does anyone know if this artist is on tumblr

Help me track down this artist!

Does anyone know the artist/translator of this comic? Or the original post, perhaps?

I want to translate this comic, but I must obtain permission and the full art first. It also seems very well drawn, and I would like to read it!

My friend said that she found this on Tumblr a while ago, so I was hoping someone could help me! She wants to see it as well lmao

Thank you!

UPDATE: It appears the original art has been deleted for some reason or other. Oh well, I’ll respect the artist’s decisions. Thank you all for helping me anyways!
As discussed on the SGRS discord chat: How about Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju week?

This fandom is so talented and the show is so beautiful, it’s time we have a Tumblr event celebrating this beautiful work!
 Please reblog and signal boost if you want to participate or know anyone who does.
 Tag your favorite artists, fic writers, GIF/Graphic makers. 

@yurionice, @sukerokus, @kishou, @kikuhikoo, @showagenrokurakugoshinju , @asparagusoup, @newtypezaku

Kleiner Piepmatz wartet am Jökulsárlón auf seine Mutter. 
Weiß jemand, was für ein Vogel es ist?

Little birdie is waiting for his mother at Jökulsárlón.
Does anyone know what kind of bird it is?

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does anyone know or have recommendations for a good animation program?

ive tried my hand at

flash/animate cc: although i know its regarded as the standard amongst animators, its sort of clunky and buggy for my personal work preference. 

tvp: i think this program has a bigger learning curve, but has very beautiful traditional animation aspects to it. though i dont know how it fares well against programs like flash or toonboom in terms of keyframes.

toonboom: i was pleasantly surprised with this one. it sort of feels like a combination of flash and tvp. although animating can be a bit clunky like flash, i like it better than the latter.

csp: i dont want to drop $100+ on csp yet (i have the pro license already) since it has limited features compared to the rest, but nice brushes and vector features.

opentoonz: i downloaded this one since it was free and studio ghibli uses this too. there are too many features im unfamiliar with, so i guess this program has a bigger learning curve than the rest.

moho12/anime studio: im currently using a trial version of this one, but this program seems to be oriented around puppet rigging/bone animation. im trying to practice more frame by frame

Feeling like a fish out of water.

Hey Everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long, but the reason is because I just graduated from RISD! I’m a real person who does real people things now! I promise I’ll get back to drawing more regularly when things get settled. I will actually be moving to Ohio to work as a toy designer for Little Tikes. If anyone has any cool suggestions please let me know!

In the mean time you can check out my other work on my instagram

So does anyone know of a good artist on here who would be willing to use detailed descriptions to draw some characters for me? I’m willing to pay them for their work and would love to discuss rates with someone who is able. I’m trying to write a book and would love to have full body character profiles of some of my characters. If anyone knows someone please message me!

My neil-gaiman inspired tattoo is complete! I know I’ve always said no bands or books because things change but honestly I’ve adored his work since I hid Sandman under by pillow because I knew my mom would find it and deem it inappropriate for a 10 year old. Pretty sure my enjoyment of his work isn’t going to change, even if my understanding does. He’s part of what inspired me to start scribbling in journals. Music and writing, I’m such a cliche… If my tattoo artist had a tumblr I’d tag him. He managed to turn my rambling description into art, and I adore it. If anyone’s curious it’s the ending of “A Writer’s prayer.” Look it up, it’s wonderful. Few questions I keep getting. Yes, it hurt. Yes I write, A LOT. Yes, I know it’s a very big piece of art. No I’ve never met Mr. Gaiman but I am going to hear him speak in February. Pretty damn excited. Thank you. 

I also learned that there are two types of people. Those who fucking love Neil Gaiman and his work, and those who squint at me and go ‘Wait, who?' 


I honestly would like to think that all the bros like this song unironically.