Real talk

Things i am not gonna judge you for:

  • Being a furry
  • Having kinks
  • Having fetishes
  • Being otherkin
  • Being fictionkin
  • Any type of LGBT+ identity 
  • Anything you feel like you would be ridiculed, joked at or hated for

Honestly, i was talking with @jenicki about people judging others and hating them/not wanting them following them for certain things, especially what they’re into when they do the do. Its none of my business if you like to get a lil bit freaky, fuck it go wild. 

If you want to come to someone who won’t judge you no matter what you say you’re into, you wanna talk about it, i’m here.

And i can absolutely guarantee that you don’t have to worry about following me if you think i’m gonna hate you, heck i have hardcore porn blogs following me and i’m chill with it, i’m just flattered you wanna follow me my guy <3


Here’s some W.I.P pics of the barding I’ve been working on. Threw it together in a couple of hours, and so far I think both me and the horse likes it.
Unfortunately I had no time to iron it before going to the stable, which is why it looks a little baggy at the moment. No details added yet either, but all in good time.
The lining is a sort of white/silverish silk fabric with pretty little wrinkle-details in it which I love, but unfortunately doesn’t show in the pictures. And the saddle is just there for measurements.