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Midoriya Izuku // Episode 38

A Long List of Ninjago Headcanons For the Heart and Soul

- Can’t stop dabbing
- Always warm or hot
- Hair is naturally spiked
- Swears all the time
- Terrified of Christmas elves and gingerbread men (kinda cannon)
- Hates getting in water because it messes up his hair (why he can’t swim)
- Like he always held Nya as a little kid and played with her 25/8
- Smells like a mix of cinnamon and a fireplace
- When he gets angry steam comes up from his head
- Sucks at giving advice
- Kids hate him
- Best subject is history
- He’s obsessed with Hamilton and recites every line at some point or another
- Is actually sweet af
- Doesn’t know when to stop. Ever.

- Picks up pennies on the streets during every mission
- Actually owns a fidget spinner
- Gets yelled at every time he pulls it out
- Smells like paint
- His room is always a f***king mess
- The shortest of everyone (except Nya)
- It makes him so angry
- Has the loudest, most obnoxious laugh
- And once he starts, he can’t stop.
- Lives for cuddles
- Has to cuddle someone or something to go to sleep
- Is literally allergic to everything
- Like in elementary school he was the kid that ruined special treats for everyone because he had so many allergies (poor bean)
- Is the one that gets sick all the time
- Best subject is math (especially algebra)
- Loooves kids and wants a few when he gets older

- Has a name for every cooking utensil in the kitchen and treats them like people
- Tries to treat them all equally
- Is literally a pianist
- Can basically play any piece without looking
- Smells like metal (wonder why) and laundry detergent
- Wins laser tag every time the ninja go play it
- Always uses ‘Delicate Flower’ for his name
- ‘Cause he loves dem flowers
- Heck, the bean loves everything
- Will sometimes randomly beep
- Things get a little turnt on the bounty
- Always comforts everyone when they need it
- Best subject is everything
- Is often nicknamed Tin man, Robocop, and Iron Man

- Is actually the best dancer on the face of the planet
- Does soft shoe around the bounty
- Also great at singing but is too self conscious to do it for anyone
- Knows and can recite parts of every broadway musical
- As a kid his father put him on a major diet for dancing and never let him have sweets (thus why he is so obsessed with cake and food period)
- Loves the taste of cough drops
- Smells like leather and french vanilla
- Everyone loved him in school
- Best subject is english (aye)
- Can’t stand fidget spinners (aye) and tries to get rid of Jay’s every time he sees it
- Everyone’s jealous of that perfect body of his
- Wants a partner that will truly understand and respect him
- The go-to for advice
- Has swearing contests with Kai

- Never really ate too much as a kid
- Loves soft things, so he owns a lot of soft clothing
- Has trouble catching up in learning
- Understands other people well and therefore knows how to treat them
- Hates savory foods
- Has headaches ALL THE TIME :,(
- Smells like cotton candy
- Shy at first but warms up really quick
- Feet are always cold
- So he wears socks. All. The. Time.
- Has a lot of 'friends’ that are girls but is too naive to realize they are all just crushing on him
- Loves taking him some naps
- When he’s not napping he’s probably training

- Usually tries to stay away from the guys because they’re so obnoxious
- Can’t stand swearing
- So she shuns Kai all the time
- Is literally done with everyone’s crap 25/8 (girl same)
- Very friendly and open to everyone but has trouble truly opening up to people
- Is hesitant on cuddling but will if necessary
- Obsessed with lipstick
- Like owns every shade imaginable
- Best subject is foreign language
- Is easily triggered by rude people
- Like she will separate herself from everyone when she’s upset
- Never really cries because she thinks it makes her look weak
- But when she does she will cuddle with Jay (aww)

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“We should go, like, get some….lunch…sometime…at the same time…together.” he says to you, his hands shoved in his pockets. 

You look up from your laptop, glancing at Peter who’s been sitting at the foot of your bed for the last hour. You guys have been talking, playing Uno, and eating whatever snacks Steve picked up at the store. 

“Yeah sounds good. Let’s see if anyone else wants to come.” you say absentmindedly, hopping off the bed and walking into the kitchen. 

“Well I was thinking that maybe uh just me and you can er go with just um us…” he tries, his voice trailing off. 

He’s been trying to ask you out for weeks. But every time he does, Tony or Wanda or Steve end up tagging along and it becomes a friend thing instead of a real date.

“Maybe later. I’m not really hungry and I’ve got a training session with Natasha.” you say, glancing at the digital clock on the microwave, “Actually, I gotta go right now. See ya later.“ 

You grab a water bottle from the fridge and give him a soft smile before bouncing off to the training gym.

"Dude.” someone says from behind Peter, “That was pitiful." 

He turns around sharply, heat rushing to his cheeks. Tony, Bucky, Steve, and Sam are sitting in the living room, look at him amused.

"What?” he asks in a small voice, trying to act like he didn’t just fail at asking you out…again. 

“What?” Tony mimics, making his voice high and girly, “You asking y/n to lunch, that’s what." 

The other guys laugh along with Tony, causing Peter’s cheeks to blush even darker. 

"First of all, I don’t sound like that.” Peter says, making his voice deeper, “And second, I wasn’t asking y/n out. We’re friends. That’s it." 

"Oh please. You’ve had a crush on y/n since she was first recruited.” Steve laughs, shaking his head, "And according to your phone, you haven’t stopped since.“ 

Peter’s eyes grow wide as he checks his pockets for the phone he knows is not there. He’s not the kind to keep a diary or journal or anything like that. But on his phone are texts he’s written but never sent, ones confessing the extreme crush he has on you. And others he’s sent to Aunt May, telling her about you.

“Y/n, I’ve been meaning to tell you something. We’ve known each other for a while now. And, I don’t know exactly how to say this, but…” Tony reads straight from your phone, making him cringe. 

The guys begin cracking up as Peter groans aloud, wishing he could melt into the floor. 

“And that’s not even the worst of it.” Bucky says, taking the phone from Tony to read it himself, “It’s the texts to his aunt that are the real gold.”

“Oh god…” Peter mutters under his breath, humiliation making his stomach queasy.

Before they can go any further, Peter shoots a web from his left wrist, aiming it right for his phone. 

Bucky’s metal arm shoots up, blocking the web.

“Nice try Parker.” Bucky smiles, tossing the phone to Sam.

“She’s great Aunt May.” Sam starts to read, “Her smile makes her eyes scrunch up at the corners. And her laugh is contagious. She’s really nice and pretty but she’s also super smart. And she’s so funny…”

“Aww Parker, why don’t you ever talk about me this way?” Steve asks teasingly.

Peter, unable to take it anymore, goes for another shot at the phone in Sam’s hands. Sam in turn throws it to Steve. 

“Come and get it!” Steve grins, waving the phone at him.

Anger and embarrassment rise in Peter’s chest as Steve continues to read. Without even thinking, he jumps over the kitchen counter and dives for the phone, only to be knocked to the side by Steve’s muscular forearm.

“But the greatest thing about her-” Steve continues, holding the phone away from Peter as he struggles to snatch it back.

He shoots yet another web that misses completely and Steve throws the phone back to Sam.

“-is the way she acts around me. It’s like we’ve known each other all our lives. I can tell her anything-” Sam reads with fake passion.

There’s a chorus of laughter from the rest of the guys that makes Peter wince. He rolls from under Steve’s grip and lunges at him, his fingers grazing the phone for a split second before Sam chucks it to Tony. 

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone…” Tony laughs.

“About who?” comes a questioning voice that makes everyone freeze.

Slowly, very slowly, everyone’s head turns to y/n who is standing in the doorway. 

“Y/n, I thought you were training with Nat…” Peter says shakily, wondering how much you’ve heard.

“She had an assignment…why are you guys all staring at me?” you ask with a smile, touching your hair self consciously.

All the guys look at Peter, waiting to see what his next move is. 

“Who were you talking about Tony?” you ask again, walking to the living room and sitting next to Tony. 

“Oh, I was just reading this lovely fiction story Peter wrote. You should really read it sometime y/n, he’s a gifted author. And you’re in it.” Tony answers, nodding in exaggeration.

“Hm, you never told me about this story Peter. Who am I in it?” you ask, taking a sip from your water bottle.

For a split second, all the guys are silent. Steve covers his face with his hands and Bucky seems to be suppressing a smile unsuccessfully. Peter quickly stands up from the couch and makes his way over to you, snatching his cell phone from Tony’s hands. 

“I’ll show you it later. Let’s go hang out in the gym.” he says rushingly, grabbing your wrist and leading you to the hallway.

You pull your arm out of his grip, looking back at the guys.

“Why are you guys acting so weird?” you ask all of them, the atmosphere secretive, like they know something you don’t.

“It was nothing.” Steve says, nodding at Peter, “We are gonna go pick up some lunch, why don’t you guys come?”

You look at Peter curiously, but he just shrugs.

“Yeah I guess.” you say, “Lemme change out of these workout clothes.” 

Peter waits until your bedroom door shuts before sighing in relief.

“Thanks for not telling her.” Peter says begrudgingly, crossing his arms.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t count on it for too much longer. You gotta tell her Peter.” Steve says, “She’s a good one, if you don’t make a move soon, someone else will.”

He gives Peter a clap on the back before walking off with the rest of the guys.

“Y/n is better than most gals, don’t lose her.” Bucky nods, giving him an understanding smile.

“Yeah,” Peter says to himself, “I know.”

someone please come up with a Danny and Poindexter ship name that’s really good and won’t give me second hand embarrassment. If Wes (a bg character who appears for 5 seconds) and Danny have a ship name, then so can this. 

if danny/poindexter does actually become a recognized ship with its own fanart and tag.. i hope it’s like this cute funny ship where sidney tries to learn what it’s like being a millennial … and danny tries to understand 50s slang. they’re both fuckin nerds of their era.

Sidney would be Danny’s first ghost ally and he’d help him get through high school as much as possible. He’d throw books at anyone who bullies him. maybe he’d try to tutor him on some things but everything he knows is outdated. Danny would still use Locker 724 and they’d just casually talk through that mirror!!! 

Lili, you are so obvious sometimes; I wonder if you’re doing it on purpose. ;)

So tonight, Lili is hanging out with Debby at her house (girls night). Cole is clearly away in Paris, as everyone knows. So what does Lili do? She decides to tag Debby to show us all that’s why she’s there right now - to actually hang with her.
But when Cole is in LA - clearly living upstairs at D’s place - and Lili is there visiting, she decides not to tag anyone. You know why? Because all those times she’s there it’s to see Cole not Debby! And we all know how secretive Sprousehart are, hence the I’m only going to post about the cats thing she always does.
Here’s to hoping she stays over and sleeps in his bed tonight to soak up his lingering scent! 😂😉

Ps, if this doesn’t make sense, I apologise. I’m running on two hours sleep, and am struggling to keep my eyes open. 💕

I’m starting a kyman web comic! I wrote the script about 3 years ago actually, and never thought I’d actually do anything with it, but I’m feelin’ it right now dude.

It takes place in like.. 8th grade? and revolves around a bet between stan and kyle over whether kyle could be as manipulative as cartman. it’s actually really generic but it’ll be cute n fun ok

Does anyone have a girl OC/persona they want to lend me for stan to crush on/be mildly manipulated by cartman? I’ll credit you, of course. Feel free to message me for more details. I may just use Wendy, but I thought it’d be fun if someone wants me to use their character. got someone, thanks!

First page should be out very soon, so follow me if you’re interested! or just keep your eyes out for it in the kyman tag. ^_^

The pack mentality that a lot of bloggers have in the X-Files fandom & on this hellsite is truly disturbing. It’s like there’s a group of blogs that always have to pick on a certain blog. It was done to msrafterdark when people heard things second hand that she supposedly said until she deleted. Then it moved onto gillovnyphile over her medical license - even after she apologized people still ganged up on her. Then people ganged up on ISYL until they left. Now apparently people have their sights set on @justholdinghandsok

The funniest thing about all of this is that the people who have now decided to go after Jo are people who don’t even follow her!! Why are people so concerned as to what she does on her blog? She never tries to mislead anyone, she has never claimed to have a source, she has a damn good sense of humor - which comes off in a lot of her posts/tags. If people think that this behavior of ganging up on someone because of what they believe is okay, they are so utterly wrong, I feel bad for them.

Why is everyone so damn concerned about who Gillian is dating?! Just because someone accepts one thing, doesn’t mean everyone else is supposed to accept that as well.
Do y'all think Gillian actually gives a fuck about us debating this?

How about instead of attacking someone, why don’t people go fight a worthy cause! Our world outside is crumbling & yet people on Tumblr would rather spend their time hating/attacking/mocking other people about a celebrities damn love life!

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can you just tell me about your cats,, no specific reason i just,, really like cats


nihon: currently shoving her ass in my face as we speak. on the surface she seems fuckin awful and super distant and like she hates everyone. if anyone is visiting or any of the family members that aren’t me or my dad are near her she hides completely or just sits and glares in the dark she’s never hissed or scratched at a human in her life tho but i’ve met people who think she does. in reality ?? the most affectionate fuckin cat u will ever meet. in terms of my dad he gets near her all the time to pet her and she’ll sometimes hop up on things to meet him. but in terms of me if i call her, make certain sounds, pat the surface next to me, or wiggle my fingers, she will come racing over meowing and already purring. she will stop at no length to get into my lap and have complete ownership of it (know the exact angle to fall over to launch my tablet out of my lap to take it’s place) if she’s in my room with me she won’t allow me to use my hands for anything except petting her and will chase and grab my hands to press them against her head. she chirps all the time she’s so cute. if she can’t reach my hands she’ll wander around in circles around me rubbing her face against everything chirping and purring and if i walk around the house without anyone else around she will stop at nothing to follow me around. she absolutely loves loves LOVES zippers any and all zippers she’ll try to chew.

vlad: my big baby boy. he’s like the ‘mom friend’ of all the cats. he’s a big hulking lion-looking fella but he meows like a squeaky toy as it finishes re-inflating itself. my mom and sister think he’s a total asshole bc he’s the one who breaks things the most and pushes them over but he can’t help it!!! he loves exploring and being high up and he’s so big and just doesn’t seem to know his own size sometimes things get knocked over or he misses where he’s jumping and hits things. he’s the smartest of the cats like he has learned how to properly use doorknobs and how to open cupboards (he loves slamming them shut over and over) but he’s my big ol’ dummy baby bc he’s a goof. he’s so affectionate with all the cats he’ll walk up to them all the time for grooming and cuddle with them constantly. he’s super neat too like if one of the cats doesn’t bury their business he’ll go and do it for them (he’s tried to bury the dog’s messes on the carpet too. like he literally scratches @ the carpet) and i notice he tends to shove all the toys into single sections of the room. speaking of toys: we have three boxes downstairs. one that’s pretty big, one that’s in the middle. and a super tiny one. i have watched him step into the super big one and then step into the tiny one to try and lay down but he kinda spills over all the sides. he’s a gentle big boy he might bat at you or the other cats but he almost never uses claws. i think he’s actually scratched me maybe a handful of times on accident while rough-housing (he likes to wrestle some) or bc i accidentally stepped on his toe but other than that he just. smacks his paw into ur face. or he’ll grab and hold ur hand in place so he can chew on your nails (he doesn’t break them just chews). he’s really in-your-face like will get suuuuper close to your face and just stare at you or he’ll start licking ur nose. is not afraid of the vaccuum cleaner but if you get close enough he’ll go sit somewhere else and watch u

tux: basically pudding in a cat-shaped bag. he’s the neediest of all the cats (note: not the most affectionate. the neediest) he constantly needs attention and to be held and will try and trip people up by basically sticking tot heir legs. he LOOOOVES being picked up and will headbutt anyone who comes near him whether they’re expecting it or not (my mum hates this he’s almost broken her glasses before). he tends to be the loudest and will sit meowing @ the top of the stares when he wants outside, he’s the least afraid of the dogs and will just sit and provoke them behind the stairs-gate. none of the other cats really like him much (well except for vlad) and either he swats at them or they swat at him so i try and go down every once in awhile and give him extra cuddles so he doesn’t get lonely. he’s @silentlytalkingoutloud‘s cat but she couldn’t take him when she moved out so he’s staying here ‘til she can find a place that allows pets.

petra: ohymgosh such a soft sweetie. she’s kinda chubby and her fur is so soft so it adds up to the cuddliest feeling cat u’ll ever meet. but she doesn’t really like being handled. she haaates being picked up and she cats having her head touched but if you scratch along her back or her sides she loves that so much and she’ll fall over leaning into ur hand. she’s a big goofball and super talkative and has super expressive sounds and will talk with you for a pretty long time if you meow back n forth with her (note: vlad and nihon also do this but she does it the most) when she plays it’s hilarious bc she hunkers down and wiggles her butt and her eyes get HUGE (note she’s a tortoise shell so she kinda looks like toothless) before she pounces. has a tendency to tear across the house at lightning speed and maimed one of my friends slightly during D&D bc she ran across his lap and scared the shit out of all of us. i think she’s the friendliest of all the cats towards strangers, vlad second. the only reason she beats him is bc she’ll just treat them like anyone from the family while vlad doesn’t quite do the rolling yet that she does. her and vlad are actually the closest of all the cats i think and if you go downstairs more than likely you’ll see them wrapped up in each other sleeping

[AO3 Work Skin] Auto Image Resizing

I tend to read a lot of fic on my phone these days, as surely a lot of more people do. Whenever there is art in these stories this can get quite tricky, though. Side-scrolling into lot of empty space, the images are too big to see them completely, and so on.

So here is short and simple Work Skin I made; Feel free to use it - your readers will be grateful! :D

(Also: Thank you, Lao, for bringing up the idea in the first place! <3)

Work Skin

#workskin .illu {
  display: block;
  margin-left: auto;
  margin-right: auto;
  max-width: 80%;

#workskin .divider {
  display: block;
  margin-left: auto;
  margin-right: auto;
  max-width: 60%;


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  • some person: hey you free
  • some person: wot
  • some person: oh uh okay bye
Day 3

Sherlock x reader

Note: And here’s day 3 of @prettyxlittlexwriter (whom I have to thank for all her help on this one) Sherlock VDay challenge! This time I’m back to my usual Sherlock x Reader with the prompt :  “I guess this makes you my Valentine.”  I had quite a lot of fun to write it x) I also have to thanks Kevin, whom does not have a tumblr, for the wonderful plot idea.

If anyone of you wants to read more of these, or try the challenge with us, check for the tag #Sherlock VDay Challenge. There will be every kind of fics, from inserts to ships, both from 2 lists, a general one and a smutty one.


“Sherlock, you’re completely missing the point!”

“Psh, I can’t miss the point of something pointless John!”

The two men were sitting at Speedy’s, eating dinner (well actually, John was eating dinner and Sherlock simply waiting there with him since he wasn’t hungry) and, as usual, arguing about sentiment.

“Pointless?! Valentine’s day is the day we celebrate love all around the world, and unless you live as a hermit, you can’t ignore it.” Argued his friend.

“Yes I can. That’s what I’ve done my whole life and that’s what I’m planning to do for the rest of it.”

“All I’m saying is: it’s not a day you’re supposed to spend alone.”

“Oh John… People are boring, love is a nuisance for a detective like me and the whole purpose of Valentine’s day is to make money. How could you even be expecting me to do something?” his friend scoffed, shaking his head.

John sighed and went back to his dinner, trying to find a way to explain his point to his friend, but failing to find any valid argument. After a few minutes in complete and utterly awkward silence as Sherlock stared at the people in the restaurant, something came to his mind.

Something childish, unlike him, but what appeared to be his only chance to get his friend to see someone the 14th.

“I dare you to ask out the next person to walk in.” he said.

“What.” Sherlock gave him a surprised look.

“I. Dare. You. To. Ask. Out. The. Next. Bloody. Person. To. Walk. In.” repeated the doctor, insisting on each word.

“This is completely stupid why would I-”

“Because it’s a dare, Sherlock, and that’s how dares work.”

Sherlock stared at him, trying to decipher whether his friend was being serious or not. The door opened and entered an oh-so-familiar woman, who walked directly to the counter.

“That’s your cue Sherlock.”

The man turned to his friend and shook his head.

“I can’t.”


“It’s Y/N!”

“That makes one more reason to ask her out, you’d rather not go with a random stranger would you?”

The other man groaned loudly and the door opened again, as a huge, stereotypical biker came in.

“Or you could go and ask him out.” Added John, motioning to the robust man.

“Or I could also simply choose to walk out of here instead.”

“Then I would ask both out for you and that, you can be sure will make you look like a coward.”

The detective shot him a death glare with his icy blue eyes and rose up, walking to the counter, where the two customers were waiting. He gulped and looked at the two of them, facing a hard choice. Would he rather be killed by an outraged Y/N or a cat-loving biker? He glanced at the door then to his friend. He didn’t really have a choice now did he… Sighing, he approached the biker, clearing his throat.

“Excuse me sir, please don’t read too much into this, you see my friend here dared me to ask you to be my valentine ” he tried, unsure.

“What?” the imposing man turned to him. “Do I look like a fairy to you?!”

Sherlock swallowed nervously. This was not going to end well.

“No sir, I’m sorry it’s just that my friend-”

“Yeah, your friend thought it would be funny eh? Well it won’t be as much when you’ll be in a hospital bed. I don’t like it when people make fun of me…”

And with that he punched Sherlock right on the face, knocking him on the ground, as the whole restaurant turned to them in shock. John was as white as a ghost, Y/N turned to the two men behind her wide eyed and the cashier let out a small yelp. The biker took Sherlock by the collar and tackled him against the counter, punching him several other times as the detective tried to get out of his grip and some customers to separate them. Kneeing his opponent in the right place, he pushed him away and rose his guard for the next blow, which came faster than he’d thought. The two men fell on the ground, still fighting, rolling over one another as everyone else was trying to stop them. At the tenth blow on his head, Sherlock lost consciousness.


The constant beeping of hospital’s instrument woke him up. He stared at the white ceiling for a moment, trying to recall how exactly he ended up there when Y/N’s voice answered his question.

“Fighting with a biker at Speedy’s? Sherlock, even for you this is a new level of stupid.” Sarcastically stated the woman, sitting on a chair beside him. “John was here about an hour ago. He wanted to apologize to you and cancel his date but I convinced him to do otherwise, you were the one to choose the biker after all.” She paused, “Am I really that of a terrible choice?”

He tried to chuckle a bit but only succeeded in wincing in pain.

“Yeah don’t move, you’ve got a concussion. Usually you shouldn’t have any visitors, but I’ve got my way around hospitals…. Why on Earth did John dare you to do this?”

“I said Valentine’s day was pointless, love a nuisance and people boring when he tried to convince me to spend the evening with someone.”

“And look where it got you now… Stuck in an hospital bed with only me for company.” She joked. “John did found a way to get you a date though…” she added, after a small pause. “Well considering an hospital is far from being the most romantic setting we could have wished for…”

“So I guess this makes you my Valentine then?”

“We could say so.” She chuckled.

He gave her a smile.

“Maybe it’s not as much of a bad thing as it sounds…” she added, “On the other hand, next year, try not to be in hospital this time…”

Okay so the trailer was amazing and I’m incredibly shocked because like…  It’s a horror trailer. Bendy is a faboulous game but it’s never been like a spectacular horror game, as much as the branding tries to convince us, but it’s been pretty clear (I think?) that the developers aren’t all that familiar with making horror games; and that’s one of the reasons it’s such a strong game I think, it doesn’t fall back on horror cliches.

BUT they must have got someone in there who knows what they’re doing because that was a god damned HORROR TRAILER. That cinematography was flawless and had me actually spooked. I’m really shocked. Does anyone know if they brought someone new in? Or someone stepped up their game? Who directed the trailer?

Honestly if you ever post in the su crit tag I’m blocking you idc if you have a valid opinion you’re supporting one of the most toxic parts of an incredibly horrible fandom. SU is honestly one of the most progressive shows on television right now and y'all wanna ruin it by cherry picking everything.

Is it a perfect show? Nope. Does it have serious problems that need to be addressed? Yes. Can you criticize it in a mature, constructive manner? Definitely. Does anyone in the SU Crit tag actually do that? Hell no.

You’ve all turned a show I used to love into something I wish would just die already because I’m tired of seeing the discord on my dash. This show meant so much to me and so many others, giving out representation I’ve never seen before, and y'all want to decide a Filipino turning pink is whitewashing. I’m Filipino and I look white but I guess that means I’m not really Filipino and growing up in that culture means nothing lmao.

And the worst part. I’m so disconnected from this show that I’m not sure if that’s the most recent argument or what. I just see SU Crit posts everywhere and I honestly don’t want them anywhere near me.

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I'm fairly certain im a nb lesbian, probably butch as well, and sometimes i like using the word "boy" to describe myself, but i don't think im actually a BOY, genderwise. does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?

yup! many butches (even cis butches!) refer to themselves using gendered language for men (man, husband, boy). i jokingly call myself a “boy” a lot! this is normal.

-mod L

At the beginning of the season everyone was like “SANA AND ISAK” “give sana and even scenes together” “wht’s awesome is that sana sees everything, she pays attention so we’re gonna see the stories through her pov” (this one isnt well phrased) and now everyone islike “LET NOORHELM DIE” lmao it is not like it was all that thzre was in the season? Sana is helping a friend? That’s who sana is? It isnt obershadowing her. And if you hate it so much why do you feel the need to tag everythingyou post ‘noorhelm’ 'noora x william’ 'william magnusson’? There are still fans of them, could you try to be respectful? The noorhelm tag rn is 50% antis and 50%people calling out antis and telling them to go elsewhere? I mean if you hate noorhelm you probably arent looking up their tag page so like why are you posting in it? Use “anti noorhelm”. I guess no one is gonna see it and actually do it but it s pretty fun tht y'all are preaching about “everyone making mistakes” and also goingon about “emotional abuse” “william the asshole” and yet you have no tolerance and wont let anyone enjoy what they love in peace. You probably wouldnt take it that well if “sana bakkoush” and/or “evak” were used in hate posts incessantly. what does it cost you to stop putting your shit in the tags and let other fanshave a different opinion?

(I wont go as far as tagging it inappropriately so that y'all could see it because th only thing i’d get is hate, and honestly i am not one to enter into a hateful “conversation” with each person insulting and shaming the other but i am tagging it anti noorhelm because i guess the tag is used by some people and maybe some of you will check it and do it… not that respect is your thing apparently)

“kylo doesn’t act like carri efishe r so he can’t be mentally ill and everyone headcanoning him as mentally ill is just a genocide apologist!!!!” i mean aside from the fact that, like, carrie was a real person in the real world diagnosed and in treatment for most of her life and generally coping w her illness and kylo is… u know… fake and not real and doesn’t have a therapist or meds and is still actively under the thumb of his abuser, and people’s headcanons and relationships 2 characters are, scientifically speaking, none of yr goddamn business 2 b policing, “mentally ill” isn’t, like, a single monolithic experience??? people with different mental illnesses have different symptoms and behaviors? someone w depression and someone w ocd are going to act VERY differently. carrie was bipolar. prevailing headcanons for kylo generally include depression/anxiety/often some kind of personality disorder (i’ve seen bpd a lot) but i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone go “yep that guy sure does have bipolar disorder, definitely for sure that’s what he has” so using carrie’s lifelong struggle as a rhetorical device to checkmate those evil icky kylo stans is not only disrespectful to her memory but also, like, hella off the mark in about fifty different ways

i tell you what, this human pet dude both infuriates me and makes me piss myself laughing

not only does he think his word is law or some shit that cannot be disagreed or argued against by anyone and gets butt hurt over the smallest thing he sees in his own tag (he got upset that someone called his bowler hat a fedora), he also says done pretty weird phrases. like, who the fuck uses “valour” any more aside from when writing ye olde fantasy style sorties? he uses this shit in actual conversation