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↳ happy birthday to our precious qt(ae)!

Scotty from Star Trek ToS is extremely unappreciated? That man is so adorable, intelligent, hardworking, caring, beautiful and millions of other positive adjectives. Why there’s so little of him everywhere? He has the intelligence of Spock, charming personality of Kirk and humour of Chekov, yet Scotty remains in the dark? This is injustice I am Willing to Fight even though no one even cares about ToS at this point of time, but it is never too late. 

few weeks ago, I was walking to the post office when I encountered this Abstractly Horrific Thing - a huge maple leaf, slumped forward so that the face was permanently shadowed, shuffling back and forth at SURPRISING speed and advertising….taxes? once home, I drew it in a cold sweat

anyway, today I met the Beast once more, and turns out the reality’s far worse than anything my memory could hold

lance patiently explaining things through for his friends is one of the only consistent things on this show. he literally takes his time to tell the alteans why their ‘negotiating’ didn’t work. he literally does it so that in the future they know how, and he does it all with a such a kind patient tone. i LOVE him so much

Journalist: We’re quite interested to know what would be the fashion elements Avengers Infinity War uses in the movie?

Scarlett Johansson: I got the fashion question?

I made myself a Miraculous Sona ! Suzanne is an high school student living in Paris and her deer Kwami, Hoppi, gives her the power of Disguise/Camouflage… (well being sneaky, I don’t really have that part figured out yet :’) ) ANd she becomes Doe Eyes ! 

Well her special power is to turn almost invisible for a few moments, I have yet to figure out a weapon for her though. 
At least she has bouncing shoes so she can travel fast through the the city ! 

Hoppi loves eating apples and hazelnuts, and it’s a bit problematic since Suzanne is highly allergic to them, so she has trouble explaining why she carries some in her bag ! 

I hope you like her :)