does a wild dance

Exo hearing you moan for the first time

Can you do their reaction to hearing you moan for the first time?


Suho: mmm okay… but how is that wild sound coming from her cute lips?

Baekhyun: *does small happy dance*

Chanyeol: Oh god that’s cute

D.O: *hide your emotions kyungsoo. don’t show her how much that turned you on*

Kai: *is overly excited at how erotic that was*

Sehun: gif

Xiumin: how did i get so lucky to call u mine?

Lay: *tries to make you moan again*

Chen: *horny Chen activate* ft Xiuhun

Tao: *chokes* Holy shit jagiya that is hot!

Day6 Reaction to Y/N Goofing Off Behind His Back

If you know accounts that make Day6 Gifs, please tag me in one of their post. I need more. <3


“Help me understand something for a second. Are you a child or an adult? Because I really don’t know.”

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“Y/N, stop messing with my glasses.”

Y/N: “I’m not doing anything.” *does it again*

Jae: “…Y/N.”

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*wild dancing behind him*

Brian: *spin moves*

Brian: “Ha! I caught you.”

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“Y/N, stop doing things things behind me.”

Y/N: “No.”

Wonpil: *trips you “accidentally”* *dies of laughter*

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Y/N: *touches the butt**gets oddly excited*

Dowoon: *confused* *gif*

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Xena, Warrior Princess does Eurovision 2004.

Ruslana from The Ukraine sings Wild Dances.  I think she won.  I remember being friggin’ ecstatic.

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Hmmm that sounds good too.... in general i feel like he's got those big hands that just look sexy asf strumming on a guitar....who else do you think would have some other kind of hobby in Naruto I've heard Gaara likes cacti and obviously Kakashi is a smut reader (aren't we all a little tho😂😏) but I wonder who else would have hobbies and what they would be

Hmmm  hobbies let’s see…I’m just gonna do Team 7-10 for now!!


  • Naruto is super into cooking, he wants to try different ways to spice up ramen. He watches a ton of cooking shows,reads cookbooks, and always asks Teuchi at Ichiraku Ramen for tips.He likes to invite people over to try his new recipes!
  • Sasuke is a big reader. He likes to exercise his brain with literature and HATES TV. Prefers old fashion books compared to something like an e-book. He enjoys science fiction and biographies.
  • Sakura likes to sing! She’s always shy about it if someone brings it up so no one has heard her beautiful voice. She can hit a high note every now and then, she hasn’t quite got it down yet.
  • Kakashi enjoys collecting books, most of it is smut but others are how-to and health books.


  • Kiba is into parkour! He loves doing it with Akamaru all over Konoha. Every now and then he jumps on someone’s head to get a laugh in.
  • Hinata is into sewing and knitting. She makes her own clothes and sometimes she makes clothes for neji,hanabi,or naruto. She gets super happy when she sees someone wear the clothes she made for them. (One time she saw naruto wear one of her sweaters and she started to cry)
  • Shino collects bugs. His room has cages filled with various bugs. He does bug taxidermy too,he’s pretty good at it.
  • Kurenai LOVES to do make up! She watches a ton of make-up and hair styling videos online. She has hundreds of dollars worth of make up at home.

9 (Team Gai)

  • Rock Lee is into hiking/camping. He can go camping for weeks he often goes with Gai-Sensei. The best part is roasting marshmallows they’re his favorite!!
  • Neji likes to do yoga. Often he does it by himself, he really thinks yoga is best in seclusion. He’s very flexible, you’d be surprised!! (One time Tenten saw him wrap both of his legs around his head and she screamed like a banshee)
  • TenTen recently got into gymnastics! She loves the fast pace movement in it. She thinks it’s super cool and it’ll help her look bad ass during missions.(Lee goes crazy over her triple backflip)
  • Might Gai has a MASSIVE comic book collection. Most of the comics are back from when he was a kid.He still likes to go out and buy new issues every now and then.


  • Shikamaru is into astrology. It’s a simple and relaxing hobby to him. He has books about the cosmos and such, he knows a lot about the mythology behind the stars too.LOVES to watch lunar/solar eclipses.
  • Choji enjoys a great at role playing board games (like DnD)! He likes to make really unique characters. He often plays with Shikamaru and Asuma. (Sometimes Ino plays but her character is basically a self insert)
  • Ino is crazy into dancing. She’s done it since she was a kid. Take her to a party, play her favorite song, and watch the crowd go wild!!! She often does the splits in her dances.(One time her and sakura entered a talent show-sakura sang,ino danced- they left with first place)
  • Asuma goes kite flying on a good day. He often makes his kites, it’s very calming to him. (Kurenai always comes with him,sometimes she flies them too)

ways i am like even beck næsheim

  • wears 300 layers indoors 
  • never texts back 
  • thinks it’s a good idea to put everything in the kitchen on a piece of toast 
  • takes all the paper towels from the dispenser 
  • makes so many dick jokes ??? i don’t even do this but he does and it’s Wild 
  • dances to pop songs people judge me for liking 
  • extra™ af 
  • loves isak so very much 

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Taylor's been trying too hard to be sexy lately. Not diggin it

yeah i agree, taylor swift the 24 year old adult female should really not be dressing so provocatively and dancing in such a wild manner, what does she think this is, 2014? doesn’t she know she should be covering her ankles and only dancing by swaying back in forth while a man’s hands are on her hips and hers are on his shoulders and ONLY in the presence of her parents???? god it’s almost like she’s deliberately trying to disconnect from her fanbase, all this WILD DANCING and SHORT DRESSES with those beige patches that almost look like skin and did you hear that she may have said the word “fuck” last night???????/ we, the taylor swift-loving faction of the westboro baptist church of america, should revolt