does anyone know this girl

Does anyone know what we can do for the missing D.C. girls? Like is there a fund for families of the girls or something if the like that together we can help with? I’ll google and if I find anything legit I’ll share it, but if you have info lmk too

I know the lyrics were written by CL.... but it’s strangely perfect how they fit each of the girls individually.

CL: Does anyone know how it makes me feel?

People keep blaming CL for 2NE1′s disbandment, and they assume she stopped caring about her group once she got her solo gig in the U.S. But she never stopped caring, ever. So she’s saying, “Does anyone see how affected I am by this? Do you know how hard I fought to keep 2NE1 together? Or do you all just see me as some two-faced bitch who let the group fail?”

Dara: Will I be able to go on without you?

People always say that she has no talent and is just a pretty face, and sometimes I worry that she genuinely believes it. It’s absolutely not true, but how many times can you hear “you’re worthless” until you start to internalize it? She might honestly wonder if the end of 2NE1 means the end of her career, and the end of the fans’ love for her.

Bom: Don’t trust the broken stories. Don’t lose faith.

Some people honestly still think she’s a drug smuggler. Antis and netizens twisted the story so damn much that she’s been demonized solely for taking a prescribed medication…. But Blackjacks know the truth, and I think she sees that now. But she’s still saying “Please don’t believe those messed up rumors. My story is so different from what they’re telling you. Please believe me, and please believe in me.”


Request: ‘Hey could I make a request with Reid where the reader has loads of tattoos and piercings and Reid is like really interested in them?? thank you ❤️’

omg wow a fic every other day? yes. that is right. holagubler has got their shit together. get ready for fic-bruary. but going to spain (granada??) next week so pls forgive if I miss a day or two. does anyone live in spain? let me know. podemos hablar espanol.

‘Baby girl, we didn’t know you had TATTOOS!’ laughed Morgan, as you stripped off into your bikini. It was summer, so the team decided to take a trip to the beach on their day off. Since you were new to the BAU, they had not yet seen your fairly colorful and decorated body.

‘What can I say Morgan? I’m full of surprises.’ You said, with a wink. As you turned to see Spencer Reid gawking at your body.

‘Damn girl, you look hot!’ Prentiss shouted from where she and JJ were paddling in the sea with Henry, and you blew a kiss back to her.

‘Are you okay, Reid?’ You grinned, turning your attention back to the flustered genius. You laid down to him, and he tried to remove his eyes from your body, but seemingly failed.

‘What are the stories behind them?’ He asked, his eyes still fixed on the large piece on your thigh.

‘They all have very personal meanings to me.’ You replied, while smoothing in sun lotion over your body.

‘You can tell me, Y/N.’ Spencer whispered, his eyes now locked into yours.

You leant in, towards his ear. ‘Take me to dinner and I might tell you.’ You whispered, as you heard a gulp from the BAU’s resident genius.

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Miss Darcy was tall, and on a larger scale than Elizabeth; and, though little more than sixteen, her figure was formed, and her appearance womanly and graceful. She was less handsome than her brother; but there was sense and good-humour in her face, and her manners were perfectly unassuming and gentle. Elizabeth, who had expected to find in her as acute and unembarrassed an observer as ever Mr. Darcy had been, was much relieved by discerning such different feelings

Does anyone want an application?

Searching for girl that won’t break my heart, will play with my hair, tell me how cute and annoying I am, give me butt rubs, doesn’t mind how touchy I am, and loves to go on adventures and drink coffee with me!
Warning: I may be a little needy 🙂

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Do you know or does anyone know if the girls took singing lessons before they got famous? or where they just able to sing this perfect? idk why but i'm wondering about that😂

I think they had lessons before the x-factor (they probably talked about it during their portrait on the show, I can’t remember). And they definitely had a lot of lessons during and also after it - I’m sure they still have vocal coaches to this day, it’s just something a singer has to have.

thoughts while running
  • that’s a cute dog
  • does everyone around me think i’m running this slow because i’m at the end of a super long run or do they know that i just run like this?
  • man, people are BAD at parallel parking.
  • like….REALLY BAD.
  • that’s a cute dog
  • it is amazing that more children don’t get hit by cars based on the number of them i am watching try to push one another in the street while they wait to get on school busses
  • remember in the making of feature for the transformers when michael bay was like “we hired megan fox because we wanted a sexy stomach when she ran across the city”?? honestly, like, screw that guy.
  • how’s megan fox doing, anyway? doesn’t she have a lot of pets?
  • that’s a cute dog
  • if i eat IMMEDIATELY after working out, like as soon as i’m through the front door, is that…. GOOD or BAD for my body?
  • nevermind i don’t care, i’m definitely eating as soon as i get home
  • god this song is–that’s a cute dog–this song is such a JAMMM
  • people in their cars definitely can see that i am trying to dance and run at the same time and it is not working out for me and i’m definitely going to fall down
  • “oh–yes–i’m fine, haha, just took a bad step there, i’ll be all right! thank you!”
  • cool i’m going to be digging gravel out of my palms for 6 years now
  • does anybody NOT feel stupid running in place when you’re stuck at a crosswalk?
  • oh my god, i just remembered there are butterscotch snack packs in my refrigerator
  • ……no
  • i can’t
  • they’re not my butterscotch snack packs
  • it is wrong to eat someone else’s butterscotch snack packs
  • …..then again they’re in MY fridge in MY house, so………i mean……..
  • GOD is this run never going end how am i not HOME YET??? how far out did i drive, INDIANA????
  • oh hey that’s a cute dog

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why is delinquent girl so skinny like does anyone know what body types are...

she looks like asu but even more like she belongs in Predator