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Undyne asks how sans gets money to pay the big house.So the sentry job doesnt pay enough, maybe neither undyne's royal captain job pays enough for that Paps says its a mystery. Paps may know or not I think its sans judge job that makes him afford enough (besides some money sans gets with his other jobs of hot dog seller and so on) What u think? Did asgore employed sans has the judge and it pays so well? Or is sans kinda "self" employed as judge? Hows sans getting the money for the big house?

(undertale spoilers)

Nothing in game supports the idea that being “the judge” is a job for Sans. Not only is there no mention of any “judge” position, but the position really doesn’t make sense for anyone but Frisk. Judging Frisk before they meet Asgore is to steer Frisk in the right direction, considering Frisk’s actions “will determine the fate of the entire world.” It’s unlikely that Asgore pays Sans to do this, especially with how few humans have fallen down in the underground.

So what jobs does Sans have? First, he is a sentry, and he has four stations. This is actually something Undyne is not aware of.

Although Undyne is Papyrus’ boss, and thus should be Sans’ boss as well, this doesn’t necessarily mean she is in charge of the hiring or paychecks.

Second, Sans sells hot dogs at his “illegal” hot dog stand. 

Third, Sans performs at the MTT Resort restaurant.

There’s no way to know exactly how much money he makes off all these jobs, but it’s clear he has many jobs to support himself and Papyrus.

Mc with kids from a previous s/o + Rfa and minor trio

Muy sorry for the wait hope this makes up for it and I am currently to followers away from a 100 and figured I would do my other half to the first post I put on here! I will be doing a hc post to celebrate once I get to 100 and if anyone else has any ideas for what else I could possibly do drop a comment~Love,Lainy

Saeran: He was just minding his own business and jumping through your window… He’d done absolutely nothing wrong!! So pls tell him why did he have to receive the total annihilation that was given to him by your children…??..(just how does a kid upgrade their Nerf to stun someone????) By the time he wakes Saeyoung has caught him and is currently spewing how sorry he is etc.(Saeran ignores him) It’s the first time that you guys meet but it certainly isn’t the last but you’re gonna have to wait a little bit for the true Saeran to come back from his unknown phase and when that time comes your life was made better just like his~

*When you meet him for the second time both you and ur babes are surprised because well…. Saeran is a completely different person and even if you only met him once, at one of the darkest points of his life you could tell almost instantly without a single word that he was slowly becoming the person he should be

*Your kid is extremely worried and it takes months for them to get over their weariness of Saeran, it would have been longer if it wasn’t for Saeran proving him wrong by saving you from mint eye (Rika) as soon as the threats are gone and Saeran is helping you with a minor injury you received your child has anime tears running down their face + hugs Saeran with all their might

*Helps you out so so much with litteraly everything and I believe that for no matter what Hc or scenario Saeran will love you no matter what situation your in or what you look like because you treat him with a kindness he’s never quite known before that he can’t even begin to ever judge you over your stuff when his past is so dark and tangled

*Isn’t good at comforting anyone so if your babes are sad he will


Point it out to you so you can help because he feels like he literally will make everything worse


give them a quick hug and leave HIS ice cream in hopes of making them feel better

*TBH he just gets hella attached to your family real quick and it doesn’t take long for him to get dragged into this adorable disaster along beside you

Saeyoung: Okay he knew everything about you before he met you in person. So he should have been expecting what was to come right? Yepp! For once he was ready he cleaned up his apartment (it wasn’t vanderwood I swear it lol (why the f*uck you lying!!) He has the whole place decked out in even more games junk food and it’s any kids dream come true your kids eyes are widened by the awesomeness of it all but they make it pretty clear that if the two of you are gonna be a thing Saeyoung’s gonna have to work for it~

*Low-key is the type parent who will always read to the ya kids every night and also helps with flashcards etc.

*Prank wars are no longer accepted into your house after the 🔥 instance y'all were lucky to have someone let ur fam stay at their home 😑 Saeran was not amused that he has to pay for Saeyoung’s + ur kids mistakes

*will help them learn a language that they show an interest in, he also tries to teach them computer skills but it doesn’t work out like they expected….

*also due to his shitty childhood makes up for it the best he can and is super lenient towards most things……

*Isn’t protective in the way that anyone will see but will cyberstalk almost everyone they meet even teachers friends etc


Doesn’t say anything or show any giant reaction HE’S JUST LIKE “Mc your kid is so beautiful” and gushes about it for ten minutes. Proceeds to take pictures (even more than he taken of Zen) You’re just kind of like okay???  Once he thinks he has enough of just of your kawaii child he then wants pictures of the two of you together and I don’t think he ever really stops being amazed/in love with your little family.

*Your kids and him get along swimmingly and both parties get attached easily

*He always makes sure to not do every crappy thing his parents did to him because he knows how much it sucks to be treated that way…..

*Will ruffle your kids hair if they’re sad or discouraged (applies to you too)

*He’s the best advice giver and listener (except for himself😂)+ creative help to your kids teaches them photography and they are really good

*Will do literally anything and everything to protect you guys, unknown to you there isn’t anything he owns that isn’t going to your family in his will😭

Jumin:  He’s been wanting to put a ring on it anyways so a couple kids ain’t gonna change anything and he will try his hardest to be a good father figure but then his emotions get involved and yeah his love for your kiddos is equal to his love for you and Elizabeth 3rd your lives might as well have turned into a family sitcom but it’s still pretty great.

*Doesn’t spend time around people so yeah he’s gonna be awkward at first with ur kids and yea it has hella tension cus both your kids and Jumin think that the other hates them…… this is all resolved by Elizabeth 3rd and a game of Monopoly which is ironic to all of you that Jumin has never played it before

*FAMILY PICTURES ARE TAKEN BY V just imagine sweater pics lol

*Elizabeth 3rd is his prized friend, she’s got him through some tough stuff and he wishes he had her around as a child due to this he will literally let your kids get any pet as long as the animal is not dangerous and is loyal

*Won’t let anyone become spoiled/bratty and finally learns to work on that farm of his along with your smol babes it is so cute

*Also will tuck your kids into bed and when he makes a promise he will never let work get in the way or break it

Zen: Homeboy was ready for date night and date night  got cancelled cus ur baby-sitter for the night quit last minute so you texted Zen that it was probably best if you just waited a while anyways he doesn’t listen to it says fine shows up and didn’t know you had kids but accepts it because uno he ain’t a skwank and dos he loves you very very much

*The kids as soon as they see him are sort of in a trance with his beauty and are drawn in like moths to a flame but are also kind of hiding behind the bookshelf

*Zen has sort of the same reaction but is much more vocal about it and nearly cried with sparkling anime tears

*Opens up to your kids with tangled, spirit (the DreamWorks horse movie cus it’s my fav) and many Ghibli movies laughter is all around you and when you’re the only one who hasn’t fallen asleep on the couch, you know never felt a more purer and free moment

*Soon you fall asleep too and when you wake up Zen has already made everyone breakfast and was just about to come get you, it’s really nice and normal and simple but it brings tears to your eyes and you hope that things will stay like this for a while

*any problem with previous parent and he will be on their ass ready to fite and catching them outside

*Another poor child whose family is shit will never put the kids through that and will always be supportive

Jaehee:  Okay she is sort of prudish (like babe….morals am I right?) but she will definitely never be a total bitch about you having kids or never being married/divorcing ur previous s/o, she will understand the circumstances no matter what cus this is the 21st century and people should really get with the program~ Anyways she is considered by most to be extremely practical which she but she also is a fun loving mama bear who knows martial arts and will kick yo ass anyways let’s start the hcs before I get carried away🤗

*Is a little too worried about anything hasn’t dealt with kids much and even if seven acts like a kid you promise your kids are way better so she is grateful to find this information true and didn’t say anything but  finding your features in your kids faces was quite magical  

*Probably has been interested in cake decorating classes so your kids bday cakes are amazing and just really nice and thoughtful

*mama bear studied her ass off and was her own tiger mom but makes sure your kids don’t deal with that to such extremes and helps with studyblr worthy tips but will be there every step along the way if anyone is struggling

*The cafe can be family run and it’s just so frickin adorable your kids inspired Jaehee to make some kid inspired drinks and such so there is a little something for everyone at the cafe

*Makes sure everyone is healthy cus she doesn’t want to lose anyone and makes sure everyone has hella good health insurances etc


*He’s shook but in a good way like he can’t even keep his grades up and you’re raising your kid/s?  Literally even if you think you're​ doing not the greatest job he’s literally so proud of you for juggling everything and just caring so much and it’s just amazing to him

*Everyone gets along good and me makes hella omaru rice and bento boxes for everyone

*Helps your kids with their h.w if they ask or need help but it may or may not be wrong in some of the more difficult subjects (aka math-_-_-_-)

*Fricken protective yandere with you or ur babes will never do anything that hurts you guys but who’s to say that assholes who can’t keep there mouths shut etc not be put in the hospital

*There is a civil war of Pokemon and Digimon happening in this family it amounts to only saltiness

*Plays games with your family and let’s them sit on his lap and may or may not let them win a few rounds

Vanderwood: Your life has always been a little complicated mess so even after being friends with Vanderwood for quite some time you didn’t really want to talk about your kids because reason number 1. They seem to prefer no messes or complicated situations. Reason number 2. was well… not a lot of people acted nicely about​ you having a kid or not being married so yeah, for the time being you were gonna keep it to yourself because you don’t want this treasured person of yours to think your a hoe. So after awhile of this Vanderwood comes over to your home doesn’t knock just sort of breaks in and they have their hands full of take out and some kids movies, despite their initial tsundere act their a hit with your kids and once vanderwood learned of your insecurities towards showing them your family they’re like “why???? I’m a grumpy spy and you’re worried about me judging you??? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard eat your take out”. This may seem not romantic at all but to you it was one of the sweetest things ever~

*Doesn’t want your kid to ever grow up or date #willprobablytrytokillthepoorbish

*Will be a pro at ponytails and every other hairstyle, your kids love it when Vanderwood does their hair! They have heart eyes all day~

*Is low-key your kids Sensei, teaches your kids survival, self defense and cleaning plus a bunch of other important things

*they are literally mini ninjas and not like saeyoungs weeby naruto wannabe kids, they will END you before you even realized what happened

*Vanderwood does have a very reserved and happy side and it’s reserved for you guys in your home away from everyone else due to Vanderwood’s profession and they sure as hell ain’t letting bitches hurt you guys they will kill and do everything in their power to keep your family safe and come home every time as well

Chris Argent

So, if no one objects, I am thinking we need a Christopher Argent Appreciation Week because he kicks so much ass and deserves it.  Does someone have a monopoly on this? If Not, I’ll run it. I don’t want to step on toes if someone else has already got their heart set on it.

What week should it be for?

I was thinking sometime in April or May to give people time to write, art and what not.

Any suggestions/comments/ideas? Anyone want to do a banner for it? Anyone want to help me?

❝ I didn’t want to ruin you. ❞

Plot: Yesung is your ex-boyfriend, but you and he still love each other (He left you because he thought you were too young (you are 22) and he was afraid to break your life). But he found out that your mother found a groom for you and he came to your house, saying that he want to marry you.

Pairing: Yesung x Reader

Words count: 1,2k+

Genre: Angst and fluff

For anon, I hope you like it! 


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‘W-what do you mean?’ You stutter, standing in the rain on the sidewalk outside your apartment.

‘We are over Y/N’ His voice is cold.

‘W-why are you doing this?’

‘It’s because you are too young…’

His voice echoed through your head every time you closed your eyes. Yesung was your first kiss, first time and first lover. Since the day you broke up, everything went upside down. You still loved him with all  your heart, but you weren’t sure he loved you anymore. The pain was too much to handle that you had one wish towards your parents. The wish of marriage. An arranged one.

‘Do you like this colour?’ Your mother ask you as you walked through the floral shop.

‘Maybe a lighter one?’ You asked.

‘I agree,’ She nodded, ‘How about you go and ask the ahjussi in the back.’

Nodding, you walked to ask the elderly man while your mother stood looking around the large shop. It had six months since your departure with Yesung and everything was set for your wedding tomorrow, besides the flowers you were going to use. You were vey indecisive in which one you wanted. Your mother looked around the shop before she felt someone tapping her shoulder.

‘Yes?’ She turned around to face a young gentleman, Ah, Yesung?’

‘Hello, umma,’ The raven haired male smiled, ‘How have you been?’

‘I have been good, Yesung, thank you.’ She smiled.

‘What are you doing her?’

‘Y/N is getting married tomorrow so we came to get her bouquet sorted out.’

Those words made the colour in Yesung’s face drain. His heart seemed to shatter in a million pieces at this new piece of information. There was a reason to the break up between the two of you.

‘M-marriage?’ He stuttered, ‘To who?’

‘The son of one of our family friends,’ She filled him in, ‘Lovely boy.’

He was about to speak before you appeared and called your mother. You looked at Yesung before you and all but turned your back and walked out the store with your mother. The elderly man had your bouquet sorted out and said to deliver it to the church tomorrow. He bit his lower lip before storming out the store.

‘Yah! Why are am I here?’ Heechul asked Yesung, ‘I have plans tonight.’

‘I am in distress hyung!’ Yesung threw his hands up, ‘Y/N is getting married.’

‘And?’ The elder asked with a raised brow, ‘You broke up with her.’

‘I know but…’

‘You are still in love with her, aren’t you?’

‘What?! No!….Yes…aish I don’t know.’ He took a seat and buried his head in his hands.

Heechul had a heavy sigh before taking a seat next to Yesung and rubbing his back, ‘If you love her, then go get her back. She isn’t married yet ya know.’

‘You look beautiful Y/N’ Your sister complimented you, fixing the veil, ‘Jihoon is one lucky man.’

‘Do you mind seeing if the bouquet has arrived?’ You asked, just wanting to be alone for a second.

‘Ummmm the ahjussi said someone had picked it up.’


‘That’s the thing, he doesn’t know.’

‘Are you telling me I have no bouquet!’ Your voice slightly irritated, ‘Please go and sort this out, I need a second alone.’

Your younger sister left you as you wished and you took a seat on the bed. Your head was sore, heart beating uncontrollably and you were pretty sure you were about to throw up. How could your bouquet go missing?! A heavy sigh left your lips when a knock at the door went before it opened slowly.

‘Go awa…Yesung?’ You stood up as you saw the man you love walk inside in a formal suit and a box in his hand ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I must say, I am pretty hurt to not be invited to this wedding.’ He faked his pain, closing the door behind him.

‘Why would I invite you, you broke up with me,’ You folded your arms, ‘Remember?’

‘What are you doing, Y/N?’ He sighed, placing the box on the bed ‘Why are you getting married?’

‘Because I don’t want my heart being broken again.’ You admitted.

‘Do you even love this guy?’

‘I will learn to..’

‘What do you mean?’

‘It’s an arrangement.’

‘Why the hell are you having an arranged marriage!’ He all but shouted.

‘Because the man I loved broke up with me!’ You yelled back, ‘Do you have any idea how broken I was when you just ended things with me!’

‘You are to young to understand the reason, Y/N.’ He whispered.

‘What does my age have anything to do with this!?’ Your voice still loud, ‘I am getting married!’


His confession made you stifle the next sentence that was about to come out of your mouth. Your words got stuck in your throat at the sudden confession. Yesung was generally a very soft human being, he rarely ever raised his voice to anyone let alone you.

‘You are 22 years old Y/N…. Why would you want to date someone as old as me anyway.’ He confessed, taking a seat on the bed,’You are a beautiful human with the softest heart. You deserved more than a 32 year old man dragging you down because of his idol life.’

Getting on your knees, you knelt before him, ‘I never loved you because you were old or anything like that, Yesung. I loved you because you were a free spirited person, not because you were an idol. Your smile is what made me fall in love with you, not what it said in your bank account. I know you don’t love me anymore, but -’

You were cut off by the softness of his lips on yours. He had your face in his hands as your eyes fluttered close and you took in his warmth. Your lips moved together with his as they moulded perfectly. It was as if his was designed to fit on yours. Pulling apart gently, he stroked your cheek with his thumb and placed a tender kiss on your forehead.

‘I still love you, Y/N’ He whispered, ‘I never stopped loving you, but please, don’t get married.’

‘Yesung I-’

‘If you want marriage then fine you can have it, but only if it is to me, because I can not see the woman I love walk down the aisle to wed another man.’

‘Y/N it is time….oh, Yesung?’ Your sister walked into the room.

‘Hello Seunghee.’ He greeted.

‘It’s time Unnie,’ She clarified, ‘Yah, isn’t that the flower box?’

‘This?’ You opened it up and saw your bouquet, ‘Why do you have this?’

‘I picked it up on my way here, I didn’t know what it was at the time.’ He confessed.

‘We have to go!’ Your sister pulled you out the door.

You now stood at the entrance of the church. You left Yesung alone and your head was in a confusion. You loved him and he loved you, yet you were still marrying another man. The wedding march began to fill the venue as the large door opened and the flower girls walked in front of you. Scattering the flowered, you followed behind them. At the end of the aisle stood your future husband. Your father left you at the alter as your veil was lift and the pastor began.

‘We are gathered here today in holy matrimony to wed Y/N Y/L/N and Lee Jihoon.’ He began, ‘If there is any reasons to why these two should not wed, speak now or for ever hold your peace.’

‘I object!’ A familiar voice shouted, ‘She is marrying the wrong man!’

Gasps filled the church as Yesung ran down the aisle. The groomsmen tried to block him out but the singer was to fast for them. Arriving in the front, he caught his breath and got down on one knee. Shuffling in his pocket, he pulled out a black velvet box and opened it to reveal a stunning diamond ring.

‘I refuse to see the woman I love, marry another,’ He declared, ‘I don’t care what anyone says but you Y/N. Will you do me the honours in marrying me?’

Looking at your parents, fiancée and the crowd, you gulped, ‘Yes….’

You Are Watching: GHOST KING (pt. 24)

“So that can actually happen? A poltergeist can attach itself to a person?” Reyna asked. She was totally baffled by the statement. She knew that poltergeists existed. Of course she did. Her best friend was a ghost hunter and medium for crying out loud. But to know that a poltergeist could attach itself to someone was actually pretty frightening to think of.

Nico nodded as he hugged one of her pillows to his body. “It’s not very common but it does happen. And that seems to be the case this time…”

“Do you have any idea who this poltergeist is and who they are connected too?”

“No. And that’s what annoys me. It could have been anyone at the party. Which means anyone in our school and even people not from our school. There was quite a bit of students from that one high school that’s on the other side of town.”

“So basically we’re still at square one?”

“Basically. We’re kind of at square one point five now that we know the poltergeist isn’t tied to your house nor anyone in the house. It’s not much, but it helps lower down the possibilities.”

“You believe that?”

Nico hugged the pillow tighter to his body and scowled. He squeezed his fingers and released them over and over again. Squeezed until his knuckles turned white and released just to watch them slowly turn red.

“Honestly. I don’t know. I’ve….never dealt with this. I’ve dealt with a lot of shit, but this is a whole new level of shit.”

Reyna patted his shoulder gently before giving it a soft squeeze. They were not touch affectionate with each other and that is why small instances like these, meant the world.

“Well….we’ll deal with it the best we can. How’s…..How are you and Will doing?”

Reyna could immediately see Nico’s mood improve at the mention of the blond. He even have her a small smile.

“We’re good. He’s….he’s great. He texts and calls everyday to make sure I’m okay. And at lunch he brings me healthy shit to snack on. Apparently it’s good for me.”

“Is it good for you, you idiot.”

“Yeah, okay. Anyways….he uh, he’s coming over for dinner at my house on Friday.”

“Please don’t tell me that Persephone is cooking that dinner.”

“Oh god no. Bianca is going to make it. Come on, I don’t want to poison the guy I like.”

“Oh thank goodness.”

The two laughed, glad for the short distraction.

“Yeah…he’s pretty nervous.”

“He should be.”


“What? Even I was nervous the first time I met your dad. He’s kind of intimidating.”

Nico pouted and threw a pillow at her but she expertly dodged it and threw it right back at him. “He’s not that bad.” Nico whined out as he smushed his face into the pillow that he still held captive in his arms.

Reyna was still slightly surprised when Nico showed his selfish side to her, no matter how many times he did it. It just went to show how close they were. People even believed that they were siblings all through middle school. She liked when he whined or complained, it showed his trust in her, and she knew she could always be selfish with him as well.

Reyna’s usual response to his whining had always been sarcasm, so Nico didn’t expect any other kind of response to him defending his dad than a raised a brow and a snort. “Okkayyy. Whatever you say.”

“He’s not. I keep telling Will that but he just rolls his eyes everytime I do.” The Italian muttered with a pout.

“So what does he think of this whole poltergeist situation?”

The dark haired boy bit his lip before frowning at the bed spread. “He’s not happy about it.”

“I don’t think anyone is.”

“I mean he’s not happy about me getting involved.”

“Oh. Well that makes sense.”

“I guess…But…I can’t help but get involved you know? Anyways, I better get home. My dad and I have to Skype the producers over at the Oracle to let them know where I’ll be investigating next.”

“Okay. Text me when you get home. See you tomorrow.”

Nico eventually let go of the pillow and set it on the bed as he got up and stretched. He grabbed his backpack and gave Reyna a quick hug before heading out. On the walk back to his house he couldn’t help but try and remember who was close to the poltergeist at the party. But the faces of everyone just blurred together. There was also the fact that people were running around everywhere trying to get out of the house. And it’s not like anyone had actually caught a good video of what happened. They were too scared…

Maybe Nico should be scared too? But the strange thing is…is that he wasn’t. He was mad. He was mad that all this happened and he couldn’t do anything to help the situation. Poltergeists never listened. They don’t want to listen. They are greedy and angry and they want power. They feed off fear. Much like demons.

But poltergeists can be dealt with a lot easier than demons.

But that would require knowing who the poltergeist is attached to first, which led Nico back to his square one point five.

It didn’t help that the producers over at the Oracle wanted him to do a coverage of the poltergeist for more views. Hades quickly shot that idea down. But there was also his followers on YouTube who wanted him to get involved. It’s not like Nico didn’t want to get involved, he basically was already, but he just didn’t want anyone to catch on to the fact that he was Ghost King, he also didn’t want anyone else to get hurt. There was also the fact that there was no facts that were useful as of that moment. It was frustrating as all hell!

Nico raked a hand through his unruly hair and couldn’t stop the growl that passed his lips. Once he got home he honestly just wanted to sleep and not deal with the producers, and it seemed like his dad could see that because he told Nico that he would deal with them and for Nico to go rest.

The smaller male smiled gratefully before heading up to his room and flopping on his stomach onto the bed. Before sleep could overtake him, he felt his phone vibrate incessantly. He sluggishly grabbed it from his pocket before answering with a muffled, “Yeah?”

“Hey di Angelo, how’s my favorite person doing?”

Nico smiled sleepily as he rolled over to his back so his voice wasn’t muffled by his pillows.

“Hey Solace. I’m okay. Sleepy.”

“Aren’t you always?”

“Shut up. So what’s up with you? How are you doing?”

“I’m good. A little annoyed…”


“Yeah. People keep complaining about, well, you. Well I mean, Ghost King, but same difference.”

“Is it because I’m not doing the poltergeist thing?”


“I figured. Believe me I’m getting called a lot of names in the comment section and on Twitter.”

“But why? I just don’t understand why you are getting the back lash. You didn’t hurt that Ethan guy, the poltergeist did!”

Nico could hear Will’s frustration, could practically taste it.

“They want – no – they NEED someone to blame. They wanted me to help with this, for now, hopeless case. But I can’t help them. Not just for personal reasons but because this poltergeist isn’t connected to a house.”

“Wait…..what? What do you mean it’s not connected to a house? Aren’t they supposed to be connected to a house?”

“Mostly they are, but this one, I believe anyways, is connected to a person. I’ve been to Reyna’s house more times than I can count, I’ve never sensed anything like a poltergeist before. And yes poltergeists can show up seemingly out of random, but they would remain in the house after manifesting. They might not even be as pronounced but their energy would still be there.”

“So….this one is connected to someone? Someone we know?”

“I don’t know.”

“So someone from the party?”


“Do you know who?”

“No. God I wish I did. That would make this a whole lot easier.”

“I’m sorry that you’re dealing with all this. I don’t like that you are getting involved but-”

“I know. You’ve said that about a hundred times already.”

“BUT, just know that I’ll help in anyway I can.”

“Thanks sunshine.” Nico whispered, his cheeks warmer than before.

“No need to thank me Angel. It’s my pleasure. But enough about that whole mess. Tell me more of what I can expect on Friday.”

And Nico happily did so until he fell asleep with his phone in his hand and a soft smile on his face.






The boy clutched at his hair, the voice was back. It was back and louder than before. As it began to throw things around his room he grit his teeth and shut his eyes tightly.

He didn’t want this. He didn’t ask for this.

……okay that was a lie. But he didn’t think it would actually work!

He should have listened to what people say about Ouija boards. He thought it was all a bunch of bologna. Until now that is.

Finally, the yelling and the flying objects stopped. It was a nice silence.

But he knew it was just the calm before the storm.

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I feel so corny saying this anywhere, like ive told probably 2 people and not anyone else or anyone close to me but i have deeeep feelings for my best friend and have for a year and I have no idea what to do, i want to tell him but only if i think he has a chance to like me
and it sucks because im usually good at being open about these things and seeing the “signs” with minor crushes but the more i like someone the more ill put off any sign as just being friendly and there’s no way I’m telling anyone he knows because PEOPLE TELL
i just wanted to get it out. i genuinely feel like i am in love and want him to be happy and he does so much for me but im too scared, but it’s killing me. I have dreams where he is with someone else or with me and im either torn when i wake up or happy. i congratulate guys or whoever person feels they are responsible for making the first move at all times because holy crap

How Varian and Amren Became a Ship: Part 6

I’m back. I have part 6 ready and so I’m excited. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback. I appreciate it.

Part 5:

Part 2:

Dear Amren,

You aren’t a shity person- you forged your own family… why would you ever want to leave it? And no, I didn’t think of you naked and astride me before your last letter, and even if I did, it’s none of your fucking business.

Speaking of business, when I was at a meeting today after sleeping in, Cress decided that I was fucking my spy and that’s why I slept in. You should’ve seen the look on Tarquin’s face-he was mortified.

Feyre left the Spring Court- well ‘was taken’ by the NIght Court but I doubt it. You wouldn’t be so worried if you were planning on taking her back. So she probably left.

By the way, the information in your letters about Feyre and the Night Court I’ve been telling my court. You have every right to do the same if you need to. I’m sorry I did it’s just… it slipped out when Cress was pissing me off and making me feel inferior.

I thank the Cauldron everyday that Hybern hasn’t invaded us yet. I’m trying to retrain my guards… any tips? I know that war is looming especially with Tamlin losing his hold on his people.

I’m not going to lie to you… I’m frightened. We’ve never fought before in war- we weren’t born in time for the last one. I can’t imagine losing any of my friends or family to a war… I don’t want to. I hope that your friends can fight as well as they lie. If so, I know you won’t lose them.

I’m beginning to think that the entire “Night Court is a bunch of homicidal maniacs” fact is total bullshit. If it is, I hope that you guys get rid of your masks soon. If you do wear a mask, why would you? Even if you answer in hypotheticals, I’d be happy.

I hope your okay and preparing for war as best you can.

Your Friend (yes, by this point, we are friends),


P.S- If you see Feyre please make sure she’s okay. If so, give me updates. She was one of the only few people I know from the Night Court that wasn’t an asshole.

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Just made up a new undertale AU called fandomtale where basically all monsters are huge dorks/geeks and belong to a certain fandom. This is Fantale sans or his nickname wiki. He has a surprisingly extensive knowledge for multiple fandoms and does not link himself to any main one. He may be what you call a ‘jack of all trades’ He loves Tumblr for all the memes and puns. He’s also known to be very helpful to anyone new to a fandom and answer any questions they have about it. He also sometimes goes on anon and will be a troll on random blogs sending puns and memes on their ask blog. Just made this so if anyone has questions about this, just ask and I’ll do my best to answer. Or send me ideas to expand on this AU, I’d really appreciate it and will be sure to give credit for any ideas you send😊

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Prompt: Stranded at sea on a small boat that broke down after a heist, some members of the FAHC wait for the others to rescue them. (Idk if this is a good prompt or not)

This is amazing and I love it:

Michael doesn’t know how or why they ended up in the middle of the fucking ocean, but he knows exactly who to blame.

“GODDAMN IT, GAVIN!” he screams when the boat dies, bobbing uselessly in the water, miles of water stretching around them as far as the eye can see, land no more than a blur on the horizon.

“There’s no gas,” Gavin says tapping the fuel gauge uselessly.

“OF COURSE THERE’S NO FUCKING GAS!  I’M OUT HERE WITH YOU, AND ONLY YOU WOULD STEAL THE ONE BOAT WITH NO GAS! WHAT THE FUCK!” Michael kicks the side of the boat, grunting in pain, muttering darkly to himself.

“Ryan’s here, too.”

“HE-” Michael gestures to Ryan, who has yet to regain consciousness from their run in with the cops, blood sticking to the side of his head from a deep cut hidden in his hair line “-ISN’T EVEN AWAKE, YOU DUMB FUCK!”

Gavin, too used to hearing Michael’s ranting, completely ignores the insults, and stands up, crossing the boat to kneel down next to Ryan. He checks his pulse, makes sure he’s breathing, and says, “You think he’s gonna be pissed he got shot?”

Michael, still fuming and far from running out of steam, glances down at Ryan and grunts, “The bullet grazed him. He’s not dead. He’ll get over it.” He moves towards the front of the boat, sitting down in the captain’s seat, and starts fiddling with the radio.

“What are you doing?” Gavin asks curiously, making himself comfortable right next to Ryan.

“Trying to get a hold of anyone.” He turns the dial, trying different channels, wishing he hadn’t dropped his cell phone in the water when they were trying to escape.

“…come in….are you sure….Geoff…” Michael nearly drops the radio when he hears Jack’s voice.

“Hey, hey Jack.”

Michael…. Michael do….are you… Michael.”

“Jack, hey Jack…” Static answers him and Michael sighs in frustration, throwing the radio down. “Fuck.”

He stands up, pacing across the boat floor, agitated. He feels a bit like a caged animal, nervous energy running through him, and he really wants to hit something.

“We’re gonna die out here,” Michael says under his breath.

“At least we’ll die together,” Gavin replies beaming. With a war cry, Michael throws himself at him and starts punching him all over.

Gavin yelps in surprise, trying to push Michael off, the boat rocking violently beneath them. Michael gets at least three good punches in before he is yanked off of Gavin.

“What the fuck is going on,” Ryan demands, unceremoniously dropping Michael into the captain’s chair, putting himself into between him and Gavin. “And why the fuck are we on a boat?”

“Ask him,” Michael snaps gesturing towards Gavin, tasting blood on his lip. At some point, Gavin must have hit him, and Michael begrudgingly feels a little impressed.

Gavin’s nose is bleeding and his cheek is red, but otherwise he looks unscathed. With an affronted scoff, he stands up and says, “I steal a perfectly good boat…”


“…and this is the thanks I get.”

“THANKS? THANKS? YOU GET US STRANDED OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE AND YOU EXPECT THANKS?!” Michael jumps up from his chair, but Ryan shoves him back down.

“Stay,” he says and Michael glares at him, but stays seated. “Good boy.”

“Fuck off.”

Amusement flickers in Ryan’s eyes and he turns his back on Michael, looking over at Gavin. “How far out are we?”

“I dunno,” Gavin replies shrugging, rubbing at his bruised cheek. “I just drove as fast as I could in the opposite direction of the gunfire.”


“See, Michael.”

“Don’t push it.”

Ryan surveys the scene for a few seconds, but the rocking of the boat must be getting to him, his face turning a sickly gray color. He slowly sits down in the co-captain’s seat, breathing deeply through his nose.

“You alright?” Gavin asks pushing himself up onto his knees. “Gonna vom?” He pales at the idea, clutching his stomach. “Please don’t.”

“I’ll be sure to tell my stomach to hold it in because Gavin asked,” Ryan snaps sarcastically, leaning forward, resting his forehead against his knees.

“Michael, if he gets sick, I’m gonna get sick,” Gavin complains, gagging at the idea. “Michael, don’t let him.”

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?” Michael looks helplessly between the two before turning back to the radio. He does not have time for any of this and wasting energy on it isn’t helping them get help any faster.

Behind him he hears Gavin gag again, but Michael ignores it. He messes with the radio, hoping to hear Jack. Or anyone for that matter. The cops could pick them up for all he cared; spending the night in jail had to be better than being out here.

“…hello? Hello, can you….? Hello?” Michael nearly jumps up when he hears the voice, scrambling to answer, pretending he doesn’t hear his friends getting sick behind him.

“Jack, hey Jack I’m here!”

He waits a beat, stomach clenching in anticipation, almost too afraid to hope. For a moment he thinks he’s actually lost Jack again, and he practically deflates when he hears her voice loud and clear:

We’re on our way, Michael. You guys okay?”

“We’re fine,” Michael responds looking over his shoulder at his two friends hanging over the edge of the boat. “Well, mostly.”

Okay.” Jack sounds skeptical, but she doesn’t elaborate, instead promising to be there are soon as she can, and Michael thanks every deity he can think of for Jack Pattillo.

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AW I LOVE NERVOUS SANS WHEN IT COMES TO ANYTHING SEXUAL, him just fumbling around and muttering apologizes and sweating profusely


like i get the sense that he hasn’t had a whole lot of, if any, sexual experience. i mean, maybe like. experimental stuff from his ~youth~ or something equally dumb, but nothing super emotionally charged


i am quite fond of him being really awkward like. not only does he have to wrap his head around someone truly, sincerely loving him but he’s also pretty touch starved when it comes to affectionate gestures from anyone but family (and, you know, that has an entirely different connotation) so he gets really flustered

plus, we have the added bonus that neither the reader nor sans’s prior experiences are of ANY HELP. squish, if shes been with anyone before sans, has only been with other humans, and sans has only been with monsters, so it’s like DOUBLY NERVOUS because he has nooooo idea what he’s doing and she has no idea when she does something that turns him on 


love awkward flustered sans

fuck. yes. i’m so pumped LOL


So my veiltail has come down with what looks like really awful fin rot over the last three days; it also seems to have made it to his body. The fins are not in tatters yet, they’ve only turned transparent, but he did fin but before this which is probably what opened him up to infection. Tank parameters are 0/0/0, the temp was around 78 but I’ve lowered it to 74 because I was told that helps slow down infection, and I am doing aquarium salt dips daily and medicating with API Tetracycline, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. The full tetracycline treatment will be finished on Thursday, after which ill be starting with Kanaplex if there isn’t any improvement, but does anyone else have ideas on how to treat this? I’ve never seen fin rot this aggressive before.

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Hey! No rush but does anyone know what fic it is when Sam and Steve are living together post ws. I think Steve tries to wash a paper towel and he mentions how he lies a lot about the past since there's no one around to confirm or deny it. Sam calls him out on a lie about laundry though. I can't remember which one it is and would appreciate any help.

I’m sorry I have no idea! I tried searching for this every way I know how but I’m coming up dry.

Followers, do any of you know this  fic?


@afearsomecritter suggested Artifact of History by potofsoup!

Does anyone ever wonder about the dude that Gabriel possessed as a vesssel? Who was he? What did he do before he was a vessel? We know at least a little bit about most archangel vessels, but not him. Still, you have to figure, anyone who would say yes to angelic possession is probably a devout, religious person. Only this guy agrees to the most profound religious experience of his life and he gets… Candy. Weird porn. Turning a guy into the hulk. Groundhog Day. TV world. Etc. What did this man think of all this?? Did he have any idea what he was getting into, like, did Gabriel say “I need you as a vessel but you’d better like acting out procedural cop dramas" ???

Seeing Red

Originally posted by baskervielle

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 990
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: Italics are flashbacks

Part 10 of Runaway

Negan pushed open the door to the playroom and groaned. “Fuck.” Now he had to hunt your ass down. Hearing Gabby crying, he turned to see her in Justine’s arms. “Where the fuck is Y/N?”

Justine played dumb. “I don’t know. I found Gabby wandering around, crying.”

He held his hands out for her and froze. “Is that fuckin’ blood?”

Negan saw red. Gabby’s face was red from crying, there was blood on her shirt that clearly wasn’t hers, and it seemed Justine had no idea what was going on. Or so she said. Gabby’s little fist gripped his shirt, her other arm going around his neck. “Where’s momma?” He asked her gently. She cried some more and he sighed. “Come on, we’ll go to Daddy’s room.”

Justine’s eyebrows went up. She’d never heard him refer to himself like that, or that gently. She watched as he walked away towards his room. Once he was out of sight, she turned and rushed away.

Once in his room, he set her on his bed and pulled off his leather jacket. Crouching in front of his bed, he looked at her. “Daddy’s right here.” He told her softly. She was the only one to truly see this side of him. Even you had never completely seen this. She sniffled, and it killed him. This wasn’t something he could solve just with Lucille. He brushed a curl from her face, his eyes taking in the blood on her clothes, his own blood boiling. However her felt, however, he remained calm. “Can you tell Daddy where momma is?” He asked.

She sniffled and nodded. Her eyes darted to the door, a scared look on her face. His eyes followed hers. “She’s out there?” She nodded. “Where out there? Is she with someone?”

“Dight.” She spoke, making him furrow his brows. “DIGHT, daddy!” Gabby insisted.

Then it dawned on him. “You mean ‘Dwight?’, princess?” When she nodded, he ran a hand through his hair. “Let’s get you in a clean shirt and then we’ll have Uncle Jack watch you.” Negan stood up and pulled her to him, grabbing his coat. He could tell that Gabby would probably end up napping soon, so he hoped that by the time she woke up, you would be found.

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What would make the members of NCT jealous? Pt. 1

Taeil: He can be a little oblivious when it comes to matters of the heart. Chances are if a guy is flirting with you, he’ll most likely mistake it for casual conversation and focus his attention elsewhere. Taeil only ever picks up on the fact that another guy might be trying to steal you away, if there is any sort of physical contact between you two. Instead of becoming confrontational, Taeil will distance himself. He cares about you a lot and he wants what’s best for you, even if that means you being with someone else. He’s going to shut off and avoid communication. It’s going to be your job to realize he’s feeling under appreciated, and remind him how much you love him, and only him.

Hansol: He isn’t one to stop you from doing what you enjoy or having male friends, but he does keep you under constant surveillance. Hansol has to make sure that first and foremost you’re safe, and second that no one gets any ideas about taking you away from him. He can be intimidating when he wants to be, so usually he doesn’t have to worry about anyone hitting on you. However, if someone is stupid enough to make a pass at you, Hansol will have no problem getting rid of them. He never takes his jealous out on you because he knows he can trust you, and that you’d never intentionally flirt with anyone other than him.

Johnny: It’s going to be near impossible to make him jealous. He’s a very laid back and rational individual. Even if a guy were to hit on you in front of him, Johnny would probably be laughing his ass off as you try to make the guy understand that you aren’t interested. However, if it went too far and the guy refused to listen to reason, Johnny would take care of the situation for you. He’s a confident person, he’s confident in your relationship, and he’s confident in you. You have such an amazing relationship that neither of you would throw it away for anything or anyone else.

Taeyong: The real question here is, what doesn’t make Taeyong jealous? He’s such a sensitive soul, so pretty much anything will set him off. If a guy is looking at you for too long, Taeyong will get jealous. If someone besides him makes you laugh, Taeyong will get jealous. If you give your parents a hug, Taeyong will get jealous. It isn’t like he’s foaming at the mouth about to tear the person to pieces, but he loves you so much that he can’t stand sharing you with other people. He only has eyes for you, and he knows you only have eyes for him too, and he knows he’s being irrational, but he can’t help it. He wants all your love and attention for himself.

Yuta: He’s at the top of the list jealousy wise. Yuta’s jealous isn’t irrational like Taeyong’s however, it’s intense. He’s not going to be set off if you have a conversation with a male coworker, laugh at someone else’s joke, or mention how handsome the actor in your favorite drama is. He only worries when he feels there might be something more going on beneath the surface. A little harmless flirting never hurt anyone, but if he notices that another guy is starting to get serious, he’s going to be quick to deal with him. If he has to, Yuta will forbid you from seeing certain people, but it’s very rare. He doesn’t get jealous unless he’s been given a reason to be.

Not You

Short and sweet(at least I tried) and really not what I expected.

He didn’t meet your eyes. He didn’t look at you. He didn’t say a word.

“Are you fine? What’s it?” You have been chanting the same question over and over again as you watched him torment himself.

The journey from Olympus to Elysium has never been this long. You stood on his golden chariot clutching his arm all the way but no matter how close you try to be to him you seemed to be distant. Your mother’s words still hung in the air between the two of you ringing in your ears and you think his too.

He will never accept that it bothered him or show that it hurt him as much it hurt you but you know it did. The words “cold” and “soulless” were digging in your heart, crawling over your skin as you try to rub it off with his touch but his still arms holding you only made you feel bare.

He stormed into the room ahead of you as you skipped behind him to match his pace begging him to slow down, but to no avail.

Standing at the door as the stillness of the room hit you, you look around. You have missed this room, the darkness and the cool air accompanied by the warmth of his touch as the two of you make this your safe haven away from the rest of the world. But now the silence is deafening and the stillness is burdening. You can hardly make out his silhoutte against the dim light but you don’t need to see the tortured look on his face to know it.

“She didn’t mean it. She just… She’s just upset because I was leaving” you reason out making excuses for your mother, though in the back of your mind you knew that it was all lies and it scared you to think, so did he.

“Love, you know how much she stresses when you come to take me. It was just desperation talking. Don’t take it to heart.” you feel helpless which reflects in your tone.

“I didn’t take it to my heart” he mutters and you sigh. “ ‘Cause I don’t have one, do I?” He chuckled dryly and you can feel your heart crack at the sound of it. Your head shakes denying each word, trying convey it to him how wrong he is.

“No, Harry. Why would you-”

“Because it is the truth, isn’t it? She was saying the truth. A heartless soulless cold demon like me will never know the warmth of love. Can never be in love or give love or be loved-” your freezing hands on his burning cheeks stop his rants as his red rimmed green eyes stare at you. Your heart aches as he blinks and the lack of the usual shine doesn’t help you much.

“You. Are not a demon. Neither are you heartless or soulless.”

His hands covers yours squeezing them as he blinks at you denying your each word with that look. A shaky sigh slips out of you as you desperately try to make him understand, dropping your hand under his hand’s weight to his chest over the faint but very present heart beat. “There. Feel it? Not heartless.”

He shakes his head sniffing disgracingfully as he grasps the hand resting on his chest and you know that this frowning pouting grown up baby God will need a lot more to know his worth.

“Harry” you breath out shaking your head in disbelief looking away from his gloom dulled eyes. You have never met anyone who has been this loving, why would he think otherwise was beyond your knowledge.

“You” you say pushing slightly on his chest, he sways but does not bulge. “You really have no idea how much I love you? Or how much you have made me feel loved?”

He sniffs and you can see the tear forming and become aware of the one wetting your own lashes. “Look, I know you. I know you and you are not what she thinks, or any of them thinks. Do you hear me? None of them know you.”

“And you do?”

You raise your brow at his question, your heart drops. Why would he even? His lip pulls up at a corner as he takes both your hands and hold them in front of you looking down at them. “You know me?”

His voice sends a wave of heat through you as you follow his gaze watching your pale little cold hands cradled in his enormous elegant ones. “You do.” this time he states it.

You sigh in relief as he fiddles with your hand, still not meeting your eyes but there was an assurance in his voice that eased your mind.

“You know, I was scared you’ll runaway from me?”

“Tried, didn’t work.” you joke chuckling a bit but when his eyes dart to you with parted lips you mind slap yourself and bite your lip at the severity.

His eyes softens watching your doe eyes as you look at him guiltily and gives you a small smile to sooth you.

“I thought if you.. if you knew me you’ll runaway. I was scared that if I showed you… Showed you..” he trails off looking for the right word frowning at your intertwined digits.

“Heart?” You suggest lowering your head to unsuccessfully look into his eyes. He snickers at your choice of word but nods.

“Yeah, heart. I thought it’d scare you, yeh know. And” he gulps frowning hard again, still stealing away from you. “I only wanted to… You’re only the one I wanted to, so I, yeh know, i was…” he looks up at you at last hoping that you understood him though he himself didn’t understand him. But your smile compelled him to flash those dimples as the crinkle on his forehead eased.

“You showed me your heart?” You ask holding his face as your thumb press against the dimple. And he nods like an eager kid.

“For your eyes only.”

“And it didn’t scare me away” you declare in delight as the both of you break into sweet laughter looking at each other’s teared stained smiling face.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too, love.”

Thank you for reading! All feedback are always appreciated. Here are my other works. xx

silvertoungedwordsmith  asked:

I don't know how this works, but may I request Jegulus trying to give Harry "the talk"?

James paced nervously as Regulus brought Harry over to the sofa to sit down. James wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans and shot Reg a nervous glance. Harry was looking between the two of them in confusion and that only succeeded in making James more unsettled. He wasn’t ready for this.

He could still remember when Harry was just a baby, a tiny little thing in James’ arms, all cute and cuddly and looking so much like James that it nearly knocked him sideways every day.

“So…” Regulus said, grabbing James and stilling him. “Harry, we had something we wanted to talk to you about.”

James shook his head in resistance. He didn’t want to do this. He couldn’t accept that his son was fourteen years old. Where had the time gone? James and Lily had split up when Harry was four. It hadn’t already been a decade since then, had it?

Regulus cleared his throat and pinched James to get his attention while James had his mild freak out. 

“Yes!” James said, much too loudly. “We wanted to talk to you, son.”

“Okay,” Harry said, wrinkling his nose. 

“You’re growing up, Harry,” Regulus started, putting his arm around James and rubbing his back soothingly. “There’s some things you should know.”

“Some grown up adult things,” James added as evenly as he could. 

“Like sex,” Reg said, sounding so calm and collected. James had no idea how he was keeping it together. Then a horrible thought hit him. They didn’t know Harry’s preferences. What if they mucked it all up by giving him the birds and the bees talk for the wrong thing? 

“Sex is great!” James blurted out.

Regulus sighed and slapped his free hand to his forehead. “Harry, ignore your father for a moment as he deteriorates into madness.”

Harry chuckled. “Dads, you don’t have to do this,” he said, standing up. “Mum and Marlene gave me the talk a year ago.”

“They did?” James asked, his eyes widening in shock. “But you were just a baby! What were they thinking?”

Harry rolled his eyes. “I was not a baby, I was thirteen.”

Regulus reached out and clapped Harry on the shoulder. “Well, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us. Although I’m sure Marlene did a fabulous job of oversharing on just about everything.”

“Yeah, she did,” Harry responded, going bright red from the memory of it. “Let’s just say I have working knowledge of all lady parts.”

James’ jaw dropped. “She didn’t! Your mum let her?”

“Oh no,” Harry said, shaking his head vehemently. “Marlene waited until mum went to work and then she drew me a diagram.”

“Oh god,” James said, completely appalled. 

“Well, that does sound like Marls,” Reg said with a shrug. “Anything you want to know about blokes?”

“Reg,” James hissed, flapping his arms around wildly. “We are not telling our son about any of that!”

“Would you like his first boyfriend to suffer?” Reg asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yes, actually,” James said with a huff. “Anyone should suffer who touches my baby!”

“I’m not a baby, dad!” Harry snapped at him. 

“He needs to know what he’s doing so he can stay safe,” Reg reasoned, tilting his chin up stubbornly. “I know your parents were older than most and so you have old-fashioned ideas about this, but the internet does exist and I’d rather he finds out about this stuff from us than some website.”

“Our son -” 

“Is a teenager,” Regulus interjected. “You need to face that, Jamie. He’s not getting any younger.”

James wilted, his shoulders sagging. “I know that,” he said quietly.

“Harry, why don’t you go upstairs?” Reg suggested as he pulled James into a hug. “You and I will talk later.”

“Okay dad,” Harry said, heading towards the stairs and disappearing into his room. Regulus held onto James and pressed soft kisses to anywhere he could reach.

“How did it happen?” James asked quietly. “How did he get so big?”

“I don’t know,” Regulus admitted honestly. “But it happened.”

James hugged onto Reg tightly like a lifeline. “You don’t think he’s already…”

“Oh god no,” Regulus said quickly. “I don’t know if you’ve looked at our Harry recently, but he’s kind of an awkward mess of a boy. The only girl he talks to without fumbling like a prat is Hermione and I don’t think there’s much of anything there.”

James relaxed slightly in Reg’s arms. “I’m just so worried about him.”

Regulus chuckled. “I know, love,” he said, nuzzling James affectionately. “I am too. It’s called being a parent.”

James tilted his face up and kissed Reg on the lips sweetly. “What would I do without you?”

“Eh, you’d stumble your way through it somehow,” Reg joked, kissing him back. 

“What happened?” James asked, sliding his hands down Reg’s sides. “I used to be so smooth.”

Regulus laughed. “Oh James, no one ever thought you were smooth,” he informed his husbands. “You managed to get Lily through sheer luck and persistence.”

“I got you, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, but I just felt sorry for you,” Reg teased, running his fingers through James’ hair. 

“Take that back!” James said indignantly. “I was smooth as hell! Buying you that drink at Sirius and Remus’ wedding.”

Regulus grinned and shook his head. “It was an open bar, you numpty.”

James beamed at him. “Still got you to come home with me, did’t I?”

“Hmm, I suppose you did,” Regulus murmured, capturing James’ lips again. “The well earned pity shag.”

James pinched Regulus in retaliation. “You love me. You loved me from the first.”

Regulus nipped at James’ lower lip playfully. “I just might have.” 

“You did,” James said with absolute certainty, sitting down on the sofa and pulling Reg on top of him. “I know you did.”

Regulus fell willingly on top of his husband. “I’ll never admit to anything.”

“You already did,” James said smugly. “You married me.”

“It’s not too late to take it back, Potter,” Regulus jested, grabbing James’ wrists and pinning them above his head. 

“You wouldn’t,” James said, wiggling underneath Reg and trying to get free.

“Oh no?” Regulus challenged, switching his hands so he was holding James down with just one. With his free hand, he attacked James’ armpits, tickling him mercilessly. James shrieked underneath him, bucking off the sofa violently to try and throw Reg off.

“Mercy! I give! I give!” James said, breathlessly. “You bastard!” 

Regulus gave up his torture and rested his head on James’ chest. “I can’t believe it either, you know,” he said quietly. “It feels like a week ago Harry was a little peanut following after his dad, mimicking his every move because he wanted to be just like him. Wearing that tiny little tuxedo to the wedding and being the cutest ring-bearer I’d ever seen. Coming up to me and asking if I’d like to dance with his dad.”

James chuckled and stroked Reg’s hair. “I had to promise him sweets for a week to get him to go up to you.”

Regulus smiled. “Such a dirty trick, using your son to chat me up, as if I could say no to his little face.”

“Oh I know,” James responded. “That’s why I did it. I didn’t want you saying no.”

“Such an arsehole,” Regulus said fondly.

“I won’t apologize for it,” James informed him.

Regulus picked his head up and kissed James tenderly. “You’ll never have to. The best thing that’s ever happened to me was that little boy coming up and asking me to dance.”

James face fell suddenly as he realized just how much time had passed. “God, what are we going to do when he goes off to Uni?”

Regulus shrugged. “Shag a lot?”

James face lit up again as he thought about it. “Kid can’t grow up fast enough, in my opinion.”

Regulus shook his head. “As if you’re not going to be a huge mess when that happens.”

James wrapped his arms around Regulus and squeezed him tightly. “Oh no, I definitely will be. That’s why I have you.”

“I’ll be there,” Reg promised, pressing his forehead against James’. “Holding your hands through it.”

James smiled. “Then I’ll make it through as long as you’re with me.”

Regulus smiled back. “I’m with you.” 

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friend can you please recommend some Damian and Bruce comics? I've read Batman and robin 2011 but I just love their dynamics as bat and rob and want more haha

That is… actually a great question, anon!! Surprisingly there hasn’t been a lot of Bruce/Damian outside of the Batman & Robin series. After his first appearance in Batman #655, Damian was pretty much contained to the main Batman title, until Bruce ‘died’ around issue #683. If fact, Damian doesn’t even become Robin until after Bruce’s ‘death’. So while there are plenty of interactions in those early issues, it was back when Damian was a little brat (well, MORE of a little brat anyway..) so it’s mostly stuff like…

…and then of course Dick becomes Batman, so we don’t get any more Bruce/Damian for a while, and when we do it’s mostly in Batman & Robin. For whatever reason, Damian was rarely used in the other Batman books. Him and Bruce do have some nice moments elsewhere though, like in Batman: The Dark Knight #14-15 by David Finch (in which Damian is kind of OOC and super sweet??), and in a couple of Scott Snyder’s Batman issues (although he hasn’t appeared in the main Batman book in years and Snyder himself has admitted he doesn’t like writing Damian. WHAT A BUTT), but for the most part he isn’t a regular in any of those series’ and rarely appears on more than one page every few issues. But hey sometimes that page would be something cool like this!:

Grant Morrison used both Damian and Bruce in his Batman: Incorporated series, but even that is short-lived because Morrison friggin’ *SPOILER* kills Damian in issue #8. There are still some good issues there though. ALSO, it’s not really in-continuity (although does anyone have any idea what DC’s actual continuity ever is? ..Oh you think you do?? TOO BAD they just changed it again while you were reading this probably!!) but Lil’ Gotham, by the artists of Batman: Streets Of Gotham using an adorable water-color style, was a really great comic with tonnes of fantastic Bruce/Damian interaction. I mean where else could you get something like this:

Thanks for the question anon! Anybody else with any recommendations for our dear anon, please feel free to add to this :)

Title: Favorite Stark (fem! reader x Brother! Tony)

Summary: reader is Tony Stark’s younger sister, which everyone jokes about her being the ‘favorite stark”

Warnings: slight language

Word Count: 1333

A/N: I live for Tony Stark’s sister/sibling imagines omg. Enjoy!

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