dodson quotes
Mikael skal få jobb
burde tenkt

Things I cannot believe from this video:

1. How fluffy Mikael’s hair is

2. How affectionate all the boys are with Mikael

3. That these boys have literally nothing better to do than walk with their friend to his job interview and wait for him outside the building during it

4. Yousef giving Mikael tips for his interview !!!

5. How excited they get when they see Mikael coming out of the building

6. How supportive these boys are

7. The important social criticism about name racism that is masked within their banter

8. Mikael’s Naruto run as he goes into his job interview

9. Their dope group handshake

10. That whoever edited it but in the “you are really dumb. fo real.” Antoine Dodson quote #iconic

11. No one can wear a bandana as hard as Yousef Acar does