does anyone find these useful apart from me

theamiableanachronism  asked:

37, 86, 119, 149

37. what do you say during awkward silences?

anything that could be funny tbh i like to use humor to break up tension ! so making jokes and light of the situation helps !! 

86. favorite character from finding nemo?

DORY i love her !!!! 

119. favorite book?

if we’re going for singular book as in not apart of a series then a little princess by frances hodgson burnett ! that book meant a lot to me as a kid :’) and it still does to this day !

149. do you believe in ghosts?

absolutely omg (it’s why i don’t fuck with ouija boards lmao)

still accepting questions if anyone is interested !

anonymous asked:

im white and i love different cultures. i love using henna, and i love using bindis. why is that so bad? i would never hurt anyone from ur culture or anything like that, i just want to be a part of it. why dont you want to share ur culture? i would share mine, its just im from norway and neither me or many others find norway very cultural. i just want to be apart of the world, not just ''my'' culture. why does it have to be ''yours'' or ''mine'' or ''their'' culture? cant we share?

No we can’t share because to you my culture is just a bindi and some pretty clothes. To you my culture is just something to take the shiny, fun parts from. When you want to ‘share’ my culture - I don’t get anything in return except racial oppression. When you wear my clothes, my bindi, you are fashionable, cultured, hipster, beautiful. When I wear the same things I am called racial slurs, told to go back to where I came from, face social ostracism. You don’t have to deal with misogyny and shadism that is a part of my culture - you don’t have to be shamed for the color of your skin or the way you were born. You don’t have to keep your head up even when your own family shuns you for things you can’t change. You just want the appealing parts of my culture but you’d never take the struggles we go through. That’s why you can’t wear a bindi - because you don’t have to right to decontextualize and misuse my culture just because 'you don’t have one’ while I am harassed and sent death threats for protecting what belongs to me.