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Does anyone else feel incredibly guilty at the thought of leaving negative or neutral reviews on etsy with super polite sellers? My order from this one shop has taken two months at this point. I contacted the seller about a week ago asking for an update and they told me it would be ready and shipped by last weekend. It was finally marked as shipped a few days ago, but the tracking has sat at “USPS awaiting item” since then. I’m pretty annoyed, but I don’t want to leave a bad review! Opinions?


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listen you can ship whatever you want but never again compare steggy and stucky, peggy is the single most important person in steve's life, she has motivated him to do everything he does, she has been his only support in life, wouldnt be cap without her and he has never loved will never love anyone else more than he loves peggy, it's nowhere near a radom childhood friend that died in the war, just cause you want to see two hot dudes kissing doesnt mean you will prop bucky and steve's friendship

Wow……I mean I literally said in the post that disregarding the depth and extent of Steve and Bucky’s bond to justify a het pairing is the most thinly veiled example of homophobia in the fanbase and here you are….proving my point lmao.

Let’s break this down shall we:
-“Peggy is the single most important person in Steve’s life” - False. Bucky was. Quote to support- “Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield.”

- “She has motivated him to do everything he does.” - False. Bucky has been his driving motivation throughout all 3 Cap movies. Quote to support - “I won’t stop until all of Hydra are captured or dead” (spoken after Hydra were the cause of Bucky falling)

- “She has been his only support in life” - False??? She was literally around for like 2 years of his life, if that. They kissed one time and never went on a date. Bucky however, literally at times the only support he had. Quote to support - “Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky.”

- “Wouldn’t be Cap without her.” False. He was already Cap. He got chosen to be Cap bc he already had all the characteristics they wanted for their poster boy. It was Erskine who gave him the serum not Peggy. And the moment he actually became Captain America: The First Avenger™ was when he went on a one man solo mission with the sole intention of rescuing Bucky. That’s when he became more than just a “dancing monkey.”, his need to protect Bucky. Quote to support - “What are you going to do, walk to Austria?” “If that’s what it takes.”

- “He has never loved, will never love anyone as much as he loves Peggy.” False. Took him approximately half an hour after her funeral to make out with her niece. Peggy was important to him no doubt, but like previously mentioned, they kissed once, never went on a date, and didn’t really even know each other.

- “It’s nowhere near a random childhood friend that died in the war.” Bullshit lmao. I don’t even have the time. They were best friends who were inseparable. Quotes to support the level of bullshit this statement is - “Thanks Buck, but I can get by on my own” “That’s the thing, you don’t have to. Because I’m with you til the end of the line”

Get to fuck with your transparent as hell homophobia, I don’t have the time for it.

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hey ive followed you for like 5 years probably but just found out you support KS which is literally the definition of evil so bye

XD um…good bye, I guess?!

Look…you need to learn to read a crime comic like a crime novel. reading a crime novel does not mean you support the action in the book, or enjoy what happens. it means you enjoy reading a well written thriller. 

I enjoy Hellraiser, Hannibal, etc. it’s all cut from the same cloth.

I don’t ship anyone in that comic, I don’t enjoy the crimes committed - I READ IT LIKE I READ A CRIME NOVEL.

I also cosplay Lisbeth Salander, but I wouldn’t rape a social worker with a steel dildo.

People need to stop being offended by adults reading or posting about books with problematic content. Just because a book is full of rape and murder, does not mean I support rape and murder. It’s literally a crime story.

I draw my line with children and animals, but seriously, everything else is entertainment to me if it’s depicted in an interesting and enticing way.
Killing Stalking is a story about two assholes being drawn to each other going down a really dark path. That is interesting to read, nothing more and nothing less. I don’t cheer them on and I don’t think they are BAE and SO ROMANTIC. I literally just read a fucking story that might turn out interesting, might not. Depending on where it goes, I will keep reading or not. 

I also don’t buy the manga, so I don’t support it. if any I take profit from it by NOT paying for it. Policing what others read and post about is just as toxic as supporting a comic like Killing Stalking.

If I was a super-fan of the pairing, ignoring how problematic it is, sure, you are totally right  -  but I am not. I am an adult reading a crime story.

anyway, BYE!

I just want to kinda say a few things on these two.
Now from reading the manga VERY CAREFULLY and digging deep, its pretty obvious that Levi has deep feelings for Eren. Now Eren being so full of rage and devoted to killing the Titans its VERY hard to see how he feels towrds Levi. But there are moments when Eren is very serious about making Levi impressed or happy. He even does have moments when he thinks about Levi before anyone else. 🐇

Mute reader part 2

Part one
→ → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ←

After finding out that it breaks Dean every time he has to send you to Bobby’s to keep you out of dad’s drunken wrath, you’re a little less reluctant to go to Bobby’s. The only upside to staying with Bobby is that you don’t have to keep changing schools. On your first day at your new school you’re sitting alone on the playground. When some boys about your age walk over to you- you’re afraid that they’re going to beat you up, but you get a pleasant surprise instead.

‘Hi, I’m Kyle.’ One of the kids signs to you. You crack a small smile.

‘I’m Y/N… no offense but you don’t have to talk to me in sign. I can hear just fine.’ You sign in response.

'I can’t very well do that when I’m mute as well.’

'Good point.’ Kyle smiles before he introduces you to his friends- Luke, Matt and Jake.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.” Jake says with a smile. “I’m guessing you’re new here.” You nod. “Don’t worry, the four of us are too.”

“Want to play with us?” Luke asks. A smile forms on your face as you accept their offer.

After school you and your four new friends walk 'home’ together. The school you go to is less then five minutes away, when walking to and from Bobby’s. 'This is me guys. See you tomorrow?’ You sign when you get to Bobby’s.

“Of course.” Matt replies. “See you tomorrow then.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
It was early afternoon when Sam and Dean show up at Bobby’s place. Dean notices that you’re not there. “Hey Bobby where’s Y/N?” He asks. Bobby checks his watch.

“Currently still in school.” Bobby answers.

“Oh… know when she’s going to be back?”

“It’s 12:30 now, and it’s a short day… and Y/N is more then likely going to be walking with her friends.” Bobby says to himself as he strokes his beard. “My best guess is at least an hour, hour and a half at the latest.” Dean just smiles to himself as he goes sits down on the couch. You are actually home sooner then expected and you look down in the dumps. “Hey what’s going on Smiles?” Bobby asks you.

'Nothing.’ You sign in response. 'Just had a crummy day. Kyle and Jake went home sick, while Matt and Luke didn’t even show up today… and no one else understands sign, so I was alone for most of the day.’ Just at that moment Sam walks out of the restroom. Dean has helped him with learning sign, so he had some idea what you were saying.

“Well school might’ve sucked but that doesn’t mean the rest of the day will.” Sam says somewhat startling you. You turn around, and your eyes light up. You then give your brother a bear hug. “Oof. Hello to you too.” You have to break the hug apart in order to talk.

'Is De with you?’ You sign. Sam kneels down so he can whisper in your ear.

“He’s asleep on the couch. Don’t startle him to badly though.” He whispers. A sly grin forms on your face as you pad into the living room then flop down on the couch next to your brother- and yes you startled him.

“Jeez Bedbug, you nearly gave me a heart attack.” Dean says once he gets over the initial shock.

'You love me.’ You reply.

“I do, but I also love doing this.” As soon as your brother says that he starts tickling you. If you weren’t mute you might’ve shrieked as well as laugh, but no sounds escape your throat.

'De! Stop it… I don’t want to be tickled.’ Another downside of being mute is that you can’t easily call for help otherwise you might’ve asked Sam for help.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
Over the weekend you catch the same thing your friends caught. You spend most of your weekend either sleeping or loosing the contents of your stomach. “Hey kiddo made you some food.” Dean says walking into your room with a bowl of food.

'It better not be dad’s kitchen sink soup.’ You sign wrinkling your nose.

“I am not that mean, besides that stuff is terrible.”

'Then what is it?’

“My mom used to make this stuff for me when I wasn’t feeling well.” Your brother explains as he sits down next to you. “Also a bit surprised Bobby let me use the kitchen.” You crack a small smile as Dean hands you the bowl.

'Thank you.’

“You’re welcome.” After a few minutes of silence, your brother asks you a question that you weren’t expecting. “Who are Kyle, Jake, Matt and Luke?” You set the spoon down in the bowl.

'They’re my friends. Also the only people at school that like me and know sign. Kyle is a mute like me, and Jake, Matt and Luke are the translators of the group.’

“What do you mean the only people that like you?”

'Kids pick in me for different reasons, most of them being I’m mute or the way how I dress.’

“Why didn’t you tell us princess?”

'You were on the other side of the nation and my friends and I look out for each other. I mean the other day Kyle, Luke, Matt and I had to hold Jake back so he wouldn’t punch a kid who called both Kyle and I names because we can’t 'talk’ like normal humans.’ Dean lightly chuckles. 'What’s so funny?’

“The fact that I would try and do the same thing.”

'You would?’

“Hell yeah. It’s part of my job to look after my younger siblings as well as take care of them.” Dean pauses for a second before he continues his train of thought. “When Sam and I were in high school, Sam was getting picked on- I was so pissed that I wanted to rip that kid’s lungs out.”

'Did you?’

“No, Sam wouldn’t let me saying it was no big deal. That didn’t stop me from scaring the kid though.” A small smile tugs at the corners of your lips. “Reckon I should meet your friends.”

'No, you might scare them off.’

“Why would I do that?”

'Compared to you and Sammy we’re either dwarves or hobbits.’ Dean laughs as he ruffles your hair.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“Want me to drive you today?” Dean asks from the kitchen as he looks out the window, when Monday morning rolls around. “I mean it’s raining cats and dogs out there.”

'I’ll be okay De. It’s just rain.’ You sign as Bobby answers the door and invites your friends inside to get out of the weather. He also invites them in out of habit, nine times out of ten you’re rarely ready for school when they show up. Your friends clothes are nearly soaking wet. You arch an eyebrow when your brother grabs a set of keys that wasn’t his own. 'Uh De-’

“(Nickname) don’t argue with me… I’m driving you and your friends to school.” Dean counters.

'All I was going to say was you grabbed the wrong keys.’

“Oh…” Your friends are slightly hesitant to get a ride from your brother, considering the fact they just met him.
You explain to them that Dean isn’t that bad, and well he wants to make sure no one gets sick.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“How come we never met your brothers before now?” Jake asks, over the chaos of the crowded gym. It was an inside day so most of the grades were crammed inside the small gym.

'They’re not around much. Dean says they leave me behind so I stay out of my dad’s drunken wrath. Personally I don’t believe it.’ You reply.

“That’s interesting, my aunt says almost the exact same thing about my mom.” Luke comments.

'My grandparents say that my parents are busy saving lives so that’s why they’re not around much.’ Kyle adds in.

“According to my uncle my family gets sick of me, that’s why I’m always being shipped off.” Matt adds his two cents in.

“Does anyone else find it weird that all five of us have similar stories about why we’re almost always being left behind… or is it just me?” Jake asks somewhat changing the subject.

'It’s not just you.’ You reply as the bell for the start of the school day rings. When your friends weren’t looking you write down their last names, you were going to get to the bottom of this. After school you ask Bobby and your brothers if they recognized your friends last names.

“What brought this up?” Dean asks recognizing the names you said. You then explain the conversation that you had earlier that day with them. Your brothers and Bobby share a look. Dean sighs knowing someone should explain what the hell is going on. He knew you wouldn’t remember the werewolf breaking into the motel room- you were less than a year old when that happened. You also never really had a monster under your bed or in the closet- well that he is aware of, you’ve never said anything about it.

'You never answered my question.’ You sign in response.

“Yes we know your friends’ families. We run into them from time to time.” Sam replies. Confused you tilt your head slightly. “We wanted to wait until you were a little older, but I guess we should tell you.”

'Tell me what?’

“That there are monsters in the world.”

'Like monster monsters or human monsters?’

“Monster monsters (nickname).” Dean replies. A grin forms on your face.

'Ha! Matt owes me a buck! He jokingly said I wouldn’t need mythology in real life- I said that I would.’ Your brothers roll their eyes.

The next day your friends tell you almost the exact same thing as your brothers did, Matt also hands you a dollar bill. It makes you smile that you made friends with kids that has a hunting background, so there is more of a chance that you’ll see each other again once the five of you are old enough to hunt. That day the five of you come up with a pact that no matter what happens while hunting the five of you will still be friends and stay in contact no matter what.
→ → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← @the-third-winchester-warrior

Haters gonna hate but I don’t freaking care cause this makes me so happy!! I don’t care what anyone else thinks I shipped this two and do hope they end up togheter and if this kiss is any indication we ate heading for the right direction. I am over the moon right now!!

And yes Kara, in case you haven’t figured it out yet he does want to mate with you

Rebelcaptain // The Philadelphia Story AU

Jyn Erso is the elder daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia socialite family, her mostly absent father, Galen, being the founder and president of Empire Dynamics Engineering. Two years ago she was married to Cassian Jeron Andor, a ship designer and a member of her social and political set. But he failed to meet her exacting standards of a husband: he was too focused on his anti-fascist activism to the point of also being an absent part of her life, and after her childhood, she refuses to settle for a life where she has a house but not a home. Now she is set to marry Orson Krennic, a nouveau riche “man of the people” and rising star at Empire Dynamics.

On the weekend of her wedding, Holo-wood Magazine, a celebrity tabloid, sends reporter Bodhi Rook to cover the wedding. They have the help of Cassian Andor, who has been working for Holo-wood in Mexico, and introduces Bodhi as a friend of Jyn’s cousin, Chirrut, and his husband, Baze. Jyn is not fooled though, and calls out Cassian, but he tells her that if she doesn’t give Holo-wood the scoop they want on her wedding, they will publish an article about her father’s work on a weapon of mass destruction. This in itself is not true, but the technology he is working on has the potential to be misread this way. To protect her family, she allows Bodhi to cover her nuptials.

While Cassian’s outward motives seem mercenary or vengeful, he knows that if Holo-wood publishes the story on Galen, it could not only ruin the family and their reputation, it may also drive Galen further away from his family because he will attempt to distance himself to protect them. Cassian knows that this is the last thing Jyn wants. He still loves her, and in the years since their divorce, he has found that the cause is not enough, and there’s an emptiness in his life that keeps him up at night.

The night before her wedding, Jyn gets drunk with Bodhi and goes for an innocent swim. Orson catches them and is appalled and threatens to call off the wedding. He doesn’t like seeing “his woman” consorting with people outside their social set, and in his anger, he also tells her that he expects her to be more demure once they are married. Realizing that Orson doesn’t know her at all and she him, Jyn breaks off the engagement.

But it’s morning already, and the wedding guests have all started to arrive. Bodhi offers to marry her to save face because whatever happens it will be news, but she declines politely in front of a melancholic Cassian who has witnessed this all.

As the wedding march begins to play, Jyn throws on a dress over her swimsuit to go in and tell the guests that the wedding is off, but as Cassian hands her a dress, they look at each other and realize that they still love one another, and that there is no one else in the galaxy who understands them in the way the other does. In a fit of inspiration, Jyn proposes and Cassian accepts. They remarry and spend their second honeymoon the same way they did their first—sailing away for two weeks on the ship Cassian had built for her two years before: The Welcome Home.

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you are sick???????? i will come fight your illness for you. like. metaphorically. anyways... kakashi for the character impressions? because, duh.

I am sick :( I’ve got a cold and the world’s most horrible migraine, and life is pain, nausea, and congestion atm.  But these are sufficiently distracting.  I am imagining you punching my illness in the face, and it is satisfying.

Originally posted by dracunyan

  • First impression
    • …your name is Poop Death.  Kaka = poop in Greek, Shi = death in Japanese.  He is either the deadliest poo, or poo’s grim reaper.  Nice hair though.  I like the way it flops 
  • Impression now
    • Some days I think I am Kakashi.  Other days, I want to marry Kakashi.  I think I am in love with myself.  That must mean I have great self-esteem.  I also love his giggle.  Most fun character to write, because there are so many versions of him.  You could write him a hundred different ways, and I would still call each of them in character.  He’s just super well flushed out and dynamic.  I still love his hair.  It’s super fun to draw.
  • Favorite moment
    • This is tough.  Can I choose every moment?  No? Um… I really liked when Kakashi died, went to the afterlife and spoke with his dad.  I mean, I was dying because he died he can’t die what the hell he can’t be dead not after Jiraiya I’m still crying about that! but it was such a satisfying interaction.  You see him grow in that moment, and honestly, any moment where life stops shitting on Kakashi for five minutes and gives him a break is a good moment to me.  Second best is a tie between this giggle and this Hot Blooded Rival Challenge.  Third is his fight with Obito (so beautifully animated, it was stunning.  One of the best fights in the anime, if not the best).
  • Idea for a story
    • SO MANY IDEAS.  Let’s see, one that I haven’t mentioned yet…honestly I am sort of writing a story where Sakumo lives.  Canon gets thrown on it’s head, because Papamo is here to be the World’s Best Papa and honestly that’s all I want for Kakashi.  The Adventures of Papamo and Kakachibi, where everyone is Loved and Nothing Bad Happens (or I kill you.  Nothing bad better happen).
  • Unpopular opinion
    • I really hate how Kakashi is always saving Sakura.  I mean, I love Kakashi.  I love that he looks out for his comrades, but I think it steals from her own potential as a character.  Lots of people say ‘look he’s always there for her, such a great bond, go KakaSaku they’re soulmates’ but I see it more as ‘look, Kishimoto is stealing another moment for a female character to visibly demonstrate being successful in any sort of battle.’  Kishi tried to make Sakura popular by making her more beautiful, and by giving her a bunch of written qualifications that rarely get demonstrated.  And Kakashi, not being Naruto or Sasuke and thus being stuck somewhere between a supporting role and a main character, gets his glory shots by saving Sakura.  All.  The.  Time.  Half of his BAMF moments are him rushing in to save poor Sakura.  And honestly, it just feels like he’s stealing from her. Kakashi’s character does many a disservice to Sakura, from not training her properly as a genin, to not training her at all when he’s lying on a bench reading Icha Icha while Naruto tries to split leaves, because there is no point to helping her at all, apparently, even though she is there every day trying to be useful by making millions of medicinal balls or whatever the fuck those gross things are called for Naruto because she wants to help dammit Kakashi get your head out of your ass and pay attention!  Like, she couldn’t be more desperate for attention, you oblivious neanderthal.  Get your head out of your book, stop being lazy, and train her! (ok this isn’t the most unpopular opinion but it bothers me so here we are). 
  • Favorite relationship
    • While I love the Rival Challenges with Konoha’s Green Beast, I have to go with Kakashi’s relationship with Sakumo.  Maybe it’s because I grew up watching Full House, or maybe it’s because I have a stereotypical stoic father who I had to force cuddles on until he stopped being embarrassed to be seen displaying any form of affection, but nothing is more special to me than a father who is open about his love for his children.  No “manly” bs, no “he was tough, but I could tell what he meant in what he didn’t say,” no “looking back, I realised he was a dick because he loved me,” none of that garbage.  Sakumo adored Kakashi and he showed it in everything he did.  Kakashi was his sun and his moon and his stars and his sky and his earth and his air…I love, well, love, what can I say?  There are issues I have with the relationship—Sakumo teaching Kakashi ninja skills and letting him join the academy at four, or the thought that, since Kakashi was a Chuunin, he’d be better off without a dad, but these are things borne from the universe and less from the relationship.  
  • Favorite headcanon
    • Kakashi is Sarada’s touchan (daddy) while Sasuke is her otousan (father).  It doesn’t have to be a KakaSaku thing, but that girl deserves a dad, and since Sasuke is out of the village and presumably never speaks to her, Kakashi comes in, helps Sakura through her pregnancy, and helps to raise Sarada.  She just randomly starts calling him touchan one day, and Sakura cries privately later, but they all go with it (even Sasuke, when he finds out.  Sasuke is relieved that there’s someone there to love Sarada in the ways Sasuke cannot express, because he is just too shattered still, and it hasn’t been long enough for the sands of time to blunt his sharp edges).  Sarada still loves Sasuke and knows he’s her bio-dad (it’s hard not to love your biological parents, even if they’re not the best) but Kakashi is the one who takes her for ice-cream (even though he hates it himself—too sweet) and Kakashi is the one carrying her around on his shoulders (her little hands buried in his hair—he keeps it short because she complains that tickles her nose when it’s too long) and Kakashi is there when the kids at school tease her for her glasses, or because her biological father isn’t around (he wipes her tears and teaches her little, harmless jutsu to get back at them—the kids stop messing with her).  Kakashi is an awkward potato, but he remembers his father, and remembers Minato, and he finds a way to love a little lost child, with a legacy too big for her little feet to walk in (he remembers how he felt, walking in his father’s shadow when Sakumo was no longer there to block the stares, and he wants to keep her safe from that responsibility.  She’s too young and no one should turn out like him).  And in doing that, part of him heals. Breathing comes a little easier, and everyday isn’t just for the village, it’s for the little girl with stars in her eyes when she looks at her touchan.  He is always over to read bedtime stories (even if he has to keep a clone working overtime in the office while he skips away to tuck her in).  Again, there doesn’t have to be a romantic connection between him and Sakura, but I think that a sort of blended family comes around, where Sarada has one mom and two dads and (as mouse and I have discussed in the past) Inojin and Boruto are jealous because ‘Why does Sarada get to have two dads? I want two dads!’ and everyone is loved.  Sasuke comes back eventually, or maybe not at all.  But he is always welcome.

This ask meme is here.  If you want to send in a character (canon or OC) or a ship, I’d love to answer this for you! (coming up next is Shino, then Tenzou, Gai, and Genma, Hidan, and Adult!Obito but I’d be stoked to answer this for anyone else!)

Already done:  Madara

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I have a tendency to scare people when I'm just walking around the corner, so how would Mtmte Whirl, TFP Knockout, Breakdown, and TFA Prowl react to getting spooked by their quiet friend who pops out of nowhere?

Haha sometimes my friends will be like “hey were tf is birb?” and im all “um. right beside you???” “HOLY SHI-”


  • Whirl jumps and his neck does the zoop! extendy thing. You almost get shot with his titty guns on multiple occasions. He laughs and says “gotcha!” like it was his plan to scare you by almost killing you. 
  • Sometimes he’ll ask you to go deliver a message or something, like he can’t do it himself. He just wants you to spook the other person.
  • If he gets fed up with being accidentally jump-scared he’ll let you ride around on his boob. He reminds you that this is a Privilege ™


  • He does the goofy scream and clutches his chassis. You nearly gave him a spark attack.
  • You’re not allowed in the medbay while he has a patient. Too risky. 
  • He’s sure you and Soundwave have something going on against him. The two of you are determined to scare everyone on this ship to death.


  • Breakdown almost stomps on you, then almost starts crying as he apologizes. He didn’t mean to, he swears!!
  • He’ll carry you around so you don’t spook anyone else. It’s safer that way. Don’t get stomped on, little friend.
  • After a while he gets used to how quiet you are, so instead of freaking out when he sees you it’s more like “hello little friend!”


  • He gives no sign that you spooked him but he’s internally freaking. 
  • Since you’re so quiet he’ll take you bird watching with him. He enjoys your company. 
  • He admires your stealth and tells you so often. 

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Top 5 Sastiel moments?? xc

Okay, Anon. This was much more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I had a whole list planned out when I started this response and then I kept thinking of more moments and it turns out I’m really super emotional about this ship??? I love all of the quiet, casual moments of interaction we get between them. These are two people who genuinely understand and get each other, in the end.
[See my other top 5 lists here!]

1. “Nothing is worth losing you” - First Born (9.11)
Castiel: “Well, whatever Grace was inside you is gone now. What’s left of Gadreel is in here. We’ll just have to try the spell with what we have.”
Sam: “Damn it.”
Castiel: “Sam, I want Gadreel to pay as much as you do. But nothing is worth losing you.”

Always and forever my top Sastiel moment. This was the episode that took me from casual “This is kind of cute” onlooker to “THIS IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING” shipper. For the first time in way, way too many episodes seasons someone finally told Sam how important he was. It wasn’t someone telling Sam that they needed him or that his life was important to them. It was Castiel telling Sam, to his face, that his existence was worth everything. And, again for the first time in a long time, we see someone - Cas - understand Sam and relate to how he feels. Sam seems to get shunted to the background so often in these more recent seasons, so to see Castiel tell him how important and valued he is just for being gives me a massive case of the warm and fuzzies.
And then we get that adorable scene of Sam and Cas hugging at the end of the episode and I can forget for a little while how much I disliked this season. Also, the bonding over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

2. The unabashed flirting in Holy Terror (9.09)
Castiel: “It is so good being together again.  You know, this is my first beer as a human.  I hope it’s okay, me joining you?”
Sam: “Why wouldn’t it be okay?”

These giant fucking nerds and their casual flirting. Cas is so pleased to be acting like a real hunter and Sam just thinks it’s the best damn thing ever and they both keep giving each other these ridiculously dopey smiles and Dean’s just being dragged along for the ride. Plus there’s that whole “Agent.” “Agent.” exchange that’s just so adorable that it makes me weak.
It’s the kind of casual interaction between Cas and Sam that I so long for all the time on this show and it’s the most adorable damn thing ever before the entire episode goes to shit.

3. Boyfriend Road Trip - Inside Man (10.17)
Castiel: “So you will answer our questions, or Sam will, um … What’s the phrase?  Blow your fricking brains out.  It’s called leverage, Metatron.”
Sam: “Learn it, live it, love it.  How do we get rid of the Mark?”

This episode was such a gift. An entire episode focused almost entirely on Sam and Cas road tripping their way through a heavenly crime spree of angelic kidnapping. It’s the stuff AU dreams are made of to be honest. Sure, their ultimate goal is to find a way to help Dean, but. Castiel listens intently to Sam’s research. Cas tries to show off and impress Sam by busting down the door to the psychic’s house. SEANCE HAND HOLDING. Working together to scare the everloving shit out of Metatron because they are intimidating, dorky, adorable, ruthless boyfriends who just happily road trip cross country with each other.

4. Cas choosing Sam over everything in The Song Remains the Same (5.13)
Castiel: “The answer’s still no. Because Sam is my friend.”
Anna: “You’ve changed.”
Castiel: “Maybe too late, but I have. Anna, we’ve been through much together, but you come near Sam Winchester and I’ll kill you.”

Oh, you know, just the moment where Castiel chooses Sam over the entire damn world. Anna offers up an opportunity to prevent the apocalypse and stop Lucifer - and Cas tells her they’ll find another way. Like, Anna - one of Castiel’s friends and superiors - literally proposes a solution where Sam’s death alone could save the entire world, and Cas says no to her. Because Sam is his friend. He chooses to go against Anna and heaven and the entire world for Sam Winchester.
Honestly, what makes this moment so remarkable to me is that it’s the first time I really saw a clear indication of how much Sam meant to Cas. Before, it felt like all of their interactions were through a Dean lens of sorts where everything about them revolved around Dean’s role in their lives and preventing the apocalypse and then we get to this episode and… Gah. Cas chooses Sam’s life over saving the world.

5. Netflix and Cas just casually hanging in Sam’s bed for weeks (11.04)
Sam: “Your job is to relax. Read a book, watch some Netflix.”
Castiel: “What’s a Netflix?”
Sam: “Go to my room, turn on the TV. You’ll figure it out.”

This entire little storyline brings me so much delight. Sam - Sam who has never really felt comfortable in a home his entire life - offers up his room to Cas while he recovers. He just gives Cas permission to go into his room and hang there as long as he wants to. And boy does Cas hang there for a long damn time. Long enough that he gets through a handful of significant series on Netflix. And, no big deal, just casually lays himself down in Sam’s bed to do his TV-watching. However long two episodes is in Supernatural time he hangs in there. I get really emotional to think about Sam letting Cas into this safe space of his and allowing him to stay there. In his bed. On his Netflix account.
What does Cas do when Sam goes to bed? Is there cuddling? Does anyone else totally melt at the idea of Sam having that quiet, reassuring company beside him at night?

Runner ups include… Sam plotting out his ship name with Cas like a student doodling portmanteaus in the margins of their notebooks in 10.05. (Like why is this not a top 6 because I love this moment so much???) Sam praying to Cas after everything in 7.01. Cas going on his own to rescue Sam from The Cage before season 6.

[Ask me my Top 5 anything!]

Yin & Yang

Another analysis I’d like to share with you!

This time the theme focuses on: Yin and Yang.

For those who don’t know what Yin and Yang necessarily is:

In Chinese philosophy, the concept of Yin and Yang  is used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent on one another; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Examples include light (Yuuki)and dark (Kaname), cold and hot e.t.c

Yang is the white side with the black dot on it, and yin is the black side with the white dot on it. The relationship between yin and yang is often described in terms of sunlight playing over a mountain and a valley. Yin (literally the ‘shady place’ or 'north slope’) is the dark area occluded by the mountain’s bulk, while yang (literally the 'sunny place’ or 'south slope’) is the brightly lit portion. As the sun moves across the sky, yin and yang gradually trade places with each other, revealing what was obscured and obscuring what was revealed. 

To some extent, it could be argued that Kaname and Yuuki towards the end of the plot did switch places. By this, I mean how Yuuki at the end of the plot gave Kaname another opportunity at life as did Kaname when Yuuki was human. 

The way she took the 'leader’ role while he was inside of the ice coffin. Its suggested in the special chapter that she took Kaname’s place as head of the family.

Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, and passive; and is associated with water, earth, the moon, femininity and nighttime. 

Taking into account the words which I’ve made bold, doesn’t a particular girl come into mind?

Yang, by contrast, is fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, and aggressive; and is associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity and daytime.

Once again, taking into account the words in bold, doesn’t a certain pureblood king come into mind?

This symbol stresses the factor that shadow cannot exist without light. Where there is light, there is a shadow.

In two of Hino’s artwork, she positions Kaname and Yuuki to portray the symbol of Yin and Yang.

Just to make it a bit more obvious…

Both of these images remind me of the typical. Light and dark in appearance.  The symbolism of Yin and Yang shows the opposite between the two yet the balance they share.

I just thought it was such a subtle and adorable way to show how the two perfectly fit one another. When Yuuki lost her Yang (Kaname) she began to dysfunction and break down. When Kaname's Yin (Yuuki) was not by his side he became lonely and dark believing he would never be able to be with his beloved girl. 

Just a simple thought.

Does anyone else have any contributions to make to this analysis? :)

(Apologies for any grammatical errors, I’m suffering from a terrible headache as I write this).

Stay safe!


Does anyone else think that Murdoc’s been brainwashed? I mean, he sounded sort of like himself when he was doing that interview, but there were just one or two tiny things off that made me curious. Namely, his infatuation with the Beatles. He was kidnapped by a ship called the SS Ringo and imprisoned under Abbey Way Studios. And yet in this interview he is not one bit spiteful, he doesn’t even mention it. Instead he says that Ringo Starr is his favorite living celebrity (though this did have a bit of a snarky context) and also that he prefers the Beatles over The Rolling Stones. Which is A) just a really randomly placed question and B) Odd, considering in one of his times hosting a radio station he admits that the first record he ever bought (stole) was a Rolling Stones record.

Is someone making Murdoc hold his tongue? Or am I crazy? You tell me.

does anyone else get disproportionately invested in ships due to a lack of any sort of personal romantic life (optionally: due to a lack of any kind of life whatsoever) or am i just fucking ridiculous i gotta know man 

anonymous asked:

Anon for this, sorry. Let's just say that I have my reasons. I find it interesting to read that so many people within this fandom support "Klaroline" when Candice King has made it vehemently clear both privately and in public that she does not support this pairing of characters. Who do you like and respect better, the actress or the ship? Also, why does she feel that way about this particular pairing and working with this particular person? The answer may surprise you.

I have to say I find this anon really confusing.

First off what does me, or anyone in the fandom, shipping Klaroline have anything to do with Candice? Me shipping it has literally no effect on Candice’s life whatsoever, all shipping is, is a personal belief that two characters/people should be together. Spamming and being abusive to Candice on twitter is something else altogether.

How exactly does me liking the ship mean that I don’t respect Candice or that I respect Klaroline more than Candice, you’re not making any sense anon.

‘Also, why does she feel that way about this particular pairing and working with this particular person? The answer may surprise you.’

Is this rhetorical? Are you asking me? Are you telling me?!

This this is why it really irritates me when people come into my inbox on anon talking in riddles. Unless (by some miracle) this is Candice King herself and she has found my blog and decided to lecture me about shipping Klaroline, then I’m going to have to assume you know nothing about Candice’s reason for shipping or not shipping Klaroline.

Either way, I’m genuinely baffled as to what the objective was for sending this message.

anonymous asked:

What about Lithuania for the ship thing?

Ayyy this isn’t one I expected to get so I’m kinda excited

OTP: okay so does anyone else have a ship they really like but can only ship it under certain circumstances? RusLiet in canon is pretty not okay but I really like the idea of them in a human AU… just being these two dorky dads that drink tea and play cards??? I really like both their characters apart from historical realities so I just take the historical part out and viola

Worst pairing ever: haha Liet///Bela burned my crops, poisoned my water supply and delivered a plague unto my house. For the record I have nothing against people who ship this, it’s entirely personal

Guilty pleasure pairing: LietMano

Pairing you’d like to see more: AmeLiet

That pairing everyone likes but you’re like lol no: um that’d be Liet///Pol for me. I just see them as friends and nothing more??

Favorite non romantic pair: I like the idea of Liet and Ukraine being friends

Mod Amanda


Jesus trying to convince Daryl to ask you out.

Jesus-“Daryl you can do it. It’s the end of the world she is running out of options anyway.”

Daryl-“Wow man thanks. Real motivating.”


Does anyone else ship these two?