Thanks for the advice!! I’ve tried writing down everything I eat, but I guess I was too curious/anal about it that I still looked up the calories to everything I was writing down and kept track that way. I’ve also tried planning snacks for every 1.5-2 hours (pretty much what I currently do) and that might be contributing to how much I think about food. I need to wait until I’m hungry to eat, but unfortunately my brain/stomach doesn’t really know what it’s hungry vs. when it wants to eat even though it’s not hungry.

I may try MyFitnessPal for a week and see how I do with that, and I looked into Intuitive Eating… the new edition comes out next month! There are so many more important things in life than counting calories and sticking to a strict workout schedule… I just need to get to the point where I can stop obsessing so much, but still maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’ll be trying new techniques until I find something that works for me! :)


Re: my workout problems

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  1. djladysha said: How about an at home work out you can do at any time? I’m on week 5 of revabs and I love it… quick challenging workouts (but not impossible, and they have modifications to make them easier). and the instructor is hot!
  2. dodorunrun said: Go to bed earlier.
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  4. missmarisol said: Workout at home? Sleep in your gym clothes?

Thank you ladies for the feedback! Working out at home is definitely a great option.. and I do it from time to time - but unfortunately it doesn’t get me out of bed any earlier. 

I’ll definitely check out revabs.. see if it’s something I would do regularly. I mean, I have the tools at home - we basically have a weight room in the garage and I have dumbbells, resistance bands, and a pull up bar. 

Going to bed earlier is great in theory, but it rarely happens simply because of the home situation. People here late pretty much every night. And for the sanity of my relationship, I try to spend as much time as possible with my love in those late night hours. Even so, though… when I do get to bed at a reasonable hour - I still manage to sleep in. I will literally sleep for 12 or more hours if I have nowhere to go.

Sad. I need a job.

I’ll try a few of these things, though, and see how the next week goes. THANK YOU TUMBLR FOR THE CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT!!! LOVE YOUUUU!!!!

dodorunrun replied to your postThe problem with the running bug

Your reward? To go to th Hydration Clinic tomorrow night! I have 4 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. How did you get 3 but I got 4? Running early doesn’t help. It was HORRIBLE at 5:30 this morning.

Hahah. I have to go to the hydration clinic tomorrow! I may have modified mine but I have 3 miles on Mondays for the next few weeks, I believe. I am the beginner schedule. I’m also going to be getting up at 4:30 tomorrow to run. Maybe at 4:30 it’s better?