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Imagine finding Chris’ dog. 

A/N: Just a cute little one shot for you. :D

You found yourself taking a short cut through the dog park instead of taking your usual route after you finished your lunch shift at the bistro you were doing part-time at. You usually took the longer route as it was your form of getting some exercise in, just in case you were too tired or lazy to complete your daily workout routine. That and you didn’t like walking through that park, you saw too many people with cute puppies which reminded you of the fact that you didn’t have one of your own. But it was for the best, you were far too busy between school and work to actually care for one, perhaps when you were older and had a significant other to help with the load.

You always listened to music when you walked; you scrolled through your playlist while you strolled down the footpath, using your peripheral vision to avoid bumping into things and people. You stopped when you caught a dog staring at you in your sideline, who started barking with an excited wag of its tail to capture your full attention. You pulled out your headphones and smiled at the dog, who oddly looked a lot like a dog you knew. You descended to your knees in front of the pup and patted its nudging head while you tried to figure out why you found the handsome boy so familiar; it took you no less than five seconds.

“I know you,” you grinned as you looked around for his owner, “you’re Dodger. Oh my God,” you breathed, scratching his head. “Your dad is Chris Evans,” you whispered to him like he didn’t already know. “Do you know I love you as much as I love him?” You quizzed then cooed at him, “you’re so cute! Dodger, stop,” you laughed when he relentlessly licked your face.

“Dodger!” You heard Chris’ voice and your breath hitched in your throat; you looked up and you thought you felt your heart stop beating. “Come here right now!” He pointed at the ground next to him and Dodger padded over, his tail still wagging excitedly. “I am so sorry,” he apologized to you and you shook your head, smiling as you rose to your feet. “I let him off his leash for a second and he was off. He must’ve seen a pretty-” he cut himself off, chuckling. “There is no way I can sound good right now, considering my dog just attacked your face.”

“No, it’s fine,” you chuckled. “He wasn’t attacking my face, he was just giving me some very sweet kisses. Weren’t you, bud?” You winked at Dodger, who barked in response. “It’s fine, Chris, um- I’m a huge fan so- I’m very flattered that your dog likes me.” You told him and he laughed, making you laugh. “You were right when you said he’s a real sweetheart.”

Chris gave Dodger’s head a good scratch as he leashed him back up, trying not to smile too widely at the fact that his plan worked. He’d seen you across the park and recognized you as the pretty girl who worked at Mario’s Bistro. He also noticed that you usually walked past and not through the dog park, which was why when he saw you today- he took ahold of the opportunity and thought he’d pick you up with the best way a guy knew how; with a cute dog. While he knew you avoided the park, he could tell you liked dogs from the way you’d smile at the dogs running around in the park every time you walked past. He didn’t know why you didn’t walk through more often, but he was glad you did today.

“Can I get you a cup of coffee to apologize for Dodger?”

“Oh, no,” you chuckled as you descended back down on your knees to pat Dodger. “You’ve got nothing to apologize for,” you told him; Chris chuckled softly when he realized you were a bigger fan of Dodger than you were of him. “He’s so cute, I could just take him home.”

“You could take us both home,” you thought you heard him mumble under his breath and you bit back your smile as you blushed. “Let me buy you a cup of coffee anyway, or tea- if you’re not a coffee person.” You got back on your feet, chuckling at his persistence. “There’s a dog friendly café, just down the road with the best iced lemon tea. We were going there anyway and I think-” he glanced down at Dodger who was nudging his head into your hand, smiling at how great a wingman his best friend was. “He’d really like your company.”

“If I didn’t know any better, Mr. Evans,” you chuckled. “I’d say you’re using your dog to pick me up.” He chuckled as he lowered his gaze; those lashes that you’d swoon over seemed so much longer in person. “Smart move, there’s no denying that.” You smiled as you scratch Dodger’s head again, “I do love dogs, especially yours.”

“So is that a yes to iced lemon tea with us?”

“It was a yes the second you started talking to me, I just wanted to pretend like I had some dignity and you didn’t have me wrapped around your finger.” You admitted with a soft chuckle and he laughed, grabbing his left pec. “And paw,” you cooed and booped the pup’s nose when he barked for your attention.

“Well-” he chuckled as he beckoned his head for you to follow him; you did, walking alongside him and Dodger. “If we’re splitting hairs, I don’t have all that much dignity either. I may have unleashed Dodger and sent him running your way just so I had a reason to talk to you.” You laughed, shaking your head in disbelief. “What?” He chuckled. “You’re very pretty and I wanted to talk to you.”

“You could’ve just talked to me without using Dodger.”

“Yeah,” he shrugged with one of those cute half smiles boys did, “but I have a feeling it wouldn’t have gone as well as it did. He’s a lot more charming than me,” he said and you laughed. He glanced down at Dodger, “right, bud? He says right,” he chuckled when he turned back to you.

“Well, I disagree,” you smiled. 

“And this is why I wanted to talk to you,” he chuckled.

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