One thing I love about the fans–they always have the best questions in mind. Someone asked me if I’m as tall as Steph Curry. I may have laughed a little too much, but it’s a good question. The guy hasn’t tweeted me back, but apparently people are mesmerized by my height. It’s good to be back after a week of filming. I’ve got Nora and Jett with me and we’re watching the Dodgers game and holy shit, these two are cuddly. How’s everyone?

Imagine- Trayce, how’s the new girlfriend?

I was sitting at home watching the Dodgers game, something I started to do recently. I grew up a baseball fanatic but I never identified to a team, I loved the sport and enjoyed watching others play, but I just couldn’t latch onto the idea of being a die hard fan for just one team. All of that changed when I moved to Los Angeles. Who knew that in Los Angeles you would find someone who holds a special place in your heart and that the same person also gets love and attention from hundreds maybe even thousands of other girls. Not me, that’s not what I signed up for.

I was in my living room with the Dodgers game on, like I said before. I recently started dating this baseball player and he’s asked me to be his girlfriend. If you’re wondering who it is, it’s Trayce Thompson. The one that’s referred to as Klay’s little brother. I’m new to this whole dating athletes thing so I really don’t know what to expect, I guess you can call it a curve ball really.

They were playing the Brewers at home, I didn’t want to bug Trayce for tickets because I didn’t want him paying for the third time this week. It was the bottom of the 6th and the guys were down 1-0. Trayce was up to bat with two on and one out. His count was 2-0. The next pitch almost hit his knee causing him to back out of the batter’s box. 3-0. The next pitch was a little inside and Trayce thought it was ball four, once he threw his bat the umpire called it strike one. He took his bat back and waited for the next pitch. Once it came it was gone. It headed to left center field at 447 feet, a three run Homerun.

“Yes Trayce, fuck it up!” I shout. 

I heard the sound of thumping come from underneath. “Sorry Ms. Wheeler, my boyfriend just hit a homerun!” I shout at the ground. 

The game came to an end and Trayce went 3 for 4 with a walk the entire night. I was about to turn off my TV but I heard Trayce’s name so I kept it on. 

I was in the other room grabbing another water bottle when I heard, “We’ll head back to the stadium where Alanna Rizzo is talking to Trayce Thompson.”

I literally dropped my bottle and ran back into the room jumping on the couch. I raised the volume and payed close attention to the interview. 

 “I’m joined with Trayce Thompson at the moment, Trayce, tell us what was going through your mind when you with the homerun that put the scoreless streak to an end?” Alanna asked. Damn Trayce looked good, he was wearing his grey polo but fuck he’s always good looking.

“Yeah, I really don’t think I was thinking really. Uhh, it was more like ‘Okay Trayce, you need to get a hit,’ I didn’t think it would turn out to be a homerun.” he says. 

“Going 3 for 4 with a walk tonight, probably one of your best games yet, offensively.” another reporter said.

“I guess you can say I was fortunate.” he says.

“Trayce, question if you don’t mind.” another reporter says.

He did that sexy little head nod of his implying that she could ask her question, “There have been some rumors or speculations of you dating. Is it true?” He laughs shyly, his cheeks flashed red for a bit. 

“Yes, I do.” he says.

“Can you tell us about her?” the reporter asked.

“Did she come to the game tonight?” another one asked.

“No she didn’t come and yes I don’t mind,” he pauses, “she’s a really down to earth kind of girl. She would’ve been here today but she just didn’t want me to get her a ticket, although I insisted. She’s been here twice this week.” he says laughing.

“Well she missed a great game today,” the same reporter says.

“I guess she did,” he says laughing. Little does he know that I am actually watching. 

“Last question Trayce, how’d you guy meet?” another reporter asked.

“It’s kind of a funny story,” he laughs, “I was actually just picking up the last of my things from my apartment so I can move into the house with the guys. They told me that I could turn in my key once I got my final things and I was in no rush. Little did they tell me that someone had already rented out the place. So, I go to my old place you know, not knowing that anyone was there already. And I saw a sign that said ‘Free Stuff’ on top of a box, my door was wide open and the lights were on. I was like ‘I’m going to give this person a piece of my mind’ like who just leaves someone else’s stuff out there and gives it away. I went inside and walked around and I found no one. There was a couch so I sat on it and waited for whoever was moving in to come back. In through the door came someone holding a box, I couldn’t see her face because the box was covering her face so I started, ‘Excuse me’ and she literally dropped her box and yelled at me. She was like ‘It’s not nice to break into someone’s apartment when they’re moving in! But you can actually take something, my insurance covers it,’” he was laughing as he attempted to mock me. “And then I showed her my keys and she was like ‘I never asked for a roommate, then again, the rent was very cheap.’ So then I explained to her that it was my apartment and that she was giving away my stuff. She apologized, so then I offered to help her and we talked. She was new to Los Angeles, so I offered to take her on a tour and be her friend. That’s how we met.” he says laughing. 

“Thank you for your time Trayce,” a reporter said.

“Anytime.” he says. The interview ended and I decided to call him. With every ring, I smiled even more at the thought of him remembering everything. 

“Hello?” he answered.

“Hey there, how was the game?” I asked him. 

“Really good, do you want me to tell you now or do you want to meet up?” he asked.

“Sure, your place or your old apartment.” I say laughing.

“We can meet at my place and you can tell me how much of that you saw,” he says.

“Sounds good, do you want me to bring anything?” I ask.

“We got the stuff here, meet here in 20.” he says.

“Okay. See you then.” I say.