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as a person whos country has been screwed by the U.S., a dude running around invading countries wearing an american flag would be very uncomfortable, and i wish that cap had understood better how scary he was. yeah, tony was a little too complacent due to his own guilt, but cap was too defensive. it felt like he still thinks hes an underdog, a super sickly guy fighting people bigger than him, people who didnt believe in him, and as if he was still part of an ethnic minority.

2) like i was such a movie cap fan, but he really disapointed me. he was just a little too self-absorbed. idk about tony tho, like his motivations were bc of his guilt, but i thought it was fair. being such a rich man that has caused so much pain, he sort of needs to concede to others a lot, especially the international community. if less powerful nations are scared of you and your group, shouldnt you listen?

I definitely agree with you on the “invading countries” and “still think he’s an underdog” points. I get the sense that Steve does genuinely think he’s still this little, non-threatening guy fighting the big bad bullies. It probably didn’t even occur to him before the Accords that him just showing up with his team out of nowhere, presuming to know best, would be terrifying to people who have seen Americans show up and wreck their countries under the guise of “knowing best,” too. That he could be seen as the bully.

As for being self-absorbed, though, hm. I really think the main issue with the Accords situation (and the issue that sparked this whole Avengers Civil War in general) is the lack of time the team had to consider it and the fact that they didn’t have a representative arguing their side when it was made. Steve and Tony took firm stances because… those were the stances they had to choose from. They couldn’t really discuss compromises because they weren’t going to be allowed to compromise anyway. So Steve came off as looking super arrogant for not wanting to work with the governments, while Tony came off as looking super complacent. Which I feel neither of them really are at heart. It was just that they had to choose between two extremes: sign or don’t sign.

And like. Holy shit, the Accords are sketchy. I got a few anon messages about it and: 

The reason why I side with cap is that if you actually go and read the sokovia accords (which you can they were on agents of shield) they’re fucking ridiculous. They suspend habeus corpus for any enhanced individual, if your powers are innate you have to wear a trakcing bracelet (which is not inconspicuous looking and would most certainly out you) and tons of other BS. If it was me in that situation, there would be no way in hell I’d allow those laws to be imposed on me (part 1)

(part 2) not to mention, iron man’s whole argument is well we want to take responsibility for what happened but no where in the sokovia accords does it talk about where responsibility and blame shall lie, the closest it gets is that now the avengers have to answer to a committee which is also complete BS. A committee wouldn’t allow them to act fast, how are they supposed to respond to threats quickly and efficiently if they have to wait to get the ok??

(part 3) (I’m sorry) The bad guys aren’t gonna call up the avengers in advanced and tell them hey yo we’re gonna invade France tomorrow so make sure you get permission from your parents first so you can come over :). Also, in the accords it states that if you don’t sign, you don’t have permission to use your powers in conflicts and if you violate the accords you get thrown in jail indefinitely (oops part4)

I’M SORRY THIS HAS GOTTEN SO LONG BUT I’M REALLY PASSIONATE. (part 4 I’m sorry) This would mean that, unless the individual signed the accords, some local superhero wouldn’t even be allowed to go save a house from burning down. tl;dr the avengers wouldn’t be able to do shit or move a muscle, no matter how big or small the problem may be, without first having to wait for a committee and committees are too slow

So personally I think the Accords were too dodgy to sign and honestly did not set up a good system, which is why I’m with Steve on his decision to not do so. I wouldn’t give up my rights like that either, and the committee idea is bad, not only because it’s slow but because different nations have different allies and agendas. The US government would probably control the council by virtue of having the most political sway, which is equally as dangerous for less powerful nations, because then America could really order the Avengers to go “running around invading countries,” and the Avengers couldn’t go against their decisions without running the risk of being sent to prison for life.

Foreign policy is just tricky all around. The Avengers should not be allowed to operate in a foreign country unless their presence is requested, but that decision should be up to the affected country’s government, not a potentially biased committee, and the Avengers should be able to decide what missions they take, because they’re people, not weapons. I think Tony and Steve would have reached this conclusion on their own, but then they put out a kill order for Bucky and there was no more time left for debate.

The fame // Joe Sugg

This is written kind of weridly… so let me explain

This imagine is in the point of view of a girl who is in a relationship with Joe. She talks as if this is her diary, and tells ‘us’ about the internet and how the internet affected herself and Joe’s relationship. It is a new kind of thing that I wrote… but i really like it! I’m kind of thinking that I’ll do something else like this for Jack and so on. But give me your opinions!


There is not much you can hide when you’re always in the spotlight. Not much when your life is always broadcasted worldwide for others to see. You always feel like you’re being watched, and any bad move you make will be shown all around the world. You will get numerous amounts of backlash of something you might not have even said. The internet is the best at twisting things so the same person is always wrong. A perfect example is that thing ages ago when Shawn Mendes was swearing at a fan. First of all, he wasn’t even a fan… he was the brother of a fan. Second of all, the man was pretty dodgy, asking Shawn to sign this piece of white paper. The whole story wasn’t shown, so Shawn was getting all this hate about swearing at an ‘innocent fan’.

Another example is of my boyfriend… Joe Sugg. He, like me, is always being broadcasted everywhere around the world. He makes weekly videos on his YouTube channel, which has over 8 million subscribers. The majority of his fans are girls, so every time he goes out with a girl- even if it is his assistant- they jump to conclusions. “He’s hating her!” “Ew” “I ship it!” “Oh my god she is so ugly, he doesn’t deserve her.” These things have been said about Joe whenever hanging with a girl.

So when Joe began dating me, everything changed. Fans were also jumping to conclusions, with Joe’s lack of vlogs. They were freaking out, thinking that Joe was slowly quitting YouTube, which wasn’t his goal. He was just trying to keep us under wraps. When he saw these comments, he was a bit disheartened that his fans would think such a thing of him. So soon after, he outed our relationship. At first, it was craziness. It was everywhere on social media. ‘Joe Sugg, media megastar, has a new girlfriend… singer Y/N  Y/L/N!’ was posted on all forms of social media. Journalists were thirsting for information about our relationship. Following either myself or Joe down the street- more than they usually do- begging for information. “Y/N, Y/N, how is it dating an internet superstar?” It was a struggle, for both me and Joe.

Acutally… Joe probably had it worse. His fans were a bit part of his life, as he is a part of theirs, so when he told them… you could say that they freaked out a little bit. There was a split number of hate and love towards us. The love was both for me and Joe, but the hate was strictly addressed to me. Some hated me for ‘stealing Joe’, whereas some loved me as I was someone who ‘finally made Joe happy’. The hate never got to me as much as it got to Joe. “How dare you steal our Joe!” “Omg I’m so happy for you guys! It’s good to see someone who is making Joe so happy” The hate was saddening to Joe, as all he wanted was to make his fans and others happy. He would tweet things every now and again, reminding him that he wasn’t planning on leaving me anytime soon so they should get used to it.

After everything died down between the fans and press… it was way more relaxed. Both myself and Joe could get on with our jobs with nearly half as much questions than before. It was good to not be bombarded with questions about someone you are in a relationship with, or are even friends with for that matter. I eventually started to collaborate with Conor Maynard, one of Joe’s friends. He is an amazing singer, so I was so grateful to be in his company. We filmed a few covers and even wrote a song for our fans to enjoy. I also showed Joe the ropes when he wanted to create a band with Byron Langley. He [joe], was a great singer in the first place, so all it took was a few vocal lessons, and he was sounding like a god. Himself and Byron made an amazing duo. They wrote some total bangers, and preformed them with such talent.

Fame is a big thing in our world. But it doesn’t affect me anymore. I live my life with the ones I love, doing what I love 

Too Much

A daft little fic vaguely based on this prompt about Dan having a bad week and everything being too much for him, but Phil comforts him and makes things a bit better.

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Writing Meme - Either: The One With the Fake Monica or The One With Rachel's Assistant...

The One With Lydia’s Assistant


Stiles doesn’t usually get struck dumb by people, okay?  He’s seen a lot of pretty faces in his time, and he can deal.  The fact that he’s standing with his mouth open looking at the dude manning the desk outside Lydia’s office is totally an anomaly.

“Can I help you?”

Oh, he speaks.  Stiles shakes his head and then realises what that looks like.  ”Uh, yes?  No?  I’m Stiles?”

“Good for you,” the gorgeous specimen of a man says with a raised eyebrow.

“Lydia’s coming for lunch with me.”

Derek gives him a once over and looks unimpressed, which, hey!  Stiles is totally someone who can hang out in this building.  Maybe he should’ve worn something smarter than his raggedy Batman tee, but he’d only just finished the panels for his new book before he realised the time.  People should be glad he’s actually dressed.

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