dodo rose


so this is my qpp’s little bro, aka one of my favorite people on the whole entire planet.
and he’s always been interested in my witchy things, which is rad, so I’ve been meaning to get him a crystal for a while
and because he’s basically Actually Steven Universe I decided on a rose quartz, and I got him a worry stone today
this is what my qpp said after he got it
it made me so happy

30 Days of Doctor Who, day 2: who is your favourite Companion?
You’re asking me to choose? Haha I can’t, they’re all too fab! But I can still select some top of the tops, the ones I really had a crush on…
Dodo Chaplet because she’s adorable and so groovy/gear/fab, and she was treated in such a bad way by the show and the expanded universe, and she doesn’t get enough love :(
Jo Grant because she’s resourceful, clumsy, and generally the cutest person on Earth (I’m talking about Katy Manning as well ;) )
Sarah Jane Smith because she’s intelligent, driven, fiercely feminist and curious. And because she’s Sarah fuckin’ Jane fuckin’ Smith.
Tegan Jovanka because she draws and is absent-minded and likes Charleston, all just like me!
and Rose Tyler because she’s the first Companion I met, and she made me feel so close to her, like a friend. She’s just fantastic, you know? :)
Wanted to do a group picture but then I realised they’re all so fun, I had to have them all dance :)
but I still don’t know all of the Companions, maybe I’ll have some crushes in the future…I’ll probably like Ace and Charley. And Donna. ;)