any meat he has to offer.” Lena doesn’t bother stifling her laugh.

The reporter seems mild mannered but she certainly has bite.

“Come on, Kara, no need to get your panties in a twist.” Kara turns her sights from the real estate heiress over to her would be date. “All those late hours at the office is rattling your mind babe.” he places a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm the journalist. “I’m just being nice.”

“First of all, I’m not your babe and I’m never going to want to be your babe.” her nose crinkles in disgust. “God help the poor woman who does.” though that hypothetical woman would probably deserve it, falling for a boy like Mike Ellison. “Second of all, we have very different definitions regarding the word nice.” hers is the legitimate dictionary definition while his was more the more liberal suggestion.

“Nice is holding the door in front of a woman.” Lena finds herself supplying as she glares at the immature imbecile. “Nice is helping a child cross the street.” she can feel those bright blues peering her way but she keeps the patented Luthor glower directed at the poor example of man sitting at her table. “Exchanging sexually charged innuendo with another woman in front of your date is hardly nice.” Lena focuses on the Neanderthal before her, her smile sickeningly saccharine. “And you know, some of us actually have to work for a living and not just attempt to sleep our way to the top.”

“I don’t see how this concerns you.” Mike’s eyes narrow as he attempts, rather pathetically in Lena’s honest opinion, to look intimidating.

“You are at the room I booked, breathing in the same air as I am, eating a meal that will be charged on my account, so I would say this behavior of yours does concern me.” she doesn’t hold back, wanting the man to remember he isn’t fit to lick the sole of her designer heels.

“Now, now Lena, play nice with the common folk.” Veronica interjects, knowing it will only fuel the situation.

“I’m done here.” the blonde gently places her napkin back on the table before making her way out. “By the way Mike,” she pauses by the doorway, throwing one last glance at the man. “The next time you want to impress a girl, try not to be such a dick about it.” the reporter states like she’s commenting on the bland weather outside the restaurant. “It was nice meeting you Ms. Luthor.” she doesn’t bother sparing a glance at Veronica.

“She was getting kind of boring anyway.” Mike brushes off the rejection with false bravado.

“I suppose the vernacular she uses must escape you from time to time, given she doesn’t speak like she’s fresh from the sorority house.” a woman of such intelligence is hardly boring. “Don’t even bother mouthing off another word to me or I will make it my personal mission to make certain the only thing you’ll be fit to do is pick up trash for the rest of your life.” Lena promises and apparently, Mike isn’t dense enough to dismiss the severity of the Luthor’s claims. “Must you always be so destructive, Veronica?” she watches as the blonde leaves the room.

“I thought that’s what you loved about me?” all Lena wants to do is wipe that gleeful smirk off her face.

So she does.

“When have I ever claimed to love you?” she turns her focus on the reporter’s date who is busy cutting up his steak. “Now, I think we’ve taken this little game as far as we can.” Lena stands. “I would say it was nice meeting you but I don’t see the point in lying.” the Luthor remarks as she turns toward Veronica. “I trust you understand this means our dalliances are concluded.”

“You say that now but you’ll come crawling back…” Veronica states boldly.

“You deluded woman.” Lena cackles coldly. “When have I ever crawled to you?” she questions, an elegant brow curved challengingly as her eyes narrow dangerously. She can’t think of a scenario where she begged for Veronica’s company. “You believe you’re the cat but really you’re the insignificant mouse in our little game.” she walks toward the door. “But I suppose I should thank you,” manners dictate her to do so. “For bringing me someone who is actually worth my time.”


She rushes out of the restaurant, eyes instantly scouring the streets for the maiden with golden hair. It doesn’t take her long to spot Kara near the edge of the curb, a few feet from the restaurant’s entrance. The raven haired genius makes her approach.

“I apologize for the scene back there.” Lena begins.

“It’s fine.” Kara looks at her phone, readying to order an Uber. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to write about what happened back there.”

“I’m not apologizing because I’m worried of being the headline in tomorrow’s paper.” Lena clarifies, miffed that her genuine gesture of goodwill is being reduced to a ploy to get her name out of the news. “I am quite used to being made a spectacle.” the young woman holds her head high. “And despite what your publication believes,” there have been many articles condemning her brother for the way he conducts business. “A Luthor can be decent.” she prepares to turn but baby blues lock onto her emerald greens and she finds herself unable to move.

“I’m sorry.” the blonde deflates. “I’m just frustrated about the Mike thing, what was happened back there, about work, but that’s no reason to take it out on you.” baby blues flash with genuine regret.

“Apology accepted.”

“I don’t really believe in everything I read.” she clarifies. “I learned a lot from Ms. Grant.” the newbie journalist begins. “One is to trust my gut.” as she stands on the sidewalk with the richest and most influential woman in the world, something tells her not to trust the words “As a junior reporter, I’m learning about personal biases and searching the truth for myself which means checking facts and making sure sources are credible before I even think about writing an article.” believing the blonde’s words as those baby blues shine like a beacon of truth, Lena nods.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m famished.” her car pulls up, the valet having no need to see her ticket for everyone knows who Lena Luthor is. “Join me for dinner.” she turns toward the blonde.

“You telling or asking?” the blonde looks amused either way.

“Telling.” she walks toward her passenger side door, opening it wide as a gesture for the blonde to hop inside. “I’d like to continue our conversation about Degas’s masterpieces on a full stomach.” Lena baits the blonde, knowing she’s probably itching to gush about artworks with someone who can understand what she’s talking about.

“And you always get what you want.” Kara states as her feet begin to tread toward the Luthor’s vehicle.

“Of course, I do.” she says as the blonde reporter slides inside her comfortable leather seats. The businesswoman closes the passenger door before making her way to the driver’s side. She tips the valet generously, like always, before taking her seat. She lets the engine roar to life as Kara clips on her seatbelt. “I am a Luthor, after all.” and Kara thinks she shouldn’t find it so charming but she really does.


The bright fluorescent lamp lights cascade down on the pair as they walk toward Lena’s car, eager to enjour their impromptu meal in the empty parking lot of a bank that the food truck where they procured their meal is situated.

“What?” she slides onto the hood of her Audi, gesturing for Kara to do the same. The reporter follows her lead and Lena places the copious amount of food she purchased between them. “Didn’t think a Luthor would be caught dead eating from a place where they don’t serve $1200 dollar bottles of wine?” she proceeds to take a bite out of her bulgogi taco. “I’ll have you know, I used to frequent food trucks around my apartment back in Uni.” she informs after swallowing her food.

“No… it’s nothing like that.” Kara assures, laughing at Lena’s antics, as she follows the genius’s lead once again and takes a bite of her own taco. “That’s so good.” the reporter praises.

“I won’t steer you wrong.” her tone indicates she isn’t just talking about potential eateries.

“You really do look more relaxed than you did before when you walked into the room.” the reporter observes. “You kind of looked like you were walking into an arena or something earlier.” and the youngest Luthor can’t help but be enraptured at how expressive Kara’s bright blues are as they widen and nearly bulge out of her head. “Not that you seemed terrified or anything like that!” she backtracks, fearing she’s offended Lena somehow. “But like you were readying for battle.” she clarifies.

“In my experience, it’s best to treat all scenarios as such.” it is the Luthor way, after all.

“All scenarios?” Kara licks the leftover bulgogi sauce from her bottom lip and Lena can’t help but think it’s absolutely criminal. “Even dates like this?” the blonde questions, head tilting slightly as she does.

“Date?” Lena leans forward.

“I mean… oh my god I’m totally misreading the situation aren’t I? I thought… With the eyes and the touching and the well….” she gestures to their intimate position. But then there’s a flash of understanding in those bright blues and it comforts Lena, to know that there’s one person out there who isn’t trying to hide their truth from the youngest Luthor. “I guess it’s understandable not to want to rush anything since you just walked out on your girlfriend.” an elegant brow curves upward. “I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions.”

“Don’t be.” Lena reaches out, hand placed atop of Kara’s meaningfully. “And you most certainly do not have to worry about being a rebound or anything of the sort since Veronica was not my girlfriend.” she’d hate for Kara to feel as though she’s being dragged into an insipid game between her and Veronica.

“No?” and the raven haired businesswoman could swear she actually saw the blonde’s ears perk up upon hearing the information.

“More of an acquaintance I meet with from time to time.”

“An acquaintance?” Kara questions in disbelief because a woman wouldn’t wear such a low cut dress while having dinner in a private room if they were merely having dinner with an acquaintance. “Do you always use such endearing epithets to call upon acquaintances?”

“Why Ms. Danvers is that jealousy I detect?” Lena teases good-naturedly.

“I’m just naturally inquisitive.” Kara huffs. “And yes,” she declares because she’s always been honest. “Maybe I’m a little jealous.” the reporter answers, earning a wide grin from the youngest Luthor.

“There’s no need to be.” she affirms because Kara’s romantic inclinations are very much reciprocated. “Veronica is a somewhat regular dalliance.” Lena bites her lower lip and now Kara finds herself wanting to do the job herself. “She’s perhaps, the closest thing I’ve had to a relationship.” it’s surprisingly easy, opening up to the reporter. It goes against her nature, but conversing with Kara just comes so naturally. “I’ve known Victoria since boarding school.” Lena discloses.

“You were in love with her?” Kara guesses.

“God no.” Lena shakes her head. “I saw her as a challenge.” she admits. “She likes playing games and I never back down from a challenge.” her Luthor heritage simply won’t permit it. “At first I thought these games were a sad attempt to make me jealous but that meant Veronica could actually feel something other than the need to connive and to fuck.” Kara blushes a bit at her word choice but lets her continue. “Then I thought it was just a ploy to rile me up in bed,” it never worked because she hadn’t really cared. “But I realized she just loves all manner of fucking with people.”

“You don’t seem like the type who would put up with that kind of behavior.” though they’ve only met, she can see this defiant fire behind those emerald depths.

“To be honest, I don’t really care what she does.” the blonde looks so confused and Lena knows she’s fighting her reporter’s instincts by not voicing her question. She also knows it’s because Kara doesn’t want to intrude, because the blonde isn’t looking at her as a subject to write about, but as a person she’d genuinely like to know. Lena looks away, afraid those bright blues will dim with judgment. “I suppose she’s a habit I didn’t want to break.” she finds herself rationalizing.

“You don’t really have to explain.” Kara smiles assuring that she isn’t judging the raven haired beauty before her.

“I’ve just been consumed with work and after that last woman I bedded violated that NDA form,” Lena sighs and Kara nods her head, remembering an article about some model’s wild night with the youngest Luthor about a year ago. “Veronica is there when I want her and the sex was quite good.” it’s a shallow reason, she knows. “Not many people would touch a Luthor with a ten foot pole, at least not without asking for something Brobdingnagian in return.”


“It’s alright.” she’s used to this treatment, to being used. “Though I am sorry you got dragged into her little game.”

“I actually should be thanking you for giving me the opportunity and for sticking up for me as well back there.” Kara discloses, letting Lena know there wasn’t any actual harm done because she greatly appreciated the young genius’s actions. “Not many people would have stood up for a stranger they just met.”

“Not that you needed help, but I was merely being truthful.” it wasn’t about coming to Kara’s aid but just her trying voice her opinion.

“I guess it’s my turn now since you’re probably wondering why I went out with such a d bag.” the query had crossed her mind. “Mike and I went to college together and he’d been hounding me for a date for years so I finally gave in.” Kara smiles easy and carefree, knowing a weight’s been lifted off her shoulders. “I told myself maybe he would change but I always knew he would never grow out of being…”

“An imbecilic frat boy?”

“Yeah.” Kara laughs. “See, my sister Alex just got married,” she begins. “My friend James Olsen got promoted as Chief Editor,” a lot of late nights at the office. “And my best friend Winn finally got a girlfriend.” she rattles off the list of people that have slowly been drifting away from her. “I guess I was just tired of walking into an empty apartment.” she was in no position to judge the youngest Luthor. “I should have just gotten a dog.”

“I thought you just got rid of the old one.” Kara laughs.

“You’re going to be a handful, aren’t you?” she knows but she finds herself incredibly willing to face whatever challenge the raven haired beauty might pose.

“Yes but I’ve no doubt in your capabilities Miss Danvers.” Lena threads their fingers together, looking at Kara like she painted the stars and the moon onto the night sky, and all Kara wants to do is kiss the woman senseless.

So she does.

Their mouths meld and despite the taste of bulgogi sauce lingering on the blonde’s lips, she can still taste the sweetness that is undoubtedly Kara Danvers. It’s perfect and sweet and Lena finds herself instantly addicted to the journalist’s taste.

They part reluctantly and Lena takes the opportunity to wipe the taco crumb from the blushing blonde’s cheek.

She looks so beautiful under the fluorescent lamp lights and Lena’s certain she’s never beheld such an effervescent creature in her entire existence. She pulls her in for another kiss, one that Kara reciprocates with equal fervor.

They grin against each other’s lips, enjoying the best date they’ve ever been on their entire lives, content with the knowledge it certainly won’t be their last.