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Why is tumblr sleeping on dodgeball

The movie encourages self worth, shows that men harassing women isn’t okay, encourages being weird in your own ways, has a bisexual love interest that is poly with her gf and the main character, and is just stupidly funny.

Stop sleeping on the most tumblr movie of all time.

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@dkafterdark didn’t actually tag me lmao they just said they would tag anyone to do this and it looks like SO MUCH FUN so here we go :)

(Btw the first gif is my all time FAVORITE movie)

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You know why representation is important? Because one of the reasons my parents “don’t really care” but they do but don’t whatever and can understand my sexuality and relationship…. is the end of the movie Dodgeball.

The female love interest, really the hot girl in the film, kisses a girl at the climax and they complain about her being a lesbian. Instead, she pulls the “no I’m bisexual” and kisses the main dude.

Which is like. Fine. But it’s the only source my parents have for understanding me and really it has them thinking me being bi also is the reason I’m dating two people (false) or that I can only use the word bisexual to describe myself (I don’t even).

So represententation matters, but also representation that actually fits experiences is more important, and not just stereotypes.


Classic Dodgeball Movie Gym Short Film
Rip Torn, Artie the Producer on 'The Larry Sanders Show,' Dies at 88
The respected Emmy winner and Oscar and Tony nominee always aimed for authenticity but had a reputation as a trouble-maker.

RIP Rip Torn 1931-2019

Emmy winner and Oscar-nominated actor Rip Torn has died at 88. He was quite funny in Summer RentalWonder BoysDodgeball: A True Underdog StoryBee Movie, and 2 seasons on NBC’s 30 Rock. He was also quite good in  The Man Who Fell to Earth. But his greatest role was as Artie the producer on The Larry Sanders Show (HBO 1992-98).

The link above is the obit from Hollywood Reporter.

what your overwatch main says about you
  • Genji: either really good at ninja gaiden or just hates bastion
  • McCree: really likes old westerns or jojo's bizarre adventure
  • Pharah: played a lot of TF2 or wishes the metroid series hadn't gone down the shitter
  • Reaper: either you're a hot topic edgelord or you love making people underestimate you
  • Soldier.76: thought they were purchasing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare early
  • Tracer: like a weeaboo, but for british things; still thinks sonic the hedgehog can be good
  • Bastion: knows exactly what they're doing but does it anyway because they don't care about others' feelings
  • Hanzo: was a good huntsman sniper in TF2 or is a furry and wants the wolf skin
  • Junkrat: probably owns at least 3 boxes of semi-legal fireworks
  • Mei: loves spamming the wall to confuse and annoy players
  • Torbjorn: is too used to engie camping in TF2 and refuses to change
  • Widowmaker: you're either really good at sniping or just think you are
  • D.Va: has watched Neon Genesis Evangelion at least 3 times
  • Reinhardt: either you're a serious professional or just really wants to be one but is actually just a klutz
  • Roadhog: follows the Mad Max franchise religiously; watches Jim Sterling videos
  • Winston: you genuinely care about everyone having a good time
  • Zarya: probably gay
  • Lucio: a pure soul who believes in teamwork and having fun; probably constantly disappointed
  • Mercy: you either really want to win or you just want everyone else to lose
  • Symmetra: saw that "web of sadness" youtube video and thought "this is exactly the kind of person i want to be"
  • Zenyatta: has memorized the entire script of the movie "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story"

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I have someone from the team on Snap. Mitch and Steph were Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz from the Mask. Lucy and Jake were dressed in 50s clothes. I saw Mo talking to a girl in the background but didn't see their costume. I don't know what Auston was. I just remember him wearing a darker shade short sleeve dress shirt. Madison and Connor were dressed from the Dodgeball movie. I can't remember who else. Josh and his gf were Little Mermaid and the lobster

FIRST OF ALL WHO’S SNAP ???????????? ok but this is quality content right here y’all.