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Figure Skating Elements: Half Loop Combinations & Jump Sequences

A continuation of the basic jumps and triple-triple combinations posts. I highly recommend that you read those two before reading this one.

Quick review: In a jump combination, the landing edge of one jump is the takeoff edge of the next jump with no break in between. Since all jumps land on a back outside edge, under normal circumstances, the second or third jump in a combination is either a toeloop or a loop, since those are the only jumps that take off from a back outside edge.

Since the 2012-13 season, the ISU has allowed the half loop to be used in combinations. The half loop is a single-rotation, non-standard jump that takes off from a back outside edge and lands on the back inside edge of the opposite foot. It effectively allows the skater to “change feet” during the combination. If the skater rotates counterclockwise (as most do), this means that the half loop takes off from the back outside edge of their right foot and lands on the back inside edge of their left foot. This allows the skater to do a salchow (the most common choice) or a flip (rare) as the next jump in the combination, since those jumps take off from the back inside edge of the left foot.

On protocols, the half loop appears as “1Lo” and has the same base value as a normal single loop. It only counts for points if done in a combination. A half loop combo is considered a 3-jump combination; if a skater does a half loop combo in the free skate, they cannot do another 3-jump combination, since only one is allowed in the free program.

When badly done (sadly all too often), the half loop can easily look like a step-out or a mistake on a jump landing. The examples I’ve used here all have a triple as the last jump in the combination, but skaters can do doubles as well. The first jump in the combination can be any of the six standard jumps (toeloop, salchow, loop, flip, lutz, axel).

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The wing footed boy.




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David Tennant, Billie Piper, and Russell T. Davies at the BAFTAs in 2006 (for Throwback Thursday)


request: I love your writing!!! can you do one where he gets into a minor accident bc he was snapping and driving and she has to take care of him (did I mention I love your writing!!!!!!)

a/n: i derailed and went three miles off course when writing this but i mean what can ya do?

“Does your foot hurt? Do you need a pillow?” You asked, feeling like a mother hen as you helped your boyfriend into the den at his house. Shawn had gotten into an accident after he drove off of the road. He was snapping and driving, and thankfully he made a promise to never do it again. “Oh, sorry!” You apologized as you hit your leg off of Shawn’s injured foot be accident.

“It’s ok, I’m ok.” Shawn said, sighing as he sat on the couch. “Babe, it’s not even that bad of an injury. They didn’t even need to put a cast on.” Shawn pointed out, his foot was ony fractured, so the doctor said a boot was necessary, but not a cast.

You played with the hait tie around your wrist, a sign of stress. “I know, but I don’t like seeing you hurt.”

Shawn smiled, patting the seat next to him. “C’mon, sit. We can watch a movie.”

You sat down, careful as possible as to not distrub his foot. “Sorry, sorry,” You said as you saw Shawn’s face wrinkle as his foot moved.

“It’s ok,” He kissed your temple, and grabbed the remote from the table next to him and turned on the TV. “How about a little Netflix?” He asked, pushing the button on the remote.

Two hours later, both of your stomachs grumbled for food. “Do you want to order a pizza?”

You shrugged. “Sure.”

Shawn got his phone out of his pcoket and dialed the pizzeria’s number. He ordered a pizza and a side of garlic knots, knowing those were your favorite. “Thanks.” He hung up and smiled at you. “Said it’ll be about fifteen minutes.”

You nodded, and the two of you spent that time scrolling through your phones, showing each other funny tweets.

When the dorobell rang, Shawn went to stand up, but you stopped him. “I got it.” You smiled, and left the room. Shawn frowned, feeling bad that he couldn’t do much at the moment. You returned with two plates, the pizza box, and the bag of knots. “I didn’t know you ordered these.” You nodded to the bag, and Shawn smiled.

“Yeah,” Shawn sat up and took one fo the plates, and a piece of the pie. “I can pay you back for the pizza then.”

“Shawn, it’s not a big deal, it wasn’t even that expensive.” You smiled. “The delivery boy must’ve thought I was hot, he gave me a half-off discount.”

Shawn choked on the pice of pizza he was eating. “What?!”

“Don’t worry, said I had to take the pizza before my boyfriend came out wondering where his food was.” You joked, and Shawn snorted.

The two of you finished off the pie, with Shawn eating over half of the pizza himself. “God, where do you put it all?” You asked, taking his empty plate.

“Don’t know.” Shawn said truthfully. He stood up and made his way to the doorway of the den, leaning against the frame as he watched you place the plates in the sink and the box in the trash. “You look cute.”

You spun around, rolling your eyes as you saw Shawn. “You’re not supposed to be up.”

“I’m a badboy, don’t follow the rules.” Shawn said, holding in laughter.

You laughed loudly, and took his hand. “Keep tellin’ yourself that, honey.” You two walked back into the den and collapsed on the couch, opting to watch another movie.

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When looking at a new barn for my horse:
“How often are the stalls cleaned?”
“Do you have automatic fly sprayers?”
“How many bags of shavings do you use?”
“What do you feed? And how often?”
“Do you offer blanketing?”
“What type of footing does your arena have?”
“How often do you drag it?”
“How big is your turnout?”

When looking at a new apartment for myself:
“Is there hot water?”
“Was anyone murdered here?”

I love how the twinyards rarely speak to each other and don’t express their brotherly love for one another verbally, but they both fucking killed someone for the other and if that doesn’t show how much they actually fucking care for one another idk what does like ??? These five foot nothing blond idiots care about each other so freaking much and I’m crying