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There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…


Harry Potter Lockscreens (set of 8)
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I have no idea what to draw so I just go ahead with what first popped into my mind…. why are they all food related???

Also, hot pot for @rukazaya-senpai


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So, this is my first post and I don’t know how to use Tumblr quite yet, but I’ll figure it out! Anyway, here’s a doodle of Killua and Gon that I did in Photoshop because I wanted to draw my favorite ship  :)


Attack on Titan - Levi

Here are some sketchy things I did of one of my other great loves, Levi! 

He’s such a grumpy baby, I just love him lolol

I did these kind of a while ago so they’re a little iffy lmao but I keep getting pressured into posting more of my stuff, so here u go 


Peter Frampton 💘

Why Everyone should read the Sword of Summer

- The main character is/was homeless

- He dropped out of school

- The leading female wears a hijab

- She openly discusses how wearing a hijab is a choice

- She’s also kickass and doesn’t fall into the “Shy Quiet Muslim” stereotype

- Two other main characters are homeless

- one is deaf, and moat characters use ASL for a lot of the book

- They bring up the struggles of using ASL and being deaf without using the “Poor Disabled Person” angle

- A guy openly loves clothes without being stereotyped as gay 

- His love for clothing saves the main characters

- All the characters are badass, and none are treated as less powerful because they’re women

- The PJO and HOO references 

-Annabeth is in it

PS I’m only halfway through it, so if anything changes or if there’s anything you want to add, please do so.

General things I’ve gathered from the seven-ish years I’ve been in choir

1. Nobody likes the sopranos

2. The sopranos don’t even like the sopranos

3. The only people that like sopranos are the ones that write the music and that one soprano that dominates the rest

4. The altos are never loud enough

5. But when they are, they’re the most beautiful sounding creatures and make the sopranos jealous of their rich tones

6. Basses hardly get the attention they deserve because their parts are so. dull. And yet they have the most work to do because singers barely know how to sight read and these basses have to read the goddamn bass cleft does anyone even understand that shit???

7. But you better believe everyone is going to pay attention when it’s just the basses practicing because holy shit have you heard a bass sing

8. No one knows how to sight read. Literally everyone is doing it by ear. And half the time, the sopranos don’t even have to sight read because they have the melody. Again. 

9. The tenors have the entire music industry catered to them, and yet they will always be secretly jealous of the basses

10. A first soprano will be offended if you demote her to second soprano for even one song. No one knows why. 

11. The choir director is always tired. And angry. And passive aggressive. Do not chew gum in front of them unless you want to be chewed on yourself. 

12. If you think having Christmas decorations being sold in November is ridiculous, don’t speak to someone in the choir. They have been practicing every Christmas carol since the first week of September. The Christmas Spirit does not exist for a choir soul. They are numb to it. 

13. Do not make the choir sing anything by Handel. That is a form of Torture. Please be kind to the choir. They’ve been through enough already.

14. Stay away from the piano. Especially if it’s a Steinway. Firstly, no one likes that one douchebag that plays Heart and Soul every goddamn time they touch the keys. Secondly, that’s a Steinway and the choir director will have a heart attack if it’s even slightly damaged. 

15. The most common phrase heard in choir is “SOPRANOS, NOT SO LOUD”

You shouldn’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to Viks - dialogue credit to @foxymaple

Forgive me for the messy writing
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Major slap in the face

My brother just told me about how one day he was lying in his bed and he saw this black spot on the ceiling and it started slowly lowering and he realized it was a spider too late because it was on his face. Then he said he just went for it and slap himself In the face as hard as he could and killed the spider. Needless to say but I was dying after I pictured it in my head.


“What’s Dipper Getting Bill for Christmas?” (2.5/4)

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 2.5 || Part 3 || Part 4

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James: Hey, could you hold this for me?

Aleks: Yeah sure.




Aleks: That’s your hand…