Colorado Rockies- haven’t been a team since 2007.

It’s no secret Tulo is now on the Blue Jays and the Rockies need to really consider changing ownership.  With that said, the Dodgers need to get a clutch hitter and a big murderer to get the offense out of long-ball or die mode.  

I’ve done some research on Charlie Blackmon.  Even though he is a CF, sabermetrics show he might be better off at LF.  The reason I think the Dodgers should trade him is this:

He’s got the Cardinals and the Giants’ numbers.  He’s batting .300 or more against both teams, with his big numbers being against Wainright, Wacha and Lynn as well as Martinez.  

If Ethier and Crawford could be traded, we could flip a CF prospect and a pitcher for him.  

Agree or Disagree?

EDIT: This would be for next year.