taylorroseva asked:

My urge is too strong and I must ask... may I write a drabble based on your radioastrid fanart you just posted? >.> Unless, of course, you're planning on doing one, in which case I don't want to take it from you!

YES! PLEASE!  I wasn’t planning on drabbling it at all - it’s open season.

I mean, even if I do drabble, or plan on drabbling something, always go for  it yourself if you got the same urge!  The more the merrier ;)

First off, Rick & Morty is the shit. Second, I just made my first phone call to a governor. Good job, effective ad. If you think in home caregivers (more than 40,000 of them here in California) deserve equal rights to their overtime wages, please call governor brown and encourage him to stick to his promises of addressing in home healthcare givers wage rights. Thanks! #JNT #JinNTonic #doeet

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