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Dizzee: I’m bisexual. Any questions?




Dizzee: Oh, come on. You guys aren’t weirded out because I’m bisexual, are you?

Shao: No, we’re weirded out by the fact that you just called a meeting to tell us that.

Zeke: Um… Hi, everyone, again. I know that this is a little personal, but I’m also bisexual, and I am so glad that this group is so open–

Dizzee: Does anyone else have any other questions besides Zeke, who seems to think that every meeting is about him for some reason?

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un-biased analysis on that jikook vlive in osaka of them possibly doing bro things while naked in the dark pLEASE

First of all, you asked for this

Second of all, I’m just gonna point out a few things because the whole video was just…weird and try not to shove jikook down your throats cause that’s not fun (and also because there’s no actual evidence of Jimin being in the room in the first place)

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  • Buffy: I’m bisexual. Any questions?
  • Willow:
  • Giles:
  • Xander:
  • Buffy: Oh, come on. You guys aren’t weirded out because I’m bisexual, are you?
  • Willow: No, we’re weirded out by the fact that you just called a meeting to tell us that.
  • Faith: Um… Hi, everyone, again. I know that this is a little personal, but I’m also bisexual, and I am so glad that this group is so open–
  • Buffy: Does anyone else have any other questions besides Faith, who seems to think that every meeting is about her for some reason?

Okay, something to “hope” for, at least, in regards to Bellarke:

Clarke legit loves him more than she’s loved anyone else. For real, more than Finn, more than L.xa, and more than Abby. 

Why? Because Clarke believed that if Bellamy opened that door, that the human race would end. Clarke, as we know her, has given up on everyone else for the greater good, EXCEPT Bellamy.

She killed Finn for the greater good. 

She wouldn’t help Titus save L.xa (when Titus asked Clarke to advise to L.xa to let the Sky People die) for the greater good. 

She was going to let her mother die for the greater good. 

This makes it clear and canon (imo) that Clarke loves Bellamy more than anyone else in her life, before and now. Because he’s the ONLY person she’s sacrificed the “greater good” for.

She can’t let Bellamy die, because he is her humanity. He’s her greatest source of light, and without Bellamy, she’d lose all hope. 

So… does that mean there’s hope that Bellarke will become romantic, down-the-road. 

Of course it does. 

But, can I guarantee they will become romantic? No, I can’t. because I just honestly don’t know. 

This season they’ve pulled away from showing intimate Bellarke; they’ve had multiple opportunities and chances to make us think Bellarke would become romantic… and they’ve not taken those opportunities!


Is it to show that Bellarke is too scared to go there?


Is it because they want to make sure C.exa and Bellarke have a season between them for the sake of the antis?


Is it because Bellarke is just staying platonic. 

Idk! All I know is that I’m not seeing signs of romance, RIGHT NOW. 

I mean, I see pure love, yes, heck yes, I’m seeing a lot of that… but not romance.

So, I’m not being negative. I’m just letting you all know what I’m seeing and what I’m thinking. 

I’m being honest with you. Bellarke is legit a coin toss, right now. And some people are trying to say that I shouldn’t feel that way, and like okay, I want to be hopeful too, but… some of y’all have predicted romantic bellarke for seasons now… and it hasn’t happened, has it? Maybe consider the possibility that we could be wrong. 

Let’s wait to see what 4x12 and 4x13 brings. I have a tiny bit of hope yet that we’ll see Bellarke turning romantic, but I will ALSO NOT be surprised if they don’t. 

That’s just where I’m at, right now. 


Chirs knew he was being unusually quiet for the entirety of the panel with Simon and Tobi. He answered questions here and there, mostly forced a chuckle when fans would ask for a follow on Twitter and such, and the occasional banter back and forth, but ultimately he didn’t feel like doing much talking.

That didn’t got un-noticed either; there were Tweets from fans whom were watching streams or there in person, all aiming towards him being particuarly quiet and to himself. 

What’s so different than normal that made Chris not want to speak up? He was perfectly fine on the first day of the event. 

They didn’t know, but he did. 

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Does anyone else feel kind of, I don’t know, fake, when someone says something and all you do is smile and nod while internally you’re like “No I actually know something about this and you’re wrong, you’re so wrong I don’t know how to adequately explain things to you.”

Sometimes I feel like I’m dumbing myself down for people but I just, I don’t want to start a fight and explaining why they’re wrong would take an essay and at least five scholarly sources.

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So - what's the karma backlash when you steal someone else's art, crop it, and don't even give them credit on your post? Because I think you've got some coming your way.

i’ve been going back through my blog trying to figure out what you’re talking about. i’ve never cropped or reposted anyone else’s art, i’ve only posted my own drawings/instagram stuff. i hate it terribly whenever someone does that to my work, so i’d like to clear up whatever this is because i know that’s a horrible way to feel. 

edit: or do you mean gifs? i’ve just realized i used gifs i find on giphy and such in my posts, i can add a source to them or whatever it is if you want to tell me specifically what you’re talking about, but otherwise i’m thoroughly confused. 

  • Hansol: I’m bisexual. Any questions?
  • Everybody: ....
  • Hansol: Oh, come on. You guys aren’t weirded out because I’m bisexual, are you?
  • P-goon: No, we’re weirded out by the fact that you just called a meeting to tell us that.
  • Xero: Um… Hi, everyone. I know that this is a little personal, but I’m also bisexual, and I am so glad that this group is so open–
  • Hansol: Does anyone else have any other questions besides Xero, who seems to think that every meeting is about him for some reason?
A weekend in Scotland or Ireland?

I’m going to England for work in about a month and I’m going to use that free transcontinental flight to stay a little longer and visit somewhere else for a weekend. I have decided to do either Scotland or Ireland but I’m stuck between the two. I’ll be there for I think 3 days, alone. I thought I’d crowd source since I know some of you guys are from around there or have visited.

Does anyone recommend one over the other or should I just find the best deal?

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Remember that day when Ksoo was the mc during one of their recent interviews? That part when he asked JI whit who he would like to work on a duet... The way both of them reacted was SOOOOOO UGH. Ksoo was clearly more interested on his answer and JI acting shy/embarrassed or even nervously while answering. THIS MOMENT ISNT TALKED ABOUT ENOUGH! Whenever they had to talk to each other, something about the atmosphere and about the way both of them were acting just magically changed

asdfghjkl; yES!

I do remember, how could I forget? It was also when they had their first real conversation during an interview even though it was like 2 seconds long.

Jongin almost always chooses Kyungsoo and I love that. This isn’t the first time he’s mentioned that he loves likes Kyungsoo’s voice. 

I know Jongin said something like “If it had to be an exo member…”, no, it doesn’t have to be an exo member Jongin, you can literally choose anyone in this whole, big, wide world. I’m speaking from the heart when I say that I’m thoroughly convinced he only said that because there is no one else he wants to duet with as badly as Kyungsoo. [Source]

Look at that smile, he’s smiling at Kyungsoo. Someone talked about Jongin’s ear habit being symbolic of nervousness or uneasiness, I think it’s true. I think he does this when he’s generally nervous because he actually once said “I’m really nervous” and was massaging/rubbing his ear. I’ve noticed, whenever he does do this, he’s also usually in a nerve wrecking situation. 

Conclusion: He feels nervous about saying that he wants to collaborate with Kyungsoo. IsN’T THAT JUST SO CUTE? It’s like he’s confessing to his damn crush. Calm down boy, it was just a question. 

Honestly this moment was so comfortable for once. They didn’t seem strained even though everyone had a weird mood all of a sudden. Look at Kyungsoo, he’s so genuinely interested in Jongin’s answer: “What genre?” Because I’ll let you decide, I’ll sing whatever you want.

wELL fuCK. He doesn’t even care what genre, gUYS. He just wants to do something with Kyungsoo for once, in public. I mean, SM never promotes them together and here is Jongin publically declaring he doesn’t give a flying fuck what they do because really, he just wants to be with Kyungsoo. 

Seriously though, Jongin’s stated multiple times how much he likes Kyungsoo’s voice and it makes me emotional on so many different levels you don’t understand.

uM, no he doesn’t, you just want to hear him sing. We get it Jongin, Kyungsoo is the best. [Source]

[Source] Chen chose Jongin as the best dancer and because Jongin is a bigger kyungsoo!hoe than all of us, he just casually betrayed Chen’s mercy and kindness by choosing Kyungsoo over him. 

Hate to break it to ya, but homeboy ain’t sorry Chen. 

I can’t find the other moments right now, but I’m 100% sure there are others. Let’s just conclude that Kim Jongin is Do Kyungsoo trash and he’s damn proud.

its 4am and im thinking too much but it’s interesting how tumblr used to be like the main source of original funny internet content and sometimes the really good stuff would make it over to twitter but now the tumblr gays have aged out and a new generation of twitter gays have taken over and all the original content comes from twitter with the funniest stuff coming to tumblr in screenshot form. does anyone else know what i mean or do i need to go to bed

  • Laurance: I’m bisexual. Any questions?
  • Katelyn:
  • Aphmau:
  • Travis:
  • Laurance: Oh, come on. You guys aren’t weirded out because I’m bisexual, are you?
  • Katelyn: No, we’re weirded out by the fact that you just called a meeting to tell us that.
  • Garroth: Um… Hi, everyone, again. I know that this is a little personal, but I’m also bisexual, and I am so glad that this group is so open–
  • Laurance: Does anyone else have any other questions besides Garroth, who seems to think that every meeting is about him for some reason?

First, this isn’t my gif and I couldn’t find the source so I am sorry. Credit goes to that lovely individual. Second, I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out but look at Lucas’ left hand (your right) how he firmly places it on Maya’s head. He could have just been whatever about it but the way he does it, it’s like he’s thinking this is my woman and I need to protect her. And then look at his other hand, as he leans in closer to Maya he makes a fist, like he’s trying to keep from grabbing another part of her (her hand maybe?) Idk. Maybe I’m reaching (no pun intended) but his body language is just screaming in this scene. His entire body turns to her. Idk. Idk. It’s just too much for my Lucaya trash heart.

Lancelot came walking down through the great hall. On his head he wore a crown of splendid red roses that stood out beautifully against his fine blond hair; and yet it was August, when it is not natural for roses to last long. But the story insists that for Lancelot, as long as he lived in the Lake, no morning ever came, in summer or winter, when he had to go without a garland of fresh red roses for his hair, no matter how early he arose; the only exceptions were Friday and the eve of the great feasts and all of Lent. On all other days, Lancelot had a new crown of roses every morning; yet he could never watch closely enough to make out who it was that brought it to him, even though many times he lay in wait to find out. But once the two boys had come to join him, there was no morning, however early he arose and received his garland, when he did not take it apart and make three out of it and in that way share it with them.

‘The Old French Arthurian Vulgate and Post-Vulgate in Translation’, Lancelot Part 1 translated by Samuel N. Rosenberg

Does anyone else remember that Baby Lance spent a lot of time living among fairies and wearing nature-defying flower crowns (unless he had to go without) and just generally being a medieval Little Lord Fauntleroy? Because I do.

Also making flower crowns for his wee cousins, though he didn’t know they were cousins yet

Thankfully, Lance’s aesthetic at this stage appears to have been a little less ‘sulky murder children in flower crowns’ than his cousins (as in last quote) but he certainly had his fair share of violent outbursts. Mind you, interpretations of Lance’s violence vary both between sources and between paragraphs, so I do also love this quote:

“No one could have found fault with any part of him, but people who saw him did agree that, if his chest had been a bit less fully developed, he would have been that much more attractive and appealing. Later on, the worthy Queen Guenevere, who had more to say on the subject than others, said that God had not given him a chest in any way too big or expansive, for it suited his great heart, which would have burst had it not been lodged in a large enough enclosure. ‘And if I were God,’ she said, ‘I would not have made Lancelot any smaller or any bigger.’

Ok number 1) awwww, Lance’s big heart. 

Number 2) Guinevere ‘who had more to say on the subject than others’- what was she just constantly nonchalantly dropping it into conversation. ‘Oh and Sir Lancelot you really must come and play me at chess sometime, oh and while we’re on the subject, may I complement you again on that excellent chess-t of yours, jolly good work.’ *waggles eyebrows meaningfully at said flushing knight*

Number 3) ‘I would not have made Lancelot any smaller or any bigger’. Gwen you little… !!! Mind you, I believe I’ve said before that Lance would argue that, whether jousting in the lists or in real life, it’s not the size that’s important, it’s how you use it.

Lastly though I believe this alone is enough evidence for the continued appearance of habitual (as in not just as a prize) flower crown-wearing Lancelot right into his adult years.

(After all, why else are there so many roses in this picture, if they’re not about to sit and make rose garlands together?)