does anyone else ship these two

Haters gonna hate but I don’t freaking care cause this makes me so happy!! I don’t care what anyone else thinks I shipped this two and do hope they end up togheter and if this kiss is any indication we ate heading for the right direction. I am over the moon right now!!

And yes Kara, in case you haven’t figured it out yet he does want to mate with you

Okay but does anyone realize that Otabek is probably the first person to acknowledge Yurio’s effort? Everyone else sees the genius with skating skills so far from his peers, but Otabek is the first one who see the Yurio who fights and most importantly HE’S THE FIRST ONE WITH WHOM YURIO SHARE HIS STRUGGLE DURING HIS MOVE TO ST. PETERSBURG (the boy was 10 years old for goodness sake). So yeah, I ship it because these two is another type of (ahem) friends who connect without many words needed. PLEASE DON’T F*CK THIS UP I HAD ENOUGH WITH JJ x YURIO BEFORE!!!


Does anyone else think that Murdoc’s been brainwashed? I mean, he sounded sort of like himself when he was doing that interview, but there were just one or two tiny things off that made me curious. Namely, his infatuation with the Beatles. He was kidnapped by a ship called the SS Ringo and imprisoned under Abbey Way Studios. And yet in this interview he is not one bit spiteful, he doesn’t even mention it. Instead he says that Ringo Starr is his favorite living celebrity (though this did have a bit of a snarky context) and also that he prefers the Beatles over The Rolling Stones. Which is A) just a really randomly placed question and B) Odd, considering in one of his times hosting a radio station he admits that the first record he ever bought (stole) was a Rolling Stones record.

Is someone making Murdoc hold his tongue? Or am I crazy? You tell me.


I’ve been seeing quite a bit posts lately about shipping, whether it’s about asking shippers to tone it down, all the way to shippers that seems to take it up their ass when someone else ships a different ship. 

Like are you for real? I’m sure most people would agree with me when I say shipping is purely imagination? Like I think these two look cute together, or they have great chemistry so I ship them. How does this affect anyone else? 

And for the people that is so overly sensitive about the contents (whether its explicit sex scenes, or abuse, etc.) of these fics, it’s just imaginary jfc. It’s created and it stays in people’s head, that’s all, don’t be such a party pooper. If it’s not for you, move on to the next fic, simple. 

Also I saw a post that day that is asking people to not make proof videos or evidence videos of ships because it’s misleading. BRUH. If you believe those videos in the first place, then you stupid, soz nothing can be done and I’m not even gonna waste more time addressing that. 

Was totally not gonna write about this because I thought no one was taking this seriously but now that I’ve seen so many posts regarding this, might as well drop one and be done with it. 

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“Does anyone else here ship Akko and Andrew, or am I alone in this…”

We don’t know enough about Andrew yet to be able to ship him with anyone he’s only been in one episode so far

Well, we do actually know a lot about Andrew.

  • He’s naturally inquisitive and a bit of a closet adrenaline junky
  • He was likely taught by his father that magic is useless.
  • He found the Spring of Polaris breathtaking.
  • He finds Akko’s personality refreshing and enjoyable to be around.
  • The two of them respect each other even though they vehemently disagree with each other.
  • Did you see that look they shared after he jumped off Arcas’s head?

Honestly, when Trigger throws all that at my face, it only takes half an episode to get to me.

agentsphilinda  asked:

Prompt: Piper is into May but also majorly ships Philinda

It isn’t that Piper normally does things thing like this; but Agent May is incredible, and she finds that she can’t help but track her every movement. She’s an adult, but part of her wants to “grow up” to be just like Agent May; just as brave, just as fierce. The other part wonders what it would be like to be with a woman like that. She thinks Agent Coulson probably knows; she’s seen the lingering looks between the two, heard their exchanges. If anyone else said the things that Agent Coulson did, they would probably be dead. Or worse. 


Jesus trying to convince Daryl to ask you out.

Jesus-“Daryl you can do it. It’s the end of the world she is running out of options anyway.”

Daryl-“Wow man thanks. Real motivating.”


Does anyone else ship these two?

Table for Four

HQ Rarepair Exchange 2016
For: Lea @inkcaviness
(I hope you enjoy <3)

Details: no age gaps/underage, no non-con, no graphic sexual content

Ship: BokuAkaKuroKen

Prompt: (two prompts from @polyshipprompts)

Imagine two members of your polyship are married to each other. Just each other. Not anyone else in the ship. How does that go?
Imagine your polyship is enjoying a night out. Everyone is waiting for the inevitable moment when Person A smirks and grabs each of their asses in public.


“Bokuto, could you please explain why we’re sitting at a table for four.”

Bokuto bounced in his seat with nervous energy, trying not to look at Akaashi starting at him sternly from across the table.

“Well, you see…”

“You invited Kuroo and Kenma, didn’t you.”

Bokuto whined.

“Akaaashi! It’s no fun going to fancy dinners without them!”

Akaashi sighed. He should have figured this would happen when he let Bokuto call to confirm the reservation.

“This was supposed to be our anniversary dinner. For the marriage that doesn’t involve Kuroo and Kenma.”

Bokuto crossed his arms.

“You’re always fine with us including them in everything else!”

“You’re right, I do enjoy including our partners as much as we can. But a marriage needs time just for itself too.”

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Okay but does anyone else agree that scream would’ve been so much better if Kieran killed Piper and Audrey was the season two killer?

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Does anyone else just wanna ever sit down with that person they’re in love with and just have a sleepover? Like can you just imagine laying down with them in your pajamas, getting competitive while playing Call of Duty together and eating candy, then you lose so you grab a piece of candy and flick it at them? Or trying to solve jigsaw puzzles with them and you two are racing to finish? Even just playing scrabble with them, and whenever they make a word you reward them with a kiss? Just taking stupid selfies together? Going on a Netflix marathon while cuddling under a blanket? Cause I sure as hell do, I mean I dunno if it’s just me but I’m like addicted to all the fluffy parts of a relationship

I just…I have this constant urge to just talk about Bellarke, but I can’t put into words how much I love them and how happy they make me. I’d like to just scream from the mountain tops because I can’t stand what this ship has done to me. I shit you not when these two become canon it will literally be earth shattering to me. I will cry, I will scream and I’ll probably do both at the same time from sheer happiness. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just completely psychotic? 


He can be quite slow sometimes…

Hey, look! A comic that isn’t about silly crack Lao headcanons! …. Does anyone else actually ship these two or am I still stuck in unpopular ships hell tho OTL

Idk if division ‘uniform’ is a thing, but pretty much all Pathfinders I see wear Combat Suits and Mit’s, altho the bottoms can be leggings (like Lao) or survival pants (like Shingo etc)

So I’ve been absent from Tumblr for maybe a week because I’m on a semi-hiatus and was desperately trying to get my college apps done. Imagine my surprise when I logged back in to see the whole Throne of Glass fandom erupting into flames for the millionth time. I’ve stayed pretty silent during the whole war for quite a while having no desire to really get caught in the crossfire. But reading some of the comments that I’ve seen debated about numerous times really incensed me. So I’m just going to put my two cents into the whole argument and sort of fade into the background.

Let me first start off by saying that I am a huge Rowaelin shipper and that I have personally never shipped Aelin with Dorian or Chaol at any point in the series; so if I come off as biased, well there’s a reason for that. However, just because I ship something else does not give anyone any reason for bashing me for my own opinion. The one aspect of this fandom that I completely LOATHE is the constant bashing (from both-or all, take your pick-sides) and shit-talking fest that I see everywhere. You don’t have to agree with anyone (that’s what makes debate so lovely) but you don’t have to take the time to put others down accusing them of supporting condemned actions.

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