does anyone actually read my rambles

my natural hair has grown back to where it’s now maybe 2 or 3 inches long and it’s so soft and healthy… like i didn’t realize just how damaged my bleached hair was until i got 2 compare it. and my hair is already super healthy & soft & moisturized for someone who’s bleached it blonde! so that’s saying something


♥ first and last selfies of 2015 ♥ I feel like I’m in my second pokemon evolution bc I’ve learnt so much about myself and grown quite a bit this year, but I got a long way to go lmao

So it’s 3:30 am and Paloma asked me to explain why I’m geeking out about the thread with @masterofwar and I sleep-drunkenly rambled in skype about my feelings and I thought I’d share because wOW THIS THREAD ATTACKS MY HEART and after reading over it I sound like an idiot xD

Leaving in my typos because those make my rambling all the better tbh

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8.10.16 Okay so I rotated the top photo but it got smaller?? I don’t know how I would fix it to become regular size. If you know, please fill me in. :) Anyways I really hope y'all enjoy this spread because it is my favorite so far. I went with a gray theme mostly. I took inspiration from @studywithinspo ‘s spread (if you know the one I’m talking about) and with @studyingroses blessing (basically) I’ve been using the font she uses basically everywhere. :P Featured is a Mary Poppins ticket and Lucky Romance. Okay I’ll quit rambling. Does anyone actually read this? >.<

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Bellarke Modern AU where Bellamy discovers Clarke writes fanfic in which the romantic scenes are moments she's shared with him and/or the lead says things he's said to her. Bonus if Clarke writes mature/explicit fics that are basically what she wishes Bellamy would do to her. Pretty please?

Okay, you sent this the day Brit came to visit, so I was just like

A++ timing, anon. Well played.


There’s a part of him that realizes what he’s doing is–not wrong, exactly, but kind of sketchy. He’s not telling anyone, not even Miller, and telling Miller dumb shit he does so Miller can laugh at him is basically his number-one hobby. But he’s getting kind of tired of talking to Miller about Clarke, because Miller has shifted from regular Miller teasing into Jesus, just ask her out already, which is less fun for Bellamy. Because it’s not like he wants to date Clarke. Miller’s just jealous that the two of them are so close. He probably thinks his status as Bellamy’s BFF is in danger. And he obviously can’t tell Clarke, because it’s about Clarke.

It’s his dumb secret, and it starts like this: they’re at Monty and Jasper’s for game night, and Monty makes a reference to Clarke’s fanfiction.

Bellamy has never really considered himself a geek, not the kind Monty and Jasper are, with the gaming and the Dungeons and Dragons and being really into computers. In high school, he was academically-minded, but also poor and from the wrong side of the tracks, metaphorically if not literally. So while he spent plenty of time reading mythology books and studying to try to get himself a scholarship to a decent college, he never really got involved with the nerdy kids, even though, according to Octavia, they were totally his people.

So Bellamy learned about all this stuff later in life, Magic: The Gathering and Settlers of Catan and comic books and all that. He and Monty were roommates for a while, when Monty was in college and before Jasper moved back, and it was a crash-course in geekery. And he took to it pretty well, honestly.

It was also how met Clarke, but she’s never been that involved in the whole thing. Her main interaction with Monty’s nerdier hobbies, in his experience, was painting Monty’s Warhammer figures for fun, before Age of Sigmar came out and destroyed Monty’s interest in the whole game.

All of which means that while Bellamy understands, in theory, what fanfiction is, it wouldn’t have occurred to him in a million years that Clarke would write it. Not just because her interests tend more toward art and yelling at misogynists on Reddit, but just because–it’s Clarke. And there’s a part of him that can’t help feeling hurt she has a hobby like that that he doesn’t know about.

“Your fanfiction?” he asks, raising his eyebrows at her.

She rolls her eyes and takes a drink of beer, which is her version of blushing. “What?”

“You write fanfiction?”

“Yeah. Why?”

She says it in this defiant, aggressively casual way that clearly says, This is not a big deal. So if he presses, he’s being the weird one.

So he has to just start trying to find her stuff himself. That’s the only option, when she’s being like this.

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