does anyone know a name or source

  • [Hazel wins a goldfish at a fair, and gives it to Frank as a gift.]
  • Frank: I couldn't keep a fish alive. I kill plants just by looking at them.
  • Hazel: I suspect I would have the same problem. It's too bad - I was going to name it Piper, because it has sparkly scales.
  • Hazel: I suppose I had better let her go free.
  • [She empties the bag into the ocean]
  • Annabeth: Does anyone want to tell her that goldfish are freshwater fish and can't survive in the ocean?
  • Leo: Not really.
  • Frank: Did she just kill Piper?
Books: Whump Edition

first of all, holy heck… the response to my / anon’s request for whumpy books has been amazing (not to mention a little overwhelming)! thank you all for your suggestions; i can’t wait to read all these. ;) let’s get to it, shall we?

  1. Dick Francis books :

    “Dick Francis’s books are all wonderfully whumpy. They are murder mysteries set around the British horseracing world (Francis was a jockey before he became a writer) and despite being a bit formulaic they are wonderfully well written and fun to read. If I had to recommend one to start with, I’d say “Odds Against (Sid Halley #1)”, as it is the first of the Sid Halley books and he is my favourite Dick Francis character.” // submitted by @nemo-forever and @alipeeps​ 

  2. The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen : 

    “The first book has some nice whump (the main character gets whipped and then is taken care of in a dungeon cell), and the second book has such good whump that I just open it sometimes and read the whumpy part when I need some good whump. (It involves a broken leg, climbing a wall and dueling on said leg, passing out, going into shock at some point and plenty of being taken care of.)” // submitted by @helpidkwhatmyusernameshouldbe and @aliciaaanne14​ 

  3. The Last Herald Mage Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey : 

    “If you like fantasy books then Mercedes Lackey’s The Last Herald Mage trilogy is fairly well-peppered with whump too, mainly for the main character Vanyel. There’s whump in all three of the books, from what I remember, but especially the first and the third ones.” // submitted by @alipeeps

  4. Doctor Who Tie-In Novels : 

    Some of the Doctor Who tie-in novels have some very nice whump (I’ve mostly only read the 10th Doctor ones personally).” // submitted by @alipeeps

  5. Stargate Atlantis Tie-In Novels by Martha Wells : 

    “Oooh ooh and while we’re talking tie-in novels, oh my, the Stargate Atlantis tie-in novels! Now quite a few of them are good for whump but the best ones are the ones by Martha Wells - now SHE knows her whump! Lovely lovely Sheppard whump in Reliquary in particular. :D” // submitted by @alipeeps 

  6. The Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson : 

    “Basically there’s a lot of whump to go around for all the characters but Fang gets a fair share of it and boy, is it amazing. From passing out mid-flight (oh yeah, they can fly) from blood loss to being beaten up, there’s just a lot of it.” // submitted by @aliciaaanne14

  7. The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Claire : 

    “I know The Mortal Instruments is pretty big, but this prequel is amazing. Jem Carstairs is basically a cinnamon roll that needs to be protected at all costs because he’s genuinely such a sweetheart. But he’s got a condition where he became addicted to a drug (yin fey) by some demons and he needs the drug to survive. So you can imagine what happens. There’s so many great scenes in this book and lots of after-care, meaning caring from Will. <3″ // submitted by @aliciaaanne14 

  8. *edited* Parallel: The Secret Life of Jordan Mckay by Abra Ebner and Christina Corlett 

    “A guy who has the ability to time travel. He uses it to fix things, but every time he does, his body gets weaker and the stakes get higher. One of my fav books.” // submitted by @pumpkinpixel

  9. Acheron and Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon : 

    “They’re pretty much every whumper’s dream. The two main characters go through every torture and torment out there from the beginning to the end of the book, but not to the point that it becomes pointless. Their sense of enduring and survival makes it all the merrier.” // submitted by @pumpkinpixel

  10. Bruiser by Neal Shusterman : 

    “The main character has the uncontrollable ability of transforming every physical hurt from those he loves unto him. Need I say more?” (No, you needn’t. *heart eyes*) // submitted by @pumpkinpixel​ 

  11. The Scotland Yard Murder Squad by Alex Grecian : 

    “Starting with the book “The Yard”, these books have some pretty good whump, especially for Nevil Hammersmith. Plus, they are fun, quick read mysteries :)” // submitted by @lavoyageuse21​ 

  12. Blink Once by Cylin Busby : 

    “This book is from the perspective of a guy in a coma the whole book is his recovery and stuff it’s actually amazing and the plot is good.” // submitted by @wolfypuppypiles

  13. Fracture by Megan Miranda : 

    “This book is amazing; the main character almost drowns in the first few pages and she’s in hospital for ages then stuff happens and mystery things… it’s good as there’s a lot of whump.” // submitted by @wolfypuppypiles

  14. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater :

    Shiver is amazing for physical and emotional whump plus it’s my favourite book and I just love it so much please read it it’s so freaking amazing.” // submitted by @wolfypuppypiles

  15. The Paranormalcy Series by Kiersten White : 

    “This series has some pretty good whump plus it’s just amazing. In the first book the main character and this other hot dude get zapped and batted around quite a bit, and then in the second book, I think, someone gets cursed so that the person they are in love with will fall asleep every time they come near each other, which is hilarious and they worry over him for ages. Yeah, just read it. It’s great. // Submitted by @wolfypuppypiles​ 

  16. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher : 

    “The books (not show) is extremely whumpy.” “Poor Harry. He gets kicked around a lot.” “It’s amazing that guy has survived 16 books.” // Submitted by @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable and @lizzerbell and @vimesbootstheory​ and @estelkenobi​ 

  17. Cal Leandros Series by Rob Thurman // submitted by @bromanceandships

  18. The Books of the Raksura Series by Martha Wells // submitted by @bromanceandships

  19.  Books by authors Courtney Schafer and Carol Berg // submitted by @bromanceandships 

  20. Symphony of Ages Series by Elizabeth Haydon // submitted by @northernredwood 

  21. All For The Game Series by Nora Sakavic : 

    “It’s absolute whump heaven and the characters are amazing!” “Basically it’s a bunch of guys constantly getting hurt, especially the protagonist Neil <3″ // submitted by @quicksilver-1998​ and anonymous 

  22. Homelanders Series by Andrew Klavan : 

    AHHHH THERE’S THIS BOOK SERIES CALLED THE HOMELANDERS. ok no more caps for now. Anyway, it’s a super chill book series (4 books) and they’re amazing and full of whump from what I remember.” // submitted by anonymous

  23. Ashfall Trilogy by Mike Mullin : 

    This is a dystopian series with a decent amount of whump.” // submitted by anonymous

  24. The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch // submitted by anonymous 

  25. The Monument 14 Series by Emmy Laybourne // submitted by anonymous 

sheesh. i think i covered all of them - for now! thank you again to everyone who submitted suggestions for this! now i just have to find the time to read these. ;D

*note: if anyone does NOT want their name on this list as the source, let me know and i will remove it. being a whumper isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but if you would prefer to remain anonymous - as i myself do, to some extent - i definitely understand. :)* 

Spot on Anon

So I found the ask that seemed to have sent Gator over the edge. I copied the ask since it’s too long to screencap. Gator’s response is in italic.

All right Gator, let’s see if you’re brave enough to post this (I bet you won’t).

So you call us obsessed and deluded. Have you seen my blog? I dare you to find post were I analyze Benedict’s private life. I dare you to find a post were you see me analyzing every photos taken of him and his wife. I really don’t think you can say that about your blog, can you?

You see, us “nans” as you like to call us live in the real world. A world were Ben is happily married with two children. A world were we know that we don’t have a say in his private life and nerver will. A world were we don’t feel the need to insult a complete stranger to feel better about ourselves. You think what we’re doing to you is disgusting? Honey, that’s nothing to what you’ve been doing to Sophie and her kids for the last 3 years. What we’re doing is calling out your lies and your behavior. You’re the bully dear, not us. Let me prove that to you.

1) You never, ever call Sophie by her name. Always by some mean nicknames, like Zero or Octopus. That’s a totally normal thing to do for someone your age. NOT.

2) You over analyze every single photo of Benedict. Always saying there’s something wrong with him. Unless Sophie isn’t in the photo, because then he looks great. Even in pictures were Sophie was cropped out of. You always scream “Photoshop”. Because for some reason, you can’t bear to see them together.

3) You change theories every 5 seconds. Case and point, the last pap pictures. You started saying that Sophie ambushed him, then when your pal Aeltri decided that it was photoshoped, you changed your story. Because you can’t have an original thought by yourself. And now you’re saying that Sophie is using an old photo to mess with Ben. So which is it? I’ll tell you, it’s none of the above.

4) You’ll believe every lie told to you without questions, as long as it paints Sophie in a bad light. Case and point : the whole Groucho Club story. Again something started by Aeltri. That story is a hoax started by someone who thinks the Royal family are giant shape-shifting lizards. But when someone says something nice about her, you need proof in triplicate with a court seal to believe it. But yeah, we’re the ones that are obsessed.

5) Every time there’s a sighting of Ben and his family, you automatically deny it. You try to look for anything that would discredit it. Again, by ignoring all the facts. And when you can’t, you make up some bullshit theory. Case and point : the whole “it’s too hot in Atlanta to go biking”. But apparently, it’s not hot enough to stop Marvel from getting him to run around in full Doctor Strange costume. And by ignoring that plenty of people live in Atlanta and go by their business, even in summer.

6) You actually think you have mutuals with Benedict. If you haven’t hear from your sources in a while, it’s because they got bored of you. You were trolled. Do you honestly think that anyone with compromising info on Sophie would go to a no name blogger from nowhere USA instead of going to the police or selling the story to the tabloids? In what world does that even make sense?

You want to know why we screencap your blog? Because you crave attention, and reblogging gives you notes. Which is the only thing you want, not Ben’s well being. Because if you cared about that, you would delete your blog and apologize.
And to answer one of your anons, we’re not trying to convince ourselves by calling out your lies. Neither are we trying to convince you. Because it’s crystal clear that you’d rather die than to admit you were wrong. No we’re exposing you for what you are, a bully, a liar and a fraud.

I don’t know if I’ve seen your blog, because you sent this in anon.  (I try to avoid any seriously devoted Benedict blogs). I never said all nanny fans are obsessed. But if you are the one buying 16 photo ops in one day with Benedict, you are obsessed. As far as craving attention? WTF? Nope. I don’t care how many notes I get. I’m not in this for me. Never intended to even get involved in the fandom at all. It wasn’t until I saw how horrible Sophie was that I even started posting. I have absolutely nothing to prove to you or anyone. And I’m not the one sending in anon hate to someone with a different opinion/outlook on something, so how am I the bully? I’m not going to dignify the rest of your rant with an answer. Everyone who actually really follows my blog already knows what my response would be. Just know this, I care WAY more about Benedict’s wellbeing than I do about being right. So stop projecting onto me and take a good look at yourself.

Let’s analyze Gator’s response shall we?
She first starts by attacking fans lucky enough to go the LFC and have their pictures taken with Ben. I don’t know about you, but that reeks of jealousy. I take comfort in knowing that Ben’s security team have Gator on their watch list.
It wasn’t until I saw how horrible Sophie was that I even started posting.
That’s Gator speech for “My internet boyfriend found a IRL girlfriend and I can’t take it. I’ll spend my days shitting on her to feel better about myself”.
And I’m not the one sending in anon hate to someone with a different opinion/outlook
Saying that you think she looks ugly is an opinion. Saying that she’s a drug addict whore, a blackmailer and an abuser is slander. There’s a huge difference between the two. A difference that every bully seem to forget.
I care WAY more about Benedict’s wellbeing than I do about being right.
I almost choke with laughter when I read this. If she truly cared about his wellbeing, she’d apologize and delete her blog. Not make up even more disgusting lies about Sophie and her family. But she’s right when she says she doesn’t care about being right. If she did, she would have stop by now.
I’m not going to dignify the rest of your rant with an answer.
Of course she won’t. That’s because she can’t. That anon is spot on about Gator and the rest of the SGB. Even Gator can see that. And we know what your answer would be. It’s the one that Ben and Sophie would like to give her : fuck off.

anonymous asked:

Recently saw something you reblogged about dragon magick. I want to be informed. Where can I learn what dragon magick is? I'm insanely curious! Lol. Thanks for any response. :)

It’s something I’m pretty interested in as well. :)

As far as my understanding goes, it’s a branch of magic in which you receive the assistance or power of dragons to help bring what you need. I guess it’s like Wicca in the sense of like invoking gods to boost magic and spells, but dragons instead, and probably not as much worship? 

I did a Google search for some resources, but a lot of it deals with pop culture stuff, like D&D and MtG and whatnot, so sorting through to actually find stuff about dragon magic is a challenge. I’ll give you what I did find, and hopefully it is accurate to the actual practice.

Here’s a link to a book on Amazon that seems really great for this stuff:

Apparently this book is NOT a good source since it is filled with tons of errors and false information.

Miscellaneous things:

I found a blog on Tumblr, maybe?:

I know there are a couple of people on Tumblr who practice dragon magic, but I can’t name any off the top of my head. 

If anyone does know anything about dragon magic, has any references, practices it themselves, or knows anyone who does, if you could please reblog this with the relative info or send me an ask directly, that would be awesome, thanks!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Something came to my mind regarding what you said in your second Papyrus-related post, so I figured I'd tell - what if Papyrus knows that his death has a really bad effect on a timeline, and in avoiding friendships (aside from those with the two people able to manipulate timelines) he's trying to minimise said effect? It's actually a bit hard to tell what he knows or doesn't know, especially since he's apparently capable of lying with a straight face, so I don't think the idea's impossible..

That’s a really interesting possibility! I really like your theory actually. 

It is really hard to know what Papyrus thinks, since he keeps what he does and doesn’t know surprisingly close to his chest, but the things he misdirects about do seem to indicate he knows more than he lets on. 

The first example off the top of my head would be his pretending not to know what a lab is when talking to Sans even though when you speak to him alone about the lab he’ll talk about how much his brother would love the lab you’re at, because he loves science. 


Sans: the sign outside says “lab.“ 

Papyrus: LAB? 

Sans: like… laboratory. 


Sans: i mean. i wouldn’t rule it out.




The reason why he doesn’t want his brother to know he even knows what a lab is, even after telling us how much his brother loves science several times is such an interesting well of theorisation for me. Especially combined with what he says in the telescope room:



But back to your point! It does seem like his relationships with Frisk and Flowey are ones where he is willing to open up more than usual. His interactions with Frisk/the player vs. the ones he has with Sans and Undyne show he’s much more inclined to be silly or misdirect with the others around. Which doesn’t mean he isn’t silly around Frisk too, far from it, but he does also seem more serious at times and willing to disclose more when you talk to him alone.

*Edits: As for Flowey, Papyrus mentions to everyone that he knows him indirectly at the start of the True Pacifist Ending, by this point everyone’s dismissed his other mentions from what we’ve seen, and he seems unaware that others may know of or acknowledge Flowey as real as a result, Sans dismissed Papyrus’ previous mentions as an echo flower (We don’t know how much of this is deflection on Sans’ part either though, Sans never tells anyone anything either after all. Something the brother’s seem to have in common actually), and Papyrus has also mentioned the existence of Flowey to Undyne, who also dismisses him as imaginary - especially when she catches Papyrus lying about Flowey’s name. 


Would seem a strange or silly statement to most of the people there if we (and Alphys) didn’t know what that implied at that point.

Most other implications of the two’s friendship comes from sources mainly outside of Papyrus, (Although several phone-calls of his that do mention Flowey are filled with positivity and declarations of friendship, they don’t actually contain much other substance on the nature of their friendship) namely Sans, who tells us that Flowey gives Papyrus advice and flattery, and Flowey himself. Flowey in particular is where we can draw out how much surprisingly real affection the souless Flowey has for Papyrus. Much more than he shows to anyone except perhaps Chara.

It really does seem like he’s ACTing as a moral compass towards both Frisk and Flowey, in a way more subtle than his usual overt attempts to do so as well. 

anonymous asked:

How does anyone ever pick their Hebrew name? I keep seeing all these names that are really pretty, but I don't know, I just can't see them for myself.

Anon, I empathize with you 100%. In the seven days leading up to my mikvah immersion, I changed my Hebrew name three times. Before that I had at least five serious options and another dozen potentials. It’s tough.

First, here are some sources. If you’re looking for a list of potential names, I really like BehindTheName as opposed to most baby name sites, because it lists the original Hebrew/Yiddish form as opposed to modern derivations. (Elisheva instead of Elizabeth, for example.) AllHebrewNames is also great because it lists modern Hebrew names as well, and has a “popularity” meter, although it does have so many names that it might get overwhelming; also, there are some names that it has absolutely no info on.

And here are some pages that have advice on how to choose: MyJewishLearning, AmericanJewishUniversity, and ReclaimingJudaism.

Now, for my personal advice. I found a whole bunch of names that I really liked, but it was hard for me, too, to find one that fit me. What changed was in the last few weeks when I shifted my point of view. I had started with “what do I like about Judaism? what do I like in a name?” That brought me to a lot of great names–women in the Tanakh whose stories I admired, and prophetesses, because I liked having wise women in my tradition. But I couldn’t tell if I felt like a Devorah, Ruth, Miriam, Michal, Channah, or Hadassah.

Ultimately, I ended up asking a more personal question. Not “what do I like about Judaism?” but “what is Judaism to me?” And immediately, one of the first things I thought of was prayer. Because as much as I love Judaism’s ethics, the first thing that clicked for me was when I attended Shabbat services and got swept up in the prayers. Channah and Devorah had been in my top two; I settled on Channah, because I felt more like someone who prayed than someone who led troops into battle.

Because I’m indecisive, I also wanted a second name, and for that, I wanted something that honored my status as a ger; I didn’t like Naomi or Ruth, so I started thinking about other ways to represent the conversion process, and I thought of the mikvah and decided I wanted a name related to water. For that, I went to my rabbi for help; I wasn’t a huge fan of Miriam or Mayim, so he suggested a few other women in the Tanakh whose stories included water, and I settled on Rivka. (I also happened to love the name Rivka, but didn’t think it fit me by itself.)

So that’s my advice. Instead of trying to find yourself in the overwhelming sea of Jewish names, try finding a Jewish name in yourself. As ridiculously cheesy as that sounds.

So the X-Files wiki tells me that Teena’s full name is Elizabeth “Teena” Kuipers Mulder.  I have three questions on this:

1) I have no memory of the Elizabeth or the Kuipers.  Does anyone know what episode these are from?

2) How on earth do you get Teena out of Elizabeth? 

3) I’m kind of mad that she has a canonical maiden name because I think I read a fic or a headcanon or something where her maiden name was Fox and that was the source of Mulder’s name, and I got really attached to that idea.  Does anyone know where I might have read that?  Or did I just make it up?

anonymous asked:

In one of your recent posts, you affirmed that Madam Christmas is Roy's paternal aunt. When did we learn that?

…You know, I thought it was confirmed in chapter 87, but now that I look at it, it doesn’t actually say she’s his aunt (just his adoptive mother)… Huh. 

Does anyone know where the idea that she’s his aunt came from? I mean it’s such a commonly known thing I don’t think it’s untrue, but does anyone have a source for that?

In any case, if she is his aunt, it can be inferred that she’s his father’s sister based on her name, Chris Mustang. In most western societies it’s traditional for a woman to take her husband’s name when she marries. Assuming Madame Christmas is unmarried, if she were Roy’s maternal aunt, she’d have a different last name. So she’s either the unmarried sister of Roy’s father, coincidentally happened to marry someone with the same last name as her brother-in-law, Roy took her name when he was adopted, or Roy has his mother’s last name. Most people generally assume it’s the first option because it makes the most sense.

anonymous asked:

Does anyone have any sources about the officer that shot Philandro Castile? (Like a name, for example) I've seen people saying he was Asian and before I jump on this I'd like some more info. Unfortunately, every single article I've found solely refers to the cop as "the officer" without so much as a gender pronoun. If the cop is Asian, it's really important that we know and to acknowledge it because antiblackness is not just a white people problem.

it won’t be publicized by the department because of union protection. when we find out it’ll be from civilians.


Q: Do you think that when Oliver said ‘I love you’ to [Felicity] in the finale did he really mean it? And did he mean it in the way that we all hope he did?

Stephen Amell: I think that whether or not that was a…he meant it, it was a bait and switch, it was some combination of the two things, we are going to find out very early in Season 3 if he meant it or not. I do think that the one thing that I’m absolutely positive that he meant was, in Episode 6 of Season 2, where he says to her that ‘because of what we do I don’t think that I could be with anybody that I could really care about’, I know that meant that. So, we, we shall see. But that’s going to be a big point to sort of segue-way to Season 3, we’re having some broad strokes discussions about it and what we are finding is that Oliver is in a spot in the flashbacks where all of the humanity that he has is being stripped away. The Oliver that you met in the pilot, that is a murderer, that was a killer, that’s the guy that he’s turning into. He’s losing his humanity. So, Season 3 is very much about how much of his humanity does he want to get back. Does he want to love somebody? Does he want to be a hero? Does he want to write his family’s name in Starling City and get back his company? What’s important to him? And, so we will clearly have to tackle what happened with Felicity very early on.
—  (Source)
The Truth about The Great and Powerful Satsuki

Last night someone who knows Satsuki very well and I talked extensively. He doesn’t want to be mentioned, and I have left out a few things to help protect his identity.


Due to what I have been told I have very good reason to believe her sister did not pay for the convention. Satsuki had complained about her sister not taking her a week before and her sister had car trouble that weekend. It’s very likely that they didn’t stay at a relatives place either, if her niece had even gone. Her niece had gone in 2015, so any pictures could be from that. I do believe the original and first Gofundme for her niece was legitimate, and according to ANON, the only one ever shared on her Facebook. Do to this and other information it’s very likely she did in fact use the donation money for BronyCon 2016.


It seems, after some digging on another sources part, that Satsuki is mentally disabled, however her mother has not posted about disability and seems to be doing to opposite by encouraging her to go back to writing and such. It is still unsure then if there is disability that has been filed or not. If so, it’s unlikely that it will be granted to her and her mother doesn’t seem to think it is that severe.

Family and Finances

It is still unknown if her sister has a prosthetic or not. However, her mother does not seem to of had a major surgery, and especially not in her legs. Her mother owns her own business and they live very, very comfortably, enough that they eat out every weekend. It’s likely her mother doesn’t know about Satsuki begging on the Internet for money for “rent, bills, and food” none of which is actually needed at all it seems. It’s not known if her mother had another job, or if it’s even needed for her to have another job. They are all dressed nicely and the home seems to be very nice. It’s currently unknown if they rent or own. When it comes to her father, I still believe he did pass away at the moment. Even if he didn’t he’s certainly not around at all and passed on or not, I feel it really doesn’t have much to do with the current situation.

Money Raised

It’s unknown exactly how much money has been donated, but we know of $2200. However she has told others before that she’s gotten $2000 in one day. She had enough to send someone $400 to help them out. It’s very likely that $1200 that “PayPal lost” wasn’t lost at all. I don’t believe she’s made more than $10k, but it’s likely between 4K and 10k, excluding the first gofundme for her niece.

More will be added as new information is learned. Yes I know her Twitter, Facebook, and her families names and no I will not be giving out that information and I hope the sources who have found out the info does the same. We do not want Satsuki to try to claim anyone is doxxing her or find a way to play the victim.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Thank you.

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