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  • Dean: *In a crowded room and loses Sam* This calls for drastic measures.
  • Dean: *Cups hands around mouth and does a loud moose call*
  • Sammy: *galloping majestically through the crowd* Did someone call me?
  • Dean: There we go

“Finn is a coward!”

consider, finn was raised as a child soldier, consider, he has seen what the first order can do, he saw the first orders murder of a village of people, he knows that the first order is relentless and doesnt care about murdering or torturing anyone. he knows this.

he was raised by them, he knows what they can do, he is very much an abused person suffering from PTSD running away from an abusive and corrupt system. he is running and he wants to keep running because he knows that if they find him terrible things will happen to him and he’s scared

and he has every god damn right to be. as a survivor of abuse from my father I related to finn so much because he was scared. and you could tell he was scared, he was scared of his abuser finding him, of his abuser finding rey, someone he came to care for, and when he’s about to run, when he’s packing up and about to head out he hears shit going down and he turns back and he faces his fears

and can we talk about how brave that is, how much courage it takes to stand up to those who have raised you and go ‘no, this isnt right im done running i will not let you take my friends’ and when he sees captain phasma again you can tell he’s ecstatic at his freedom and the idea that she cant hurt him or control him anymore and he finally has control over someone who had control over him for so long

and then he faces off against kylo, the face of the organization that had hurt him so much and he goes ‘no im not letting you hurt my friends no come and get it’ and that is just

its amazing, it’s brave and courageous and despite everything that happened to him in the past finn still remains kind and willing to help people. finn, a black man, is an emotional and complex character and he gives me so much hope guys

so much hope.

one last phone sketch before sleep:
Someone please tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought of T.Jeffs with all the magenta?? Although instead of Ham T.Jeffs I think that Tutti would be more like the irl T.J, who through out his presidency only did two public speeches, both for his inaugurations. Obviously Tutti is better than T.J tho

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I just saw a synopsis of episode 8 and it says that one of the gang gets attacked. I also found a better quality picture of that scene with someone lying on the ground. I can make out Fred, Archie, Juggie and Kevin so it can't be them. Any thoughts or theories about who it is?

Hey! I read that too, I think it says one of their own get attacked. I’m still thinking that moose gets attacked, moose does seem like the jealous type and if he tries to go after Joaquin for dating Kevin I’m sure the serpents aren’t gonna be too pleased, I think this could start some kind of turf war. Honestly I’m not sure! I wish we could see a better picture. At first I thought it was Kevin that got attacked but it’s not so who knows!

This is not the best but it’s late and all I have is my phone so here’s a pic of my headcanon Tutti!!!!
Based off of headcanons from @joan-of-are-you-kidding-me who brought the forgotten les ami back into the spotlight in the first place, and @dandybabbler
As well as @actualplanetpluto who wanted to see them in their magenta overalls!! I tried!!

Adventure story prompts?

I feel like I’ve kind of gotten the hang of character/reader fics and even though they’re totally fun to write, I’d like to try my hand at something new.

Adventure’s always been a challenge for me so maybe it’s time to try that again?

Does anyone have any adventures they’d like to see in the GFFA? Could be OT or ST. I don’t think I have a good enough handle on Rebels yet but I could try.

As always no promises, the muse does what it wants. But maybe someone out there could help it along?

Three words - Sam Winchester x Reader (Samantha x Male!Reader)

Title: Three words

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Samantha Winchester x Male!Reader

Word count: 1,734

Warnings: None

Original imagine: Imagine having a talk with the female versions of Dean, Sam and Castiel that ended up in your universe due to a spell going wrong. (First installment is Sam/Samantha. Sam and Reader are dating. Samantha and Male!Reader - the male version of the Reader - are dating too. Everything that happens in the Supernatural universe happens in the gender-bend Supernatural universe that Deanna/Samantha/Cassie came from)

“Here are two burgers for you” you said handing Dean and Deanna their burgers.

“Here is a salad for you” you gave Sam his salad, that you had made yourself.

He smiled and took it gladly with a small peck on your forehead. You turned to the girl next to Sam. Samantha. His female version that was from another dimension but was now in yours, due to some spell going wrong. Surreal? Not so much. For you at least.

“And here is a salad for you too” you handed her her salad and she smiled kindly. A smile that looked so much like your boyfriend’s, Sam’s. Then again, it was Sam. Just… more female-like.

“Thanks” she mumbled taking the plate hesitantly.

You chuckled slightly “Eat it without fear. I’m just as good as my male version is at cooking. So I think you will like your salad. Moose here does” you said trying to get her to feel more at ease.

Sam rolled his eyes at you calling him that.

“It does look really good” she said with a smile and you returned it.

“My burger is certainly amazing! Way rockin’ it (Y/n)” Deanna said with a grin and you chuckled.

“Told you she’s the best! Wait to try her pie” Dean said with a mouth full.

You made a face and then spoke “Yeah, well pie is already ready and waiting for you in the kitchen whenever you decide to go and…” you trailed off at seeing Dean and Deanna quickly grab their plates and make their way - basically run - to the kitchen.

“Or you could just go get it now” you said mostly to yourself and shook your head.

Sam and Samantha both shook their head at their siblings’ behavior.

“Jerk” they muttered both at the same time, making you giggle.

“Unbelievable” you mumbled with a laugh.

Sam shot you a questioning look but you just shrugged him off.

“I’ll better go check up on those two. It was hard with only Dean here, not to mention with another him- her, whatever” he shook his head and taking his plate he got up.

“Ok. Oh and don’t forget to get my pc when coming back” you said and he frowned.

“I forgot it in the kitchen” you said with an innocent look and he rolled his eyes at you.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked, mostly himself, with a laugh and a shake of his head.

“Love me?” you asked with a slight shrug and innocent smile.

“That I always do” he said with a soft smile and you returned it.

He cupped your cheek and gave you a small kiss on the lips.

“I love you” he whispered against your lips.

You smiled “Love you too” you whispered and after another peck on the lips he left.

You turned your head to look back at your plate with food and caught a glimpse of Samantha.

You looked straight into her eyes, frowning.

“Is everything ok?” you asked with a smile and she shook her head, breaking from trance.

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry” she mumbled and looked down at her salad.

“You don’t have to apologize for anything, Samantha. Just… are you sure everything is ok?” you persisted.

She shifted in her seat and then finally looked up at you.

“Yeah, everything is fine. Just-” she stopped mid-sentence.

“Just what? You know, even though it might seem weird it is still (Y/m/n) you know. Just in a different body with more feminine traits. But still (Y/m/n). You can trust me with anything” you gave her an encouraging smile.

“Yeah, I know” she said softly “You are a lot like him, you know. Not just in appearance, since there are of course a few significant differences but- your personality. It is so much like his and-” she laughed nervously “You really remind me of him. There are moments that I think I’m actually talking to a gender-bend version of my boyfriend” she said with a smile.

“Well, it kind of is like that. It is still me-him just slightly… different” you made motions with your hands and she laughed as you motioned to your chest and all feminine parts.

“Certainly still him” she said.

“Yeah, I know I’m awesome” you said playfully and she laughed.

“Definitely” she said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, but you still haven’t told me what’s bothering you” you said softly.

“Can’t hide anything from you, can I? No matter what gender you have you still can read my like an open book” she said and you smiled more.

“Totally. After so many years of us being together there is no possible way for you to hide anything from me. I can always make you tell me everything, obviously.” you said with a proud smile.

“Obviously” she mumbled with a sad smile.

You frowned at her, sadly and so she continued talking.

“I just- In my dimension we- I- Well, you know that everything that happens here happens there too, just- a few things are different and-” she struggled to form words.

“Sammy” you said softly, using the nickname you used on your boyfriend, just on special occasions.
Just what your male version did, but you didn’t know it.

“I haven’t said it” she finally whispered.

“Said what?” you asked frowning.

“That- That I-” she let out a sigh “How I feel about you… him” she added.

“That you love him?” you asked, a smile making its way on your face.

“Yeah, that” she mumbled, looking down at her hands.

You chuckled and she looked up at you “Samantha you don’t have to worry about that, really” you said simply.

“But I do” she protested “I-I should! (Y/n) I should! You’re such an amazing person, honest, kind, sweet, charismatic, full of life and all around perfect! You’re everything I had always dreamed of, what I always wanted. Honestly I never thought I would be so damn lucky in my life to have you. After Jesse died I- I never thought I would find someone like you- Hell, I never thought I would actually would find someone that would make me feel everything he did and more. The least I could do was… just… say it” she ended up mumbling, looking down at her hands.

“Oh Sammy” you whispered, shaking your head with a light soft laugh.

“You don’t have to pressure yourself about that, you know” you mumbled and she looked up at you.

“But I do. I should say it, (Y/n). That’s the least thing you-he deserves. He… I need him to know, I want him to know but I’m such a damn coward” she gritted her teeth and shook her head.

“No, you’re not Sam. You’re just human. You’re you. Afraid of getting rejected, but that’s totally fine. Especially after every… guy you’ve been with has had a… bad end, anyway. Sam, listen. You don’t have to push yourself, ok? You don’t have to try so hard. It was just the same with Sam, male Sam.” you shook your head with a laugh “I remember the first few times he actually tried to say it. He was such a stuttering mess. More than when he firstly asked me out. What can I say though? I love that stuttering mess. And I didn’t even need him to say it. I comforted him and when he had actually calmed down, only then did he manage to say it. Sam, it’s ok if you haven’t said it yet. It’s ok if you don’t say it for a long time to come, too. Because, believe me, he knows. He does know how you feel about him, just like I knew how Sam felt about me. In fact I think I knew since the first moment. The way he holds me, the way he kisses me, the way he looks at me or smiles at me… that’s plenty enough for me to know. Even if he never said it I would be ok. It would be ok because I would already know. I already knew. And believe me that was more than enough for me” you said with a smile.

“But that the least I could offer to you. Least of the things you deserve and I just can’t give it to you. Damn if I wasn’t such a damn of a coward and afraid of losing you then… I would say it” she mumbled.

“Samantha it’s normal, ok?” you said with a smile.

“Yeah, that every guy I’ve dated has ended up dead in some way” she said sarcastically and shook her head.

“But he deserves it. That’s the least of things he deserves” she mumbled.

“Samantha believe me, if you are anything like the Sam I know, and you are, then you had given him-me more than what I deserve. More than I could ask for. Believe me, just him having you is enough for him. There is nothing that could make him more happy. There is nothing that could make me more happy, having Sam. That’s all that matters. Hearing you say it, is the last thing he’s thinking of, and I know it. I know it because that was the last thing I expected to hear from Sam. It made me happy to hear it, yes, but I would still be happy if he needed more time. I would still be happy if he took all of his life to say it. I knew, and that was all that mattered. So hear me out, ok? Don’t pressure yourself. He knows. (Y/m/n) already knows, believe me, and he can wait all his life for you to say it. And even if you don’t find the strength to do so, it will be ok by him.” you said with a soft smile, which she returned.

“You think?” she mumbled.

“Positive” you said confidently.

“So if I actually say it when we get back, do you think he will say it back?” she asked biting her lip.

“More than positive” you smiled softly.

Samantha may have been worried about actually saying it. Nervous just as much as Sam was when he told you…

… but just like it happened with you and Sam, Samantha did get to hear it back from male-you.

She did get to hear those little three words.

Next Generation

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,748

Pairing: None

Hi!!!!!!!! I know I am super annoying and always ask for one-shots, but can I request something? Maybe about the two Winchesters having little daughters and I don’t know just riding in Baby 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

A/N: You aren’t annoying in the slightest! Request whenever the mood strikes you; I’m always up for new ideas.


    Sam’s little girl came first. As punctual as her father from day one, she came into the world on her predicted due date exactly ten minutes before the time of day her parents were betting on. She arrived in a rather calm fashion and immediately found herself being cradled and fussed over. It was apparent that she would be an easy baby, every parent’s dream, and happy to see just about everyone. Six hours later, she was followed by her cousin.

    The arrival of Dean’s little girl was a bit more … unexpected. Hell, everything about her was unexpected beginning with her conception, and then she decided she’d rather not wait the last two weeks or the standard duration of labor. No, she couldn’t leave her slightly older kin all alone to bask in the warmth of familial adoration. When she did make her debut, Dean and the understandably exhausted mother couldn’t figure out how to get her to stop crying. She quieted to sleep and eat, but she seemed to exist in a state of constant dissatisfaction. Already, she was an impatient troublemaker like her father.

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Heyyy this is probably gonna sound strange and maybe uneducated but you're the only follower I know for sure who might can help.. do you know if non autistic people can have stims too? Because as I learn more about it, I realize that I actually do a lot of them, some for as long as I remember... I just want to know.

Hey! I got your other ask too and dont worry, you havent said anything offensive. I get wanting answers because for the longest time I knew that I was stimming but wasnt sure if I was autistic bc I was only diagnosed when I was 17 so yeah.

But to answer your question yes! I do know something about this! Allistics (non autistic people) can stim too! It’s just that it’s more prevalent in people with autism than it is in other people. I’ve been told that for allistics its a behavioral pattern so it could just be a habit you picked up over time even if you dont remember doing picking it up.

(I’ve also been told that the stims for autistic people are different than that for allistics but I DONT BELIEVE THAT. so do with that information what you will)

and IDK if you’re wondering about what its like for autistic people but I’ve found that stimming helps me calm down and think clearly. It also blocks out other sensory factors that I may be uncomfortable with.

Baby Winchester part five

Part One  Part Two Part Three  Part Four

Originally posted by aalsaud

Dean had died and you were not taking it well. You would only eat one bite and you were done… Sam called you out on it one day.

You look at your brother, with tears in your eyes and you mumble something about Dean breaking his promise.

Sam pulls you into a gentle hug, you let the tears fall. You felt like the world was turning against you, and you were only nine!

“Want to know what you do when life gets tough?” Sam asks once you calm down a little bit. You nod your head in reply.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do you do when life gets tough… just keep swimming.” Sam says making you giggle.

“You’re not a fish named Dory.” You reply. Sam pulls a face then asks you if he wasn’t Dory then who was he.

“Moose! You’re a big brother of a moose!” You shout in excitement.
“If I’m a moose… does that make you a platypus?” Sam asks with a grin.

“That’s Uncle Bobby. I’m a (favorite animal).” You reply with a small smirk on your face. Sam has to excuse himself for a moment because he was laughing so hard.

“What’s going on in there… and why am I the platypus?” Bobby asks crossing his arms across his chest.

“I got Y/N to laugh finally.” Sam reply with a chuckle.

“That’s good… but you still haven’t explained to me why I’m the platypus.”

“I have no clue. Y/N was the one that came up with the animals.” Bobby sighs.

You quickly get bored. You find a way how to entertain yourself… aka bothering Sam.

“Y/N what are you doing?” Sam asks.

“My Moose!” You reply. Sam rolls his eyes and starts to tickle you, which makes you shriek.  Bobby smirks at the both of you. He then takes a picture of you goofing around with your older brother.