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someone: I would like to see more monstrous female characters with interesting character designs and conventionally unattractive features,not just animal-eared, big-boobied anime ladies whose monster traits are unobtrusive and always seem to tie in with an objectifying fetish.

some guy whose blog is entirely doe-eyed same-faced anime girls for pages and pages: this means you want to fuck actual animals, also the only food I like to eat is unflavored porridge, probably

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Do you think the poppy thing will end badly like titanic and Mars did? :(

Probably. Titanic is an unlikable asshole and I’m suprised Poppy has been able to work with him for so long. He entitled himself to all of the credit for all of the work even though people are always commenting on his channels vids and saying he’s copying off of Poppy’s vids. Because nbody gives a shit about him. They want the doe-eyed blonde girl going n about the internet in a strangely cute voice. Not the creepy guy who looks like he’s selling teenagers drugs outside of a high school party.

The Path Not Traveled


Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Summary: What if initially Ladybug had fallen for Chat Noir, and Adrien had fallen for Marinette? A look into what their lives might have been. A time lapse/reveal fic.

Pairings: Mostly Adrinette, but all four corners of the love square are included so there is also LadyNoir, Ladrien, MariChat, and a hint of DJWifi

Author’s Notes: Just saw there’s an Adrinette month, but I’ve been writing this since mid-March. This fits with day 18 so I’m a bit early (but I’m on vacation then). I’ll be writing other one shots to go with it in the future.  I’m also terrible at writing one shots under 20 pages. 

Marinette sometimes wondered to herself what the huge fuss over Adrien Agreste was. While she certainly thought Adrien was cute, she would never even consider being a doe-eyed fan girl like Chloe. He was a kind hearted boy and quite good looking, but she wasn’t going to let herself get hung up over him like the other girls in her class.

She sometimes thought that perhaps it was because they didn’t have a starry eyed beginning. After all, she thought he’d put gum on her chair to bully her because he was a friend of Chloe’s. Thankfully, it had all been cleared up that afternoon when the skies had threatened rain. He’d explained the truth and been kind enough to give her his umbrella. It was movie material for sure, and yet, here she was, one of the few girls in all of Paris who wasn’t tripping over her heels for him.

“I don’t get it, girl,” Alya reprimanded her between bites of pastry one day at lunch. “He’s a skinny, blonde, rich, model- what’s not to like? Plus the fact he flirts with you like crazy.”

“He does not flirt with me like crazy,” she deadpanned back.

“C’mon, Marinette, that’s a lie. He totally likes you, and I just don’t get why you don’t like him.”

Marinette rolled her eyes, “I do like him, but as a friend.”

Oh, there’s also the fact that, not too long before she’d met Adrien, her heart had already fallen for a mischievous masked cat boy…

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Sympathy for The Devil. ”  -  original post: ( x )
// tw; implied death & killing, mature, unhealthy obsession //

muse a is a bad boy (ex. vampire, criminal, etc.) who causes trouble and chaos for the fun of it and goes about with just existing until one day he spots muse b and decides that he just wants her and claim her as hismuse b is an innocent doe-eyed girl but has a secret side to her that no one knows about. when they meet and spend time together; muse b embraces her secret, dark side and decides to change from fluffy dresses w frills to leather jackets and choke collar necklaces. together they cause mayhem and destruction but ofc life gets in the way and cops get involved and worried friends try to break them apart and so much drama and anGST wOW.

the original post has two more detailed plots that are based off of this plot which can be found here ( x ). don’t be deterred away from this plot just bc of pronouns! this could be m/m, f/m, f/f, or anything u want it to be!!


The night was delightful. Just her and the dark and the hunt. A predator searching for its prey, ready to pounce, ready to devour, ready to…

- Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! - the doe-eyed girl Emilia was about to pounce on let out a piercing shriek. - Whatthehell?!

As a vampire and (un)natural hunter, Emilia was used to her victims screaming. Expected it, even. But doe-eyes over here was just being excessive. And clearny not about to stop.

- Girl, you almost gave me a heart attack! - she added equally loudly, clutching her chest.- Who do you think you are, running around in the dark with those cheap-ass looking fake fangs?!

Emilia sighed. 

- Let me explain some things to you.


When I was a young girl, my grandfather took me walking in the woods,
and I told him the trees were whispering my name.
We got to the edge of the water and he sat me down to watch the waves,
“You’re magic, little one, no matter what they say.”
A mass of black birds flew over our heads,
and I wished I too, could fly away.

And on hot gravel Summers I sat in creaking barn lofts speaking to the dusty ghosts in our one horse town.
Those unsociable ghosts grew into doe-eyed girls,
who spit hexes off their pink tongues,
and yet, still I admired their power.

And when I was nineteen a man I thought loved me,
tore the amethyst from my neck
When he swore he wasn’t angry, and it wasn’t liquor on his lips.

At twenty five I keep in my sigils in my pockets and around my neck;
a larger, sharper piece of Astrophyllite.
‘Touch me, if you dare.’ It seethes.

It’s now, under the dark moon I harness every vile Irk that slapped across my skin.
They think the darkness consumes me,
But I invite it right in,
Swirl it in my belly, make room in my lungs,
Feel it wedge itself in between my teeth,
And down into the valley of where my thighs meet.
Darkness you see, I never came to fear,
Now those same doe-eyed girls
Cower when they hear
The clack of my boot against the cobblestone street.
And I see it in your eyes, every time we meet.
You believe what you hear about me.

They whisper.
And I smile.
I find it funny how, You burnt us into the night
And expected us not to become the stars.

- how I found my power; a balance between light and dark.

a SHAMELESS starter for @frankicstein

        He’d seen the mark on his daughter’s neck, plain as day, and he knew without the shadow of a doubt what that indicated. His blood pressure was starting to climb these days, mostly because she was getting older, and the allure of college was right around the corner for his once doe-eyed little girl. But above all else boys were starting to become a focus, and although he knew she wasn’t too much of a push over, he was acutely aware that one young man in particular was stealing far too many glances, and days with his baby. 
             “Gallagher”, he grumbled under his breath, hazel eyes shooting over to Fiona as she waited tables next to Frankie. The older woman was in hush, hush conversation with the younger of the two, her hand now in the redhead’s long tresses. “Unbelievable,” he hissed, stepping out from the kitchen and into the light, earning a head shake from the eldest Gallagher daughter, as she hurried back to work. 

             “Frances Eddie Peters!” Charlie called after his daughter from the cash register, “you better get your hind end over here, right now!” 

For She Who Came Before, and All Those Who Will Come After

I know you have a type because they all look like me.
Or maybe I look like them,
After all, I was not the first doe-eyed girl who gave you sweaty palms,
Was I?

Yes, how I remember her,
The one before me.
A shivering foal and your arms embracing her.
This was before I had ever even touched you,
I felt bitter jealousy for you before I ever felt your skin.

And how did she compare to me?
Even now I sometimes wonder if you loved her.
If you ever kissed her,
If you thought about her more than you came to think of me,
If she hurt you more than I did.

If the answer to any of these is “yes”,
Then I don’t want to know.
It is already painful enough when they all look like me,
And even more painful when they don’t.

All of the backlash I’m seeing over Emeraude Toubia playing Isabelle Lightwood really hurts me because I’ve loved Cassandra Clare’s novels since the beginning of time, but I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THEM. Cry over “accuracy” all you want, but you are already represented in fierce white girls with red hair, badass white girls with blonde hair, doe-eyed white girls with brown hair. You have been in her books time and time again, and wow isn’t it empowering to see yourself as main characters? Doesn’t it fill you with adventure and hope?

Well now I get to see a shadow hunter who looks like me, and it brings tears to my eyes because Latina girls never get to be anything more than dialogue movers in yalit. So before you start to whine about how this is going to ruin the show, please take a moment to sit down with my middle grade self and explain why Isabelle can’t look exactly like her.