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Stuff kids on tumblr better relearn

1. You are responsible for your own media experience. 

2. There is such a thing as a healthy level of avoidance towards topics that make you feel unwell or even (in a real-life clinical definition of the term) trigger you - but you are the one to actively take care of what you view.

3. Avoiding does not mean policing others.

4. You have no right to tell artists to censor themselves - you may criticize what others do, you may dislike it, that’s fine - but actively asking for censorship when you could easily unfollow or block a person just makes you look incompetent in your use of the internet.

5. Do not give people on tumblr or /any/ website the responsibility for your emotional well-being. Because these people do not even know you so no, you have no right to ask them to take care of you.



This is one of the short films made as part of the Legendy Polskie cycle (”Polish Legends”). Directed and designed by a CGI artist acclaimed worldwide, Tomasz Bagiński, the cycle aims to present Polish folklore in a new manner, and to prove that fantasy films can be done well (or better!) outside of Hollywood.

The goal is to combine modern, world-class filmmaking with… some of the more typical aspects of Polish-ness, not only where legends are concerned.

This installment in the series does not require knowing any particular legend, the English subs are passable (though it’s less funny, some of this stuff is not very translate-able), so it’s pretty accessible to general public.

Also, really cool.

For explanations of some things that may perplex foreigners, see below.

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anonymous asked:

hey soup im super new to posting art on tumblr, and it looks like the quality of my drawings always gets effed up by tumblr. the lines arent as crisp and the colours look washed out. do you know whats wrong/how to fix?? sorry for asking, i dont rly know any other artists on tumblr yet

tumblr unfortunately tends to resize things n it comes out super ugly :^(

i think one way to avoid it/minimize it is to resize your drawing to match tumblr’s post size as much as possible (i think a single image’s width is 600px or so? three side by side are 275px etc, i think you can look it up)

not sure if it gets rid of it completely but it does help ! also doing things like cutting super big pictures in half lessens the resizing n all

Thoughts about drawing and feeling bad

Please- if you know or have any influence over young artists in your life, tell them that pain does not automatically mean growth.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned working in animation is that suffering does not equal good art. There is this weird idea that in order to create something, or learn or get better, that it should be painful. That you should hate yourself and torture yourself, even when you’re losing sleep and doing everything you can to become better at your craft.

The animation community is filled with difficult eccentrics, but there are also tons of nice, helpful people who are willing to mentor or hire young artists. In my late teens and early 20s I endured horrible treatment (sometimes from myself), and I put up with it because I believed being a better artist was worth the emotional and psychological abuse. Looking back now I would much rather have had a healthier outlook on things, even if it meant learning and improving at a slower rate.

I wish that someone had told me when I was younger that I had the right to be self-critical without self-hating, and that notoriety did not give someone the right to treat me poorly. 

Starter Masterlist

Under the cut you will find #37 ideas for starters, because I know they can be quite hard to come up with. Some of these are ones that I’ve collected and tended to use over the past years, or stories that have happened to me or my friends, while some are things that I’ve found on the internet. Please like/reblog if this helped you in any way!

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Should my next dog be a springer spaniel?

@calliefield @sidetongue I summon you lol does anyone know any other springer spaniel blogs?

I have a one year old border collie mix and keep up with her just fine. I’m hoping for a dog who’s friendly with strangers and dogs, relatively quiet (Cora whines literally constantly and groans and babbles but she’s not yappy or ultra-barky and that what I’m aiming to avoid again) and who can keep up with Cora without being more energy than her. I also don’t want a breed that tends towards being an escape artist because there’s nothing quite like that to stress me out, I’ll tell ya.

Think that sproinging spangles fit the bill?

There’s a springer spaniel breeder in my town and also I just adore Henry and Callie.

I was tagged by my favorite and only HoneyLeigh @nightsnaps to do this thingamajig so here goes!

—Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and then tag ten blogs you would like to get to know better. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

—Nickname: Ely

—Sign: aquarius but does it truly matter to me? (for the meme, yes lol)

—Favorite Music Artist: I can’t possibly choose one alone, one of them is James Bay

—Last TV Show You Watched: Riverdale

—Last Movie You Saw in the Theater: good question lol I can’t remember

—What Are You Wearing Right Now: an old tee shirt and some floral pijama pants

—What Do You Post: Jesus, my love for stars, uhm… memes, also aesthetic things

—Do You Have Any Other Blogs: I now have 4 blogs all together. one is a suggestion blog, another is an aesthetic blog, another is a personal blog, and then my main

—Why Did You Choose Your URL: Star Wars, man

—Do You Get Asks Regularly: mmmm more like every other day? I think?

—Hogwarts House: newly claimed Hufflepuff and I am happy


—Pokémon Team: team Mystic brah

—Favorite Color: all the shades of blue

—Favorite Characters: JUGHEAD Jones, Bellamy Blake, Raven Reyes, Cisco Ramon, Rigby from the Regular Show, Luna Lovegood, I can’t choose my favorite Percy Jackson characters but three of them are Luke, Nico, and Rachel

—Hobbies/crafts? Writing, singing, reading, guitar (?), taking pictures, asking questions lol

—Collect anything? I used to collect badges, now I collect notebooks and books in general

—Current challenges you face? going from one side of the country to the other in a week, trying to find a job, keep all of my friendships on the same level

—Things you’re looking forward to? summer, 2018, breakfast lol

—Anything you want to promote? getting to church on time and being nice

I’m taggin’: group chat squad @thatrandomfiend, @steampunkforever27, @wiltingwonder, @mohawk-yeshua, @sassy-sweetpeach, @thewantonsong, @a-singing-dragonfly, @caleb-1015 and group chat squad #2 @i-got-that-bible-swag, @rustierarabbit, @kokorodaki, @smol-overlord and I still have to follow the rest of the people lol

i was tagged by @westsanvers thanks you meme

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nicknames: i dont really have any?? (does turtle count)
star sign: leo
height: 5′9 i know im a giant
time right now: 1:11 AM
last thing you googled: imparfait endings (i have a french test tomorrow and i dont remember any of the tenses kill me)
fave music artist: theres no way you’re making me choose just one
song stuck in my head: brooklyn you’re killing me by andrew mcmahon in the wilderness (everyone go listen to zombies on broadway it just came out)
last movie I watched: i actually have no idea it was probably hidden figures with tea i really dont remember
last tv show i watched: supergirl
what im wearing right now: fuzzy pajama pants and a hoodie 
when i created this blog: time is an illusion
the kind of stuff I post: sad and gay things tbh
do i get asks regularly?: kinda
why did i choose my url: i just desperately wanted a different url and i had this one because troye is pretty cool and asma said it was good so i went with it and here we are
gender: female
hogwarts house: ravenclaw i think idk im not a harry potter fan please dont kill me
pokémon team: i honestly dont remember
favorite color: probably like teal or blue
average hours of sleep: lmao what is sleep 
lucky number: idk
favorite characters: if they’re gay i like them
dream job: anything in the music industry but that wont happen lmao
number of blankets I sleep with: usually one (1) but sometimes two 

i tag: @somethingkorporate @westcoastrohman @killjoysvinyl @sansisnotonfire @illuxionary @pinkninja236 @astonishowell and anyone else that wants to do this 

i was tagged by @clarityvee thanks pal!!!!! :D (also i feel like i’ve done this one before but my memory is shit so here we go)

rules: answer the questions and tag the blogs u wanna get to know better!

nickname: Dabby Ass (thanks @cryptite ), Pizza Slut (my new friends at college lmao), i don’t think i have any more 

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5′6″

Time rn: 8:08 pm

Last thing you googled: “order of planets” bc i had a mind blank and completely forgot

 Fav music artist: duuuddeeeee idk i dom’t have a fave artist

Song stuck in my head: Daddy Lessons - Beyonce 

Last movie I watched: does a 2 hour special of Ghost Adventures count???

Last TV show: X-Files

What im wearing rn: a shirt that says “I Smell a Slut” with a dog on it…i love it

when i created this blog: decemberi think?? bc i wanted to completely remake my old one

the kind of stuff i post: lmao dude memes???? aesthetic?? voltron?? so much

do i get asks regularly: haha whats an ask (no its sadly dry)

why did i choose my url: bc i love cryptids and i have a silent j in my name, i can be creative sometimes okay

gender: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hogwarts house: ravenclaw B)

pokemon team: im assuming this is PoGo so Instinct

fav color: green!!!, and im starting to really like yellow too (mostly gold tho)

fav characters: my own ocs lol (also everyone from voltron mmm)

Dream job: hoo boy i was that kid growing up who never had a dream job and i still have no idea

number of blankets: 4 +my 2 blankies bc im a chiLD

Number of followers: 180 or something,,they keep on coming and i have no clue why (thank u all ily)

hmmm okay well i tag mostly the same people every time so here we go @ephemeralance @isitsomeonenew @lancealott @cryptid-club @rtahuniverse @cryptite and all of my mutuals bc i cant tag everyone lol

One day her eyes will no longer be blue like the ocean
Or brown like amber tree sap
They’ll be green like a tiger’s
With enough yellow that reminds you of sunlight on a hay field when it’s still green
And her smell won’t be perfume
Or cologne
It will be her sleepy smell that makes you feel safe
It’ll pull you back into bed and make you want to wake up next to her every single day
Her smile will feel like the sun on your back
It will make the hairs on your neck stand
You’ll memorize the details of her face when she is happy or sad because she is just so fucking beautiful
Her walk is one you won’t forget
She won’t try and control you or own you like the others
She is a breath of freedom
Her voice is better than any song or rhythm
She will tell you that you are an artist but little does she know that she is the masterpiece
When she is quiet, don’t force conversation
She will have been hurt, just like you
So do not dare take a moment of her time for granted
And give her your absolute best no matter how terrifying it might be to open up She deserves the universe
—  LAE

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Hey, does any of you guys know the girls makeup artist insta account?thanks

It is ddkaz on instagram! -Kelly

^ I think I  remember there being another one but I forget her ig ~Kate

i got tagged by @acecaptaincold thanks, lux

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Nickname: Shea (my middle name)

Star sign: leo

Height: 5′1 and ready to fight

Favourite music artist: does all of Broadway count?

Last TV show you watched: just finished supergirl and I’m watching smallville rn

What kind of stuff do you post: this is just a bunch of shitposting. A lot of dctv tho

Do you have any other blogs: no sideblogs. we shove everything on one blog like men.

Why did you choose your url: bc i am kara danvers and krypton is my home

Hogwarts House: 10000% Slytherin

Pokémon team: Pokémon? I don’t know her.

Favourite colour: Aqua/Teal

Lucky numbers: 13

How many blankets do you sleep with: sheet/comforter/blanket in the winter and just a sheet and/or comforter in the summer

Dream job: journalist/reporter for a newspaper

Following: 163 (though a lot aren’t active so I’m looking for some more! Message me and I’ll check your blog out!)

Followers: 202

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Beginner’s Guide to Les Mis Fanfic

Does one of your favorite fanfiction writers have a bunch of fics about Les Mis? Have you always wanted to give them a try but you don’t know anything about Les Mis and you don’t know where to start? Then this is for you!

The Cast of Characters

Grantaire: artist, alcoholic/self-destructive, cynic, in love with Enjolras (but believes Enjolras hates him/will never love him), fights w/ Enjolras all the time bc he doesn’t share his views/wants his attention, has major self-esteem issues. Best friends with Joly, Bossuet, Bahorel

Enjolras: leader of Les Amis, politically passionate, dumb about feelings and people, fights with Grantaire, doesn’t know about Grantaire’s feelings and usually accidentally hurts him a lot, determined, unbending, he’s so passionate when you disagree with him it feels like you’re arguing with the sun. Best friends with Combeferre and Courfeyrac.

Nicknames: Grantaire sometimes goes by “R”; Grantaire calls Enjolras “Apollo” in a sort of mocking, I-hate-how-much-I-love-you-please-fight-me way

Joly: Doctor/medical student and hypochondriac, sometimes has a cane, sweetie

Bossuet (Lesgle): has bad luck, is sometimes bald, sweetie

Musichetta: is awesome, low tolerance for bs

Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta: these three are in a relationship together and they’re super fucking cute

Combeferre: medical student, very calm and rational, dryly/quietly amused, serious in like a sweet gently way when needed

Courfeyrac: ridiculous, probably covered in glitter, sweetie

Sometimes paired together. Some other popular pairings are Combeferre/Eponine or Coufeyrac/Marius/Cosette

Eponine: bad childhood, often raising her little brother Gavroche, not quick to trust or be friendly, very loyal and kind if you earn it, kind of scary/sharp if you’re not on her good list, often used to or is currently in love with Marius. Best friends with Grantaire (which often means she doesn’t like Enjolras)

Often gets paired with Combeferre (they’re super fuckin cute, with his quiet seriousness and her trust stuff and sharpness)

When she and Enjolras get to be friends it’s always fun

Marius: rich family, bad at things, puppy. In love with Cosette. Often lives with Courfeyrac

Cosette: sweet little badass, nice dad (Jean Valjean), loves Marius, used to live with Eponine’s family before she was adopted (it’s a coin toss of whether this will be used in a fic)

Jehan (Jean Prouvaire): poet, wears flowers in his hair (which is usually long and braided) and flower sweaters, the smolest, will fight you

Feuilly: has a job, orphan, probs not a student if this is a college AU, sweetheart

Bahorel: gets in fights all the time, he doesn’t care if he has to fight an ultimate fighter, or a bear, he’ll take ‘em all down

Jean Valjean: used to be a criminal, adopted Cosette, good person

Javert: police guy, hates Jean Valjean, really into Justice

Fantine: Cosette’s birth mother, usually dead

The fandom is pretty good about not making them all white

Extra Notes

  • Les Amis/Friends of the ABC: political organization that the characters are a part of/run (except Javert, Jean Valjean, Fantine and sometimes Cosette). It’s held at the The Café Musain (which might show up even if the club doesn’t).
  • Only read canon-time period stuff if you want to cry (they usually all die in those)
  • Enjolras/Grantaire is the main ship, but all the ships are fun and usually make an appearance

Great Fics to Start With

ESO - RavenBound - A Guild for Artists and Writters

Hey all, I’ve set up a guild on ESO and I’d like it to be a community hub for artists, writers and generally creative people that play ESO. 

It would be a cool place for us to hangout together, share ideas, share art, do art trades, collabs, roleplay, geek out and such. 

I’m hoping we could do roleplay events, hangouts in in-game inns, art prompt weeks or months. The shenanigans could potentially inspire some interesting character interaction prompts :p.

(also if you have any ideas for this, let me know.)

There’s probably already a thing out there but I don’t know so I set one up. 

Faction does not matter. Gameplay wise you can do whatever you want, no restrictions, no forced pvp, no imposed power leveling, no level restriction. 

PC based and EU servers. Vampire and werewolf bites will soon be available. 

If you are interested, let me know either on tumblr, or in ESO @freyaloi with your ingame user name or character name so I can send you an invite.

cacophonyofolives  asked:

yo tell me about the Rothko calendar


So if you’ve ever seen a Rothko painting irl you know that they are HUGE. And if you haven’t, this is to let you know that they are so big. Like bigger than any of my bookcases. Probably bigger than my bed tbh. Like I could easily lay down on a Rothko and have plenty of space left over. You could have a whole cuddle pile on a rothko…. not that you should…. but I digress

And the reason for this is because Rothko, like most artists, was asking himself questions like “wtf is the point of art” and “how does one make anything new in art” and his solution to these questions was “I’m gonna try to make make people feel the spiritual emptiness of the modern age”. And so the point of these massive paintings is to be confronted by this massive object, this really big field of color, which then becomes a place of meditation and a mirror of the soul.

In order to cause such an effect, Rothko was pretty particular about the lighting and positioning of his paintings. But when his images are put on a calendar, that is the opposite of the point of his paintings because they’ve been reduced to a small size and don’t have any of the weight or gravity of the original painting. His paintings only really work when seen in person because a reproduction doesn’t have enough oomph to make viewers Feel Feelings™. They’re not big enough, they don’t have the same particular experience of paint and color. This goes for calendars and tumblr posts.

EDIT: also i forgot to mention that since the point of a rothko painting is to make you feel the spiritual emptiness of the modern age, why would you want to hang a rothko (even a reproduction) in your home???

source: my brain, but also this video. also here’s the wikipedia page on rothko.

tl;dr: rothkos r big. calendars r 2 small 2 make u feel the spiritual emptiness of the modern age.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any jrock recommendations? :)

Omg, I listen to a lot of jrock so I’ll try to narrow it down to my faves. I don’t know who you’ve heard before, so I just rolled with it like you’re a complete newbie to it. Also, fun guide to my favorite jrockers to everyone else. c:

Masaaki Endoh is like my jrock god. He does a lot of cover songs too and just rock-ifies them. If you told me I could only listen to one Asian artist forever and never listen to any others, I’d drop everyone’s ass for Masaaki Endoh. He’s turning 50 this year. I hope all your faves will be able to rock that hard at that age.
Fave songs: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Sorairo Days, SPEC

SCANDAL is a quartet of ladies who got their start by practicing in the room above a sex shop, so if that doesn’t scream rock and roll, I don’t know what does. They’re pretty much my favorite girl group in anything ever.
Fave songs: Shunkan Sentimental, Overdrive, Asterisk

UVERworld? I listen to a lot of UVERworld.
Fave songs: Deja Vu, Chance!, Just Melody

The Gazette is my favorite band that had anything to do with visual kei. So if you don’t mind some dark shit in your music, check them out.
Fave songs: The Suicide Circus, LEECH, Filth in the Beauty

HOME MADE KAZOKU is a really good bad to listen to if you’re feeling down because they pretty much play “feel good” music. That’s their thing. Music that makes you feel good.
Fave songs: No Rain No Rainbow, FREEDOM, You’ll Be Alright

ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D is some more good shit.
Fave songs: Reclimb, Complication

m-flo’s not necessarily rock but I’mma pimp them anyways. On going joke in Japant hat you haven’t really made it unless you collab with m-flo so most of their songs feature someone else too.
Fave songs: Miss You, Astrosexy, REEEWIND

That moment when you realize that the youngest person listed here is the SCANDAL drummer who’s 25, I believe. My Jrock collection is so old. :’D I’m going to calm down with this now. If you’re interested in more, hit me up yo. c:

I knew it was only a matter of time before y'all tired ass hating ass losers came out of nowhere trying to ruin the mood. Any time we get happy about something Bey does, you pop up to remind us that you Don’t Get It. Ok??? And??? If you don’t get it by now, you not about to get it period. I still don’t get why you feel the need to let everybody know that you hate Black women or that you want the world to know how Different you are by disliking one of the most popular artists of all time. And yet. Here you go. Right on schedule. Ole hating ass bitch.


I feel like I need my makeup done and hair laid with the perfect outfit to be relevant on black tumblr. i feel like my art needs to be afro centric. i feel like i cant just be a black girl or a black artist with no strings attached anywhere. if I’m wrong then why does it feel like no one pays any mind when i post things but i reblog a girl with a coke bottle and some nice eyebrows and i get 12 notes. I know it’s petty but it’s just how i feel.