• Dean: *In a crowded room and loses Sam* This calls for drastic measures.
  • Dean: *Cups hands around mouth and does a loud moose call*
  • Sammy: *galloping majestically through the crowd* Did someone call me?
  • Dean: There we go

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quicksilverbells  asked:

Top 5 albums of all time? 🎶

okay i find it really difficult to enjoy whole albums, but, in no particular order:

1. bad blood // bastille

2. in a perfect world // kodaline

3. if you leave // daughter

4. you’re gonna miss it all // modern baseball

5. listen & forgive // transit 

send me a top 5!

You know, I had a shitty day today (cried in class kind of day) so I decided to get on Overwatch to download my brain. I’m tired, haven’t slept much so I’m not on my A game but basically have a convo in the team chat that does like this:

Moose: ‘hey jackal my friend says you suck, ilu tho’

me: ok

NOOOPE (spectator): It’s ok you’re learning

me: Zarya’s my main so’s not my best tank 

NOOOPE (spectator): Zarya isn’t either

me: well since I suck [disconnects from the game and logs off to check my stats]

On a BAD DAY with not good games I’m still preforming in the top 2-5% on my good stats as Zarya :/



The Signs as Shit Bambam Says

Anonymous asked: the signs as shit Bambam says?

Aries: “I didn’t even grow armpit hair yet.“
Taurus: “I feel like a girl too!”
Gemini: "My voice hasn’t changed yet.”
Cancer: “I’m not crying, I’m wearing eyeliner right now, so…”
Leo: “It doesn’t matter, if we are hot, we are oppas.”
Virgo: “Oh my god, a man!!”
Libra: “How do you know I’m not big…”
Scorpio: *a fan asked him where to visit in Bangkok* “My house.”
Sagittarius: “I dab every morning when I wake up.”
Capricorn: “Imagine that there are many Bambam’s there.”
Aquarius: “Does Canada really have moose?”
Pisces: “Holding my hand would be a big help.”