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New Beginnings (Part 1) (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Request: Bucky is really protective of the Reader who has a prosthetic leg and he’s always helping her despite the fact that she doesn’t need help to do any of the things that she does. she can totally do them for herself but she likes Bucky that much that she let him help her just to spend more time with him

Words: 1130 

A/N: I don’t know how it is to have a prosthesis so if i’m making a mistake with this please let me know.
Special thanks to @supersoldierslover and @writingfortheavengers

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New Beginnings (Part 1):

The place was amazing. It was on the 5th floor of a Brooklyn building that actually seemed to have a good elevator and a security system that works. Also, the fact that the noises of the streets were imperceptible from here, made you form a good opinion of it. This one was one of the good ones.

You looked at your mom, who had insisted on joining you in the search for a good place to live, with a huge smile unable to hide your excitement as the owner of the apartment talked about the goods of the location and the 2 rooms that it had. He also talked about how the neighbors were good people that always were happy to help when needed and about that place around the corner that had the most amazing Italian food in all New York.

You let your eyes roam around the recently painted living-room. It was perfect; spacious but not too big. The walls were all white except for the one that was glass-made which was the door to the balcony.

“This is a small closet,” the proprietor told you opening the closest door to the entry before heading out the living room and showing you the first door to the left “And here is one of the bathrooms”

With every little thing he showed you, you were more convinced that this apartment was the right one. The kitchen wasn’t very big but it was pretty functional and it had enough space for you to not be uncomfortable at all even hopping around. The main bedroom was bigger than you were used to and you were sure that because its location, you would have natural light entering through that window in the mornings, and its bathroom had a big bathtub. You were in love with the place.

The thing was that it was unfurnished. Well… unfurnished was not the word, it was poorly furnished but that wouldn’t matter because it had the basics and you had everything the apartment was missing or you could buy it. You even thought that it will probably be a good idea to give away the fittings you didn’t need, like those armchairs in the other room.

Of course, the flat wasn’t something luxurious but it was soon to be yours and you already loved it. It was perfect for you.

“I don’t know, (Y/N)” your mom get you out of your thoughts “It’s the 5th floor, sweetheart.”

“It has a great elevator, mom. That’s not a problem”

“What if there’s a failure”

You tried to resist the urge of rolling your eyes but it was stronger than you.

“You know I can make it, it’s not like it is a 20th floor or something”

She knows that it was true but she was really overprotective since the accident you had 3 years ago and that was one of the reasons you were moving out to another city. Of course, you would never think of telling her that, the official reason was work, but you were looking for jobs in New York so you could be more independent without feeling like you were destroying your family’s heart.

“I’m gonna be fine mom” you assured her feeling a little guilty. She was just worried about you after all “So, is this place pet-friendly?” you changed the subject so the conversation would flow to things that matter to you more than your leg in this moment.

Of course, you visited three other places besides that one but you couldn’t keep your thoughts out of that Brooklyn flat. The other places just seemed so unpractical, like they weren’t made for you. Or they were too small or too noisy or so close to ugly alleys. So that same night you called the owner to make a deal. The next day you were reading a contract and signing it and the day after that you were already putting your things in boxes in your old home in Hudson.

A week after that, one Saturday morning, you got to the building with the moving truck. Luckily, the men from the company were unbelievably kind. They even helped you get the furniture into the apartment.  The only thing you didn’t think of in that moment was how you were going to move all those boxes that still were outside your door in the hall.

“Oh, seriously?” you just realized the king size bed was still in the living room “Ok, I can do this”

You left the door open because of the boxes and you headed to the bed to turn it to one of its sides, it was hard for you honestly and you weren’t completely comfortable with this prosthesis for that job; it was a new one and pretty cool but it wasn’t the one that worked better for this kind of things. You tried to push the bed but you sighed resigned to go look into the boxes. It wasn’t that bad because you can use that opportunity to continue doing what you left aside and keep entering them to your apartment. Honestly, it was a mess you still didn’t know how you were going to fix.

When you finally got to the box you needed the ones left outside weren’t a lot so you sat there in the hallway and rolled your pants up until the hem reached a little up your knees and you took off the prosthetic device and started changing it for the one with the carbon spring when the elevator door opened and someone started walking your way.

“Sorry for the mess,” you said without looking up still busy with your leg “I swear I’m about to finish with the boxes”

“It’s ok. I can help if you want to”

“Thank you but I can do it, don’t worry. Also, I don’t want to bother you”

“I know you can do it. And you’re not bothering, I’m the one offering. We’re neighbors after all”

You fixed the pants over your leg and looked up at him.

He was tall. Well, it was that or it was the fact that you were sitting on the floor. You noticed that he probably just came from running or from the gym for the look of his clothes. Your eyes flew to his left arm before you got the chance to look at his face and you smiled in recognition. A metal arm. At least you both were stylish.

You stood up and looked at him again still smiling. Yes. He was tall. He smiled too when you nodded your head.

“Name’s Bucky, by the way”

“Nice to meet you, Bucky,” you said “I’m (Y/N)”

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{synopsis} how steve and bucky adjust to the 21st century, with help from you

{warnings} none, unless you count your heart exploding

{pairing} steve + bucky x platonic!reader

{bullet count} 40; james : 20, steven : 20

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A/N - hi everyone! i promised i would post tonight so here are some half-assed headcanons. btw - if you’ve requested something and you’re waiting for it to be done, fear not! i’m slowly plowing through a requested steve rogers fanfic (i got some done before doing these) and a requested sodapop curtis fanfic. i’ll get to everyone; just have patience. writing takes time and i’m not a robot! 

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As you all know I have been struggling to post recently and the quality of work I have come out with isn’t the best

To counter this I happily accepted the wonderful help of a new member to the page. Unfortunately our lives afk have been consumed by the mass pressure of the educational system. 

My original plan was to take a lil rest away from tumblr and come back to my page (and amazing followers) in my summer break, and I’d like to reinstate that statement. 

I’m so sorry to be leaving so abruptly, but I promise to come back with 100x better content. IN FACT! I’ll kick start my page again with stories and pictures and stuff of my trip to Japan (because I’m sure I’ll do a lot of embarrassing things there)… Does anyone have any advice for me when I go to Japan

Or maybe I should make a separate blog for that? Would anyone like that?

Anyway, even though I’m incredibly sad, I hope you all stay happy and healthy while I’m away! 

See ya soon!

Cheer Up (Yoongi)

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Genre: angst/fluff


Request: Hello! Could i request a yoongi fic where your bf cheats on you and your best friend, yoongi, comforts you(and maybe confesses his feelings to you) thanks!! @itsacalpal

A/n:I hope you enjoy reading it!~Joy

You spent weeks at your apartment, sitting on your couch while eating ice cream, watching romantic comedies, anything to get your mind off of your ex. He cheated on you a month ago, while you were on a vacation trip with your friends, you got home early to surprise him, and saw him with another girl, lips locked together. You just wished you would stop thinking about him, but your heart would just ache whenever you were reminded of him, it’s funny how easily someone can throw another person away. The only highlight of your miserable month was your bestfriend, Yoongi, who stayed with you during your night time rants, and got you food if you didn’t feel like leaving the house. 

“Y/n I think it’s time for you to get out of the house” Yoongi suggested, as you groaned, returning to your ice cream and movies.

“Maybe in a week or so” You answered, as you stuffed your face with another spoonful of ice cream. Yoongi only rolled his eyes, as he grabbed the spoon out of your hands “hey!”

“You shouldn’t be cooped up in your home because of some asshole who decided to throw away the best thing he ever had.” Yoongi insisted, but you only rolled your eyes.

“If I was the best thing that ever happened to him then why am I here bawling my eyes out because of him?” You asked, clearly not interested in Yoongi’s fake words of encouragement.

“Y/n he just didn’t know what he had, he’s too dumb to realise how amazing you are.” Yoongi sighed, as he gave you your spoon back.

“I just want to die, how could he do this to me? Does seven months not mean anything to him? Why did he have to do that? Was I that boring?” You rambled on, really just finding a excuse to let remaining tears out of your system. 

“Y/n stop, you aren’t boring you are so much better than you think you are. He just can’t see that.” Yoongi reminded you, as you tried to smile. “That’s probably the first smile I’ve seen you give me this whole month.”

“I’m so sorry you have to deal with my crying ass, I know I should have dealt this on my own, I can’t believe I dragged you into this.” You apologised, although Yoongi only shook his head, smiling.

“You don’t understand how important you are to me, I wouldn’t want you to deal with this alone.” Yoongi smiled, as you gave him a bigger smile.

“You know what, I think it’s time to go outside, I need groceries anyways.” You proposed, as Yoongi’s face brightened.

“That’s the Y/n I know!” 

At the grocery store, you picked out foods, as Yoongi slipped in some food, snacks for later. “Why are you putting so much food in my cart anyways?” You asked him, although you didn’t really care since you were willing to buy these for Yoongi. 

“For our sleep over?” Yoongi declared, as you only playfully rolled your eyes. 

“Okay, but that means you can’t forget my favourite snacks” You smiled, as he smiled back.

“Already got them.” Yoongi smiled, holding up your favourite snacks.

After collecting all of your groceries, and some candy and pop for the sleepover Yoongi and you were going to have. You stood in line waiting for your turn to pay. “Y/n?” A voice asked, you turned around to see your ex, you felt your heart sting a bit. 

“Oh…hey” You quietly say, as he smiles a bit.

“How are you?” He asked, smiling brightly.

“Um…I’ve been good” You said, as he smiled back.

“It’s so good to see you again!” He exclaimed.

“How’s your girlfriend?” You asked, hoping to change the subject.

“We broke up.” He informed you, as his smile dropped.

“Oh how come?” You asked, but you didn’t care if he told you or not.

“She didn’t know I was dating you at the time and couldn’t live with dating a guy she ruined a relationship with” He mumbled.

“At least she has common sense” You mumbled, letting Yoongi hear, as he giggled.

“I miss you” He announced, as your eyes widen.

“I…d-don’t know what to say” You stammer, you cried over him for a month and he finally appeared asking for you to come back, before you could say anything else you felt a warm hand squeeze yours.

“Jagi who’s this?” Yoongi asked, as your ex’s smile turned into a frown.

“Who am I? Who is this?” He asked, as you played along with Yoongi’s plan.

“My boyfriend.” You answered.

“You already moved on? What type of girl are you? Don’t you even stay single for more than a month?” He asked, clearly furious his back up plan was taken.

“What type of girl am I? What type of guy are you? You cheated on me and expect me to be chill with you wanting me back after all the crying I’ve been through?” You scoff, letting apart of your feelings of hurt show.

“Whatever” He scoffs as Yoongi escorts you to the car.

“I’m proud of you” Yoongi smiles.

“For what?” You asked.

“For saying what you had to, you expressed how hurt you were to him.” Yoongi explained.

“Thanks for acting like my boyfriend” You smiled, “I don’t know what I would have done with out you.” 

“Who says I was acting?” Yoongi asked “look I know it’s a bit early, and it’s okay if you say no cause I’ll wait when you’re ready, but I really like you, and I really want you to be my girlfriend.”

You smiled “I would love to!”

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do you think Bellamy is more of a Gryffindor or a Slytherin? I thought Slytherin but he's always drawn as a Gryffindor and I was wondering what you thought?

Oh man do I have OPINIONS. I mean, who doesn’t have opinions about house sorting? That said: sort him wherever you want (seriously, you do you - I am all about differing opinions), but have you considered…

(Note: All of this is based on the amazing @sortinghatchats and their system which explains SO much about discrepancies in sorting characters and I can’t think about sorting any other way now. For an overview of how they do it, check out this link - seriously, it’s amazing and so many kudos and I hope my brief explanations of their detailed system get it right!).

In short terms, I see Bellamy as Hufflepuff primary (why he does things) and Gryffindor secondary (how he does things) and in season 1, he performs/models (i.e. pretends to be/uses) Slytherin in primary. In longer terms...

Down to his bones, Bellamy cares about people. In season 1, it is just the delinquents he cares about, and as much as he manipulates them at first (which is actually him both performing/modeling Slytherin–more on that later), he does truly believe that the delinquents aren’t criminals and that they deserve to be free of the Ark’s rules, that they deserve to be treated fairly. As the show progresses, more and more people get included in those he cares about–even the Mt. Weather people at the end. Also, moments of that blanket-caring shine through in season 1 with Charlotte. Whereas Clarke similarly comforts her because she should, because it’s the thing a leader should do, it’s the *right* thing to do, Bellamy comforts Charlotte because he instinctively wants to, there is no logical reason behind it, just emotion. Bellamy Blake cares and he cares broadly and deeply, no matter how hard he tries to seem selective about it. (My theory on where that comes from: watching Octavia grow up isolated from others made him never want to be exclusionary himself, that after seeing how his sister suffered he could never in his heart justify casting someone out who had done nothing wrong–he cares so much, damn it). So: Hufflepuff primary.

Also down to his bones, Bellamy is about action. He even says it himself in 1x09, when he argues with Clarke that politics and treaties aren’t going to get their friends back but going into the mountain will. He is even more reactionary in season 1, wanting to strike back against the Grounders immediately multiple times. When he thinks/knows he is right about something, he doesn’t wait for the right moment or approval–he just does it, because he can’t help himself, because he has to (sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t). Also, because he so truly believes in what he is doing, he can convince others, inspire others to follow him down the (usually) right path. Basically, he is brave and bold and confident in how he does things–thus, Gryffindor secondary. 

Alright, onto performing (pretending to be a House) & modeling (using a House’s skills). Bellamy does both of Slytherin in season 1, I feel. He performs Slytherin when he is acting selfish or exclusionary–being overprotective of his sister with Atom, the whole wristbands shenanigans, planning to run away in 1x08. But deep down, that isn’t Bellamy (he cares too much, see above!)–he wouldn’t leave his sister or his people or Clarke, not when they needed him. So he isn’t truly Slytherin, in my opinion–he was just performing (pretending) to be to survive. Now, he also models Slytherin when he is grandstanding. Like I said before, he truly believes that the delinquents deserve justice and to be pardoned for their crimes, or even that their crimes aren’t actually crimes. That said, despite truly believing this, he also knows how good this will sound to the delinquents, who are the people he wants to win over initially. So he uses that knowledge to his advantage to gain a following, to amass power. It’s a bit tricky to parse out, because he’s not lying to them–he’s actually being 100% honest in his opinions–but there is a manipulation factor going on there. Thus, he models (uses) Slytherin despite having honest intentions. 

WHEW okay I have been thinking about this for ages before this ask so I’m super excited I got to talk about it finally. S e r i o u s l y, go check out that blog - it will blow your mind. 

One day I had to call the police because someone threatened to hit me; he even knew I was pregnant. The police did nothing at all. Then my landlord raised our rent by $300 more. My fiance and I couldn’t afford this. I thought I was going to break down. My daughter needed a roof over her head and I needed some peace! I made decision based on all of our well being. A homeless shelter. I told my fiance, Logan, “This is only temporary. We will make it.” We moved into the shelter later that day; I couldn’t sleep that night.

I cried hard the first few days. My whole world had flipped. We were in a shelter and my cats were left behind; It hurt. It took a week before I got used to the schedule and rules. I was very thankful though. Every day I woke up grateful for having a place and having things provided. As long as they had it and you needed it… they gave it to you. I didn’t need to buy baby wipes or diapers. They gave me food, water, shampoo, blankets, a hot shower, a place to sleep and, well, anything. They wanted people to save their money to get a place so providing these things saved money.

Everyone around the shelter stared and judged. Homes would call and complain about loudness or staring even though no one ever bothered them. Businesses around the shelter made rules that residents had to follow because “They make their business look bad.” People driving by would stare. The judgement was terrible.

All these people who think shelter residents steal or do drugs is just sad. In reality, it’s mostly people who fell on a hard time. The shelter does drug tests and watches people through cameras… people caught with drugs or alcohol in their systems were kicked out. I can’t help but wonder, “Will people ever see the truth or just continue to lie about homeless people?”

I knew homeless shelters were important but until moving into one I didn’t know just how important they really were. My eyes have been opened. It’s amazing the things you learn through experiences!

I made a friend named Sarah who has a 10 month old. Her parents just dropped her off with no where to go. Another family went half and half on an apartment and was told to get out because “They didn’t pay their half”….. with no proof that the did pay, they had to go. This one guy lost his daughter to cancer. There were three people who served in the army. A traveling family. A couple who walked from South Carolina to Virginia. Another women’s house got caught on fire…. and you see only judgement from others who refuse to see anything else but lies.

Logan and I left the shelter yesterday (7/24). We have a place to stay then we are getting into our new apartment. We got lucky getting out. Some of those people literally lost everything

I was originally going to write about my stay at the shelter but instead I want people to understand shelters aren’t that bad. I want people to know it’s not okay to judge something they have no clue about. Yes, living there was hard and stressful but it was in no way what majority of people think.  I am completely open to questions, comments, or anything about my stay.

(Pic is the nursery room at the shelter)

time to embarrass @om–nom

this girl right here is amazing. im not kidding.

She’s sweet as can be and is beautiful. She’s caring and loving and her laugh is amazing. She also has a tendency to chew on ice when I’m working out. She’s still loveable as hell though.

She’s strong and is my support system for a lot of things. I lean on her so much that I’m practically laying on her half the time. She’s soft by the way.

Really in all seriousness, I love her.

She’s been with me since Sixth grade and look at where we are now. We’ve come so far and it only took me over three years to actually realize how I felt. She amazes me everyday.

I just want to make her smile.

So I hope this does make you smile.

maybe even blush

ok yeah both blushing and smiling would be wonderful~

People are unintentionally hilarious sometimes

I’ve been working on my paper planning system because I need to get the productivity apps out of my life since they’re so overwhelming. And as part of that, I’ve been exploring planners that other people have created and sell online.

And it’s really hilarious.

The other day I watched a video about a planner that looks amazing… for not-me. And the woman explaining how you use it said that she doesn’t bother writing in things like showering and getting dressed and eating breakfast, because they’re just things she does anyway. So the to-do list in that planner (and in most planners) is pretty short, really.

My 40+ to-do list wouldn’t fit in any of the planners on the market, which is why I made my own. I need that many things because like half of the tasks are things neurotypical people apparently just do automatically and don’t need to write down. Whereas me and my executive dysfunctional ass need it ALL written down.

I don’t consider that a bad thing anymore, I think it’s kind of funny.

But it’s part of why other people’s planners just don’t work for me.

Stay tuned, I may have more to say on this topic because seriously I have seen almost everything there is now. (And if you have a planner you’d like me to discuss, please let me know! I would love to write posts about why certain planners are useless for me and which parts are awesome! It would be a FANTASTIC way to procrastinate on everything else in my life!)

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How does the sticker system work and are there any school rules? Is there an FAQ link? I'm so happy I got accepted❤️❤️


My goodness Mini fruit! This is an amazing question! The stickers are rewards for doing activities and some of your class mates have special borders that’s because they finished a special assignment! The school rules are pretty basic. Same as every other preschool! No pushing and walk in the halls! Things like that! I’m glad you happy you got accepted! Here’s our about page if it helps any 

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This is a detailed guide on creating a group verse in the indie RP world. Includes sections on plots, tags, settings, gimicks, promos, events, biographies, rules, ooc plotting/chatting, and other cool things.
Having ran a successful and unique group verse, and part of a few others, this is from my experience.
              What is a group verse? A verse that involved several indie blogs that revolve                      around a certain plot. It is similar to an rpg, but not as closed or limiting.

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alienswearsunglasses  asked:

hey, do you know any good sterek fics? :)

UHHHH YES????????????

I really need a rec list page or like to start recommending fics as like a thing that my blog does because there are literally too many to count or to think of off the top of my head.

Firstly you can go to theofficialstereklibrary for basically every quality Sterek fic ever written and they sort everything with an amazing tagging system and that’s where I find my best new reads, but as far as my favorites go let’s try this out:

Firstly No Homo, it’s in progress and probably the ONLY work in progress that I’ll ever read or keep up with because it is just TOO PERFECT LIKE WORDS CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE NO HOMO OKAY? IT HAS ITS OWN TAG AND PEOPLE THAT ARE KEEPING UP WITH IT SO IT’S AMAZING. It’s basically college boy Stiles being so far in the closet that he thinks doing sexual things with frat boy Derek is just what two totally straight dudebros do and it’s DELICIOUS.

I’m currently reading His Only Defence and it’s FANTASTIC, and after Alpha Spikes, my second favorite Alpha/Beta/Omega-verse fic. 

Speaking of which, Alpha Spikes is amazing. Idk, I’m just a huge fan of ABO-verse fics.

Weeee AU’s! Prince Among Wolves has got to be hands down the BEST real world + werewolves AUs I’ve ever read, it’s such a beautiful story, a great read, and the family aspects of it will just warm you up and melt you like butter. 

Gravity’s Got Nothing On You is the first fake relationship fic I’ll be reccing and it’s probably my favorite that I’ve read. Magic!Stiles, weee! And fics where Laura is alive and active in the story are just the fucking best, okay?

Mistletoe Never Lies is the next fake relationship fic I’m bringing you because it was just FUCKING AMAZING. Like there’s a few plot twists where it’s like OH HOLY SHIT but other than that it’s super feelsy and awesome and everything in between. 


Ooh ooooohhhh!!!!! And and and don’t forget DILF! Daddy Derek with Scott and Jackson as his kids and Stiles as their teacher it’s just ALL THE FLUFF AND FAMILY FEELS AND ALL THE ADORABLE THINGS WRAPPED UP IN ONE NICE LITTLE BOW. c:

Oooohhhh my god, Losers. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Losers is just amazing. College jock Stiles and Erica is amazing and Jackson is kinda awesome too and I just love this fic okay. c:

A lot of these are from theofficialstereklibrary’s top 25 because they made their top 25 for a reason but I’m not just sampling from there I promise.

Uhmmmm, oh, qhuinn is amazing and Strike Softly (Away From The Body) is bodyguard!Derek and it’s fucking awesome. 

Speaking of bodyguard!Derek, A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel was a GREAT read, Derek and Stiles wake up married in Vegas and the shenanigans that ensue are just priceless.

Also here’s some bodyguard!Stiles to switch it up, with call it a wild card. This one is wonderful.

By Any Other Name is amazing, because I mean, if Derek and Stiles came to on the road fighting monsters with no memory of who they were, they would totally think they’re boyfriends if nobody else tells them otherwise, amirite?

Hide Of A Life War fulfills all your bamf!Stiles needs with an intense hostage situation and some amazing Sterek throughout.

You Can’t Dodge Stiles Stilinski is a dodgeball AU with coach!Derek filling in for Finstock as he coaches the dodgeball team with a LOT of mischievous!Stiles knowing exactly what he wants and how to get it and a lot of resistant!-no-I’m-your-coach!Derek who eventually gives in. Yaaassssss.

He Takes His Coffee Black is just one of many coffee shop AUs that are fucking perfect. Enough said.


routingissues  asked:

Ooo~ how does one use a flashdrive to add more ram, if I may ask? I have unopened 16gb flashdrives and this would be an amazing thing to use them for!

Essentially you plug it into a USB port on your computer (make sure it is empty first, so you can get the most ram out of it), than a pop-up will appear asking if you want to view the contents of the flash drive or if you want to speed up your system, you will select the ‘speed up my system’ option.

This will take you to readyboost. There are three options first. The default is that it is not using your flash drive to boost your system, so you will change it to either dedicating the flash drive to boosting your computers ram, or to “use this device” which means the computer will only recognize your flash drive as boosting your game this single time, and once you remove it, you will have to redo all of this.

I selected dedicate, because I bought a flash drive specifically for this.

Okay now there is a ramp of the amount of gb you want reserve for your system. I maxed this out to the highest it would let me. For a 32gb flash drive it only let me add 4gb at first.

However, if you have windows 7, you can make the flash drive use nearly all of it’s gb for ram, if you follow this youtube tutorial here (this what I did)

Edit: okay, and when looking for what to buy, I would buy atleast a 32gb. There are other specifications that make it better, but they are nearly impossible to find because most people don’t know, even if you call the manufacturers. I just bought a normal 32gb flashdrive and it works fabulously. If you are really interested in specific kinds, I would try googling it. I read several threads that offered many types of flashdrives that are optimal for this kind of thing.

ithinksobutidontactuallyknow  asked:

So I'm seeing Undertale stuff everywhere... What is it? How much does it cost? Can I play it on my laptop, or is it for Wii, Xbox, or what? It sounds cool!

Undertale is a game where you play as a young child named Frisk. 

You meet tons of great characters through the entire game!

I love all of them…like, every character is amazing and hilarious and has their own fantastic personality.  

The game  has a really deep story too and can be really sad at times depending on the choices you make in the games.

The battle system is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in a long time too. You always have a choice whether you want to fight or not

Undertale is on Steam and is only 9.99 and it is SO worth it! I’d even recommend buying the soundtrack too! Seriously, how incredible is the soundtrack to this game? 


Having an alien friend is one thing. Having a cute alien friend who seems to have visited every corner of the galaxy is another, but it sure makes stargazing more interesting. (ao3)

notes: so I just really like chameleons and thought, hey, let’s give an alien!Blaine some color-changing chameleon scales. things escalated from there.

“Looking at the stars is a little morbid, isn’t it?” Kurt says, absently picking at the edge of the blanket they’d brought to the park. Next to him, Blaine turns onto his side to face him with an easy, relaxed smile.

“How so?”

“Well, they’re so far away that by the time the light gets to us, the star is probably dead. Right?”

“Right. More or less.”

“More or less?” Kurt frowns, then looks at Blaine. His friend’s jacket has long since been discarded, left on the grass nearby along with his usual bow tie once they realized they were as alone as can be. As a result, Blaine is left with a white polo, unbuttoned so as to let the summer breeze cool him off. Even in the dark, Kurt can see some of the smooth, rounded, rich blue scales that cover Blaine’s upper chest and shoulders.

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Felt like watching Pacific Rim and it made me realize once again how angry I get over people saying it’s a bad movie because of the story.

I don’t think the story is bad. It’s old, yeah, and incredibly predictable, almost line by line. For what it’s worth, though, I think it handles itself very well. But that’s the not the point of the movie, is it?
When you watch a Godzilla movie, or a Transformers movie, you don’t do so to see character development and rich lore. You just want to see awesome-looking giant things beat the crap out of each other using amazing weapons and abilities, and boy does Pacific Rim deliver on that. Anyone who critiques the movie on anything but the action and Kaiju/Jaeger designs clearly doesn’t have the right mindset going in.
Sometimes it’s okay to just like a movie for the action alone.

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Not to be a downer but I read that "post college work life" answer and it is honestly my worst fear. When I'm down, depressed (previously in my life when I was suicidal) it was literally all I could focus on. That most of my life would be sleeping & a work life that EVERYONE (even the happy people) say is absolute misery. I just - I don't understand it so I'm hoping you can explain a little (since you seem happy-ish). Why are people so blase about the fact that ppl seem doomed to be miserable??

Because you’re not doomed to be miserable. Misery is not being able to pay your rent or buy food. Misery is having to live in your parents’ basement while your friends and school acquaintances move on with their lives and have great adventures. Misery is being STUCK. My worst fear in life, the thing that animates me when I really barely have the energy to take a shower or find pants is that I will miss it–all of it–all of my opportunities if I do not grab for it greedily. Misery is having to settle because you opted out of working harder at some point and are now left holding the bag of consequences.

Note how I talked about early career unhappiness. And while every job has its ups and downs, with more downs than ups because if it were fun nobody would have to pay you to do it, I am not lying in a festering pit of my own unhappiness and professional advancement.

Doing this? Focusing on getting shit done and working hard and not letting myself give in to self pity? It’s put me in a position to do fantastic things. I travel around the world; I have a great relationship with my family now because they don’t have to worry about me dying from unemployment. I am well-respected at work and I have fucking amazing friends in my life. I have hurled in like, 6 global subway systems from never saying no to bourbon.

It’s not misery, Anon. It’s HARD. There is a real difference.

There’s a great standup bit from ages ago, talking about how adulthood is like the old video games, where shit just gets harder and faster and then you die. It does get harder and faster, but if you rise to the challenge you, too, will get harder and faster, and the things that seem so overwhelming to you now (and I’m guessing you’re very young, still) will seem not only manageable, but easy. Once upon a time you couldn’t read; now you read all the time and it’s only the content that terrifies you, not the act of reading itself. That’s how picking up life skills will go, too.

It will be hard. But there will be rewards. The only way to completely fail at life is to fail to try, because the one person you have to look in the mirror at the end of the day and be able to live with is yourself.

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Share with us, if you can, a time you thought you were going to die.

I just recently wrote a poem about illness. About a human and a living corpse, and I’m about to do something that poets and writers should never do. The beauty of reading poetry is everyone who reads it interprets it differently. A million beings can read one poem or book, all taking something different, but I’m about to tell you the story behind the poem… A Love Story Between The Human and The Living Corpse was written by both me and my boyfriend; I sent him my part of the poem through instant message, and he wasn’t replying. I thought I may have scared him away… He read it, and I didn’t message, “Hello?” “Are you still there?” “Where did you go?” because I respected that it may have been too soon… But twenty minutes later I read, “She told me so. She told me so. She told me so.” and I cried. I was happy, and that may have been the moment I knew he was the one. That poem tells the story of a time I thought I was going to die in a sense… I am sick. Two years ago, I was at my older sister’s baby shower. That was a day for celebrating new life! It was heartwarming, and beautiful, and, well, very pink. But I fell ill. While my sister was opening her presents, gleaming excitement, I started sweating, hyperventilating, my vision was blurring, I was standing by the door anyways, and so I stealthily left to my hotel room two doors down. I walked in, and fell on the couch, in and out of consciousness, I was shivering uncontrollable, I was freezing, I didn’t know what was happening. Our mom came in after me, an RN, and she felt my head and I was burning up, and she felt for my heart rate and it was out of control, and what was happening, though I didn’t know until hours later when I was admitted, was my Autonomic Nervous System was failing on me. That system supports every organ within your body, and it failing is fatal… I have both nerve damage and brain damage. And I now have the chronic illness Dysautonomia, which means my Autonomic Nervous System is unstable, and is going to be for the rest of my life… It may fail again, and if it does, I could never well die. My boyfriend knows this, and the fact that he still loves me is the single, most amazing thing to ever happen to me. So the poem is about how I live my life like I’m dying, chained to my grave, but even though I’m protective of my life, I still live it. And, quite frankly, I still love it with all my murmured heart.