Before I start posting again, I just want to give out a couple reminders/announcements/updates on some things so if you care, go ahead and read. if you don’t, well, don’t. This post is going to be about my stories, prompts, etc. and I’m going to be making another about Sympathetic Deceit Week so check that here. 

 Strip Me of My Walls 

  1. First off, this story has gotten more popular than I ever thought it would, thank you for all the likes, reblogs, comments.. I’m going to tag the taglist in this post so that you can all see this. 
  2. Secondly, you have read the two/three chapters that haven’t been uploaded to tumblr  HERE on Ao3 . 
  3. Thirdly, I’ve been having a bit of trouble writing and if you want to know why, well it’s because obviously Patton is the main character of this story. However, when I write Patton, a lot of the time I use my best (male) friend for reference, however we’re long distance at the moment (and for a while), so writing Patton causes a lot of emotions to bubble up, and I tend to just get frustrated/sad. However! I have planned it out so that I have prospective dates for the next three chapters. So check the dates down below!
  4. Up to Chapter 19 on Ao3 + Tumblr by April 28th 11:59 pm EST
  5. Chapter 20 on Ao3 + Tumblr by July 5th 11:59 pm EST
  6. Chapter 21 on Ao3 + Tumblr by July 9th 11:59 pm EST

Other Stories + Prompts

  1. In the Middle is continuing.  If you don’t know what that is, read the first part HERE.  I have been inspired by the Dad Jokes Livestream from Vidcon for more sandart content. If not by April 28th, then by July 5th.
  2. Running to You is also continuing. If you don’t know what that is, read the first part HERE. Probably not til after July 5th, but stay tuned. 
  3. Two new long chaptered fics are coming, a Hogwarts AU and an Adoption Fic, both with some tricks and twists 
  4. Also a short 10 or less chaptered fic based off this post from forever ago.
  5. Prompts are getting done as I get inspiration, feel free to recommend some more on THIS POST. 

I hope no one minds me tagging the Strip Me of My Walls taglist, as I feel you guys should be notified of these updates. Hopefully I’ve kicked this depressive episode in this ass, and this schedule along with other work that I’m currently doing is going to get me back on track. 

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Just popping in to say that there are gonna be times in your life where the YouTubers you love won’t immediately make you happy. Where the band or musician you listen to won’t suddenly make your anxiety go away. Where the book you’re reading or show you’re watching won’t appeal to you as much as it did yesterday. You’re gonna have those days. I feel like nobody really talks about how sometimes, the things you love don’t always help your mental state. And obviously, I’m not gonna sit here and speak for everybody. But from what I’ve seen, it’s not uncommon to experience a phase where you become dispassionate or disconnected from the things that ground you. Sometimes, it’s just a day that only you can get through.