does anyone else remember this album

Taylor Swift Acoustic Versions That Will Blow Your Mind

Hearing an artist do one of their songs acoustically is truly a spiritual experience. Not only do you get to experience the song differently, but so do they. It brings a whole new dynamic to the meaning and makes you pay attention to the lyrics and the mood of the overall piece. Swift is known for her universally relatable, poetic yet not pretentious, strikingly gorgeous lyrics. So when she slows down a bit with a piano below her or a guitar in her arms, you know something good is about to go down.

You know what they say, life is too short to pretend you don’t like catchy Taylor Swift songs.

1. Blank Space

Just when we thought the most iconic pop ballad of 2015 couldn’t get any better, this happened.

2. Forever and Always

The piano version of ‘Forever and Always’ on Fearless was so good, she even included it on the album.

3. All Too Well

Does anyone else remember watching this live and bawling their eyes out? Not many people can capture an entire audience with just their words and a piano, but Taylor earned it with this performance.

4. Haunted

“Come on, come on, don’t leave me like this.” So breathtakingly hopeless it makes you wanna crawl up into bed forever. With a lot of tears, of course.

5. Mine

You’d think what makes 'Mine’ so great is the catchy, up-beat country vibes, but Swift proves to us this classic is so much better stripped.

6. Wildest Dreams / Enchanted Mashup

Fans are literally BEGGING for a studio version of this actual artistic masterpiece, but for now, all we have is bad quality youtube videos. Two of her most lyrically stunning songs mashed up into a realm of dreams and starry nights makes us all miss the one that got away.

7. Riptide (originally by Vance Joy)

Although originally performed by Vance Joy, Tay brings this Riptide in a whole new direction. Her immense appreciation for other artists is what makes her so great, and you can tell she connects to the song. She even took Joy on tour with her!

8. Ours

Sang so sweetly and purely, all I see is someone who has been performing for nearly a decade but still finds so much worth in her words. Just when you think the chorus is about to get all electric on us, she keeps it simple and heartwarming.

9. You’re Not SorryThe signature hair flips, the irreplaceable passion, and the new level of anger in this version. Yes please.

DOES ANYONE ELSE EVER JUST WATCH AN MCR LIVE PERFORMANCE ON YOUTUBE AND GET SO FUCKING HYPED BECAUSE IT WAS SO AMAZING ANd then get really fucking sad because then you remember they broke up or is that just me

anonymous asked:

what do you think the likelihood is that ed drops his third album this friday?

This Friday? While I know lots of people, myself included, want to hear new music right away, I’m like 99.9% sure that won’t be happening. Ed’s no Beyoncé so promo is quite crucial to his album sales. This is all just personal speculation but the way I see it panning out is that he’ll wait until the new year to drop anything, doing it now while we’re between the holidays would be a bit distracting. My guess is that promo for a single will drop just after New Years or he may even drop the single blindly around that same time. With a music video (presumably) for his single being filmed this week, I think we can assume that the single will be released sooner than later. In the past, the gap between his videos being filmed to release is generally just a couple of weeks so I could see a single being put out around the first week of January with the video to follow a week or two later.

As for the entire album I feel like we’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer for that. With nothing more than a hunch, I feel like the week of his birthday could be a likely time for release (Feb 12 - 18). It still may be a bit too soon but it might just give him just enough time to promote a single and an album, plus it being around his birthday adds a sentimental factor (also does anyone else remember when Ed himself accidentally created a rumor that the last album was going to be released on his birthday? It would be a fun turn of events). I know with his recent return to social media, everyone thought he could drop something at a moments notice but I saw it as more of a “hey guys, I hear you, in not dead, hold tight for a few more weeks” as compared to a warning that the album could drop at any second.

But hey! If I’m proved wrong and the kid just decides to dump an album on us tomorrow, I’ll sure as hell take it. :)

Edit: Also just realizing now that his birthdays on a Friday this year and Fridays are apparently the new day that music is released (as opposed to Tuesday’s) so this theory is looking a tiny bit more likely :)