does anyone know if this artist is on tumblr

to other mentally ill artists who are obsessed with getting better

- Finished Pieces TM are NOT the only works that matter. That half-lined sketch is good. That page of nothing but shapes and doodles is progress. If you’re doing whatever it is that you CAN do that day, you’re doing well

- take. BREAKS. as often as you need to. stop when you gotta. if you try to dig into tomorrow’s spoons to finish something, trust me, you’re going to hate yourself and whatever you’re working on later

- if you really want to, you CAN draw (or paint, or sculpt, or craft etc.) every day

- everything counts. everything. can’t draw for more than 20 minutes today? you drew. less than 5? you drew. take a pencil and draw three different circles on a sticky note. you drew. lay out your arm and trace whatever comes to mind with you finger. everything counts.

- if you drew SOMETHING today, you gained more experience than someone who did not

- draw whatever you want

- reward yourself for it

- don’t get so wrapped up in something that you forget to eat, drink water or sleep please. if you can’t make yourself care about what it does to your body, remember it WILL affect your productivity, which will lead to Bad Times, again, trust me

- you are SOMEONE’S art goals

- your art is good

- “this person doesn’t know me or my art, how do they know it’s good-” shh. doesn’t matter. its good

I miss you a lot and I don’t know if you miss me at all but if you do then please give me a sign. I wish I knew what it felt like to be missed instead of it being the other way round.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Does anyone else miss someone a little too much?


These are all works of the talented @dorodraws who not only is here on tumblr but also has a TON more super pretty disney fanart for yout to drool at… so have at it guys! 

EDIT 2: The last one isn’t from dorodraws. The artist is @dc9spot and there’s more completely adorable and bullshit free Beau and the Beast here and here

Isn’t it weird that they aren’t all by the same person? great minds think alike or something like that. Don’t forget to visit both their blogs for more awesome art!

Does anyone know the artist of these? They are al found in google, but it’s all reposts and they are never credited and i really badly need to know who they are. Like i need more of them right away.

And really, could you please look at them? they’re all oh sooo pretty and dainty and so true to disney magic in general and can you please look at that ADORABLE and COMPLETELY HYPOCRISY/BULLSHIT FREE genderbend of Beauty and the Beast? That’s incredibly rare to see and i love it so much.

So this person really deserves the credit and also the fandom really needs more of this type of genderbends. Even if it might not know it does. 

Okay so I’ve seen the post that prompted the euclasespn blog to get deleted. There’s some kind of bizarre-ass trolling going on here? I’m not really sure why anyone would bother? Since in the end euclase still gets the credit for her gorgeous art? Honestly nothing about it makes any sense??

But yes as far as I understand it was originally done with euclase’s permission and yes she’s now disavowed it and asked Tumblr to delete it and yes it was at her instigation that the blog is gone.

So…do I still reblog the posts? Considering they all have credit attacked? My inclination is that the reblogs are okay - euclase is still named as the artist and no one stole her work…does anyone know if she WANTS us to not reblog them?? 

@euclase I’m sure you’re inundated but if you see this - just want to share your lovely artwork in whatever way *you* are most comfortable and happy with. I think you’re an amazing artist, and I’m so sorry this went so cockeyed.

Help me track down this artist!

Does anyone know the artist/translator of this comic? Or the original post, perhaps?

I want to translate this comic, but I must obtain permission and the full art first. It also seems very well drawn, and I would like to read it!

My friend said that she found this on Tumblr a while ago, so I was hoping someone could help me! She wants to see it as well lmao

Thank you!

UPDATE: It appears the original art has been deleted for some reason or other. Oh well, I’ll respect the artist’s decisions. Thank you all for helping me anyways!

“I wanted to be… the Angel that would lead you to paradise
but then I realised that I had fallen.
I was an angel no more. But you… you were. My Angel.”

I finally drew Ray in his fancy outfit :D I noticed that they kept calling MC an angel, and then I thought of the text and wanted to draw something along with it, so here’s the drawing.
I’m thinking about doing a series where I draw MM characters with MC as angels, does anyone want to see? Let me know!
For now, I just want need a Saeran route. Please just give him a happy end.

(I changed some little details, that’s why I’m posting this again.)

MM Angel Series: Zen


Itty bitty Reaper beans for @thewormwood for friends surprising friends! I am so happy you liked them, and thank you @lemoneewonder for calling so I could hear the reveal of beans- and buns.

I did not come up with tiny simplified Reapers, that appears to have been done by many individuals before me. If anyone knows who did it first, please let me know and credit where it is due!

Each of the little beans has a tiny bum, ranging from a little crack to full vivacious rump. The owl has no bum, but does have tiny feathers sculpted in. And that blue one sparkles and has glow in the dark face mask. And all of them are smaller than the first joint on my pinkie.

Enjoy them all my friend! :)

anonymous asked:

Hope you don't mind th ask. That last post hit me. How do you still write and not feel angry or depressed when literally nobody wants to read or reblog or comment on your writing? I've given up and it hurts. How do you get popular? Thanks

I write for me. The fact I got popular is still a shock to me. I’ve been posting my writing for YEARS and have never ever gotten this level of attention before. And yeah, I got angry and sad when I got no notes or comments. It sucks. And for a while, I didn’t write or I struggled writing. It wasn’t until I decided to just write things for me that I noticed a change. It was easier to write. Ideas came fast. Inspiration was mine. Then all of a sudden I had all these people following me. I’m still shocked that I’ve gotten to this level. I’m still in denial that I’m any good.

That being said; I’m going to tell you that comments and reblogs do still give me the energy to continue. It does for all artists.You have no idea how often I check my notes or see if people have written tags. Tags are so much fun to read sometimes! It sucks that they are such a rarity. That’s why I try to reblog, add tags, comment, throw an ask out here and there. Because I know more than anyone how much they mean. Please support your favorite creators. Tell them how much you love what they do and how you devour the content they create. Don’t be afraid. You’re not being weird and you’re not annoying. You’re actually helping!

I don’t know who the artist is who drew this – I found it on Pinterest one day. If anyone does know, please say something so I can tag them. I would love to find out if they drew any other Witcher-related stuff!

Update: drawn by stillectric, but they took down their Tumblr account, and are too illusive to properly tag right now.


More hedgehog pictures, as forewarned. 
I blame Beatrix Potter for my deeply ingrained love of tiny woodland critters. 
(Side note: my mom still has an entire chest full of all my Beatrix Potter VHS’s, and I badly want to be able to have them turned into DVD’s, does anyone know the best way to go about that? Is that a thing that can happen??)

As always, if you’d like to buy this little hedgehog (or any other woodland animal woodcut painting of mine) this is my shop:

Here we have Yellow Sapphire and Black Sapphire!! They’re just your local asshole couple who sasses each other to death but still send flowers to one another. They fuse to make Bumblebee Sapphire!!! aka bill cipher lmao

Yellow Sapphire is an ex crystal gem who regretted joining the cause after realizing she didn’t like fighting or being against homeworld. Like an impressing number of other gems that joined the rebellion later on, Yellow Sapphire joined because she thought something good (besides being free) would come off of it. She was wrong. A very selfish gem, Yellow hides it beautifully through charisma and sweet talks with a kind and endearing front. It surprisingly works with a lot of gems??

Black Sapphire is  a n g e r y. Poor gal, someone get her a snickers. She got captured by the crystal gems before managing to escape Earth and was later found by who is now her sweetheart. Black Sapphire is most certainly a try hard and even though she’s pretty impressive in the awesome department, she still gets flustered when her girlfriend does practically anything.

Bumblebee Sapphire. Unsurprisingly a huge megalomaniac and narcissist, Bumblebee is just your local bill cipher rip off, going around and stealing random kid’s candies only to throw them away without eating them. Unlike her components, who still manage to have a smidgen of kindness leftover every now and then, bumblebee is a scary individual, with absolutely zero regards towards anyone other than herself. Because of this, absolutely no one that knows her two components allow them to fuse without a good explanation.