does anyone else remember this show


Does anyone else remember the time a one shot masked character named Teehee Tummytums was so beautiful that he turned every dude in Stormalong gay when he finally showed his face and everyone started throwing money at him just so they could look at him and it apparently happened all the time because I do 

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I think this has been asked before but, even though I think it's already confirmed that Levi loved Erwin, do you think Erwin loved him back?


Undoubtedly, unquestionably, unconditionally. 

I do not believe for one minute that Levi’s love is unrequited. 

It’s been repeatedly confirmed in Smartpass content, the Answers guidebook, and most recently in Pash magazine, that Erwin and Levi share a deep bond of absolute trust.  For such a strong bond to exist, it must be mutual, therefore Erwin must reciprocate Levi’s feelings.  Also when you take the rest of the Smartpass content into consideration, the gifts of fancy clothes, the supply of contraband tea, the private dinners, it certainly does seem to suggest that Erwin has strong feelings for Levi that he is not afraid to demonstrate.  Sure you can argue that Erwin buying Levi a suit (white? WTF Erwin?) does not “prove” that he loves him, but I don’t remember Erwin buying fancy suits for anyone else! Also there is that weird personal rapport that exists between Erwin and Levi, seen most clearly in chapters 51, 70, and 72,  that Erwin just does not share with other characters.

I think perhaps the strongest canon evidence that proves the depths of Erwin’s feelings for Levi is the way that Levi sees Erwin’s face in flashback though.  Whenever Isayama shows us flashbacks (and lordy how many flashbacks have we seen?) he is showing us a memory, giving us an insight into something that a character has actually witnessed.  Even taking Eren’s confused visions into consideration, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a flashback that is just daydreaming or wishful thinking.  So in chapter 84 when Levi is on the roof, agonising over the impossible choice he faces, he thinks back to four specific events; overhearing EMA talking about their dream of seeing the ocean, Erwin in the depths of despair in Shiganshina, Kenny’s death, and Erwin looking peaceful and serene and thanking him. We saw three of those events unfold in canon so I can only assume that the fourth happened too, that Erwin really did thank Levi while looking at him so fondly. The same is true of Levi’s vision of smiling shoujo Erwin in chapter 81, when he hesitates to kill Zeke. Erwin just doesn’t look at anyone else like this in canon.

Now I guess there are various ways to interpret Erwin’s expression in these frames, but to me, that looks a lot like love requited. 

Leather Jackets (Chapter 1)

Group: Bangtan Boys

Pairing: Jikook

Genre: Fluff/Angst

He’s a bad influence and Jimin knows it better than anyone else.

Jimin has seen him too many times wearing a leather jacket, his dark brown hair styled in a mess, a cigarette that always dangles from his lips which are curved in a lopsided smirk that Jimin begrudgingly admits he finds very attractive.

But he is a bad influence and Jimin must stay away,

He remembers his mother always warning him right from when he was a small child that he should stay away from troublemakers at all costs.

“Jimin-ah,” she would say. “You are a nice kid. Don’t mingle with the bad kind”

Jimin follows that advice to this day and that’s why even though he finds the leather jacket wearing boy with his perfect hair, cigarette and boy oh boy that attractive little smirk he stays away because he knows it’s better this way.

But it only takes so much time for the other boy to notice Jimin looking at him from the bus stop but look away in a flash when their eyes meet and naturally he’s curious because what is a good boy like that doing here?

Jimin looks out of place among the graffiti-covered walls and the cussing teenage boys with their hands always wrapped around a beer can and one clutching a cigarette.

Jimin isn’t like them and he stands out with his bubblegum pink hair and naturally, the other boy is curious about him.

It only takes him long enough to start a conversation.

“Hi,” Jimin hears the boy say and for a second Jimin thinks that he is hearing voices or is the boy actually speaking to him.

He blinks slowly and looks at the boy.

“Uh,” he says.

“You dropped this,” is all the boy says handing Jimin 5,000 wons.

Jimin blinks again before taking the money and he mumbles incoherent thanks and the boy just nods as he walks away.

Jimin’s bus comes and he gets in and buys a ticket and takes a seat in the far back as he counts the money that he earned through tips.

He finds he has a 10,000 won instead of a 5000 and he realizes that he never did drop his money on the ground.

Jimin is left wondering why the guy gave him money that wasn’t even his.

The next day as soon as Jimin gets off his shift he walks to the bus stop his pocket heavy with the extra 5,000 won that the boy had given him, that he hopes to return to the boy if he sees him.

And he does, the boy is lying across the lap of some girl sitting on the bench blowing out smoke and laughing along with the other kids around him.

Jimin almost walks away but he turns back and walks up to him.

They all stop laughing as Jimin clears his throat.

“I…want to uh give you back your money,” he says to Jungkook who sits up removing the cigarette.

“My money?” he asks and Jimin melts because he has never heard a voice that sweet.

“Uh yes,”

The boy looks at him and then takes the money from Jimin’s hands before shoving it in the back of his jeans pocket.

“Why are you returning it back?” the boy asks.

“Because it isn’t mine,” Jimin simply answers.

The boy doesn’t say anything and Jimin takes it as a cue to leave and so he does and walks to the bus stop not looking back and when he finally does their eyes meet for a brief second before he sees the boy putting the cigarette up to his mouth and taking a huge puff while lying back down on the girl’s lap.

Jimin looks away too and sees his bus coming. He gets in and pays for his ticket and then once again takes the last seat on the bus his mind only thinking about the boy with the leather jacket.

Jimin’s mother told him a lot about bad people.

She told him to not mingle to stay away from all those who are bad and Jimin never questioned her.

But now he wonders what bad means?

He would consider someone like the boy who gave him those extra 5,000 won as bad because he smoked cigarettes and by the looks of it didn’t bother to go to college but yet Jimin finds himself held by him in a secure way as he dabs on Jimin’s cut with a little cotton pad.

Jimin hisses

“Stay still,” he says in a low voice and Jimin does staring at him. He has warm brown eyes. But what intrigues Jimin are the other boy’s piercings on his ear.

He stares at them in a longing way as he remembers begging his mother to let him get one.

She said no, of course.

“You are fixed up,” the boy says distracting Jimin. He sees the boy getting up and Jimin finds himself staring at his butt before he mentally curses himself and decides to look around instead.

For someone who looks that intimidating the boy’s house doesn’t match him in any way.

The walls are a pretty baby blue color and there are plushies everywhere. Jimin would have never thought someone like that boy would have a room full of soft toys.

“You should be more careful,” Jimin hears the boy’s voice.

“I…,” Jimin said. “What happened again?”

“You fell face first on the ground,”


“I saw you and you were unconscious and you hurt your head,” he continues. “So I thought I’ll get you somewhere safe,”

“Oh…uh…thank you,” Jimin says.

“You don’t feel dizzy, do you?” the boy asks.

Jimin shakes his head no.

“Can I uh get some water?”

“Sure,” the boy says disappearing in the kitchen. He returns with a glass of water and gives it to Jimin who gulps it down in one go.

For a few seconds after that, they stay silent.

“I think I should go now,” Jimin says. “Thank you for helping me”

“Are you sure you can get home?”

“Uh yeah I’ll…I’ll get the bus,” Jimin stutters.

“I can drop you,” the boy says.

“No, no it’s fine,” Jimin says. “You’ve done enough already”

“It’s no big deal,” the boy says. “I’ll just get you home safe”

Jimin ponders over the offer for a second before giving in.

“All…all right,” he says.

The boy smiles at Jimin.

“Let’s go then,”

Jimin nods setting the glass down and stands up following the boy outside. The boy locks the door and they head to the boy’s truck.

The boy holds the door open for Jimin who gets in. The boy gets in and starts the truck.

Jimin tells him the name of his street and the boy just nods his hand already on the radio.

“Do you mind?” he asks.

Jimin shakes his head no.

Soon the sound of a slow soft song fills Jimin’s ears and he finds himself liking the music.

“The Smiths,” he hears the boy voice. “It’s called Asleep if you were wondering”

Jimin just nods as he listens and is a little happy when the boy puts it on loop.

A few minutes later they are near Jimin’s street and the boy stops the car.

“Thank you so much for the ride uh…,” Jimin says.

“Jungkook,” the boy smiles.

“Oh thanks, Jungkook,” Jimin says.

“It’s no problem…”

“Jimin,” Jimin says.

The boy smiles again and for the first time in the day, Jimin smiles back at him.

He then gets off the car and gives the boy a small wave as he drives away and Jimin walks to his home with a little smile on his face.

That night he falls asleep listening to a Smiths album.

Jimin considers himself lucky that he works for someone like Seokjin.

Seokjin isn’t too pushy and actually understands that Jimin has studying to do and the pay is quite okay, so Jimin doesn’t mind.

The days can be slow, the diners a little too rude.

Jimin remembers once a woman had thrown a glass of water on his shirt because her noodles weren’t hot enough. At least Seokjin understood it wasn’t his fault. But sometimes he gets lucky and gets some good tips.

And today was a particularly slow day until he sees a group of people walk in and to his surprise, it’s Jungkook and friends.

It had been two weeks since Jungkook had helped Jimin and the boy has been on and off of Jimin’s mind and Jimin is completely in love with The Smiths thanks to him.

But now he has a job to do.

Jimin walks up to them with a notepad and pen.

“Order,” he asks with a smile.

“Hotdogs,” he hears a loud voice.

“Taehyung shut up,” he hears another voice. “No hot dogs,”

“Hyung,” the brown haired boy named Taehyung whines but he is ignored by everyone.

“We are getting five cheeseburgers and fries,” Jungkook says.

Jimin jots it down.

“Anything else?” he asks.

“No thank you,” he smiles.

Jimin nods before walking away. He gives the ticket to Seokjin who seems very glad by the sudden business.

Jimin feels sorry because Seokjin works so hard in the diner.

Jimin returns and finds Jungkook and his friends laughing when suddenly Jungkook meets his eyes and he gives Jimin a smile. Jimin smiles back and then he is called by Seokjin to take the orders away and Jimin does as he is told and brings them to the table.

“Thank you,” Jungkook says and Jimin smiles leaving the table and joining Seokjin in the kitchen.

“Are we closing up after they leave?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah, I guess,” Seokjin sighs. “I don’t think anyone is gonna show up at this time”

Jimin nods and returns to the counter where he sees Jungkook and his friends eating and Jimin’s heart feels heavy.

He doesn’t even remember the last time he sat down with ‘friends’ and had a meal. Well, he never had friends, to begin with, expect for a boy until 7th grade who left school and gave Jimin his number so they could talk but Jimin lost it and now he’s alone. He is quite frankly used to it but sometimes he does wish he could have friends like everyone else does.

Jungkook and his friends finish up their meal and Jimin clears out their table.

When they leave, there is a huge tip for Jimin almost as much as their bill.

That night for the first time in days Jimin eats something else than ramen.

3 days pass until Jimin sees Jungkook again.

He is standing at the bus stop waiting for his bus when he feels a tap on his shoulder, Jimin takes out his earphone and sees Jungkook.

“Hey,” Jungkook says.

“Uh um hi,” Jimin says.

“How have you been doing?” Jungkook says. “Um I mean your head is it okay?”

“Yeah, I am fine,” Jimin says.

“Oh, I am glad to know,” Jungkook says and smiles.

Jimin smiles back and they stand there awkwardly until Jimin speaks up which shocks both of them even more so Jimin himself.

“I have been listening to The Smiths,”

“Have you?” Jungkook asks a little surprised.

“Uh yeah they’re great,” Jimin says.

“Yeah, they are,”

Just then Jimin’s bus comes.

“Uh, I’ll see you later then,”

Jungkook nods.

“Yeah, bye,”

Jimin gets in and puts on The Smiths again while thinking about Jungkook.

It’s days later and Jungkook has a habit of showing up at the diner but now he’s alone and he gets a chicken sandwich most of the time and he shows up at the closing time almost always and the more Jungkook comes to the diner the more Jimin gets to know him.

For example, Jungkook loathes mustard with a passion and he literally can’t live without ketchup, he always wears leather jackets and that his favorite band is Nirvana and he likes to sing which shocks Jimin the most because he never imagined Jungkook the kind of singing.

When he leaves and Jimin starts clearing all the tables he hears Seokjin.

“He comes here a lot,” Seokjin says.

“Uh yeah,”

“I wonder why,”

“To eat?” Jimin says as if stating the obvious.

“Are you sure?”

“I guess so,”

“He talks to you a lot,” Seokjin says. “Are you guys friends?”

“Uh yeah, sort of,” Jimin says. “He helped me once when I fell down and fainted”

“Oh,” is all Seokjin says as he puts the rag away and removes the apron.

“Why are you asking hyung?” Jimin asks.

“Oh nothing,” Seokjin says.

Jimin doesn’t answer but he senses that Seokjin was definitely acting weirder than usual.

They leave the diner together and Jimin gets the bus home and to his disappointment, he doesn’t see Jungkook today so he puts on The Smiths and gets lost in his thoughts already.

Over the next few days, Jimin listens to Nirvana and he falls in love again and makes a mental note to tell Jungkook that he has an excellent music taste when they meet but it’s been over two weeks and Jungkook hasn’t shown up.

Jimin feels stupid already because he was looking forward to seeing a stranger for whatever reason and he actually thought they were friends and he was being completely silly because of course, they weren’t. Jungkook just came to the diner because he liked the food, it had nothing to do with Jimin and Jimin feels like kicking himself because he builds up hopes over something that never existed.

So he just takes the orders of the few people that did come to the diner, clean the tables and then listen to Nirvana and The Smiths whenever he could as he tried not to get too sad because Seokjin has been giving him weird looks over the past two days and Jimin knows the question will start anytime. In some ways, Seokjin is like the older brother that Jimin never had.

One of such nights when Jimin is cleaning tables again he hears the jingle of the bell of the door and Jimin glances up at the clock and it’s almost 7:30 pm and almost nobody ever comes to the diner this late.

Jimin turns back to look and the sight he sees is a surprise for him.

It’s Jungkook,

When Jimin looks at him Jungkook smiles.

Jimin’s heart warms because Jungkook is just like he remembers him sitting here exactly three weeks ago talking about ketchup but he looks so different.

It’s hard to miss the swollen eye and torn lip and the bandages wrapped around Jungkook’s knuckles but he is still wearing his signature leather jacket and has a smirk on his face as he sits down.

“Can I get a sandwich now or is it too late,”

“I’ll tell hyung,” is all Jimin says as he leaves and goes to the kitchen where Seokjin is busy cleaning the kitchen. Even though it’s past their closing time Jimin knows that Seokjin would cook for Jimin because business has been particularly slow and Seokjin could do with some extra money.

“Hyung, a sandwich,” Jimin says.

“We have a customer?” Seokjin asks as he sets down the brush and Jimin nods.

‘Is it your friend?” he asks.


“I don’t remember his name,”


“Yeah, him,” Jimin says.

Seokjin just nods.

“I’ll get you that sandwich,” Seokjin says as he begins and Jimin leaves to find a lone Jungkook observing the décor of the little diner.

A few minutes later Seokjin calls Jimin back for the sandwich and Jimin takes back to Jungkook who smiles at Jimin and just as Jimin almost leaves he hears Jungkook’s small voice.

“Can you sit with me?”

Jimin stops thinking for a second. He is done with cleaning and his shift technically already ended and he knows for a fact that Seokjin won’t mind so he just nods sitting down.

Jungkook smiles widely and Jimin smiles back.

“Did I tell you I listen to Nirvana now?”

“You do?” Jungkook asks clearly surprised and Jimin nods.

Jimin nods.

“But I still like The Smiths better,” he says and Jungkook laughs.

“Each to their own,”

“Yeah,” Jimin says. “You have a really great music taste”

“Uh thank you,” Jungkook says as he bites his sandwich and Jimin looks away because they have once again run out of things to say but for some reason, Jimin wants to talk more.

Jungkook finishes his sandwich and Jimin stands up taking his plate and takes it back to the kitchen where Seokjin takes it and washes it.

“So he’s finally back huh?” Seokjin says.

“Uh yeah,” Jimin says. “But why are you giving me that look”


Jimin doesn’t say anything and goes out to clean the table and to his surprise, Jungkook is still sitting on the chair.

“Do you need anything else to eat?” Jimin asks. “I am sure hyung wouldn’t mind…”

“No, I am full,” Jungkook says with a smile. “I just thought aren’t you leaving soon”

“Uh yeah,”

“Well, then we can walk together to the bus stop,” Jungkook asks and Jimin feels a hint of hesitation in Jungkook’s voice.


Jungkook smiles again as Jimin cleans the table and then sweeps the floor again before Seokjin closes the place.

“Bye hyung,” Jimin says to Seokjin who nods waving with a smile as he walks away to his car and Jimin and Jungkook walk to the bus stop.

Surprisingly neither of them talk but it still feels nice to have someone walk with him and Jimin has a light smile on his face and when he looks at Jungkook he smiles at him and Jimin feels his heart getting warm yet again.

They reach the bus stop and Jimin gets a little disappointed.

“So,” Jimin says. “I’ll see you soon”

Jungkook nods his hands shoved in his pocket as he lets out a long sigh.



“Do you…do you have anything that you’re doing this Saturday?”

Well, Jimin does have a paper to work on and a lot of chores that has piled up but he’s sure he can manage as he shakes his head.


“Oh, so would you like to hang out with me?” Jungkook asks.

“With you,”

“Um, yeah,” Jungkook says. “No pressure”

“It does sound fun,”

“So will you come?”

“Yeah, sure,”

Jungkook gives him the widest of all grins he has seen.

“All right,” Jungkook says. “I’ll pick you up at your street”

“Okay,” Jimin says as he sees his bus.

“Your bus is here,” Jungkook says.

“Yeah, I’ll uh see you then,” Jimin says. “Bye,”

“Goodbye,” Jungkook says as he walks off his hand still stuffed in his pockets and Jimin gets into his bus and to his disappointment the empty seat in the back is taken but it still doesn’t dampen his mood because he is glad he saw Jungkook today after about 3 weeks and he smiles as he puts on The Smiths and thinking about Jungkook.

He wonders a lot about the boy, who is he? Where does he come from and everything else but mostly about the split lip and the swollen eye the other boy was sporting.

Jimin only hopes it’s a one-time thing.

Jimin had last seen Jungkook on Monday when he came to the diner and since then Jungkook hasn’t shown up and Jimin doesn’t even have his number so that they can talk and Jimin almost expects Jungkook to cancel their plan and he would be lying if it wouldn’t disappoint him.

After all, Jimin has taken out about 15,000 wons from his measly saving so that he could pay for stuff if they do go out somewhere but it doesn’t seem like it would happen.

So on Saturday when he is on the way home from his shift he gets a call and it’s an unknown number.

Jimin picks up and it doesn’t take him long to recognize the owner of the voice.

It’s Jungkook.

‘Where are you?” Jungkook asks.

“Walking to home,”

“Stay there,” Jungkook says. “I am coming to pick you up”

“Uh okay,”

Jungkook hangs up and Jimin waits to lean on the wall until Jungkook shows up in his car.

Jimin gets in and he has to stop himself from not staring at Jungkook’s face. He has a cut on his forehead and his lips look even worse than before and Jimin thinks Jungkook senses it as he puts The Smiths and smiles.

“You love them right?” he says and Jimin nods and decides not to question Jungkook because he senses that he doesn’t want to talk about it but there is some awkward tension in the air and Jimin decides to break it.

“How did you get my number?”

“Your boss,” Jungkook says. “He wasn’t giving it to me at first, I really had to request before he finally gave in”

“Oh,” Jimin says.

“I am sorry,” Jungkook says. “I should have gotten it from you but I completely forgot”

“It’s fine,” Jimin says and smiles. “

Jungkook smiles back.

“Where are we going?” Jimin asks.

“To the movies,”

“Oh,” Jimin says again remembering the last time he has been to the movies. It was when he was 11 to see some animated movie with his mother; it was a sort of treat because he had got the best grade out of everyone.

Now he doesn’t have money to spare for luxuries like that because Jimin has a lot of things to be taken care of. Watching the latest releases isn’t his priority.

“You don’t like movies,” Jungkook asks.

“Uh no,” Jimin says. “They are pretty fun”

“Yeah, they are,” Jungkook says. “Also a few of my friends are coming”

When Jimin hears that his heart sinks a little because he doesn’t know what to expect from Jungkook’s friends. They could be nice but Jimin wouldn’t feel the sense of familiarity that he does with Jungkook and that makes him slightly uneasy.

“Don’t worry,” Jungkook says. “They’re all really nice”

Jimin just nods as he gazes out of the window until Jungkook finally stops the car.

“We’re here,” Jungkook says and Jimin steps out of the car and they walk to a group of people.

“Guys, this is Jimin,” Jungkook says with a big smile.

“Oh I finally get to meet you,” a brown haired boy says as he gives him a boxy grin. “I’m Taehyung”

“Hi Taehyung,” Jimin smiles and they all introduce themselves and Jimin smiles at them and nods. They’re all a lot nicer than Jimin ever expected them to be.

“We are probably gonna miss half of the movie if stand here,” the green haired one named Yoongi says.

They all nod and go in to buy their tickets and Jungkook pays for Jimin’s tickets before he can even so much as protest. He feels extremely guilty as he sits down between Taehyung and Jungkook and the movie is a horror one and Jimin never liked horror so he closes his eyes most of the time until he hears a small voice in his ear.

“Are you okay?”

It’s Jungkook.

“It’s scary,”

“I am sorry,” Jungkook says. “I should have asked you what movie you liked before we came”

“It’s fine,” Jimin smiles because he doesn’t want Jungkook to feel guilty about it.

Jungkook just nods leaning back as Jimin tries to watch the movie. He is more than relieved when the movie is finally over and all of them decide to go to a restaurant nearby.

They all get burgers and fries and Yoongi pays and everyone cheers as Jimin feels guiltier. He is sitting between Jungkook and a girl named Sana who he vaguely remembers as the same girl whose lap Jungkook was lying on when he had first seen him.

After finishing their meal Jungkook and Jimin leave together.

Jungkook drops Jimin home while they listen to The Smiths again and it all feels so perfect that Jimin has a grin on his face that falls slightly when Jungkook stops the car at Jimin’s street.

“I…I had a lot of fun today,” Jimin says.

“Oh really, I’m glad,” Jungkook says scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah,” Jimin says.

“We should hang out again,” Jungkook says. “Like maybe even just the two of us”

“That sounds fun,”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Jungkook says.

“Yeah, I guess I should go now,”


“Goodnight Jungkook,” Jimin says.

“Night Jimin,” Jungkook says as Jimin steps out of the truck and Jungkook starts his car and drives off and Jimin walks to his home and he feels like he is the old Jimin again.

Because home just doesn’t make him as happy as Jungkook does.

He is bad a voice keeps telling Jimin but Jimin ignores it as much as he can.

He is with Jungkook in some abandoned park that no one cares about anymore and Jungkook is on his second cigarette as he narrates an incident involving Yoongi and it’s funny and Jimin is laughing but he sees the bruises that litter Jungkook’s hands and how the swollen eye is back and he has so many concerns but he keeps quiet because he doesn’t want to make Jungkook mad and make him leave.

“Yoongi hyung is hilarious,” Jungkook finally finishes and takes a huge drag blowing out smoke and Jimin nods.

“You don’t smoke, do you?” Jungkook asks and Jimin shakes his head no and only thinks about how his mother would disown him if he ever so much as touched cigarettes.

But she probably would never approve Jimin hanging out with someone like Jungkook because the boy reeks of everything that his mother despises.

“Boys like that, they go to jail,”

Jimin pushes the thought of his head because he knows Jungkook isn’t like that and he knows it.

Jimin glances at his phone. It’s 2 pm and the time for Jimin to start his shift at Seokjin’s diner.

“Jungkook I have to go,” he says standing up. “To work”

“Stay please,”

“Jungkook I can’t…”

“It’s just one day,” Jungkook says. “Your boss can manage”

‘I need the money,” Jimin wants to say but he doesn’t.

“Just for a day,” Jungkook says. “You work yourself too much”

Jimin knows Jungkook is right because for the past two years that he has been working at Seokjin’s diner he only took 5 days off. He was a loyal worker and he knows Seokjin won’t mind.

“All right fine,” Jimin says.

Jungkook grins.

Jimin sits back down and Jungkook lies on the ground staring at the clouds and Jimin does the same and they point out the shapes of clouds and laugh together and Jungkook puts on some more good music and they talk a lot about everything but nothing in particular and Jimin looks into Jungkook’s warm brown eyes again and he gets a fluttery feeling in his heart that is hard to ignore and he wonders what does it mean and why does he finds himself smiling when Jungkook smiles.

When it’s past 8 pm and Jimin finally realizes he sits up in a hurry.

‘I…I have to go,” Jimin says.


“Homework due,” Jimin says as he grabs his backpack and Jungkook gets a call and Jimin hears him curse and nod.

“Jimin, I am sorry I can’t drop you,” he says. “I have to get Taehyung”

“It’s no big deal,” Jimin smiles. “I’ll get a bus”

“Uh okay,”

“Bye Jungkook,”

“Bye Jimin,”

Jimin walks in a hurry to the bus stop and prays that the bus shows up on time and luckily it does. He gets in and sits on the last seat cursing himself over how could he forget that it was over 8 pm. He has never been irresponsible before. He even missed work today and even though he had the best time with Jungkook the guilt doesn’t go away.

‘It’s all his bad influence,” Jimin hears a voice that vaguely sounds like his mom.

Jimin looks in the dusty mirror at his home and he sees his eyes are puffy and red.

He has been crying, a lot.

He missed University yesterday and when he went to the diner Seokjin took one look at him and told him to take the day off despite Jimin’s repeated requests that he wants to work.

“I’ll pay you for the day,” Seokjin finally said. “But go home and get some rest”

Jimin stops protesting and he tears up again as he hugs Seokjin and the boy pats his back.

“It’s gonna be okay,” he says and Jimin appreciates it even though Seokjin has no idea what the hell is going on with Jimin.

Jimin isn’t a weak person by all means but for the past two days he has been a wreck and it all started when he got a call.

“Jimin ssi,”


“We are speaking from the nursing home,” the woman on the other end says and Jimin sits up straighter because they never call unless…

“Your mother’s condition has been worsening so we had to move her to the ICU this morning,”


“The doctors can’t say when they will let her out of the hospital but the charges for the treatment…I mean you have to bear them”

Jimin’s heart sinks as he gulps only praying it’s the amount he has saved up.

“How much is it?” Jimin asks.

The woman says a hefty sum and it’s just exactly how much Jimin had managed to save and now he can pay his mothers’ bills but he isn’t quite sure how will he pay for any of the other bills’ that have been piling up.

“I’ll make a transfer,” Jimin says.

“Okay,” she says.

“Can I see her?”

“Not yet,” the doctor says. “But they will move her to the general ward by tomorrow”

“Okay,” Jimin says as he hangs up and he goes by his day unaffected and he works empty stomached all day and goes home to eat some of the leftover kimchi he had in his fridge and he has almost nothing left to eat and he has no money for groceries until Seokjin pays him at the end of the month which is another 10 days away.

The next day he finally gets to visit his mother and the subway ride is costly but he has to see his mom.

He arrives at the hospital and asks the nurses for her room and goes to her and what he sees breaks his heart.

His mother looks skinnier than she has ever been her bones visible her skin an ashen color as she lets out labored breaths her eyes closed.

Jimin sits down next to her and holds her hand and then he cries because he has held it in for too long and he wants to cry all he can because he is struggling every day and he just wants his mom to be okay but she only gets worse and it dawns on Jimin that if his mum leaves he will be alone and he doesn’t want that.

He wishes to be a little kid again but he has no choice but to work every day so that he can make sure that his mother lives because he clings on the littlest of the hopes that one day his mother will wake up and that keeps him going but as he sees her frail body he really isn’t sure what he believes anymore.

Ever since he got back home he has been crying and he isn’t okay and he is hungry but he already has eaten the last two crackers he had and he is saving the last packet for the following days and he has almost given up on life and on everything else as he stays curled up on his bed the tears long dried out on his face, his pillow damp when he hears loud banging and Jimin doesn’t move hoping whoever it is just goes away but they don’t and Jimin gets up wiping his face even though he knows he doesn’t even look half presentable as he opens the door and finds Jungkook.

‘Jimin, oh my god,” Jungkook says and pulls him into a hug and Jimin wants to push him away but he melts in because he wants to feel okay again.

Jungkook runs his hands through Jimin’s hair in a calming way and they stand there for a long time until Jungkook lets go.

“Jimin your phone was dead,” Jungkook says. “You weren’t at the diner. I was so worried”

“I…” Jimin begins but he doesn’t find the words to utter out and Jungkook understands as he closes the door.

“Sit down,” he says softly and Jimin sits.

“You don’t have to tell me,” he says.

Jimin nods and Jungkook begins wordlessly clearing the clutter that has piled up. He picks up the books throws the trash and sweeps the place clean all while Jimin wordlessly stares too far gone.

“Have you eaten?” Jungkook asks when he is done but Jimin doesn’t reply so Jungkook checks the kitchen and comes back biting his lip.

“I’ll be back in some time,” he says and leaves while Jimin doesn’t move and when Jungkook does come back he has a whole month worth food with him.

“Eat,” he says as he places some kimbap in front of Jimin.

Jimin eats and suddenly ravenous he finishes it in no time not caring as he washes it down with a can of soda and a bag of potato chips and when he is done Jungkook clears the stuff and tells Jimin that he has kept the rest of the food in the kitchen.

He comes back and sits next to Jimin.

“Now tell me how are you doing?”

And Jimin cries into Jungkook’s arms and they stay like that for a long time and Jungkook just gently pats his back until Jimin finally stops crying.

“Jimin it's’ gonna be all right,” he says and Jimin believes him because he really does need the hope.

Over the next few days Jimin goes back to the diner, he feels better, much better as he had visited his mother and she seemed a lot better and they took her to the nursing home again and things have been going well, Jungkook keeps checking on him even though Jimin feels much better.

Jimin does tell him about his mom and he feels a strange weight lifted off of his chest because he never told anyone.

His mother had a car accident when Jimin was 16 and she went to a coma and since then Jimin began working odd jobs juggling school and everything else along with having to pay for his mom to stay at a nursing home cum hospital thing and by the end of it Jungkook had hugged him again and Jimin was just grateful.

The diner has some changes too, especially in the food and the décor and there a lot more people visiting and Jimin isn’t complaining at all because it just means more tips for him.

Seokjin looks happier than usual and promises Jimin a raise and Jimin is quite happy.

It’s all because of Seokjin’s new friend Namjoon who had some suggestions to fix up the place and their business is doing much better now.

Jimin likes Namjoon hyung too, he always has a smile on his face and is quick to help Seokjin and usually comes late when they are closing down and helps Seokjin with the cleaning and they go back to home together while Jimin takes a bus or has Jungkook drop him though he prefers the latter because it means spending more time with Jungkook something that he loves now.

And even though Jimin likes Jungkook so much and the fact that Jungkook has helped him so much, he doesn’t know how old he is or what even his last name is or what does he do as work and why does he always have bruises?

Jimin has questions and that need answers.

Jungkook stays nights at Jimin’s house now and it’s just them watching some movie that Jungkook gets on Jimin’s old TV and it’s a new feeling for Jimin who has to sacrifice his studies to spend some time with Jungkook and every time he does that he sees his mother clicking her tongue in disapproval at him.

They watch classics and new movies but nothing horror for Jimin’s sake and Jungkook gets popcorn as they sit on the wobbly sofa until one of them falls asleep.

When Jimin has university the next day Jungkook even makes him breakfast to go to and Jimin is so grateful to find a friend like Jungkook that he feels he got luckier than he deserved to.

When Jimin gets back from the diner Jungkook usually is already at Jimin’s home because Jimin gave him his spare key and they watch another movie and eat Chinese food that Jungkook got.

After the movie is done Jimin and Jungkook clean out everything and since the next day is a Sunday neither of them is particularly keen on sleeping so they talk and Jimin finds himself staring at Jungkook’s lips more than often and he marvels over how soft and pink they look.

“Have you ever been in a relationship?” Jungkook asks.

The question breaks Jimin’s attention as he slowly shakes his head no.

“Never,” Jimin says. “Have you?”

“A lot,” Jungkook answers. “Nothing serious, though”


They both sit still for a while and Jungkook clears his throat and looks at Jimin before looking away and then he gulps a little.

“There’s…there’s something that I want to do,” he says.

He leans in and presses his lips on Jimin’s in a swift moment and they kiss and Jimin doesn’t push him off because he knows just how much he always wanted to kiss Jungkook’s lips but he never admitted it even to himself.

The kiss feels perfect and Jungkook tastes slightly like ash and mint probably from the mint candy he has been sucking on and his lips move in a perfect sync against Jimin’s and Jimin never wants to stop ever but Jungkook does.

“I am sorry but I just had to,” he says. “I can leave now if you want”



This time Jimin is the one who kisses Jungkook and he places his hands on Jungkook’s shoulder and he feels Jungkook’s hands on his small waist and they hold him in a secure way yet so gently and he feels a rush because of the simple touch through the fabric.

They kiss for a long time and they stop only to catch their breaths.

“That was my first kiss,” Jimin says.

“How did it feel?”

“Pretty good,” Jimin says. “You are a good kisser”

“I am flattered,” Jungkook grins.

Jimin blushes and he feels Jungkook press a kiss on his cheek.

“You are so adorable,”

Jimin blushes a deeper shade of pink at the statement.

“So,” Jimin finally says. “Now that we have kissed I think I am entitled to some answers to questions I have”

“Ask away,”

“What’s your last name?” Jimin asks.

Jungkook laughs.

“You want to know that?”

Jimin nods.

“Jeon,” Jungkook says. “Jeon Jungkook”

“Okay,” Jimin says. “How old are you?”


“You are younger than me,” Jimin says surprised.

“I guess so,”

“You should call me hyung you brat,”

“Hyung? Nah,” Jungkook says. “I’ll call you Jiminie”



Jimin rolls his eyes.

“I have another question”

“I am getting sleepy,” Jungkook whines.

“Just one I promise and then we can sleep,”


“Why are you so obsessed with leather jackets?”

“I don’t know, they just keep me warm,”


“Anything else?” Jungkook asks.

“Not for now,” Jimin says. “We can sleep”

“Thank you,” Jungkook pecks Jimin’s lips.

They go to Jimin’s bedroom and sleep on Jimin’s little bed and it’s not exactly uncomfortable but they don’t mind much.

Jimin is happy at least for now.


This is not the end. There are more chapters to come.

Life With Namjoon (04. Daybreak)

<– [01] [02] [03]

AN: I literally just whipped this up in about 3 hours, so….hopefully you all enjoy!

Also yes, there’s a some smut in this chapter. Y’all thirsty hoes better be quenched for a while.

Words: 2,486

04. Daybreak

Nearly more times than Namjoon can recall, you’ve been there for him. At the studio when he can’t tear himself away, after dance practice when he can barely move around without limping, in the late hours of the night when his darker thoughts get the best of him and he can’t find it in himself to shove them back into their hidden cage. You’re always there—or at least when life permits. You take care of him in both big and little ways. You make him meals—make sure he’s not working himself too hard. You listen to him when his worries slip off his tongue and spill into the room. You text him good night and good morning when he’s away—little “I love you’s” arriving via text at random times throughout the days, just to remind him that you’ve always got his back.

And he always has yours. It’s just…sometimes he’s bad at remembering to show you that he does. You know that he loves you. You know that you’re happy with Namjoon—happier than you’ve been with anyone else, but…when the days are long, and your boyfriend is busy with his responsibilities, you keep all of your worries to yourself. You lay in your bed at night, staring at the space where Namjoon should be laying, yet he’s not. Comebacks are exhausting, his schedule is packed, he wants to work on his mixtape, and is planning to do a V-live for fans when he’s got some time to spare. He wants to see you too, but you always tell him to put his job as an idol first. I’ll be fine, you habitually tell him with a smile, kissing him as he stands in the doorway to your apartment, his backpack on his shoulder and tired endearment in his gaze. Go be Rap Monster, I’ll be here if you need me.

But…sometimes you want Namjoon. Your Namjoon. You wish that he could read your mind—that he could know when you’re feeling lonely and need his support in return. Sometimes he’s oblivious about it—he can’t decipher the meaning behind brief texts, or a phone call with no voicemail following it. He assumes you butt dialed him on accident. If you wanted to talk you’d just talk to him, right?

Not exactly, you think, sighing to yourself as you curl around Namjoon’s vacant pillow, nuzzling your face against the soft fabric of the case. It’s not easy to just talk—not when you’re trying to put his needs first. Not when you’re trying to be an understanding and supportive girlfriend.

And that’s why you find yourself up at midnight on a Thursday, unable to sleep, your chest constricted with emotions that you’ve been holding in for too long. You want to grab onto Namjoon and tell him your worries—all your thoughts. His presence itself relaxes you—makes you feel safe and secure. But…it’s been too long. You feel terrible and needy for thinking that way—but it’s been two weeks. BTS had gone abroad for a few interviews and fanmeets. When they’d returned there had been award shows, which meant practice—for dances and speeches both. You and Namjoon had texted back and forth, but nothing could actually compare to talking face to face…and as a result, you’d sunken into the darkness a little. Your worries had gotten the best of you. You started to doubt yourself—your worth, if you’d done something wrong, if you could have done anything better, if you were doing the right thing—

Those kinds of thoughts had been eating at you for some time now…and finally, on a Thursday night, your phone unlocked and blaring white light up at your face, Namjoon’s contact readily available on screen, you decide that you can’t be alone with your thoughts anymore. With tears in your eyes, guilt eating at you for feeling the need to call Namjoon in the first place, you press the ‘call’ button and wait. On the forth ring Namjoon picks up, his voice scratchy with sleep.


You hold your breath, chest shaking. Fuck, why had you called? He had probably been sleeping, and now you’re just bothering him. Fuck—

Babe? You there?”

“I—,” you begin, but your voice wavers, and the weakness that resounds in your tone causes your throat to close. The line falls into silence, but after a second you here Namjoon shifting—sheets moving—and he speaks up, sounding much more awake.

Y/N? Are you ok?”

“No…,” is the only whispered word you can manage before a sob wracks your frame. You press your face farther into Namjoon’s pillow, phone forgotten on the sheets next to your head.

Fuck…babe, are you there? C’mon—I…do you want me to come over?” Namjoon pauses when you hiccup, and he imagines you shaking your head no, which only causes his heart to break more. “I don’t know what’s up but I’m coming over—”

“N-No,” you shake, trying to pull yourself together, but you still sound like a wreck. “You—you said you’ve got a f-flight at 10 tomorrow. Don’t bother with me—I—”

“I’m going to bother with you,” he interrupts, and you hear him awkwardly and hurriedly padding around his room. “You’re my girlfriend and I care about you—I’m coming over, ok?”

Just hearing Namjoon affirm his feelings about you has you breaking down all over again, and you barely manage a shaky “ok” to which Namjoon simply says that he’ll be over soon, and ends the call. 20 minutes later, you hear your apartment door jiggling, and after unlocking it, Namjoon steps inside.

“Babe?” he calls, voice tentative and worried. Your face is damp with shed tears, Namjoon’s pillow still tightly held in your grasp. You’re sure you look a mess, and you still feel terrible for having called him, yet even so you manage a little grunt, and after a few seconds your bedroom door creeps open.

Namjoon’s heart cracks at the sight of you, and he gently seats himself next to you on the bed, hand moving to rest on your hair. You let out a shaky breath, tears coming back to your eyes.


“I’m sorry—,” you interrupt, voice hitching. “I’m sorry I called you. You’re so busy, I didn’t mean to wake you or anything. You shouldn’t have to worry about me—fuck—”

“Woah, hey, listen,” he interrupts you, shushing you gently as his hand begins petting over your soft hair. “I wasn’t sleeping, and so what if I’m busy? I still care about you, Y/N…I know I’m not as good as you at showing how much I love you, but you mean the world to me, so…you can talk to me, you know? What’s going on, baby?”

“Why do you even love me?” you say quietly, curling in on yourself, voice calm, yet Namjoon can see your chest shaking. “I’m…a mess. I’m so sorry, Namjoon, I just…I don’t even know anymore…”

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Does anyone else remember Jim Henson’s Dog City?  It used to air on Fox Kids on Saturday mornings back in the 90′s, along with Bobby’s World, Eek! the Cat!, and a few others (I don’t know why I remember this, but it came on right after Romper Room).

It was a spin-off of an episode of The Jim Henson Hour that had been done with all puppetry, but the show was a combination of puppets and animation, and had a really interesting gimmick where the animator interacted with his cartoon creation. 

It’s also unique in that it’s the only show I’ve ever seen aimed at kids that’s based around the old-timey detective archetype and film noir style of storytelling.  It lasted three seasons (though I remember the later seasons becoming really strange, and adding a lot of then-current pop culture spoofs and references).

Looking back on it now, it’s actually pretty cleverly-written and entertaining.  Also total furry bait, but whatever–I don’t judge.

Does anyone else remember that very, very brief 12 hours of peace in the ship wars that happened the night L.exa died? I remember going through the tags and for once it wasn’t people ripping on each other but Bellarke shippers reaching out to C/exa shippers and I even remember C/exa shippers saying “thank you to all the Bellarke shippers who have reached out to us tonight” and for once, people weren’t angry at each other. It was almost like we were all united in our frustration at the show and the writers because, at that time, a lot of Bellarke shippers were really upset and mad at JR as well.

I can’t believe that peace happened on THAT night of all nights. 

Only to erupt into violent ship wars the next day. I feel like everyone forgot about that moment. I forgot. I just got reminded of it all of sudden and now I feel sad. :/

New(ish) Shance head cannon/prompt!

Hey guys! So @lancemcclainofficial recently posted a ask to see who of the paladins liked anime and it reminded me of a head cannon I had and I just had to share it!

I head cannon that Lance knows multiple languages. Taking them as electives in school to help him get into the garrison.
And I remember my one Spanish teacher telling me that a great way to learn Spanish, or any language, is to watch a show in that language with English subtitles. (I remember I used to watch a lot of anime when I was younger, and I still remember a lot of what some of the words mean. So I can just imagine Lance doing something similar and learning Japanese from watching anime.)

But he doesn’t want to tell anyone else because he’s embarrassed that he had to work so hard to get into the Garrison. But he especially does not want to tell Shiro, because just because Shiro is Japanese doesn’t nesisarily mean he knows how to speak Japanese. Plus, it just never came up.

Until it does.

One day during a big fight The Druids hit everyone with a spell that makes them revert to their original language, and only pidge and Keith can speak English (some people say that Keith is Korean but from that BOM episode where we saw his dad I think he was born and raised American.) while Shiro(Japanese), Hunk(Hawaiian), Coran and Allura(Altean) and Lance(Cuban spanish) are forced to speak in their mother tongue.

All except Lance, he can get around the spell because he knows multiple languages fluintly.(Including altean because Corran taught him in their down time) Everyone is shocked to learn this about their blue paladin, but especially Shiro.(Its been so long since he spoke in his mother tongue and to speak it again on top of hearing Lance speak it, and so fluintly, is both wonderful and a little overwhelming).

So Lance saves the day by being able to communicate between all everyone and find the cure for the spell. And afterwords Shiro commends him and (quite shyly) asks if they could speak to each other in Japanese sometimes. Explaining that its been so long and how much he misses it. Of coarse Lance agrees and the blue and black paladin “bond”. ;}

Love mess

Pairing: Jisoo x Reader

Genre: harry potter!au, fluff

REQUEST:  A BlackPink Harry Potter AU with Jisoo where she makes a love potion for her class assignment but the reader accidentally drinks it and falls for Jisoo

A/n: Yay, another HP!au. I absolutely live for those and any other au that has something to do with magic. Hope you´ll like it, anonie!

*gif not mine unless stated*

Originally posted by lalisam

“A tiny bit of peppermint and we´re done.” Jisoo mumbled, sprinkling the green leaves into the cauldron infront of her. She stirred everything together, pulling away as a pink cloud rose from it. Content with her work, she closed her potion´s book, putting it to its place. 

“Are you sure making a love potion was a good idea? I mean, it caused a lot of trouble last year.” Lisa said from behind her stack of books, remembering the last time a love potion went missing, creating a mess they had trouble sorting out. Jisoo gave her roommate a firm nod, pouring the small amount of the liquid into a bottle. She was very careful when it came to her school work, and even more when it was for her potions class. She was excellent at it, mixing all the right ingredients in just the right amounts to create flawless potions of all kinds. This time it was no exception. Although the smell was luring Jisoo in, she resisted and got rid of the excess.

“I have to go now, I promised to meet Chaeyoung in the library to help her with something.” Jisoo bid Lisa goodbye, cleaning up after herself as usual. She then put the bottle with the potion into her bag and left herself. 


“Please tell me I´m dreaming.” Jisoo whined, feeling around the inside of her bag. She was unable to find the bottle of potion she made yesterday, sheer panic taking over her. Both Jennie and Lisa looked at eachother with wide eyes, gulping. Jisoo felt like crying when she realized it was gone, just mere hours before her potions class. It would take more than that to create a new one, not to mention she had run out of all the ingredients. 

“We have to find it before anyone else does. Just imagine the-” Jennie´s speech was cut off when a loud, unusually squeaky voice called out. Jisoo´s blood ran cold.

“Jichu!” History was repeating itself.


“You have to help me! I´m running out of ways to show her that I don´t want to date her.” She desperatly followed Chaeyoung through the hallways of school, yet again on a verge of crying. The younger girl stopped abruptly, looking at Jisoo with disbelief.

“But didn´t you say you would do anything for Y/N to notice you?”Jisoo sighed and frowned, remembering the exact time she had told her friends about the crush she had on you, the beautiful girl from Ravenclaw that made her heart skip a beat everytime she saw you. 

“Yes, I did. But I wanted her to notice me in a normal state. Not when she´s blinded by some crazy potion I made. I don´t want to take advantage of the situation.” 

“Why don´t you just wait until it stops working then,” Groaning, Jisoo pulled at her hair. That would take forever. The effects of properly made potions never run out so easily, sometimes lasting for months. And Jisoo was unsure if she´d be able to last that long, especially after the eight days you followed her around like a puppy. Only those days have been exhausting for her, and she couldn´t imagine twenty more. 

“How about making another potion? The one that would make her fall out of love?” Chaeyoung´s suggestion seemed to have sparked some ideas in Jisoo´s head, making her throw her arms around Chaeyoung excitedly. 

“You´re a genius!” 


“Hi Y/N.” Jisoo smiled, approaching you with her hands behind her back. When you saw her your eyes lit up, the corners of your lips curling up into a smile. She felt a sting in her chest, hesitating if she really wanted to do it. Since she started making the second potion to rid you of the effects of the previous one, she held an inner conflict with herself. The better in her, fortunately, won and made her walk to you with a bottle in her hands.

“Jichu! I missed you.” You hugged her, nuzzling your head into the crook of her neck. Before she once again found herself deciding between the good and bad, Jisoo pulled away from you.

“I brought you a gift” Pushing her arms in front of herself, she offered you a small box wrapped in ribbon of your favorite color. She thought that a gesture like that would make you want to drink it even more, other than the fact she was completely in ´love´ with you. You took it from her, shaking it to have a rough idea of what was inside. But to Jisoo´s dismay, you put it in the pocket of your cloak.

“Thank you so much. But I wanted to ask you something first.” Jisoo started thinking hard of way to make you drink it first. It didn´t go as easy as she thought it would.

“Please, drink it first. I´m really impatient to see if you´ll like it.” So you took the box and unwrapped it, revealing a small, decorative bottle inside. You examined it in your hands, then you shrugged your shoulder and pulled the plug at the top. Without any hesitation in you, you drank it all the way to the bottom. Meanwhile, Jisoo watched you get a little dizzy. She had to restrain herself from helping you when you started coughing, knowing well it would stop soon. And it did.

“How do you feel?” The expression on your face wasn´t nearly as loving as before, but it wasn´t cold and rude either. With her brows furrowed, Jisoo impatiently waited for you to answer. 

“I feel… okay? I guess.” That was all you said, turning your back to her and leaving. Jisoo sighed, happy that it worked but sad you were back to your old self. She was slowly preparing for more years of you pretending she didn´t exist. 

“I guess its better this way.”


The next day was even more rushed. With the preparation for the Yule ball in full blast, everyone was running around the halls of Howgwarts like crazy. Jisoo was no exception. The tasks she had at hand were too much for her to handle, but she had to oblige and do them. She was sprinting down the hall, on her way to the common room of her house, Hufflepuff. She hoped that Lisa would be there to help her with some things, as Jisoo´s head was already on the verge of exploding. On her way there, she bumped into someone.

“I´m so sorry, are you okay?” She helped you up, already on the run again when your hand pulled her back. You dusted yourself off, then gave her a warm smile. 

“Whatever you have to do, it can wait. This is not going to take long either.” Your sheepish smile confused Jisoo even more. Infact, you weren´t supposed to talk to her either. Not after what happened yesterday.

“Sorry for running off like that yesterday. I wanted to ask you something but I guess I forgot about it.” All the words made Jisoo even more impatient, looking from side to side. On top of that, she was dazed and confused like no other day.

“I´m not going to beat around the bush anymore. Would you like to go to the Yule ball with me?” Though she didn´t really comprehend what you had said, she agreed without any second to spare. Then with a rushed apology she left. Only later that day, when she was in her bed she realized what exactly she had agreed to. Unlike other nights, Jisoo fell asleep with a wide smile on her face. A smile that was nothing compared to the one you had. 

We Were Young Chapter 9

Title: Training

Series: Inuyasha

Genres: Humor/ AU 

Rated: K+ (even baby!yasha has a potty mouth lmao)

Summary: AU where Kagome falls down the well at the young age of 7 and general child cuteness ensues. 

A/N- HAPPY BIRTHDAY @grapefruitwannabe this one is for you!!! I’m so sorry I made you wait so long for this chapter!!

Full story: FFN     Tumblr

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

The next morning Kagome woke early, before Inuyasha even for once, so she decided that she was going to do a little exploring on her own. She searched through the house for some paper to leave a note, but there wasn’t any, so she decided to just go anyway.

“Inuyasha will be able to follow my scent anyway,” Kagome reasoned to herself. “And I should be safe in Sango’s village.”

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anonymous asked:

All I kept thinking was in the episode where August pretended to be Bae, when he used the dagger on Rumple, he looked appalled and said something like you're not my son. Bae would never use the dagger on me. Does anyone else remember that? Clearly not Adam and Eddie.

Adam and Eddie? Remember their own show? Ha, what a notion!

Does anyone else remember that movie Coraline where this girl finds a secret doorway that can only be accessed by her at night and she goes through it and it’s her life except she is actually happy and everyone has sewn on buttons for eyes and everything is going really well like there are flowers and good food and old ladies putting on shows and dogs and circus mice but eventually her “other mother” turns into a giant spider and tries to kill her


I know some people see the “I know you better than anyone” speech like something abrupt or that he gives himself too much credits but I don’t see it that way. What I see is someone who truly cares someone who pays attention and who remembers what her dreams once were. He remembers what she told him about becoming a journalist, he remembers how important it was for her and how important Yale was for her!! He wanted her to remember what her goals were and he wanted that for her and not for him. Some people need a little push to get back on the right track (not everybody by it worked for her). Jess has always showed Rory the best support and that you like him or not that is undeniable. When he says “I know you better than anyone” it’s because in some way he does. He understand her like no one else does, he knows what she wants, he knows who she is and if he pushed her like this it’s because he knew she wasn’t being herself and he cares too much about her to let her ruin her life. All Jess has done is care about what Rory wanted, he has loved her the most and for that he can’t be the worse of her boyfriends.

Does anyone else remember this pop song from around 2008?

by reddit user hartijay

I used to work on my university campus radio station in college. We used to talk about current events around the school, any news around the surrounding town, and played requested songs for students, something our school surprisingly allowed. I remember a very weird couple of months where students who tuned into the show constantly requested a song called “See You After, Babe”, a pop song by some one-hit-wonder group called Symmetry Icon, the dumbest name for a band I’ve ever heard. But that song was huge around October and November of 2008. As one of the campus radio’s DJs, I had to play that song over like a hundred times in two months. I heard it everywhere, in malls, gas stations, on real radio stations, and I think even on MTV.

Something was weird about that song, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. I tried Googling the song and band, but nothing came up in the results for either. Not even YouTube had a single clip of the song.

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(A/N: Hey guys! Does anyone else have to deal with that situation where your friends invite you to go to a party or something, and you agree but later realize that you didn’t really want to go? Cause you’ve been to these parties before and they aren’t ever fun and you know that you aren’t going to enjoy it? I’m in this situation currently and ARGGGH. I really don’t want to go, tbh. Oh well. Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Preference: How he deals with stress/pressure


    He binges TV shows with you.

    Got a show that just came on Netflix that you want to watch with Cas? Wait until his next semester at work when he has to work heavily with his co workers. He always comes home super frazzled and worn out, and all he really wants to do is get takeaway, cuddle up on the couch and fall asleep watching whatever show you picked.


    He reads. A lot. And has to have you in the room.

    Even if you aren’t necessarily interacting, Peter has to have you in the room if he’s reading. When his projects at work get particularly stressful, he reads around three books for every week that the project is going on, and while that doesn’t leave much time for you, Peter makes sure that you are in the picture. Normally you sit on opposite sides of the couch, feet beside each others on the ottoman, while you get work done or brush up on some reading yourself. Peter often makes comments about what’s going on in his book, and since he nearly never reads anything except for fantasy, the stories can become pretty outlandish!


    Cuddles. Lots of them. Multiple times a day.

Ed just needs the love, okay?! Seriously, he craves physical contact from you as soon as he is home. He doesn’t really detach from you, and while it might seem annoying, it’s really endearing. The night usually ends cuddled up together in bed while some soft indie music plays in the background.


To the person who requested this, I hope you don’t mind that I added a few characters. If you do mind, you can send me a message and yell at me if it makes you feel better.


“YES!” you screamed as the Doctor narrowly escaped the fire of the Santaran and because you hit the back of it’s neck and knocked it out. You’d never felt so alive in your entire life. The Doctor came back around the corner he went to hide behind. “Oi, you, you’d better begin to look after yourself.” you joked. 

“Why would I do that when I’ve got you?” he smiled, looking around the corner.

“What if I’m not around forever?”  

“Plan on leaving, do you?” 

“Don’t get too excited. Duck.” you said casually. 


“Duck.” you repeated as you raised your sledge hammer, mirroring the Santaran as he raised his gun. You spun around, whirling your hammer until you were behind the alien, bringing the same fate upon this one as the last, striking the back of his neck. 

“Oh, I love you.” The Doctor smiled as he stood and grabbed your face in his hands and pressed his lips against you yours in a hot, sloppy kiss. “That wasn’t supposed to happen.” he furrowed his eyebrows, still holding you gently. You looked into his eyes and then kissed him like he had you. 

“I love you too.” 


“Why would you do that?!” he yelled, slamming the door of the TARDIS. 

“I saved those children!” you defended yourself loudly. 

“You could’ve been killed!” 

“Even if I had, those people still would’ve live. Isn’t that what it’s all about, Doctor?” you looked him in the eyes and he softened immensely but he was still angry. 

“You could’ve died.” he sighed. “I almost lost you.”  

“That doesn’t matter.” you shook your head, knowing where the conversation was headed. 

“Shall I take you home, then?” he asked. Immediately you started crying. You didn’t know it was even possible to cry that quickly. 

“What?” you choked. 

“You want me to take you home?” 

“No.” you shook your head, tear falling down your face. You saw how lonely he was. You knew what it meant to be alone, how it felt. You could never wish that for anyone, especially not your Doctor. “You want me to leave?” 

“No.” he shook his head. You’d never heard him be so sincere. “But they all leave. And I suppose, in the end, they break my hearts.” he said, looking down at his dirty red converse. You rushed across the control room, throwing your arms around him. 

“I’ll never leave you, Doctor.” you whispered. You felt his hearts beating fast and he took a deep breath, hugging you back. 

“I love you, Y/N.” 


“Oh,” he gasped. “I survived, brilliant! I love when I do that.” he smiled, sliding down to the floor. 

“Yea, me too.” you sighed sarcastically, finally able to breathe. The Doctor had gone out to inspect the area around you, saying he hadn’t been on the planet in a very long time and wasn’t sure it was safe for you to go out yet. He really only meant to be a minute but ended up taking several hours and you wanted to go looking for him but you were the only companion he’d ever had to follow the ‘Don’t Wander Off’ rule and stayed put in the TARDIS like he asked. 

“I am very sorry I was so long. Are you alright?” he asked, looking down at you as you rested your head on his shoulder. 

“You worried me to death, but other than that, I’m just grand.” 

“You were worried about me?” he smirked. 

“You’re an idiot who gets into all sorts of trouble on a daily basis, of course I worry about you.” you laughed, smacking his stomach lightly. You both laughed for a moment before you both went silent, thanking your stars the other was there. He began to realize how close he was to dying, to being without you.  

“Do you know I love you?” he asked. You knew he did, he knew you loved him back but neither of you had ever said it out loud. It was always in the air, like a balloon that just kept filling itself up. And you both watched happily as it popped. 

“I do. I love you too, Doctor.” you smiled, taking his hand in yours. 


“Have you lost your fucking mind, you?” you screamed. “Let me go! They’re dying!” you kicked around as the Doctor dragged you back into the TARDIS. “LET ME GO!”  

“Alright.” he said simply and released you. You headed straight for the door but he’d locked you in. You beat and beat on the door but nothing happened so you gave up and slid down to the floor, crying. After he set the TARDIS on cruise control and you were absently floating through space, he came to sit beside you. 

“They’re dead because of me.” you sniffled. 

“No, they’re dead because of me. If anyone is to take the blame here, it’s me. You know how selfish I get, don’t you. Don’t claim what mine as yours.” he sounded serious but he wanted you to laugh or smile but you just stared up at him. 

“Doctor, why’d you do that?” 

“There was nothing you could have done.” 

“Then you should have left me there.” you snapped before you rested your head on his arm. 

“Can’t do that, you know I can’t.” 

“Why not?” 

“I love you.” he whispered. He almost hoped you hadn’t heard it but he knew that you did. “I-I can’t loose you, Y/N, I love you.” 

Captain Jack Harkness-

“Jack!” you squealed, putting your hands on his as he lifted you off the ground. “Quit!” 

“Not a chance.” he smirked. you brought your legs up to kick them around and try to get free, giggling the whole time. You wiggled around before you grabbed onto his desk and leaned forward to pull yourself away from him. 

“Jack, let go!”

“Nope.” he kissed your shoulder. Your waist was held tight to his and he leaned over. “I can’t tell you what I’m thinking right now.” he whispered in your ear as he placed your feet back on the ground. 

“I’ll tell you what I’m thinking, Captain.” you grinned and whispered something in his ear that was only fit for him to hear. 

“I love you.” he growled.

Vincent Van Gogh-

“It’s color!” Vincent shouted. “Color that holds the key! I can hear the colors, listen to them.” he moved across his living room, crouching in front of you, holding onto the arms of your chair. “Every time I step outside, I feel nature is shouting at me, “Come on! Come and get me, come on! Come on, capture my mystery!” he shouted, shaking your chair. 

You smiled, looking into his wild eyes. You loved when he got so passionate about things, showed he was still alive, he was capable of feeling good. You were silent for a long time, just looking up into his eyes, admiring the flame, until he started to loose his smile because you hadn’t said anything. HE was so insecure and he often thought you believed he was crazy and only hung around because you felt sorry for him until you said something only one full of love could say. 

“You have the most beautiful mind, Vincent.” you sipped your tea, only looking away from him for a second. “I only wish I could see the world around me the way you do. I couldn’t dream of living in a world so magnificent.” you whispered. 

“You don’t really think-” 

“I do.” you stopped him, kissing his forehead. 

“I love you.” he shook his head, smiling with tears in his eyes. “I love you so much.”

Does everyone remember the episode of Doctor Who with Vincent Van Gogh in it? That’s my favorite episode and I’ve been in love with the character since the first time I watched it. Obviously, I loved Van Gogh’s art before I even started watching Doctor Who but I just really loved his character on the show. I’ve never seen any fanfiction for him but am I crazy? I always fall in love with minor characters. I don’t know why. 


Does anyone else just really love him?

anonymous asked:

On the note of Riley being a thief of Lucas clothes. Does he like eventually notice or find out, or it always a shock when she comes out in this clothes? Also does Riley steal others clothes or just Lucas? Why does she do it?

Lucas notices right away that she’s wearing his clothes! He’s not so much shocked as he is confused because he doesn’t remember leaving certain clothes at her place. Like she’ll just randomly show up to class one day sporting one of his hoodies that he thought he lost a long time ago and he’s like how ???? but still swoons because she’s wearing his stuff and looks adorable in it.

I’d like to think she doesn’t wear anyone else’s clothes except for maybe like her parents. Like she’ll wear some of Topanga’s vintage 90’s dresses/skirts/sweaters and some of Cory’s tees and sweatshirts from Pennbrook and maybe even some of Aunt Morgans hand-me-downs but most of her “borrowed” items come from Lucas!

The reason she hijacks and wears his clothes is because it smells like him. She first starts because Lucas likes to visit Pappy Joe in Texas a lot and because she can’t always up and go with him, she’ll wear a piece of his clothing to feel close to him. Like she’ll just pull the collar up to her nose and breathe in and it’s like a sense of calm rushes over her and it’s like he’s there with her. She’ll also wear it if she can’t sleep or is in a weird mood, throwing on one of his things is like a warm hug and increases her mood instantly. She eventually gives him his stuff back one by one but only because it starts to smell like her instead of him haha.

Side note: Lucas doesn’t get it at first, like he thinks she looks adorable and feels special that she likes to wear his things but he doesn’t get it really until one day after Riley has been wearing his hoodie all day she leaves it at his house and he throws it on and is blown away by how much it smells like her and he just can’t stop smelling himself because it smells just like her and he never noticed but it’s pretty much his favorite smell in the world so it gets to the point where the only reason he looks forward to her giving back his stuff is because he can wear it while it smells like her!!!!

And thus the cycle is born.

RIP me.