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Bellamy looked really tempted, like he wanted to sleep with the girl. Do you think he slept with her? I am just happy to see him smiling and looking happy.

Honestly, until we get canon proof that shows us otherwise, I don’ think he did. I think that if he was going to, that it is too important to his character to not show to the audience. Idk about you, but the scene and his intentions were too ambiguous to be left up for the viewers to interpret whether or not he slept with her.

I personally won’t mind if they do because if anyone needs some Os it’s Bellamy. And I can’t hold Clarke against him and say that that’s why he shouldn’t be sleeping with anyone else because 1) they aren’t even together, and 2) even if he does love her, I think at this point, given the beach scene 2.0, he really doesn’t think he’ll ever see Clarke again so if he’s going to get it on with someone, it has to be now. 

But until we see Bellamy actually getting into or out of bed with Clarke’s body double, I don’t think the writers want us to infer that he slept with her.

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I bought a ticket for EXOrDIUM in NJ April 25 but my parents say if I go I have to start paying rent, water, light, and food bill as a student and waitress I cannot afford I'm going to give it away even though it GA floor do you have any advice how to convince my parents i really want to go I cried already... tons but I'll give it away to an EXO-L only if I must Help me pls

uhh okay first of all wtf?? how does that even make sense?? why would you need to start paying rent for going to an exo concert? like theres literally no logic behind that thats so ugly,,,,,? Im sorry but I rlly dont know what advice I should give because this is literally just %)$U)/%??????:( like,,whats up with your parents why are they like this?? I dont understand this im actually getting angry…

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I was tearing up reading namjoons interview how he entered big hit at age 16 and how he believed in the company and they believed in him and made me think bts wouldn't be here with out him I'm out here feeling soft 😭😭😭🤧🤧

this is y i alwayss ay that i really do owe namjoon my life bc without him, NONE of us would b here, most of us would prolly b emo, maybe even problematic bc lets b honest, stanning k groups really does make u extremely aware of social issues n i feel like if i aint stan bts, i would’ve been ignorant to some stuff . also tho its just like namjoon really is amazing, like he write nearly ALL of our fave bops like, hes such a key member in bts n will always b di most important imo, i dont think anyone else could do namjoon’s job in bts like namjoon n im just so highkey grateful for all he done for bts n us like bihh, i know i clown his rusty crusty musty lips but i still luhh dat boy wif my whole heart

so does anyone else just think about how winn trusted lyra immediately and was just so happy that she liked him and how he cared about her so much so quickly? and then how much it must have devastated him to learn that she was tricking him, and how he didn’t quite believe it at first, because how could she do that to him? but even after that, he still believed in her, and he was sure that she must’ve had a good reason, and he gave her the chance to explain herself? and then he helped her and tried to protect her and forgave her unconditionally? and the way he looked at her when she asked if he hated her, like he could never even imagine it?

what did we do to deserve a character like winn schott, honestly?

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Hi! You've opened requsets again! It's so great! Can you please write some hc about how rfa + Saeran + V is nervous in wedding day with MC? In Jaehee case it can be that Jaehee is a bridesmaid or just helped a lot to organize that wedding.

Aww, this is so sweet! Hope you like these. 


  • Normally, he’s really confident about things
  • But today he’s a mess
  • He’s in between wanting to see you and running out the door
  • Super fidgety
  • He keeps asking all the RFA members questions
  • “Is the tie straight? Does my hair look fine? How much time do we have left?” 
  • They all give him respective pep talks
  • By the time he’s standing at the altar, his palms are sweaty
  • And he can’t stop singing under his breath
  • Bounces on his toes
  • But when he sees you walking down the aisle in the dress, his heart calmed down
  • He didn’t even see anyone else there…only you


  • Nervous chuckles at everything
  • Seven has to shake him out of it
  • “Dude, why are you laughing so much?”
  • He starts wandering off because his mind is just anxious
  • Caused a lot of panic at one point
  • “MC, your groom is missing!”
  • “What?!”
  • “Oh, no…false alarm. He just went to the bathroom…at the restaurant across the street.”
  • He nervously chuckles again “I brought churros!” But the bag is empty
  • You thought it was a joke until you kiss him at the altar and taste the cinnamon 
  • He doesn’t calm down until the reception when you two are having your first dance


  • You asked her to be your maiden of honor
  • But she also did a lot of the planning with you
  • She’s so nervous something is going to go wrong
  • She’s checking on you every two minutes
  • “MC, you have your bouquet? You have your veil?”
  • “Yes! Yes!” 
  • “Last question….you sure about getting married?” 
  • “Jaehee!”
  • She teases you, but honestly she’s very happy for you
  • Still nervous she’s going to trip walking down the aisle though
  • She loosens up at the reception….you know, after a few glasses of wine


  • He’s not very superstitious, so he kind of wants to see you before the wedding
  • When the others say he can’t until you walk down the aisle…that’s when he starts getting nervous
  • He doesn’t want to be left alone with his thoughts
  • So he starts a fight with Zen to try to get his mind off of things
  • “Zen…start chattering away about yourself like you always do.” 
  • “What’s that supposed to mean???”
  • Constantly flattening his tux and adjusting his cuff links
  • Lots of pacing
  • He finally calms down when the procession starts
  • Stoic Jumin Han actually tears up when he sees you walk down the aisle
  • Doesn’t remember why he was nervous in the first place


  • He’s super nervous something is going to go wrong
  • He wants to stress eat a little
  • But Zen and Yoosung keep taking away the bag of Honey Buddha Chips
  • They insist that he can’t get anything all greasy
  • When he starts getting really anxious, he says he needs to MC before the ceremony
  • But, he also doesn’t want to see her in her dress until it’s time
  • So they arrange it so the two of them could talk to each other on opposite sides of the door
  • Seven calms down a little when he can hold your hand
  • When it’s time to get on the altar, he gets super scared he’s going to mess up the vows
  • Everything goes on without a hitch though
  • He doesn’t truly calm down until halfway through the reception, where it just feels like normal party


  • He’s super nervous since he never made a life commitment like this before
  • He keeps doubting himself
  • He’s scared that he won’t be good enough for you
  • He needs a lot of affirmation from his friends and his brother
  • He’s super jittery though and easily startled by everything
  • He blanks out a lot while waiting for the ceremony to start
  • He soon forgets his anxieties when you walk down the aisle
  • He’s mesmerized by you and thinks of how lucky he is
  • He’s still a bit nervous throughout the vows and things, but the reception is just with close friends and family
  • So he gets a lot more comfortable
  • But he’s holding your hand a lot


  • He’s really nervous, but excited
  • He wanted life to start fresh with you
  • But he still had some reservations because he was scared of his past faults
  • Jumin has to talk some sense into him when he thinks that
  • V just keeps talking to him to get his mind off of things
  • When he saw you in the dress, he was breathless
  • He had never been happier that he gotten the eye surgery
  • Loosened up to his normal self once the dancing started 

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Point blank: Anyone that tries to tell you who or what you’re “allowed” to watch/enjoy/follow/subscribe to is trying to manipulate and control you.

They do NOT have YOUR best interests in mind, especially when no laws are being broken.  They are simply threatened by anyone that thinks differently than they do.  They’re terrified of being outcasts.  That’s not your problem.

You are your own person, so make your own informed decisions.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, especially when you’ll never even meet 99.99% of these people.  They will never impact your life. 

Their opinions don’t matter: Yours does.  Don’t let others try to take away your freedom of choice.


Does anyone else remember the time a one shot masked character named Teehee Tummytums was so beautiful that he turned every dude in Stormalong gay when he finally showed his face and everyone started throwing money at him just so they could look at him and it apparently happened all the time because I do 

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probably stupid question but how do artists get popular on tumblr? everyone says "just post what you draw" but i don't think it works. :/

Homie, you came to me with an answer on your own hands. It does work, but it simply takes time! Just like everything else art-related. It won’t happen overnight, maybe not even within a year or two. That’s it.

Before I start, the following text is not targeted at anyone and I do hope people won’t take it the wrong way. Moving on…

Here is a quality rant considering the topic by Viria, please read. I strongly support this view. 

Here are some other truths to consider:

  • People stay for a) the quality of art, b) the content/themes provided
  • If the content isn’t appealing to them in any way they simply won’t stay
  • unless it is truly visually interesting, newcomers won’t be curious about your original art/ocs/whatevs
  • Are you painting for yourself or the audience?
  • Thirsting after things is painful, don’t do it
  • The quicker the fame comes, the faster it goes away

If you thirst for the popularity™ here is a quick tutorial:

  • join popular fandoms with large fanbase and draw things you think the audience would like to see - fanarts, popular ships, funny comics etc.
  • try going viral with them? especially comics I guess?
  • offer free requests, free doodles and stuff like that,
  • asks blogs for characters from tv shows do miracles,
  • literally advertise yourself? ask for promos?

On a less ironic note:

  • be active on other social media - especially DA where you can submit your art to groups (people do not come from tumblr alone),
  • you might wanna have tag/blog for your art only,
  • interact with people, don’t ever think you’re superior/better/whatever
  • don’t thirst for attention, draw for yourself, time will pass and you won’t a) care, b) notice it
  • make sure your art is worth of people’s time; study, improve, work for it

Td;dr: Give it time.

Rhys and Feyre sketch because I’m a soppy piece of shit and don’t know if I can wait until next year for the next book to come out. 

Yes I will be painting this. Yes it is a scene from Starfall. Yes I spent my Friday evening doing this. NO REGRETS. 

Does anyone else think Rhys looks like Flynn Rider here? …

Characters copyright of @sjmaas

But I mean, god fucking bless Laura Bailey for being a woman who clearly loves the hell out of both romance and D&D and doesn’t see any reason why she can’t combine them, because she and her friends are telling themselves a story and she deserves just as much of her own favorite type of story in the mix as anyone else does. Because it’s a lovely, public confirmation that someone like me can belong in the D&D world just as much as anyone else, that D&D/RPGs are exactly whatever you want them to be, and that there’s no one right way to play this game or tell these stories. I am so often left to feel a little bit on the outside of SFF geek culture, because my primary literary loyalty is to the romance genre, and even those people in SFF who defend romance usually do so because it makes money, not because they see any value in the genre itself. And gaming is SUCH a toxic subculture in SFF for women who don’t pull the “I’m not like other girls” bullshit, so it’s really amazing to have this now-popular D&D show that’s letting romance be one of the major ongoing storylines, where it’s just one part of what’s happening with the female character in question - but yet, something she’s allowed to be excited and enthusiastic about without anyone in-game or on-screen shaming her for it. 

I just have a lot of feelings about feeling welcome in SFF circles as a romance fan, and how much I love Laura for being utterly unapologetic for what she wants in this storyline. I adore her for it.

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does anyone else with ADHD have problems where you think too fast and you're like mixing up words a lot like writing d instead of b and skipping letters like writing hee when you wanna write here and someg for something and even into the next word like como for come on (on paper not just when typing) and I always correct it but I just need to know if it's normal for anyone else?

Yeah, I do stuff like that a lot. Writing, typing, even talking!


Does anyone else get emotional when they think about the fact that Maggie is Alex’s first love? Like she literally is the first person Alex has loved like that, and how Maggie basically taught Alex what it’s like to fall in love and be completely happy with somebody. Also the fact that she is her first and probably don’t even fight me supergirl writers, don’t you dare this has to be ENDGAME last love. Because I do.

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ok does anyone else subconsciously daydream whenever they’re stressed?

I’m really stressed/worried right now and in the middle, I just started daydreaming about a conversation but I wasn’t even thinking about it. I’m not sure if my mind is like “hey we’re gonna take your mind off of your assignment, so let’s think about a sweet conversation as if you were talking to _______.” it’s never anything wild in the daydream, just a simple conversation with someone I know. But i don’t know why I do it. I don’t know if it’s to cope or help myself, but I’ve started doing it more lately and the daydreaming helps, but sometimes I’m convinced that the conversation will actually happen and when it doesn’t, I’m sad again.

steve said directioners are incredible, that louis doesn’t even need a publicist, we are so organised we do everything for them and yeah he’s right, we do it cause louis doesnt seem to have an active one who truly cares about his image as artist and we want him to be taken seriously and being known in the world for what he does and his talent and his skills that’s why we put so much effort in promoting his music with all the projects and the charity drives cause nobody else does it otherwise and it’s so sad but  i am glad that steve (and louis) has recognised the work this fandom does he’s truly a blessing and an angel for louis, thank you again steve we really truly love you. 

There are two kinds of people: Ziam edition

Does anyone else remember the time that Zayn and Liam purchased Power Rangers costumes?

And Zayn, bless his nerdy little dork heart, Zayn is all “Ah hahve tah weah it lyke deh doo ahn thah shoah, even wif dees gloves”

But Loammy Jean, that next level masterclass hoe that he is, he makes the necessary alterations

Loammy Jean has dedication, he’s a professional hoe with tenure and technique, so he’s just casually doing slutty karate moves around Zehn

And meanwhile I’m like

does anyone else follow people who don’t even have the same interests as you, but you’ve followed them for years and you can’t imagine unfollowing them?

it’s like, no that’s joan the dolphin lover? she’s practically your neighbor on this website? you’ve never talked, you’re not even mutuals, but damn she loves dolphins. And every time you see her on your dash, you’re just like, oh wonderful, joan’s still alive, just doing her thing. she’s getting into golden age russian cat literature, good for her!

this person doesn’t even know they’ve been on your dash through the ups and downs of your life.  Their presence and cactus obsession is just something kind of familiar and almost comforting to you?

you know what’s great?

the fact that beast boy always goes above and beyond to make raven smile.

he is literally the only other Titan who cares so much about her happiness that he practically zones in on it and makes it his goddamn mission. 

he’s so good at reading her, he can tell when something’s off even when no one else does. it’s how he knew about malchior, and how he figured out her birthday before anyone else even noticed something was wrong. 

“Don’t work too hard, eh?”

Said with a snippy tone of voice and the most patronizing glare I have ever seen from an old man, while I am running two tills during a huge rush and dealing with loads of impatient customers who don’t understand I’ve got multitudes of crap to get done, and let’s not forget my supervisor flat out up and left and at that point I had no idea where she was. Oh, and no managers or anyone was coming up to help even though we paged them three times.

In other words.

Do not fucking imply I don’t work hard enough to please your ass. I work two jobs, one being full time, and this one here. I haven’t had a day off for a while because my other job keeps popping up. Just because you had to wait a few minutes like everyone else does not give you the right to imply I’m lazy. Kindly go fucketh thyself sir. And have a great day.