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Happy Valentine’s Day!
A little gift art for @rukazaya-senpai ^^ <3

P/S: Waiting for the new chapter so I can swim across the ocean to “meet” you, ohohoohohoho~ [wink wink]

Aelin’s dress in Queen of Shadows is a dress of DREAMS 

There are two types of Tumblr-taggers
  • The ones who go all Instagram: #beautiful #pretty #aesthetic #girl #boy #ootd #potd #followforfollow #likeforlike
  • The ones who don't even give a sh*t anymore: #why are giraffes not purple #I just took a shower and almost died yawning #almost choked on my own spit #does anybody even read this #whatever I'll have my own tag party #send me an 'existential crisis' ask if you want to join

Underworks 997 binder. This thing is like a Kevlar vest and I need a handmaiden to help get it on, but it works pretty well. I’m somewhere around D/DD. The only issue is that it pushes into my waist and makes my hips look bigger, but I’m pretty pudgy around the middle so that’s probably like 98% of the reason why. I’m still getting that side boob pancake look no matter what I do, though. It doesn’t roll up, which is awesome.

92 Truths About MEEE
92 Truths about me

I was tagged by deanstwistedsoul. I didn’t know people payed attention to me but thanks! I’m never on my laptop so sorry if there is mistakes lol You are a sweet heart! You reblog my posts a lot and it always makes me smile so thanks!!

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Last Beverage:


Last phone call:

On a phone it was some random toll free call. I just FaceTimed my aunt and uncle if that counts??

Last text: 

My best frieaannnnd Brooke.

Last song you listened to:

Well right now I’m listening to Sing by Ed Sheeran but my last song was Riverside by Agnes Obel. Very beautiful btw check it out!

Last time you cried:

Today reading a Destiel fanfic lol 


Dated somebody twice:

Nope never dated anyone ever lol

Been cheated on:

no, that requires a relationship

Kissed somebody and regretted it:

No. Never kissed somebody besides family on the cheek lol

Lost somebody special:

Yes, many times. 

Been depressed:


Been drunk and threw up:

Nope, to young and have no friends to rebel with lmao

List 3 favourite colours: 

Green, blue, and turqoiuse. All similar yes


Made a new friend:

Yes, a really really awesome friend!

Fallen out of love:

No, never been in love except with a fictional character. You know 

Laughed until you cried: 

Yeah, anytime i watch spn stuff

Met someone who changed you:

Yeah, they made me bitter and rude.

Found out who your true friends are:


Found out somebody was talking about you:

Who knows? I never found out.


How many internet friends do you know in real life:



First surgery:

Never really had surgery soooo

First piercing:

My ears??

First best friend:

My little brother.

First sport you joined:

Sport? Soccer 

First vacation:

Well, when I was really young I went to Seattle, WA. But, i was so young I don’t remember much. The real first vacation was to Disney World and then Alaska right after! 



Cookies and cream ice cream. Get on my level. Jk



I’m about to:

Um move from my living room to my room…?? 

Waiting for: 



Want kids:

Not really….but I’m sure i will once I find love…

Get married:

Maybe eventually. I don’t feel marriage is important unless my partner wants it.


Anything with animals. Preferably wolves or cheetahs!


Lips or eyes:

I don’t know what lips are like besides beautiful. But, the eyes convey everything about a person and are miniature galaxies of a person sooo EYES!

Hugs or kisses:

Idk what kisses are like besides from family. But, I prefer hugs, they make you connect with anybody. You are showing trust in that moment. Putting your hearts together. I feel like that is deeper. Because you can’t just go up and kiss anybody like family. But, you can easily hug family and your lover sooo HUGS?

Shorter or taller:

No preference. I’m short so most people are taller than me and I don’t mind it. 

Older or younger:

I like older people. I relate to them more for some reason. Younger people usually annoy me. But not all just from my experience.

Romantic or spontaneous: 

Both. I love spontaneous people. Romancey mushy stuff makes me uncomfortable but, I like being forced out of my comfort zone.

Nice stomach or nice arms: 

Um idk arms? I won’t see a stomach every second and my eyes are always drawn to hands and arms.

Sensitive or loud: 

I hate when people are loud. It bugs me to no end. Being louder isn’t going to make anything better. i’m good at dealing with sensitive people because deep down I am one. I hope none of my friends see this ew

Hook-up or relationship:

Relationship. Unless Jensen or Misha decided they were interested then heyyyy what ever those beauties want ;)

Trouble maker or hesitant:

Either. Trouble makers are fun. Hesitant people make me feel like a trouble maker but, trouble makers make me feel hesitant lol


Kissed a stranger:

Nope. Obv if you read above. 

Drank hard liquor: 


Lost contacts/glasses:

Yes and its scarey! I’m bind I can’t afford that shiz!

Sex on the first date: 

No, never even been on a date xD

Broke someone’s heart:

Idk maybe. They said so but I’m not sure



Turned someone down:


Cried when someone died:

Yes, many times.

Fallen for a friend: 




Yeah……probably not.


Um well sort of. I was a miracle baby apparently. And I’ve actually seen many in my family so sure I do. I’ve got to believe I’ll find love some day! Now that would be a miracle

Love at first sight:

Yes. Sometimes you just see someone and your souls bond and BAM! Love


Not really. Unless you count Jensen and pizza as heaven then yes.

Santa Claus:

Well duhhhhhhhh

Kiss on the first date:

Sure, if you really like the person. Do whatever you want it’s your life.


Duhhh We got our boys! That’s proof enough! But really I’ve been told all my life there was an angel that saved me when I was born. A nurse took care of me and told my mom and dad they could go home and get rest. They came back with flowers the next day and couldn’t find her so they asked for her and the other nurses said there was no nurse here by that name! Woah cool right? Probably not true but whatevs


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