does anyone else remember this shit

Does anyone else ever like, forget they’re diabetic for a minute? Like I’ll be halfway done deepthroating a cupcake, then I’m like “oh shit I didn’t take insulin!” But then I also remember that the literal antichrist is our president and were all gonna die anyway, none of this is real and nothing truly matters? No? Just me huh?


Does anyone else remember loosing their shit when this trailer came out? i mean like completely lost their shit? Cause i did. And i played it non stop after i first saw it, i was in awe. 

a thing that strikes me about the idea that not only do you have to be an abuse survivor to like certain ships/kinks, you have to be a survivor of the right abuse, abuse that matches up with those things enough to count

is that, look, maybe for some people those categorisations are easy. maybe for some people, you can say for certain that you went through x or y specific kind of abuse. but for other people? yeah, it isn’t always that damn easy.

sometimes you’ve gotten as far as understanding that you experienced abuse, but not exactly which things counted, or what they counted as. 

sometimes you have massive blank spots in your memories, and you don’t know what might be in them because the stuff you do remember is awful itself.

sometimes you know that you went through something that in anyone else you would acknowledge as a particular kind of abuse, but taking the plunge and admitting to yourself that you’re a survivor of that kind of abuse is too much.

hell - sometimes you went through the kind of shit where everyone you ask says, ‘yes, that was emotional abuse’ or ‘yes, that was sexual abuse’, and you still can’t consider yourself as having been abused at all.

all that this shit does is contribute to making it harder for survivors to process and understand their abuse. and if that’s what you’re down for, then have the decency to admit that the only survivors you care about are the ones who agree with you, and that you’re willing to actively hurt the rest of us for the sake of your agenda.

remember when Onceler askblogs where the thing of tumblr and people made like Greedler where it was an edgy onceler with pointy teeth and a long tounge and everyone wanted to fuck it?? well who remembers that constipated onceler askblog?? like people actually sent in asks and the blog would respond with art of onceler trying to shit like does anyone else remember this or 

The Dexholders’ Reaction to 1000 Days a Stone

[Disclaimer: These are my own headcanons and I suck at writing. If you have any complaints, write it in double spaced-Times-12 format and include at least 6 sources from scholarly articles which must be referenced using Harvard referencing style (ps: avoid footnotes)]

Red: …Wow. Being a stone for over three years… I wonder if he’s okay in there.

Green: I can’t stand being petrified for three years. He had it much heavier. I’ll see if he will still be fit as a Dexholder when he gets out.

Blue: Oh… Oh my. It gives me flashbacks… I don’t want to remember…

Yellow: W-why… I don’t want anyone else to suffer like us. Not our juniors… Is this nature’s cruel fate?

Gold: Yo what the shit??? Man that’s terrible. Poor chap. I’ll fight whoever sealed him. What a wanker

Silver: … So it’s Ghetsis.

Crystal: Oh my… 1000 days? He’s gone through worse than me. I need to be stronger than him.

Ruby: ONE THOUSAND DAYS? God, no. I’m gonna lay down. This is too absurd to comprehend.

Sapphire: One… One thousand days. That’s… That’s a lot. A shit lot. H… How? Will he still be sane? What does it feel like in there?

Emerald: heh… I’m not sure if he’s getting out there in one piece. Hope he’s okay tho.

Diamond: What a dreadful experience. I’m going to help him cope when he gets out. No one should deserve this.

Pearl: W-what? No. No! Why is life so cruel? No! Dia… he’s going to need our support. I’ll make sure of it.

Platinum: I’ve been though some bizarre experiences in my life but… being on a limbo for over three years…


White: Dear Black. I’ve been contributing a lot on Pokestar lately, and my clients are very happy with the agency as of current. If only… If only you’re here right now. I… I can’t accomplish this without y-your help. I should’ve not… I sh…. I was powerless on that day. It’s all my fault… No. I did what I could. I’m sorry. Black…. I miss you. Please… Please come home.

Lack-Two: It was indeed devastating news. We need our witness here ASAP, and the people I know missed him. When he returns, we can continue my team’s investigation on the Pokemon League incident. On behalf of the International Police and the Dexholder union, we’re sorry.

Whi-Two: Mama said nature can be cruel to us and Pokemon. If this had happened to Whi-Two’s senior, I hope it does not happen to Whi-Two. He might be against Lord N once, but Whi-Two still think it’s too much for him…

X: Sensationalism. Ugh. I hate it. True figures please. There’s no way someone can be trapped in a small rock for over three years. You can’t fool me; you all are just doing it for the money.

Y: Three… years. As if current events wasn’t bad already…

Sun: W-Wha? Three years? Imagine how much money you can obtain for working for three whole full years? Man, I would. I would break down.

Moon: Gosh. One thousand days… Is this the right desicion? Should I go through weird shit like this as well if I become a dexholder? Anyway, once I get him patched up - if he gets out in the end, of course - I’ll make sure no one experiences similar things anymore.

[I want to get off mr kuska’s wild ride…]

as gay as verkwan and jihan and all that seem at time, does anyone else remember that time in 2013 on seventeen tv where mingming was trying to… kill jun? or something? idk but

this was actually much gayer than anything past debut has ever been

tag yourself i’m the guy with the earbuds not giving a fuck

jun was loving it too i mean look at that he’s having the time of his life

hey mingming, buddy, is there something you wanna talk about?




this is probably what every sexually frustrated jun stan now wants to do to him

jesus mingming you can just ask nicely


hoshi’s like ‘oh did i just interrupt something?’ YES YOU DID

So is anyone else watching this garbage with Tapas right now?


They pulled this same shit except, THIS TIME, Tapas ain’t payin’. Hell, I don’t even think TP paid their artists well either AND they put out next to horrible content.

There were people 10 years later still having trouble getting their work back from TP.

Webcomics are NO place for stunts like this, people. We post webcomics in the first place because no other publishing outlet would let us create what we wanted so, WE DID IT ON OUR OWN.

Don’t let them screw you this way.

I’ll be the voice of warning here: You’re going to end up like Inkblazers if you keep this shit up, @tapasapp.

Do NOT tightfist our content (especially stuff you don’t pay for or provide a wage for) and DO NOT assume you know what’s best for our work. You’re not an in-house platform with contracts like that. You’re a WEBSITE OPEN TO THE FREE CREATION OF ALL. What made you think this was a good idea?!


“it wouldn’t even have to be an evil sponge” is a vital part of my personal lexicon but i don’t think anyone knows what the fuck i’m talking about 99.99% of the time

So anyway, does anyone else remember when Holland and Cody were on the Teen Wolf After Show hosted by Posey? And Posey and Holland made gross, ableist jokes about mental health? And Cody was fucking SILENT during their douche time and then quietly and sincerely spoke about how he feels for people with mental health issues and that he hopes that the portrayal of Stiles’ mental health problems is taken seriously on the show? Anyone else remember that shit? Because I do. That’s the day I became a Cody Christian stan.

anonymous asked:

Does anyone else think that maybe Chloe doesn't want to believe that Lucifer's the Devil because she doesn't want people to think that she's crazy? Remember the whole Palmetto case where all her co-workers and so called friends turned their backs on her and called her crazy and horrible names which made Chloe feel depressed and lonely.

Well personally to me, I don’t think Chloe gives two shits about what other people think. Yeah she held back during Palmetto, but that was mainly for her own safety. She never once let her coworkers walk all over her. I mean she even stood her ground against Dan, her then husband, and didn’t care. I’m sure it hurt her, but Chloe is not the type of person to be pushed around by a few taunts. 

So to answer your original question: no, I don’t think Chloe doesn’t want to believe Lucifer because she’s afraid of what other people might say. 

I do think that she’s afraid of what happens when she stops saying “I need the eggs” and starts saying “I want the truth”, because then there’s a whole new rabbit hole to fall down. In a way Chloe is afraid of Lucifer not being crazy, but not because of what her coworkers will think. Just because of the sheer ‘what if’ factor. What if Lucifer really is telling the truth? What does this do to their relationship? What will happen if she accepts the truth? 

Personally, I think losing Lucifer to the truth scares her more than a few people’s opinions.

did anyone else go through a phase where they read too much john green or some shit and started acting like the annoying white male lead who thinks everyone else is intellectually inferior and does shit like start a grammar club to be away from all the “dumb normies” or was that just me